among us
who do u think did it?
it wasnt me.
i swear it wasnt me it was probably you
i swear dude
red guy that was thrown into the garbage lovingly voiced by ordinarysausage:
buy my shirts or maybe a muggy:
look at my dumb words:
be my patron, look at my doodles:
even send me shit if u want:
PO Box 370
Petoskey MI 49770

  • Koce Tube
    Koce Tube

    Хаха,so funny

  • squid

    Berd.. . . you've gotta become inner sloths sound effects guy

  • qaiden johnson
    qaiden johnson


  • Yes it’s Me zac
    Yes it’s Me zac

    I love the *what happend*

  • General Griefer
    General Griefer

    alternate title: *ABERD US*

  • Silverqat

    *Berd* There is 1 Chicken among us

  • kattekrypp katt
    kattekrypp katt

    Among berd

  • Nori –Chan
    Nori –Chan

    That was me the impostor in amung us

  • Ville Lunkka
    Ville Lunkka

    The fact that the crewbois don't have backpacks infuriates me...

  • Justin Shot
    Justin Shot

    *Compelling Argument*


    red sus

  • Oliver Barany
    Oliver Barany

    Among us pizza man

  • Tyson Dickson
    Tyson Dickson

    Berd sus

  • Dope Films
    Dope Films

    Red: black sus Everyone:votes black .    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   Black was not An Impostor.  。 .   '    1 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .

  • Silent Tranquility
    Silent Tranquility

    Blue: "Green did it" Everyone else: *"Green is dead"* Blue: *It was yellow*

  • sHiMzOo

    Missed opportunity. Should of been called among berd.

  • Tatijana Kisereu
    Tatijana Kisereu

    it was blue!!!

  • White _exe
    White _exe

    Among berd

  • fransisca low cality vega
    fransisca low cality vega


  • DavBlox

    Every among us game ever:

  • Starius65

    Playing the game while colorblind

  • Felis

    Lyrics: Blue: Hey green Green: Oh hey blue, I was just doin' this... thing? Blue: * vibe check * Green: EUGHLEUGH Blue: * dead body reported * Red Yellow Pink and Purple all using the same voice clip: What happened?! Blue: green did it. Red: Green was the one who died! Blue: buuuh red did it Red: What? AAAA- Purple: Wow, who coulda guessed. Blue: * begins devouring * Purple: oo UH OUW- Blue: * dead body reported * Black Brown Pink and Yellow: What happened?! Brown: I literally just saw blue do it it was _LITerally_ bleu Black: Blue uh what do you have to say to defend yourself? Blue: iw ihwew it was green Black: Compelling argument green what do you have to say? Green: * freaking dead noises * Blue: It was yello Yellow: AAAUUUUG- Blue: * emergency meeting * Brown Pink and Black: What happened? Brown Pink and Black: *_AAA-_* White: _hungh_ that was an easy game dude good job! Blue: * emergency meeting * White: EEEEEAUUUUURU-

  • Sheri Barnes
    Sheri Barnes

    AKA berd us

  • Brayden Gamer TV
    Brayden Gamer TV


  • Samir Ahmadi
    Samir Ahmadi

    Guys, I have to say something. *It is me*

  • KingAlpi124


  • Sam Dixon
    Sam Dixon

    Berd vented

  • Lucas ProGamer007
    Lucas ProGamer007

    @berd igma do subtitles XD

  • Tom's Grote Avontuur Official
    Tom's Grote Avontuur Official

    ... I still think it's green.

  • Peyton Bernhardt
    Peyton Bernhardt

    He voted off white at the end. Who knew he was truly a imposter imposter?

  • Yo joe mama bruh
    Yo joe mama bruh


  • Mhyco Zapanta
    Mhyco Zapanta

    blue very sus

  • Dog of Wisdom
    Dog of Wisdom


  • onekingdom1


  • Heidi Costa
    Heidi Costa

    0:11 0:31 0:35

  • Heidi Costa
    Heidi Costa

    0:39 when I accuse my imposter teammate and I’m it with him so I won’t be sus

  • Janelle Justen
    Janelle Justen

    Red: I just saw blue vent Black: what do you have to say for defence Blue? Blue: Uhhhhh it was yellow Others: Ok

  • LilacDreams

    No one: The ejected people:

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    。      ゚   .     . ,    .  .   . 。

  • CherryStudios

    Idk man green looks kinda sus

  • e p i k
    e p i k

    I voted off 3 people at once... I then became a berd

  • 123 plush gamer
    123 plush gamer

    *blue is kinda sus*

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      Berd us

  • Playing With Zozo
    Playing With Zozo

    This is why you can only chat when your in a meeting

  • Samuel Sains YouTube Channel
    Samuel Sains YouTube Channel

    There is a berd among us

  • rede earo
    rede earo

    Ervry report and meeting 0:04 0:14 0:33 0:39

  • rede earo
    rede earo

    0:03 me: this thing ohhhuggghhhh



  • Mr. Government
    Mr. Government

    I love the way he says “wha happen?” It’s so amazing


    Among us in a nutshell

  • Imran Azim
    Imran Azim

    me when I betray another imposter 0:38

  • mrmr mrmr
    mrmr mrmr

    It perfect

  • lemon

    red sounds like ordinary sausage

  • things.

    *wanna be my MED-BAE?*

  • TheLoruleanDakota&Link4Ev

    *I Was the Imposter*

  • JasmineInYaFace

    *Blu is sus*

  • Brian Noram
    Brian Noram

    these animations are even better than the ones in red dead 2

  • Maxi Basterra
    Maxi Basterra

    Berd us

  • nukeekuneku multigaming bruh
    nukeekuneku multigaming bruh

    Berd us

  • LilTimmy

    0:14 : mm crunchy and moist, just how I like it

  • AmirulAsa

    What happened

  • Zulfadli Muhd
    Zulfadli Muhd

    Cyan sus

  • XO_Herato 75
    XO_Herato 75

    why do they always believe the imposter

    • Chevy Phillips
      Chevy Phillips

      SO TRUE

  • Vara

    idk man i- red was not the imposter

  • JT 5690
    JT 5690

    Where was the body? Its blue!

  • Soldier & Torcher Gaming!
    Soldier & Torcher Gaming!

    *aberd us*

  • Camilo Moreno
    Camilo Moreno

    I just had a game that was fucking literally this

  • Amen King
    Amen King

    What a mess!

  • Dean Perkins
    Dean Perkins

    it is berdmong us

  • Alek Price
    Alek Price

    Red voiced by OrdinarySausage

  • Samantha Matthews
    Samantha Matthews

    Yo green is sus

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