All Sports Golf Battle 4 | Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect
Time for another fantastic round of All Sports Golf... with Zac Efron!!
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“Good As Gold”
Performed by The Phantoms
Courtesy of Peer-Southern Productions, Inc.
Written by Andrew Bissell
© Peermusic III, Ltd. o/b/o itself and Andrew Bissell Music (BMI)
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  • Francis Walls
    Francis Walls

    Ty I’m going soccer cause of the roll Seconds later Soccer ball ⚽️ dosen’t touch the ground

  • Pranav Busireddy
    Pranav Busireddy

    do another apex airsoft battle we loved it

  • Techno Mobile
    Techno Mobile

    May you pass 100 million in this year .I am from india


    dude perfect u can try cricket

  • Antoine Nguyen
    Antoine Nguyen

    they filmed this a year ago and they couldnt edited it in a year

  • Tina Mayes
    Tina Mayes

    Dude perfect battles

  • Tina Mayes
    Tina Mayes

    Dude perfect fadpasgbwsgze

  • Colson Falink
    Colson Falink

    When Garrett does worse than everyone else with a soccer ball..

  • Shash

    Just casually friends with Zac Efron no biggy

  • Swipe Boyz
    Swipe Boyz

    Read the name

  • anna rose
    anna rose

    “If there’s any trick shot in the the neighbor hood who u gonna call dude perfect “

  • Molly R
    Molly R

    You know it's bad when they make a verb out of your name. I'm sorry Cory. Still rooting for you though!

  • Kopi Daeng Official
    Kopi Daeng Official

    Subscriber chanel @kopi daemg official

  • Royal status
    Royal status

    Tiler fans

  • CequezPlays :D
    CequezPlays :D

    I paused somewhere at 2:21 and i cant see the golf club that Ty has in his hands anymore lol .

  • The Leopard
    The Leopard

    Fun fact every member of DP was born on their birthday

    • Ryland C
      Ryland C


  • Benjamin Farrell
    Benjamin Farrell

    Just imagine walking by and seeing an all sports golf battle with DP & Zac Efron

  • Joey Hartley
    Joey Hartley

    People driving by must think ur idiots🤣

  • Super JellyBean
    Super JellyBean

    Does anyone else know this was recorded during the tour

  • Flávia Sales
    Flávia Sales

    As vezes eu penso que eu sou a única brasileira por aqui . 😉

  • Sivapriya Rajesh
    Sivapriya Rajesh


  • Neel wavare
    Neel wavare

    Please make video on cricket

  • Jose Llaurador
    Jose Llaurador

    I can’t believe that dude perfect were able to get the Zac Efron while he was preparing for his Netflix series

  • Sebastian hudson
    Sebastian hudson

    Next year add a boomerang

  • Purrpl

    Ah my favorite singer zack eferond on my favorite gaming channel dude perfect

  • Titus Palmer
    Titus Palmer


  • Kaleb Reese
    Kaleb Reese

    codys worst sport is soccer and he curved the ball when i can't

  • king NIJALITY the grate
    king NIJALITY the grate

    i bet the white person wins

  • Marco De Feo
    Marco De Feo

    Nice video as always. I can beat all of you guys.

  • Josephine Reynolds
    Josephine Reynolds

    You guys rock fro

    • Josephine Reynolds
      Josephine Reynolds

      You rock

  • Izaak Rochester Music
    Izaak Rochester Music

    Huge respect for not even putting zac efron in the thumbnail or title

  • Angry Gorilla Man
    Angry Gorilla Man

    Coby hair grew back?

  • Adam Wiskerchen
    Adam Wiskerchen

    Am I the only one that has no idea who Zack Efron

  • Euan Walsh
    Euan Walsh

    You guys are so bad at football (soccer) 😂

  • Ethan Reinert
    Ethan Reinert

    Gar: I'm gonna tee off a little lower. Also Gar: Misses the ball because it was too low 😂😂. 6:45

  • Landon Spencer
    Landon Spencer

    I thought it was all sports there’s not lacrosse, vortex, football ,or ping pong

  • Елена Щербак
    Елена Щербак

    All sports golf battle 5 with Cristiano Ronaldo

  • MOF Amjad
    MOF Amjad

    go Tyler go

  • Baseballer24

    Ty: Hands our golden boys Also Ty: Doesn’t want golden boy 2

    • Izaak Rochester Music
      Izaak Rochester Music

      Baseballer24 it’s Ned that hands out golden boys not Ty

  • Molik sahu
    Molik sahu

    13:46 L O L 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rhysrebellion

    Foxtail trick shots???

  • Ben Fishsingham
    Ben Fishsingham

    Do another build a boat bottle

  • kenneth anderson
    kenneth anderson

    does a shot

  • Ashok Varma
    Ashok Varma

    Love u guys😁😁

  • Kanpuria Kamakshi
    Kanpuria Kamakshi

    Hey where are you live

  • King Yogang
    King Yogang

    You should make a channel called “Dude not Perfect” and post all your fails. Like so they can see 👇

  • Alan Wae
    Alan Wae

    Polskie Napisy Pls Polish

  • Anna V.
    Anna V.


  • Garv Vohra
    Garv Vohra

    You are the best and out of you I believe coby is the best.

  • Jackson White
    Jackson White

    Is it just me that realizes that there’s no way coby hair grew back that quickly.???

    • Nathan Varghese XC 16
      Nathan Varghese XC 16

      this was filmed before the ot


    Zac Enron has changed a ton.

  • Wyatt Stoner
    Wyatt Stoner

    is that matt brody off of baywatch

  • Parul Bansal
    Parul Bansal

    Who all want to see " dizzy" all sports golf battle 5 ?

  • Salty Boi
    Salty Boi

    The attention to detail is insane for example Ty was blue and Cory was yellow. So they spray painted or bought items that were their specific color. I just think that that's cool

  • Gaming Dude
    Gaming Dude

    Hi Dude Perfect Team, I am your subscriber as well as biggest fan. Please subscribe to my youtube channel and promote me as I also have an ambition to rise like you on IT-my so please motivate me. Thanks !!! 😊😊

  • Dream Breaker
    Dream Breaker

    Tyler and Cody you both are my favourite in Dude Perfect. So I wanna ask what's your favourite sports?

  • 25K Subscribers Before 2021 Challenge
    25K Subscribers Before 2021 Challenge

    thats really chilled life... i wanna be part of them

  • King David
    King David

    ahahahahahahah 4:21

  • payal verma
    payal verma

    Imagine having Zack effron and not putting him on the thumbnail of tittle

  • Tessa Deau
    Tessa Deau

    Who is watching all the dp vids during quarantine ☺ like this comment if u r! :D

    • Max Rob
      Max Rob

      Don’t beg for likes

  • GAMErs Fire
    GAMErs Fire


  • Lindsey & Daniel Channel Khuu
    Lindsey & Daniel Channel Khuu

    I love how Coby whiffed it and he was like...oh no no no no no no

  • Gabriela Castiblanco
    Gabriela Castiblanco

    The trophy is a little bit scary. Jejeje

  • Глеб Зинькевич
    Глеб Зинькевич

    Лайк если русский

  • Jane Shannon
    Jane Shannon

    that’s so crazy that coby grew his hair back in a month congrats

  • playstationexpert1

    Ty wins everything


    If gar got poison ivy will LAUGHT


    Coby got his hair back in a month???

  • Lil Yashy
    Lil Yashy

    They should make a second channel called Dude Almost Perfect where they post bloopers and funny moments

    • Who's that?
      Who's that?

      Dude Imperfect

    • Tessa Deau
      Tessa Deau

      YA! It would be pretty funny

  • matei cotin
    matei cotin

    12:57 huw say in his mind too let'!!!

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