All The 'Sonic The Hedgehog' Design Changes They Made For The Live Action Film | Pop Culture Decoded
In April of this year, Paramount released a trailer for their live-action take on SEGA’s "Sonic The Hedgehog" franchise. Fans hated it. They attempted to make Sonic more “realistic” but ended up creating something fairly disturbing. Due to the backlash, the film’s director, Jeff Fowler, promised fans he would change Sonic’s design to make him more like the iconic character we all know and love. The newly released trailer has received a much warmer response. Watch as we break down the differences between Paramount’s first and second version of "Sonic the Hedgehog."
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All The 'Sonic The Hedgehog' Design Changes They Made For The Live Action Film | Pop Culture Decoded

  • s1lv3r4sh


  • minu singing
    minu singing


  • Letwine Mguti
    Letwine Mguti

    I love the new sonic

  • jackie davids
    jackie davids

    Im happy the old one was terible

  • J F
    J F

    Yes i like the new sonic than before like if u agree 👇👇👇👇

    • J F
      J F

      I agree

  • Lord Megatron
    Lord Megatron

    Paramount gets a ton of fan complaint; pumps the brakes, redesigns the entire character and fixes everything Disney gets a ton of fan complaint; Kathleen Kennedy still talkin shit after all this time, zero changes, zero effort

  • Object Maker
    Object Maker

    0:07 Mistake

  • Tasheena Johnson
    Tasheena Johnson

    Still going to flop because most of not if all the complaints for the design were from people who could care less about sonic or its movie.

  • Misa Amane
    Misa Amane


  • Edwin Alpe
    Edwin Alpe

    0:15 🤮

  • SillySharkOnLaNd Official
    SillySharkOnLaNd Official

    The old one looked like it had jeans 👖 as legs

  • MrAnQ2

    when i looked this trailer up on youtube,, that child 1-z came up on here too... lolololol...

  • Nikola Jankovic
    Nikola Jankovic


  • Dark Slaver5G
    Dark Slaver5G

    I am happy

  • Ketlīna tv
    Ketlīna tv

    I love new because sonic have cutest eyes

  • marilyn Martinez
    marilyn Martinez

    I'm happy of the new version of Sonic

  • Precious13

    I hate the new change

  • Softy Aesthetic
    Softy Aesthetic

    The old design of Sonic kinda creppy😐

  • Bob One
    Bob One

    I mean yes I am verry VERRY!

  • Bob One
    Bob One

    Yes mam verry RERRY like excided and I like the new look.Allthough I was good with the before look to but now that I look back at it I see it but they still could' of cepped the Other one to. But still I like both of the looks so ☺️☺️☺️😇😇😇😇🤯🤯🤯🌞🌞🌞🌞😮😮😮😮😮♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️🎂🎂🎂🎂🐶🐶🐶🐶🐵🐵🐵🐵 So 👍👍

  • Leee Eeee
    Leee Eeee

    They have to sell old version movie seperately just for the laughs. The studio listened to their audience holy shid

  • John Strausser
    John Strausser

    First sonic was "realistic" this sonic is more Pixar 3D if that makes any sense and it works glad they got it right eventually .... because carrey looks hilarious the part that got me was the ending of the trailer when he put the goggles on lol

  • サーバルだよ!


  • Kevin Picado
    Kevin Picado

    Yes the anther one suck

  • Wenzel Gaeseb
    Wenzel Gaeseb

    Yes I'm happy with the new look 😊

  • A. 76
    A. 76

    The hell we are happy with new version

  • Nazife Tongal
    Nazife Tongal

    2019:made in real life 2020:made in a animation

  • Kristin Livingston
    Kristin Livingston

    Take notes Disney! Redo Star Wars episode 8! Makes fans happier and makes you money....

  • Screen Apple
    Screen Apple

    The fake sonic hedgehog is hilarious...biggest CGI failure in Paramount history......It cost 90 million dollars to make and plus redesign. 5 million dollars to replacement and ads. Total cost $95 million dollars. It going to be box office success... But the biggest mistake is CGI fails. lol.

  • antonius1608- YT
    antonius1608- YT


  • SlisaArtz SA
    SlisaArtz SA

    I showed a friend who didn't see any of the trailers both Sonic's side by side. Here was her deduction 2019- Sonic's long lost deformed cousin 2020- sonic the hedgehog

  • Nerd Council
    Nerd Council

    (Martin) I have to continue, I love Paramount's ideas, but HOW do you greenlight that design! Look at the legs and calves of Sonic in that poster! Doesn't that just scare you knowing who sonic is??

  • Nerd Council
    Nerd Council

    (Martin) That "Tails the Fox, the Journey to the Hell" LMAO! So freakin creepy! Ugh... I almost want to see that trailer, so I can watch people's reactions

  • Teedy Reyami Washington
    Teedy Reyami Washington

    The new sonic is wayyyyy better good jobb !!

  • iPod 97
    iPod 97

    Honestly, one of the best decisions ever made. Lol.

  • Cup cake sprinkles
    Cup cake sprinkles


  • Aaron Michaels
    Aaron Michaels

    A 5 Million dollar! It looks more kid friendly, a bit more child-like.

  • Komatsu Kantai
    Komatsu Kantai

    Fans are not the director so shut up

    • Jack Fahey
      Jack Fahey

      Somebody's triggered

  • Seth Carlow
    Seth Carlow

    i am Happy that they made Sonic like the cartoons that i watched growing up with.

  • Kiju kitten
    Kiju kitten

    sonic boom mader sonics arms blue first, amaybe its because of that?

  • The Nudist Report
    The Nudist Report

    Yes so happy! Cause it looks like Sonic actually!!!!

  • Fanbot plastic
    Fanbot plastic

    I love ❤️ the New Animated Sonic Movie

  • Cheeky-mando

    Classic Sonic with green 👀 hmmm...

  • Angela Love
    Angela Love

    The first version was better

    • Jack Fahey
      Jack Fahey

      LOL nope

  • provokedRobin 60
    provokedRobin 60

    1:29 how is that disturbing

  • ElectroShock

    They probably planned this whole thing just to cause controversy in order to lure more people and ergo more money for them. That's a good marketing strategy and I will be seeing this movie.

  • Justin R
    Justin R

    Now can paramount present a story with this movie?

  • fu7zed

    Plot twist : 1) the studio produced a fake trailer on purpose to spark fear in the Sega/Sonic fanbase. 2) the first trailers generate a worldwide buzz 6 months before the originally planned release (why would we invest in an advertisement plan ? retwitters will do it for us). 3) fans are emotionnaly concerned about the design and keep looking forward for news. 4) the studio releases the right design in a new trailer and generates the highest possible engagement rate with the Sega/Sonic fanbase. Lol even if this movie ends up being bad, it will be a HIT

  • Shireen Karim
    Shireen Karim

    The new one better thumb up 👍🏻 the old one blah 👎🏻.

    • Shireen Karim
      Shireen Karim

      That IS Sonic.

  • Youni2003

    he is so much better

  • PandaCami

    What if they just did the ugly Sonic on purpose cause they knew it would go viral but had prepared a better version from the first time. Maybe it was all a strategy to have more spectators to the movie hmmmmmm

  • Dubem Lol
    Dubem Lol

    Unpopular opinion: This was all a marketing trick to gather more attention towards the movie

    • Yang


  • Robert Langdon
    Robert Langdon

    Yeah he looks better, and slightly cuter.. But they still don't have the body shape right and he's too big in my opinion.

  • Allah Allah hu
    Allah Allah hu

    The new sonic is great but the old ones is like garbage it is worst thing I have ever seen in my life

  • Legitxxd549

    These are kinda actually mistakes

  • BellaDaArtist

    Fans: MY GOD THIS SUCKS Paramount: *UnO ReVerSe CaRd*

  • Burned Noodle
    Burned Noodle

    Sonic is the same size as Mario.

  • Spongebob

    Is sonic CGI in the movie

  • Seth Mermier
    Seth Mermier

    they should make it exactly like the sega sonic

  • Moulaye Sidibe
    Moulaye Sidibe

    I am so happy with the new sonic and it looks so cool too

  • Harmony Chen
    Harmony Chen

    I like the new update of sonic!

  • Lisa Bailey oz baby
    Lisa Bailey oz baby

    2019: a child in a sonic onesie 2020: Pure perfection

  • Eduardo Torrens
    Eduardo Torrens


  • Besim Koci
    Besim Koci

    I bet they had both versions ready. They put the first one out to see people’s reaction which was horrible. Smart

  • Life4GT

    Im so happy for the new version i dont like the old version ;(

  • Bacari Pollard
    Bacari Pollard

    Wish infinity ward was capable of doing this

  • TheAgentEsties

    To show my appreciation for making the changes, I'll go watch the movie at my local AMC and not wait for it on the unnamed movie supplying app lol

  • Алексий Орлецкий
    Алексий Орлецкий

    I dont like new design. Its too cartoon or anime. Old trailer version is not great and need corrections, but new is not interresting.

  • James Circusman
    James Circusman

    2019: Jesus 2020: Sonic the Hedgehog

  • cloudy candy
    cloudy candy

    i have no choice but to stan paramount

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