ALWAYS AMAZING: The True Story of the Life, Death, and Return of Amazing Johnathan | Movie
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Always Amazing is the story of The Amazing Johnathan's storied career as a comedian/magician, the unlikely friendship that was cemented after meeting a 12-year-old boy while on tour in Australia and the unfortunate terminal diagnosis that brought them back together for one last run of shows.
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Starring: The Amazing Johnathan
Featuring: David Copperfield, Penn Jillette, Joel Ozborn
Directed By: Steve Byrne
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  • Steve Byrne
    Steve Byrne

    My name is Steve Byrne. I'm the director of "Always Amazing". I met The Amazing Johnathan and his road mgr. Joel Ozborn, in 2000. It was the fist time I ever featured for another comic on the road and a friendship developed amongst us. I was privy to Johnathan and this incredible, loving, hilarious dynamic between he and Joel. When Johnathan was given and terminal diagnosis and retired, I was incredibly hurt to hear of it but when he outlived expectations and made an announcement he was returning to stage, I as a fan and friend, wanted to do a doc and cover it. I reached out to him and he said let's do it! That being said, I'd like to address, clarify and correct some disillusioned folks per our film. I've not remarked about it in print. I've also maintained that myself and our crew needed to stay in our lane and do the best job we can per our film and another film. This is where I will be stating my experiences on the record for all to see...for now. As AJ was making a return to stage, I was writing material for a documentary for Lightbox called "China Hustle". While there, I ran my vision by them per Johnathan's return to stage and I had a 2 plus hour meeting with Mr. Chinn. Intrigued, he lent me and my crew equipment to film my first interview with Johnathan. Before I could compile a "sizzle reel" for Mr. Chinn and Lightbox, I was told he wouldn't have the band-with to continue and wished us well on our film. In short, I worked with Lightbox for a matter of weeks. A few weeks. Once I was told of this, I immediately communicated this information to Johnathan. I also let him know one of the freelance producers at Lightbox did enjoy our vision and jumped aboard with us to help out. It was also around this time, I was surprised to learn that another documentary was being made about Johnathan. I was incredibly uncomfortable and shocked. When I learned about this, I immediately asked Johnathan if I could communicate with this other film to clear the air, learn of each other's narrative and see if it was feasible to continue on. I got the phone number of the other film maker and had a respectful conversation. We learned that our narratives were completely different, (I was focusing on AJ and Joel's relationship and he was doing more of a cinema verite piece on Johnathan) and I felt comfortable from that conversation that we could both forge on and make our respective films. Seeing that we were both covering AJ's return to stage, I suggested meeting up in Boston, before the shows to work out respectful working logistics. After taking a red eye flight from LA to Boston, I was bleary eyed and gathering our gear on a bus to a car rental center with AJ and the other film crew. The other film maker began to film me on the bus without even saying hello. This was my introduction to him. I asked him to please not film me. Once in our hotel and settled, we had a meeting in the lobby. Again, it was respectful and when I learned that he had been doing his film for 2 years prior to us, I let him know we would take a back seat to his film. By that I mean, there were 3 shows for AJ's return and we just wanted to cover the shows and for one show have backstage access to interview AJ and Joel back stage. Thus, the other film maker would have access to AJ 24/7, to and from gigs, pre and post gigs, etc.. We just wanted one backstage interview to see how he felt post show and to cover the shows themselves. We were limiting our access. At the end of the meeting I was asked if I could be filmed for an interview for the other film. I respectfully declined, citing, I had never made a film before and wanted to invest all my time getting logistically done what needed to be done. I was then asked, "don't you think you owe me? I've been doing this for 2 years before you." A bit bothered, I replied "no. please don't film me". To which he shook my hand and I again asked him not to film me and he agreed. Both my producers witnessed this moment. I thought that would be the end of that. Myself and my crew went about our business, staying out of the other films way and doing the best we could. We were shocked to learn that the other film wasn't putting up any release forms at the venues nor was he contacting the venues to have permission to film there. Each venue we went to was surprised there were 2 film crews because the other film never contacted them or got paperwork done. So much so, that at the Foxwoods show, we had our contact at the venue and paperwork done. We were shown the showroom and learned that they allow 3 camera positions. The other film was told they weren't allowed in the showroom because they didn't have paperwork signed/permission to be there. After AJ spoke on the other film's crew behalf, they were granted permission to come in and both of us learned that the venue only allows 3 camera positions for any amount of film crews. In short, you could have 6 film crews there and they only allow for 3 camera positions. When we learned of this, we relinquished one of our camera's leaving us with 2 and giving the other film 1, so they could film in the venue. That's not how we are portrayed in the other film. We concluded our filming but along the way did notice the other film maker filming us, pointing the camera at us and we again, asked to not be filmed. We all left Boston and returned to LA. We got to work crafting our film and after quite a few months had our finished product. As a comedian, I have a long standing relationship with Just for Laughs a comedy festival that takes place in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver each year. That particular year, Vancouver was trying out a film festival and accepted our film. We were elated. My team, made up of a few friends, passionately, out of pocket, made a film together, edited in my garage and polished off by Brian Goetz, were going to see our film on a movie screen. We were beyond thrilled. Beyond! This momentous affair would soon be tainted. We got there and were surprised to see the other film maker out front, seemingly waiting for us. We said hello and asked why he was there? He let us know he "was there to see a friends film and thought he'd check out our film". Naively I didn't think much of it but was agitated that another fim maker would be seeing our film while he was still working on his, thus providing him the opportunity to craft what he wanted pending what he saw. We walked into the theatre and saw a less than favorable turnout but it was the first year of the film festival and there wasn't a big marketing push on their end but at the end of the day, we didn't care. Something we made would be shown on a screen, in a movie theatre. We were proud. This moment of pride would be contorted and twisted into something made to embarrass me and my film. I had no idea, I was being secretly recorded or set up with an "actor" in our Q and A. Even still, I was as honest then as I was now. The other film maker was there to "catch me in a lie" about an affiliation with Sugarman or Man on Wire. I never lied. I was honest in my answer. All he had to do was google or use IMDB and he could've figured this out. Flash forward all this time later and per my face to face experiences with this film maker, I am disappointed that not only was I placed in his film but made out to be an antagonist. I felt over the course of our paths crossing, I was nothing but respectful to him and his team. I was shocked to learn, while his film premiered at Sundance, how we are being portrayed. I strongly disagree with how we are being depicted and the only reason I'm even writing this post is because in a recent interview, the other film maker is quoted as saying per myself and team "They might have lied or deceived Johnathan". "THEY MIGHT HAVE LIED OR DECEIVED JOHNATHAN" Once I saw this in print, I had to defend myself and team. I want to state, Johnathan is my friend. I have never lied or deceived him. I want it to be known, the only person that lied and was deceitful over the course of our unfortunate shared experiences in competing films about the same subject matter, is the other film maker. 1. He told me he wouldn't film me and he did. Multiple times. We shook on it. Then he put me in his film and made me out to be less than honest. He lied to me. 2. He told me he was in Vancouver, to see "his friend's movie" but as we now know, he was there to film me and my team and make a mockery of our premiere. He was deceitful. I'll also let you know, since I have first hand knowledge of how deceitful he was willing to go: when he was trying to find an ending to his film, he placed $2,000 in front of AJ and asked if he could film AJ throwing him out of his house, providing an ending to his film. To this, AJ was justifiably upset and left the interview. That reaction from AJ is what's in the film. That is not just deceitful, it's classless. To provoke any person, to get a reaction for a film is beyond anything I can even morally comprehend. In conclusion, I'm seeing a trickle of comments and thoughts per my film and moral character coming into question. I was fine to stay in my lane, as I have done all these months I spent promoting my film, not discussing the other film or it's director and I believe I would've been justified in doing so. I just wanted to keep my attention towards my film. I wanted to stay positive and remain proud of what we did with Always Amazing. When I saw that quote and few other one's that were less than kind, in print about me and my film from the other director, I felt it was time to defend myself. That's what I am doing here. That being said, I hope you enjoy my film. I am proud of it but more than anything, I'm proud of the fact that I made a film that is being appreciated about my friend The Amazing Johnathan, his legacy and career and that unorthodox, fraternal relationship between he and Joel Ozborn. Thank you for reading.

    • James Halliday
      James Halliday

      Not watched the other doc - and don't intend to. Just found yours semi-randomly - and an hour and a bit later am just sat here, with a smile on my face and maybe a smidge of a lump in my throat. Thank you.

    • titmusspaultpaul5

      Loved your film.

    • seymoursimon

      Steve Byrne It reads above as though you had a 2 hour meeting with Simon Chinn early on, who then gave you some gear; by saying Mr. Chinn, you’re referring to the only person we know of or saw in the documentary that fits that name. This directly contradicts what Simon says in the film, which is that his partner in LA (Jonathan Chinn, who is not in the film) is the one who had initial conversations and gave you gear. Is that true? If so, you are willfully obfuscating that in your description above and lying when you imply that you had a 2 hour meeting with Simon Chinn at the start of your project.

    • zruiner5

      I just watched both movies in a odd way. I started with Ben's Hulu video and at about 25:00 minutes I stopped it to find your film. I watched this documentary in its entirety and then finished watching the other one. To me, in a crazy way it was both films combined told the AJ story. It was from a Legacy of Amazing Jonathan to MTV Real World AJ. To that I will say I enjoyed both films. Thank you Steve..

    • Jarrod Brecht
      Jarrod Brecht

      @Steve Byrne So I watched the other guys Documentary and then yours. I found 'Always Amazing' to be a warm entertaining Documentary about a performer I grew up watching. I enjoyed it and will recommend to anyone that brings up the other film you mentioned to also watch this. The other film was a Doc about making a Doc and I found it really compelling and also enjoyed it, in fact if it were not for that film I wouldn't have known about 'Always Amazing'. When I watched the other film I didn't find you to be shown in a bad light and the confusion about the LIGHTBOX issue is resolved during the film. As with any narrative it starts putting you as an unknown and possible villain to a story but by the end it's cleared up, and if you hadn't declined being on camera he would have had a much more difficult time twisting the narrative. His documentary is just a film about making a documentary with possibly 4 other people making a film on the same subject at once and how to accomplish that and still make his film worth watching. Both films I watched back to back and enjoyed both of them although completely different. You landing David Copperfield and Penn Jillette I feel also gives your film strong ground to stand on. Also nicely edited, except maybe would have cut 10-20% of the Joel Ozborn stuff particularly the parts after they went separate ways.

  • Medicated Movie Reviews
    Medicated Movie Reviews

    This was awesome. Didn’t know much about him going in and not sure if he was alive or not so the drama was real. If you’ll excuse me I have a rabbit hole to go down now.

  • Thurston Cyclist
    Thurston Cyclist

    First saw The Amazing Johnathan on Lounge Lizards. Then in 2005, I saw his show in the Sahara. One of the funniest things I have ever seen. Great performer.

  • MrLarrycar

    This is the better documentary.

  • RuGgiSh BoNe
    RuGgiSh BoNe

    Got famous and didnt have to sell out a rare find

  • Jay Rod
    Jay Rod


  • Benji Arehart
    Benji Arehart

    Steve Byrne. I just watched your documentary. I have now seen both, and I must say. Yours is the better of the two. Not that I disliked the other, but yours had a more heartfelt, and deeper insight into his life. I did not know the history between Joel, and AJ before seeing yours. It was so interesting to see the light you brought on their relationship. I have much more respect for Jonathan. You really made me understand how big of a heart Jonathan has. Not only is he a talented performer, he is also a good hearted, and very giving person. Ive been a fan of the Amazing Jonathan from the beginning of his career. I remember first seeing him in the 80's, and was blown away by his lol performance. I too have had issues similar to AJ with addiction, and understand all too well the vicious cycle it has had on my life. I would love one day to talk to Jonathan. Joel is such a treasure. To live life, and have one friend like that in your life is a big win. Thank you for making such a great film, and thank you Joel, and Jonathan for entertaining us all these years.

    • Steve Byrne
      Steve Byrne

      Thanks so much Benji! I set out to do a love letter to Johnathan's career and fraternal relationship with Joel. The biggest compliment I've gotten about this film has been from both of the subject of this film. Knowing that they are both proud of the film makes me so proud my team and I got to see this through. I appreciate you taking the time to watch. Best to you and yours Benji!!!

  • Tito the funny
    Tito the funny

    I’m only 21 minutes in I love it.

  • Analytical Street Sweeper
    Analytical Street Sweeper

    Why couldn't he just get a Heart transplant?

  • Kyle Filer
    Kyle Filer

    I've always loved this amazing man. Laughter is the only religion I believe in. IMO he is Messianic. Thank you Johnathan. I LOVE your style, one that will never be replicated or duplicated. You tickle my funny bone EVERY time I watch you. Btw, your custom plates for your cars are just a cherry on top!!! I will never forget the funny you gifted to us all!!! Sending love from Detroit, and always will be.

  • Warren Crewe
    Warren Crewe

    thankyou so much for the upload ,so glad I seen him in vegas like the movie says amazing

  • Mariposa Oscura
    Mariposa Oscura

    I have always loved the Amazing Johnathon, definatley one of the greatest!!!

  • wayne hinds
    wayne hinds

    Congrats to Steve, Ur doco is positively enjoyable, ok strange description but it works, as a penetrating look into a man's life work. As to the problems with the other doco from what I've seen so far, not the entirety but enough, U have created the more accomplished and thought provoking doco. Again cliche but it works and is something I hope U are very proud off. U drew the viewer into his and Joel's world. The interaction between the two should be preferred viewing for all father and son's, for that's what they truly are. If this was Ur hope, to convey the love and trust between these two, then U have achieved Ur aim with astounding success. Thankyou most sincerely for a truly beautiful documentary. Yes I finally wrote the whole word, fitting for an ending. Thanks

    • Steve Byrne
      Steve Byrne

      Thanks so much for the kind words Wayne!!! Much appreciated. I was inspired to do the film, being privy to Joel and Johnathan's relationship. It's truly remarkable how they've continued to care for one another all these years. Best to you and yours pal.

  • Roland Special Sauce
    Roland Special Sauce

    This was amazing

  • Gerard Scott
    Gerard Scott

    Never seen this guy before....after this documentary I'm a fan. What a loveable guy

  • bohdilama


  • Dwayne Prince
    Dwayne Prince

    How can you not love this man. He's so incredibly brilliant. One of a kind.

  • TooLameToDie

    Seeing John Candy introduce Jon puts the biggest smile on my face.

  • orange doorhinge
    orange doorhinge

    Drugs are bad McKay

  • Matthew Hastings
    Matthew Hastings

    Who gives this a thumbs down?

  • A B
    A B

    Saw Joel Ozborn supporting Arj Barker at the Enmore theatre on Friday night (25 Oct). Great show and well worth watching him again. The Amazing Johnathan was one of my favourite comedians growing up as well. Loved this doco. Thanks for sharing it Steve Byrne and thanks for making me aware of it Joel Ozborn.

  • Justin Mark
    Justin Mark

    Always loved watching him whenever I saw him on tv. Just a beautiful story of his life and friendship. A friendship that most of us couldn’t dream of having.

  • Brandin Hunter
    Brandin Hunter

    His wife seems to be the reason he's still around. She's awesome 👍

  • ElSlabo

    What a wonderful documentary. One of my earliest memories with magic was watching him on tv as a kid. I had never seen anything like it! Penn said it best, crazy! 20 years later and I still think about the streaking joke when I'm cleaning the windows, or catch myself holding the roll of tape to my ear and pretending it's playing music. He's like all the corny dad jokes in the world wrapped in a mushroom trip.

  • Itai Shemer
    Itai Shemer

    The Amazing Jonathan! "Hmm..." ~David Copperfield

  • Teddy Hose
    Teddy Hose

    This is the documentary I wanted to see when I watched the other one. Thanks for making it. The other one seemed to go for Exit Through the Gift Shop where they turn the camera back on the director, but it grew increasingly frustrating in that the long, dramatic shots of the director really lost me. So then I felt like I was watching “Trying to Direct a Self-Destructive Celebrity”, which felt pretty dehumanizing for AJ. I was particularly bothered by when the director asked point blank if AJ was faking his own death, and AJ left the room angry which I completely resonated with. I mean I can appreciate the experimental angle of the other doc, capturing the challenges arising in the moment. But toward the end, I couldn’t help but feel cynical with the director seeming to make it more about himself.

    • Steve Byrne
      Steve Byrne

      Thanks for the kind words Teddy. I'm so glad you enjoyed the film.

  • Neil Dohi
    Neil Dohi

    That Sandra looked the Bomb. And Hunter S. Thompson gave him a gun, geez i would loved to be buried with that gun.

  • titmusspaultpaul5

    Great video.

  • William Lowe
    William Lowe

    Soooooo many clips on here were used from a show in Australia called 'Hey Hey It's Saturday' and that's how I was introduced to Johnathan as a kid. So glad to watch this! Cheers!

  • Leo Romo
    Leo Romo


  • Michael Sheeran
    Michael Sheeran

    One of my favorite CC specials was his and I’d always stop what I was doing when it came on. Great doc and thanks for doing it.

  • Phillip Hanson
    Phillip Hanson

    Incredible documentary and so well done! There are few comedians/magicians that can make you laugh before they even take to the stage. In fact, you could walk on stage and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, and it would just be funny. I'd say you have a gift, a gift of talent, but that would be an insult to all of the work and effort that you've put into your craft. In my opinion, what makes you amazing is your authenticty. You don't need 47 layers of fluff to protect some delicate public image, nor are you worried about political correctness. You can take any situation, prop or experience in life and make it funny...organically...and in the face of adversity. Watching the documentary, one of the big takeaways for me was that you're an honest guy...overall. You're story isn't one that's been built on the backs of wreckage, cheating, and deception that typically are catalogued with being a drug addict. I was disappointed with Copperfield's inputs overall. He comes across conflicted by the events in your life, as if they have any bearing on his image. It's ok to not like drugs...we all know that. But, his hesitation, at times, was annoying. You married a good woman. Take care of her, as she takes care of you. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  • J Mac
    J Mac

    After being a fan for years, I was so glad to finally see him live in Vegas at Bally’s around 2008. I slipped the right guy a $20 and he sat me and my girlfriend at a table right in front of the stage. Def one of my favorite comedians.

  • Am Erica
    Am Erica

    Love This!!!!

  • D.R. Walton
    D.R. Walton

    I loved that.

  • Jerry Atricks
    Jerry Atricks

    That was beautiful.

  • Ray X
    Ray X

    This is the man who made me love stand up. I loved his dark humor as a child and appreciate and love it even more as a grown man. He needs a new special now.

  • Griff's Lonely $ Lectures
    Griff's Lonely $ Lectures

    Good stuff. Being from uk only vaguely knew about AJ. Reminded me of Tommy Cooper who did actually die on stage.

  • gargoyle84

    "What we don't understand we make up, it's called religion." Johnathan, you have made me laugh for over 20 years. If you ever read this I just want you to know you will never be taken for granted. Cheers my friend. I'll see you on the other side.

  • NINmann01

    Opening with George Carling got me in an unexpected way.

  • btmathews415

    Steve Byrne is a great comedian, and based on this film alone, a talented director. I don't want this comment to be deleted for profanity, so I'll say : That "guy" from Hulu is a tremendous "hack," his "film" was a reality TV style waste of time, and the "director" makes it about himself more than the subjects of his "film". Byrne's film doesn't fixate or sensationalize the drugs or the chaos, but focuses on the positive and inspirational aspects of the story, which are tremendous. It is masterfully done, and it speaks for itself. I'm sorry Byrne and his crew had to deal with these Hulu clowns and their horseshit.

    • Steve Byrne
      Steve Byrne

      Thanks for seeing through the smoke and mirrors. I'm very proud of the work my team pulled off making this film. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I had putting it together.

  • dannooooooo

    just watched the other doc. if you havent seen that it paints a much wider picture about what was going on

    • Steve Byrne
      Steve Byrne

      I hate to one up you but here ya go...

  • Patrick D
    Patrick D

    what an amazing documentary. thank you for this.

  • Remy Carreiro
    Remy Carreiro

    I worked with special needs kids for six years and everything from drinking window cleaner to the pencil up my nose made me a hero to those kids, and that is all because of Jonathan! *raises glass of stem cells

  • Josh R
    Josh R

    I love The Amazing Jonathon. I used to see him pop up on TV here and there from the 80s all the way through the early 2000s. For a long while he was just another clever comedian that I never knew the name of. There was a lot of those- especially during the hay day of TV stand up. I always thought his stuff was incredibly clever. He was one of- admittedly- several comedians that took something really basic and made it incredibly funny. His happened to be cheesy magic. He took bad magic you'd see at a kid's birthday party and made it really funny. It's such an incredibly funny idea that only he could really do it because you'd have to naturally be really funny to pull it off in my opinion because you have to be quick witted and- I suspect- naturally capable of improvising since it's ok if things go wrong if you can pull that off. It's funny- he always said he was doing a lot of drugs in his act. The way he was I always actually believed him. The idea that you (the audience) thought it was "just a joke" is laughable to me. Every time I saw that coke bit he did I always thought it was real drugs. It didn't seem entirely like a joke when I watched his act. But what I never considered was that he would go out this way. Even though it makes a lot of sense I just never thought that. It makes me so sad. Some reasons for that are selfish- it makes me feel old. Like I said I saw him on cable for years. For decades. Just randomly he'd be one of those stand up specials that would come on and so you'd leave it on- because he's actually funny. He seemed to have an ok life- which is good. I don't feel bad for him. He kind of wanted it this way- for whatever reason. I am sad, though, that he wanted it this way. What does that say about us- if that makes him and his story more interesting?

  • Mike Mix
    Mike Mix

    Wow...what an amazing journey

  • Ray Pilarte
    Ray Pilarte

    Steve, thank you SO MUCH for making this documentary. Jonathan has and will forever be my favorite magician/comedian and I wondered why I hadn't seen him doing shows for the longest time. God bless you Jonathan, and just know that performing or not, your fans LOVE YOU and THANK YOU for everything you've done. I always liked you as a performer but getting to know the man you are and how you took Joel under your wing, I love you as a person. Thanks and God Bless

  • IrisCorven

    It's beautiful seeing his and Joel's relationship throughout the years. He ended up being the dad Joel needed, and the son Jonathan never had.

  • singingfan

    The Film Vault podcast and the After Disaster podcast brought be here. Anderson Cowan really loved your doc. Then he passed it along for me to love. Beautiful work,?especially for a first project. What a sweet and insane AJ is! ❤️

  • valdark2

    Thank you. This is the documentary I was hoping to see when I clicked on that image in HULU.

  • Brookster Q
    Brookster Q

    Jonathan has a doppelgänger, it’s Jeff Hanneman from Slayer!

  • YesitisSeth

    Johnathan will live forever. The End.

  • HappylilElf3k

    This is an amazing example of what a documentary film can and should be. @Steve Byrne I hope you are extremely proud of this film. My only complaint with it is that you didn't get a well deserved paycheck for it. I hope one of Hulu's competitors makes you a deal where you get to leave it up for free but they put it on their service as a middle finger to Hulu for hosting the garbage that is The Amazing Johnathan Documentary.

  • J K
    J K

    Mr. Johnathan, I know you or anyone you are really close with will read this so I guess I’m writing it just for a my own selfish mental health maybe. First, thanks for having the same spelling in your name.... that’s helped a little when correcting those that misspell it. Physical and mental health can be such a pain in the ass and take so much out of a persons life. It’s easy for others to just see a portion of what you might be going through and think your fine. I guess it clears their conscious because they only see what the can handle. I saw the clip of your wife reading the box of medications and just needed to vent or feel like someone else might know what I go through. My wife does the same every Thursday. That’s just one of the things she has to do for me. I hate it. I can’t even focus and remember what I take or when I’m supposed to take it. Relying so much on other people just to live. Well sort of live... I served 10yrs active duty in the USAF. I joined to travel the world and got stuck in Texas the whole time. I did go to Vegas a few times for training and a couple places in the States but that was it. I was Medically Retired after injuring my spine. It happened at work and more than once but it wasn’t identified as what it truly was. I had a couple fusions that ended up putting me in more pain. I did everything I could to get better and stay in the service. I probably even hurt myself more trying to get better but in the end I had no retirement ceremony, no big goodbye, just one day I didn’t have to wake up and put my uniform on anymore.. Being in the military was the one thing I was good at. Now my legs just spasm or just stop lifting up to walk. I use a cane, and Wheelchair. The cane just to go short distances like to the bathroom or transition to my vehicle. My wife also served 6yrs as well and that’s even how we met, while in Basic Training. She was getting recognized as my caregiver and earning a monthly stipend but because I didn’t see my doctors enough one year we got removed from the program(even though all of my doctors said that nothing had changed and that we shouldn’t have been removed from it). Now to make ends meet she has had to get a part time job. She cares for me full time and go to another job part time. She says I’m not but I feel like a huge burden. We’ve been trying to become parents for 17yrs, and the closest we’ve gotten is the amount of care that’s required makes me feel like the child we both wanted. I’m doing my best to enjoy what quality of life I do have. I love shooting and marksmanship type stuff with some hunting when I am able. I love cars and motorcycles but I can’t ride anymore. I do love classic cars and even custom modern vehicles. I got lucky a couple years back and got a Used Ford Raptor. I can’t afford to do any custom work or modify it in any way but at least I got to get the truck at all. I had to trade in my current truck and the Harley I had that I couldn’t ride very often anymore. I loved working on my car and going to car shows and stuff like that. I don’t do any of it anymore. I was blessed to own a used C6 corvette before I was retired and loved driving it. We had to get rid of it because we couldn’t afford it anymore. I’m dreaming of owning the Mid engine Corvette that’s coming out! May be a while and even used but I hope one day. I always wanted a mid engine Ferrari but I know I’ll never be able to afford it in our current circumstances. It probably wouldn’t be a reliable daily driver as far as maintenance and upkeep costs are. I like to trout fish and used to love camping. My wife and I have even dream about getting one of those nice tour bus style RV’s with a trailer big enough to hold my truck and another car, maybe even a nice Polaris RZR side by side. Take our dogs and two Parrots and just drive. Find a tranquil place to park for a few days and move to the next. Just figuring out how we would get my meds and all the random drug tests and monthly trips to the VA hospital is such a headache that it would just be a dream. Lots of dreams... anyhow, I wanted to say I wish you and your loved ones the absolutely best. I know it’s difficult to have to rely on others but I hope you enjoy what you have. I saw in your eyes the way it felt sitting on stage and saying what you said. It reminded me of a feeling I get when my physical pain is at a higher level and my depression and anxiety are raised And it brings me to tears. It’s times like that, that I am so glad I have my wife. I do hope you have those people on life. On a lighter note, KEEP YOUR CARS!!!! They are a part of life you enjoy! That bit is just one of the many things that can help you enjoy life. Quality of life, what ever that may mean to you is very important. That is what your fight is. I had a doctor tell me that finding ways to improve my Quality of life is my one and only job. Hobbies, loved ones and helping others where I can are things that help me. Even venting in a IT-my comment that most wont It helps me mentally a bit though. And who knows, maybe it will help someone else down the road. I wish you the best. I wish your family and friends the best as well. Enjoy those you have in your life. And if you or anyone else needs to vent, just find a worthy IT-my video to comment on!!lol!

  • N McDonald
    N McDonald

    What a great documentary, well done Steve.

  • bob crnich
    bob crnich

    Fkin great ,224 people should be barred from youtube, wtf get the FO

  • Russ Fox
    Russ Fox

    The comments on this doc are very surreal. Makes sense knowing there was another doc before this

  • Randy Young
    Randy Young

    The first time I saw Johnathan was on a TV special. Then I happened to go on a double date with a couple of friends to a comedy club in at Charles ill. Zanies. He brought me onstage and we dueled balloon light sabers between our legs for some other random girls honor. When he handed me the limp balloon to put between my legs and his was fully erect I just lost it I never laughed at a comedian as much as that night. He truly is the Amazing Johnathan God bless him and his craft!

  • Joey King
    Joey King

    What an amazing documentary. I have watched him since childhood. I appreciate him way more since seeing this.

  • Chris Scott
    Chris Scott

    Like a few other comments I wasn't sent here through another show, just stumbled onto it randomly through the youtube feed on my homepage. I was overjoyed to once again see a special from one of the most "Amazing" performers I've ever watched, but hadn't seen in years. I had no idea about AJ's condition or any drama beside the scenes with filming. I laughed and cried and wish to thank everyone involved for going through all the extra BS that arose in just trying to get AJ's story out there. Thank you Steve for not stopping despite the hollywood drama. Thanks mostly to AJ and Joel for putting up with all this, from the looks of it just going back on tour was hard enough on it's own. I know he must here this all the time, but no matter how short your life is Johnathan you've lived more than I think I ever will no matter how long I'm around.

  • OpinionDay007

    I thought christian bale was an actor.

  • brian h
    brian h

    This was awsome.....THANK YOU!

  • davidxtc

    just wow.....i watched the Titus podcast and ran to watch this free movie thank you steve for the energy and love you put into this project Brillant

  • James Robert
    James Robert

    The baby arm little hand is a classic!!!

  • CuseStuckinWA

    Laughed so hard the first I saw him as a kid that I burst a blood vessel in my eye.

  • Lo On
    Lo On

    This man shaped my sense of humor and genuinely helped me feel comfortable being in my own skin. Thank you Johnathan. I AVOIDED this doc just because of how depressed and disappointed I would be seeing him misrepresented. Thank you ATC for pushing this content.

  • Randy Thompson
    Randy Thompson

    The best story I've ever seen. Thank you for doing this documentary.

  • Human Centered
    Human Centered

    How does it happen that there were 4 different productions at the same time?

  • Don Heatherly
    Don Heatherly

    I got here after watching the doc on Hulu, thinking how horrible and dishonest this crew seemed. But honestly, this one is so much better than that one and I can understand why AJ did bring in another crew. Thoroughly enjoyed this documentary, and wish I could get back the time I wasted on the other.

  • David Gregory
    David Gregory

    Great doc, good job Steve Byrne (a terrific standup and performer in his own right)! I've enjoyed AJ for years, going back to the earliest days of what is now Comedy Central. Very nice treatment of important relationships in AJ's life particularly, especially Joel Ozborn, what a sweet story. Sorry to hear about the problems with the other doc

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