AMAZING BOYFRIENDS Who Are Relationship Goals !
AMAZING BOYFRIENDS Who Are Relationship Goals !
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to AMAZING BOYFRIENDS Who Are Relationship Goals !


  • Haley Idehen
    Haley Idehen

    Azzy does know the colors in the rainbow are red orange yellow green blue indigo

  • Aashka Vyas
    Aashka Vyas

    5:02 I would love it and the + point is that I won't have to throw them away as they will never.............. rot???....... What's the correct word?? Pls reply!!

  • Keating Killelea
    Keating Killelea

    Am I the only one who thought the guy with the glass slipper put a proposal ring in the shoe? That’s true love if I’ve ever heard it.

  • me and my cousin
    me and my cousin

    What is your real name?

  • Billy Clabough
    Billy Clabough

    Puppy or Cat?

  • AshleyHK427

    My mom for valentines made me flowers 💐 out of pickles because it my favorite food

  • Eilidh muir
    Eilidh muir

    For my grandparents Wedding presents a family member gave them a Labrador puppy called Sam!!!!

  • Cyclone Super Nova
    Cyclone Super Nova

    Azzy:...Dogs cats I mean if you don’t like pillow forts then are you even human Me: so cats and dogs are human now 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Nicos Dragkas
    Nicos Dragkas

    Why do you never give Elsa a balloon? Answer: because she will just Let It Go

  • Kris Spude
    Kris Spude

    That is not Zelda that is mario

  • grande nacho
    grande nacho

    In China people can eat dogs can you believe that dogs

  • Amanda Unsworth
    Amanda Unsworth

    ‘Hybrid is a good job in my bro lol yes yes hi hi yes yes bye hi yes hi hello hello bye hi hello hi bye hi hello 👋 bye 👋 yes yes hi hi uyuyi

  • Bradley Galang
    Bradley Galang

    Are you ok

  • ⟭⟬Ansu Joe⟬⟭
    ⟭⟬Ansu Joe⟬⟭

    The dna she gets..dna double helix The dna I want... Love yourself

  • Josie McDugle
    Josie McDugle


  • 3llie's aesthetics
    3llie's aesthetics

    anyone notice that the note she picked up said “please don’t clog the toilet XOXO”

  • gamer girl
    gamer girl

    we need the harry potter books and pillow forts

  • •-Seaweed-•

    9:10 Ooh something similar happend to my dad and step mom. So, my dad was going on a date with my step mom in disiny world went to a beauty and the beast restaurant because that's my step mom's favorite movie, and he proposed in front of a stand glass that was beast doing the same to bella!

  • Danica Friday
    Danica Friday

    The window seat was photo Shopped there is different curtains

  • Alexis Clayburn
    Alexis Clayburn


  • Kristine Mae De Jesus
    Kristine Mae De Jesus

    3:46 my dad can do that just in 24hrs so lol

  • Jurate Raudoniene
    Jurate Raudoniene

    Ya smarties are still a thing even in 2021

  • Emma Ford
    Emma Ford

    She left out how the bouquet of paper lilies will never die. That's another reason why they're awesome!

  • _that_one_gryffindor_

    Can that dude cover my harry potter books with lever.....please? anyone please ok ya its obvious im upsesst 😅😅⚡⚡🦲🦲

  • chelsy

    Does no one now azzy is wearing a Louis v chocker

  • mavric sparks
    mavric sparks

    What's a pillow fort

  • Neko Twins persons
    Neko Twins persons

    Did anybody see how Azzy has so many earrings

  • Briell Cuocco
    Briell Cuocco

    not me screaming simp for this whole video LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLL

  • Ab Z
    Ab Z

    1:25 I heard pillow forts lol

    • Ab Z
      Ab Z

      i mean farts

  • Adeline Kagan Trenchard
    Adeline Kagan Trenchard

    Hers a cute pickup line "what letter does happynes start with "ummmmmmm h" realy cuz my starts with u"☺️

  • Vicki Graham
    Vicki Graham

    Azzy: talking about presents me: realizing that she posed this on my birthday! coincidence?

  • Vicki Graham
    Vicki Graham

    Azzy: talking about presents me: realizing that she posed this on my birthday! coincidence?

  • Brooklyn Klaassen
    Brooklyn Klaassen

    aww! i want my boyfriend to make me a pillow fort!!

  • David Cohn
    David Cohn

    Leave a like if you eat smarties like yesterday Yep they still exist Azzy

  • Pizza Elsker
    Pizza Elsker

    My dog: IM A HUMAN!!!!!

  • Minyele Glogowski
    Minyele Glogowski

    I am soo singel too😭😭

  • Emily Schilmoeller
    Emily Schilmoeller

    ThIs Is So CuTe

  • Harriet Mason
    Harriet Mason

    Can you tell the girl I got for secret Santa that it's the thought that counts? Because she asked us to get her: 1) Adidas Trainers 2) Blue or purple metal water bottle 3) A Google Hub 4) A puppy (BTW the price limit is £5-£10!)

  • •Midñīght wøIfiêÚvÙ /dark wolf And Jeff the killer•
    •Midñīght wøIfiêÚvÙ /dark wolf And Jeff the killer•

    Aww so Cute😍😍|。・・)っ♡I like it♪ I meant Love*

  • Garrett Buffenbarger
    Garrett Buffenbarger

    I had to grab a squishy cause I got excited

  • pearlggamer_

    Smarties are still real xx they are only sold in england now xx I live there!!

  • Fred The Bunny
    Fred The Bunny

    1:31 eRrOr Lollll Also 2:58 lolll that was sooo loud in my headphones lol

  • Cameron Thomson
    Cameron Thomson


  • x.dora.sisterz .x
    x.dora.sisterz .x

    legit azzy goes ‘s-smarties? are those a thing anymore?’ WHILST IM EATING SMARTIES XDDD

  • Cheryl bombshell
    Cheryl bombshell

    I dont know if she noticed this but azzy said some really inspirational stuff in this video x P. S. Love you azzy

  • Audrey Koller
    Audrey Koller

    If dogs and puppies are like having children then I’d be a pre teen mom!! 😂🤣 our family got a puppy six months ago and I take care of all day everyday and I’m not even 13 yet

  • Maddie

    I dunno if they are where you live but smarties are still a thing in Norway at least

  • Jason Prasad
    Jason Prasad

    Yes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 . Thank you.

  • Violet Lover
    Violet Lover

    I have 5 dogs 3 cats and 2 bunny's My roommate and I do take care of all of them and I have sent me had an extra room so my bunny's have there own room to share

  • Layla Kitchell
    Layla Kitchell

    Azzy: do they still make Smarties I haven't seen them in ages Me: looking down at my Smarties "yep those are still a thing"

  • yarely

    aw l wish l could get a tree.... but there too expensive so we hide our prestens in the closet cause it have a alarm that triggers if you open the door we have done this for 10 years straight

  • D.I.Y Fidget toys
    D.I.Y Fidget toys

    Hi azzyland

  • D Merrace
    D Merrace

    8:28 Nikita Dragun be like:👁👄👁

  • The amazing doughnut
    The amazing doughnut

    Azzy " all girls want these things and then we have beacon roses" me " DADDD!!!! PLEASE MAKE ME BEACON ROSES PLLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!" my dad "It's 8:29" me ":("(continues to watch video)

  • ASMR-eally Satisfying
    ASMR-eally Satisfying

    Azzy: kids, adults, dogs, cats Also Azzy: if u don’t like pillow forts, are you even human? Me: ummmm what if I’m a cat or dog.... u just said- u know what Nevermind.

  • Amber The Good Witch
    Amber The Good Witch

    If I saw that puppy I would run away screaming bc I am deadly allergic to dogs

  • Zara Bagel ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Zara Bagel ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Azzy: "...but it would take a *long* time to clean up." Me: "Who tF would clean *that* MASTERPIECE up?!"

  • bunnyeel

    Azzy: Who doesn't love pillow forts? Kids, adults, dogs, cats.... You aren't human if you don't like pillow forts. Cats and dogs: Excuse me? I wasn't human in the first PLACE!

  • cute toy gamer girl
    cute toy gamer girl


  • Lilah Morton
    Lilah Morton


  • Lindsay

    170 nail polish there are

  • minecrafter rei Channel
    minecrafter rei Channel

    When azzy said that dogs are like children guess I'm not getting another dog

  • Esme Gould
    Esme Gould

    Roses are red tomatoes are to Yay I got my first like But why is it blue??

  • CravenCottageNewsround

    The things that have shaped me and made me who I am are: When I have been through times of sadness and when I feel down When times of sadness come someone always helps Including you Azzy! And when I feel down I sometimes do something that I’ve never done before and it changes me

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith

    I Love you Azzy

  • Anais Torres
    Anais Torres

    Every like for 1 Christmas tree for them

  • Rachel Digmann
    Rachel Digmann

    AZZY dogs and cats are. Already not humans but my dog loves pillow forts/blanket forts

  • ren

    i can only remember 7,000 types of food

  • ElegantAngel

    Azzy: Cupid Bedroom Me and other Olympus lovers: Eros Bedroom

  • Florence kelly
    Florence kelly

    When she saw the one with the scale I would just put (zero = 0) ❤💖

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