Amazing MUKBANG FOOD ASMR That is on Another Level !
Azzyland - Amazing MUKBANG FOOD ASMR That is on Another Level !
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    Juju Rivera

    Hello Juju The mermaid

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    unicorn squad

    Azzy is so nice

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    kaydeeplaysss fox girl

    I think You're funny

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    Antonia Xibilia

    Do it

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    Kendra Hart

    I like spam

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    Max O'Hagan

    Hi 👋🏻 Ggftygftyfr is rthe is the rffdddddddfff Jayden

  • Leonel Nogueira
    Leonel Nogueira

    Thats not class!🙏🙏

  • Yasar Chasan
    Yasar Chasan

    Dont look at 7:43 the demons ar komming! !!!

  • Kim jackson
    Kim jackson

    Azzy: dogs will eat everything Me: my dog doesn’t eat vegetables she spits them out every time 😂

  • Suchitra j.p
    Suchitra j.p

    ✌ yes

  • Edmundo Ramirez
    Edmundo Ramirez

    Onion tastes like an apple if you just dont think about it

  • Cynthia Hall
    Cynthia Hall

    I love you azzy

  • shaline Harry
    shaline Harry

    These videos always make me hungry like I wanna order and myself please help this watering my mouth is watering

  • shaline Harry
    shaline Harry

    Shaline has always been the most important thing to me and my family


    Do a mukbang

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    Kaianne Sayen

    Comment If You’re Hungry after this Clap clap clap

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    Miek doeidoei Van de pasch

    0:55 this video is dutsh😂

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    Lilian Alvarado Fernandez

    Yess please whisper!!!!😂😂😂😂

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    Matthew Fox

    Smack it is I can’t say properly but it is ham in pain

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    Matthew Fox

    Cassie where are you from

  • zeyad shoker
    zeyad shoker

    careless we could be. >~

  • Omg blossom builds
    Omg blossom builds

    I was soooooooo hungry while watching

  • Yasar Chasan
    Yasar Chasan

    Girl : It tastst like snot Azzy: eWhEWHHEW

  • Yasar Chasan
    Yasar Chasan

    The dog is not discusting its cute af 😍😍😍😗😙😘😚

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  • Railuna Padula
    Railuna Padula


  • ja ae ha
    ja ae ha

    Azzy: I never see something that a dog wouldn’t eat Me: Oh So ThEy EaT gLaSs? ThEy EaT eVeRyThInG uNuSEuLl

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    Lovely Mangyao


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    Make a asmr

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    stephanie raposo

    I’m hungry so much

  • stephanie raposo
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  • Emma Litton
    Emma Litton

    I love your city feels like so much when I say adorable I mean like adore a bowl so when you say that I'm like I'm like delay chefs woman it it's delicious dollishness and yesterday was my birthday I was 6 and now I'm 7 Happy Birthday

  • Mirna Sandoval
    Mirna Sandoval

    Yes you should sound like that in every video love it l pretty voice like aqn mow

  • Thea Ugboko
    Thea Ugboko

    Mukbanks are literally eating squishy food out loud

  • claudia tyson
    claudia tyson


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    Cassie CrazyUnicorn

    it makes me sleep

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    Sabrina Garcia

    you should do asmr

  • Christy Morin
    Christy Morin


    • Christy Morin
      Christy Morin

      OI I'm a boy

  • Hasan Mostafa
    Hasan Mostafa

    When she said doggy I'm like it's soooooooo cuteeeeeeeee

  • Michelle Kehl
    Michelle Kehl

    It’s safe to eat

  • Puppy Love
    Puppy Love

    Me: oh me god let mE HaVe iT likeeee

  • Mailatul Iswani
    Mailatul Iswani

    Azzy i love you all so much Me i love you to 😘

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    James Reyes

    Janine Norris love azzy

  • Medz Laroya
    Medz Laroya

    Do u even eat a alavera plant

  • Medz Laroya
    Medz Laroya

    Wow are u gonna be watching a asmr

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    Laz Rivera

    I love asmr

  • Brittany Ockomon
    Brittany Ockomon

    Pretty much it saved my life so I was in Florida and I got burnt really bad and then aloe save me because like you’re supposed to put it on your skin

  • Brittany Ockomon
    Brittany Ockomon

    I love allow

  • Marley Sheren
    Marley Sheren

    4:20 is honey bee

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    Julie Phillips

    Azzy I love spam!!!

  • elexis gaming
    elexis gaming

    I'm wearing earpods too

  • Eira Miranda
    Eira Miranda

    *Tasty* ♥ Let's interact together 1343164

  • Sofia CraftyGamer
    Sofia CraftyGamer

    Umm if you cut up spam and put it in fried rice and add some egg it's delicous😁 it may look disgusting but it is delicious 👌

  • Carolyn Siler
    Carolyn Siler

    I have a pug

  • Alex Da’ Gamer Of The’ Best
    Alex Da’ Gamer Of The’ Best

    azzy can you eat spam

  • Alex Da’ Gamer Of The’ Best
    Alex Da’ Gamer Of The’ Best

    i love spam

  • Alex Da’ Gamer Of The’ Best
    Alex Da’ Gamer Of The’ Best


  • Omar Waqid
    Omar Waqid

    I like you when you talk quiet

  • Omar Waqid
    Omar Waqid


  • Kesha Anderson
    Kesha Anderson

    Hi there just got home from work today and ima

  • Trigueñita Caribeña
    Trigueñita Caribeña

    SPAMis delicious when fried

  • Lilly Desmond
    Lilly Desmond

    Does anyone know the names of the asmr ppl? For some reason I rly like asmr but I never knew till now 😂

  • Rosiemashapoly Vlogs
    Rosiemashapoly Vlogs

    I have never seen somthing my baby sister wont eat

  • Julie Morales
    Julie Morales

    4:03 who else watches hunnibee

  • Crystal Maiden
    Crystal Maiden

    i love dis bc am in a headset like you azzy

  • Umlautus

    its not glass its candy

  • Antonio Bien
    Antonio Bien


  • Rainbow Unicorn Watermelon🌈🍉
    Rainbow Unicorn Watermelon🌈🍉

    The cheese in the burger looks like it’s in a bag do u agree

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