Alicia Keys - Love Looks Better (Official Video)
Alicia Keys - ALICIA:
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  • Everlyne Ndunge
    Everlyne Ndunge

    This girl never puts us down with her music..

  • Exaussee Nsingi
    Exaussee Nsingi


  • Paul Galvani
    Paul Galvani

    I thought she was a Somali or Ethiopian girl in the thumbnail

  • Sarita Saito
    Sarita Saito


  • Desimene Racine
    Desimene Racine


  • Karyn Topp
    Karyn Topp

    I absolutely love love love this song!!!

  • Karl Atkinson
    Karl Atkinson

    There's an energy to everything she does.

  • Diego alvares cabral
    Diego alvares cabral

    Linda ,. como sempre

  • Kate Razuvaieva
    Kate Razuvaieva

    Great Artist Forever 🥰🥰🥰

  • Fidelist

    how is AK not gay?

  • Jose Avila
    Jose Avila

    I love my sister number one history music 🇪🇸🙏🙏😘

  • ABC Science & Music
    ABC Science & Music

  • nena CasBas
    nena CasBas

    So I am subscribed and with Post notification turned on...why did youtube no notify me ??

  • Fabio Gutiérrez
    Fabio Gutiérrez

    I love the song, I don't like the video at all.

  • Electricbluesz

    Me and my cousin sing this to each other to remind ourselves LOVE LOOKS BETTER ON YOU 💯 real uplifting music

  • Tiana's Creations33
    Tiana's Creations33

    Alicia Back Love it, I can play this all day. 😊 ❤❤❤

  • Sybill Melissa Lau
    Sybill Melissa Lau

    This song is AMAZING!!! Just like you Alicia :)

  • Ábel Balogh
    Ábel Balogh

    Very nice, very good song. And the clip is cute

  • Jariel Forro
    Jariel Forro

    I love you alicia

  • Sonja Delight
    Sonja Delight

    How could you not be in love with Alicia❤️👑

  • Thiền Hiên Dương
    Thiền Hiên Dương

    Any song you sing is very good ! I love Alicia Keys 😍

  • la mer
    la mer


  • Clive Picken
    Clive Picken

    @1:36 The music reminds me of a game I play.

  • Maquita Williams
    Maquita Williams

    Love this song

  • Leo Bu
    Leo Bu

    Ryan Tedder's magic touch is on this song

  • bruce edmonds
    bruce edmonds

    my goodness! ur gorgeousness is eternal alicia! bless u mwah!

  • Elizabeth Rosen
    Elizabeth Rosen

    How do I get in touch with you in real life Ma'm? I want to learn piano from you. Please. Something very personal. The Skittles Lady use to teach me when I was so young and unappreciative.

  • Kellye Herrera
    Kellye Herrera

    AK does it again! Love you and your music since the beginning ✌🏾❤️

  • Beautiful Program
    Beautiful Program

    She is such a beautiful, magical Spirit, I just can't listen to her enough ❤❤❤ Inspirational...

  • Oi, Izalu!
    Oi, Izalu!

    likes 2000, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

  • Pirate Jackson
    Pirate Jackson

    THANK YOU......the hard work behind a piano......... well it payed off. You keep getting better.

  • TatchND

    2020 needed this song.

  • Pedro Jacob
    Pedro Jacob

    She is amazing!!!! And soooooo beautiful. I love her ❤️

  • Noble Warrior
    Noble Warrior

    Great song Alicia Keys your fantastic!!!

  • noumeha

    I grew up with Alicia' s music since "fallin'".I'm 34 now and I 've never been disappointed. So blessed to listen to her music again and again.


    Su voz 💗


    Diva siempre bella

  • Kelly

    Cade os BRs ? Love 😍😍😍

  • Carolina Fernandes
    Carolina Fernandes

    Pra quem não saber a Alicia passou no fantástico hj kakakaak ❤️🇧🇷

  • Maria Maria
    Maria Maria


  • Ryan Weegow
    Ryan Weegow

    I don't know about you but putting on random shoes from the streets is nasty.

  • Dr Chy
    Dr Chy

    how's she not super famous like beyonce she got the voice idk maybe coz music not that nice idk man

  • Esther Muigai
    Esther Muigai

    This video has an old school vibe. Alicia never fails

  • Abe


  • Rodrigo Pereira
    Rodrigo Pereira

    Release Authors of Forever as a single, please?

  • Iesha Abbas
    Iesha Abbas

    So authentic, so meaningful 😍👍

  • memento 2me
    memento 2me

    She is back!!!

  • Malorie Miranda
    Malorie Miranda

    they look gorgeus in those braids

  • Justin Artist
    Justin Artist

    Hello everyone, I've recently released my EP "Beautiful Process". I could really use some honest feedback on the music project! All critics are welcome! Beautiful Process is available on my channel as well as all music streaming platforms! Thank you in advance.

  • m i m i e Plays
    m i m i e Plays

    My mom always pits ur songs on when I was little but now I realise that. It was you amircas got talent was my favorite show and ur my idle.

  • Remus Pierre
    Remus Pierre


  • Alexandre a
    Alexandre a

    timberland israel shoes ;for people black it's not credible

  • Snui

    This is the Power of money....sing a song about racism and drive a car in the Video that was officially supported by nazi germany....

  • Child of God
    Child of God

    She's a world changer💪💙

  • Thomas D.
    Thomas D.

    Der Song lockt einem ein Lächeln hervor .....

  • GlamAndTea

    Is there a problem with the sound in this?

  • Ethan keenan
    Ethan keenan

    Why haven't I heard this on the radio????

  • Alain Tejas Escobar
    Alain Tejas Escobar

    me gusta el tema, pero no se escucha bien??

  • Tosh D
    Tosh D

    Im glad she didnt stay in retirement all dem yrs ago.

  • ダニー茹でる

    sampling from ''Can we talk /Tevin Campbell"

  • Jazzy G
    Jazzy G

    Very subtle way to make a BIG statement. Job well done!

  • Memory Mukaveya
    Memory Mukaveya

    This is my fav song in the album💃🏻💃🏻❤️❤️

  • teayhung lover92
    teayhung lover92


  • Captain C
    Captain C

    Your so under rated saved me from myself please respond to this

  • SoCalkidd89 _
    SoCalkidd89 _

    🖤🕳🖤🕳🖤🕳🖤 black lifes matter!!!! Rip George floyd and everyone who were taking because they were black! Rip 😇 angels!!‼️🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾👏👏👏👏

  • Adrián Martagón
    Adrián Martagón

    Yesterday she performed this song at the BBMAs so beautifully!

  • Rugda Attiyah
    Rugda Attiyah

    We need this on an hour loop. ❤️

  • Albertson Saintilphat
    Albertson Saintilphat

    Alicia i love you,you touch my heart.

  • Rugda Attiyah
    Rugda Attiyah

    What a beautiful song! It’s so sad how something so simple as LOVE can be so hard to attain. LOVE one another, LOVE who you are. Just LOVE. It’s so much easier to just LOVE. ❤️ I wish you all love and happiness.

  • Nebula Dust
    Nebula Dust

    Loved your Performance on Billboard's 2020💜💜💜💜💜

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