Aminé - Compensating feat. Young Thug (Official Video)
Official music video of "Compensating" by Aminé feat. Young Thug - available everywhere here:
Directed by Adam Daniel & Jack Begert
Jak Knight
Jonathan Ressom
Yosief Berhe
Madison LST
Ava Craddolph
Ebonique Wool
Alexis Howell
A Psycho Films Production
EP: Sam Canter
Producer: Geenah Krisht
DP: Chris Ripley
1st AD: Kenneth Taylor
2nd AD: Del Lightcsy
B-Cam: Parker Brooks
1st AC: Jacob Perry
2nd AC: Mason Harrelson
Camera PA: Afolake Akingba
Sound Mixer: Jack Goodman
Gaffer: Greg Loebell
Key Grip: Charles Tae
Swing: Genevieve Evans
Wardrobe Stylist: Lisa Li
Wardrobe Assistant: Ashely Sipos-Phelan
Production Designer: Andre Taylor
Art Director: Jevon Dismuke
Set Dresser: Jereme Wood
Set Carpenter: James Bice
Set Carpenter: Nicholas Reynolds
Set Carpenter: Alan Yuen
Set Carpenter: Ashton Warner
HMU: Julie Dinh
Set Medic: Caitlyn Ward
Production Assistants: Jayson Salomon, Deji Bankole, Eric Moots
Pass Van: Malik Riley
Editor: Will Tooke
VFX: Justin Johnson, Max Goodrich, David Baker, Will Tooke
Illustrations: Zoe Hazlett
Tennis Consultant: Liam MacRae
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  • Juochi Lewechi
    Juochi Lewechi

    I bet he's gonna be bigger than drake 😀

  • King Gang
    King Gang


  • Keith Tate
    Keith Tate

    Its like Wes Anderson got into directing a Rap Music video 10/10

  • Sam Cusson
    Sam Cusson


  • Blake Ryan
    Blake Ryan


  • Curtis Ellis
    Curtis Ellis

    They did that

  • Madeeha

    I am here coz I wanted to watch a lecture on the nitrogen one, but I ain't complaining

  • MR Cornholio
    MR Cornholio

    this one song is not much of my style of music but the videos hella nice, QUALITY

  • ZooEtopia

    Ethiopia proud of you Amine

  • RoseTinted CrackedGlasses
    RoseTinted CrackedGlasses

    THIS song made me dip my tea in my biscuit🤓 ❤ from England

  • Gian Alcayde
    Gian Alcayde

    2:35 lol

  • Nael

    that young thug carry OP as fuuuq boi

  • OH GE
    OH GE

    He uses the Daffy Duck reference twice yet we still call it great 😂

  • Frederic Reid
    Frederic Reid


  • Aditya PPZ
    Aditya PPZ

    amine always stars his friends in his music vids, thats what true friendship means

  • HazardousTeam

    Constipated - Ánime

  • Althaf Jamil
    Althaf Jamil


  • FFX Fighter
    FFX Fighter

    This song is fire. Amine is fire. Why the fuck are people like Da Baby on top when there is stuff like this out there? This music makes me move in ways I cant even predict. Love the fuck out of this song man

  • Miss World
    Miss World

    So underrated

  • Kirubel Sisay
    Kirubel Sisay


  • sinead scott
    sinead scott

    amine rly like tennis huh

  • I Ithar Adil
    I Ithar Adil


  • Tac

    This song should have been way bigger of a hit

  • Melanin Popping
    Melanin Popping

    His videos always a vibe & vibrant

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C

    What is the song at the end? With just instrumental?

  • mVibs

    naomi osaka wouldve been great in this video

  • notorious bandicoot
    notorious bandicoot


  • De'Andre Pickett
    De'Andre Pickett

    🙏🏾💪🏾🤩 that man nice

  • Aguilaz :v
    Aguilaz :v

    How can you have so much flow 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Fayy

    Andre drummond if he aint in the nba

  • LAmusic Official
    LAmusic Official

    My mann😭❤️❤️ that's my fav. Artist till now his work his beats everyf thing rocks. Love from india 🧡🇮🇳

  • yayan


  • Ziscia 321
    Ziscia 321

    Everybody gangsta till the tennis ball starts singing

  • Time Panda
    Time Panda

    protect this from tiktok please, I beg you

  • salvo 2003
    salvo 2003

    For the Italian: ma quanto ci starebbe bene tha supreme su sto beat

  • Frederic Reid
    Frederic Reid


  • Scythe falls
    Scythe falls

    2:15 the racket in the back

  • guillermofergu

    watched this high af and that tennis ball face caught me off guard

  • Charlie Ballew
    Charlie Ballew

    wes anderson found dead

  • l a
    l a

    I love the positivity here. I need to respect other brothas shine more, and not be resentful that they made it while I haven't. Thanks for reminding me of that guys.

  • CPA


  • Alexis Corsentino
    Alexis Corsentino

    This song and video are sooo good

  • Gian Alcayde
    Gian Alcayde

    Anyone know that ending piano instrumental? It goes hard...

  • grace

    this mv is such a vibe honestly

  • Tevin Smith
    Tevin Smith

    Here for thugger❤️

  • Sebaschan706

    Tbh this song is going on my favorites of all time

  • Addy Graham
    Addy Graham

    Id takeabath in that we could make a hard videp

  • Roberto Elias
    Roberto Elias

    Everyone gangsta until the tennis ball starts spitting bars

  • Daboiiruss

    I love the fact that He's always with the same friends in his clips

  • Alex Selivanov
    Alex Selivanov

    get a crew, have fun, make sure u try and its ez

  • PrettyPinkUnicorn

    That Tennis Ball edit was sick, I keep coming back just to watch that

  • Blue the berry 44
    Blue the berry 44

    I bet you nab young boy got more money than jesus

  • Frederic Reid
    Frederic Reid


  • Myself Badass
    Myself Badass

    0:18 fo real

  • A.j Brito
    A.j Brito

    Aminé gives the best visuals . His videos are never boring .

  • G Lyle
    G Lyle

    I think the view count is missing a couple zeroes...

  • Tony Montana.
    Tony Montana.

    Only 4 million??? But yall give a brotha talking bout guns atleast 16

  • Arthur Duarte`- ́
    Arthur Duarte`- ́

    2:58 it´s corona?bro

  • Be Better
    Be Better

    So clever, love the vibe

  • Marcus Allen
    Marcus Allen

    i want to be like amine when i grow up

  • Arts & Crafts
    Arts & Crafts

    Aminé is great with beats and good vibes ✌🏻

  • Elnietoelgrave

    Fuckin HITHOT

  • Rebeca? I guess?
    Rebeca? I guess?

    These visuals 🙌🏽💯

  • Jake Ryan
    Jake Ryan

    Love the film grain effects with some of the longer lens shots

  • J R
    J R

    Jesus did have 1 Ho. Her name was Mary Magdalene. Great song tho 🙃

  • adrianigual

    you should beware beware beware!! like!

  • miktography

    feat Young Thug?

  • antais harvey
    antais harvey


  • ulises carrillo
    ulises carrillo

    I watch this video at least 3 times a day, just coming back to see if it still fire. Yeah it is

  • camila estremadoyro
    camila estremadoyro

    So no body saw that racket that fell

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