Episode 6 of Funniest among us memes
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  • Hüseyin

    I am officially a crew member now.

    • Dark Side Playz
      Dark Side Playz

      Sus ngl

    • Jin Cult ⟭⟬⟬⟭
      Jin Cult ⟭⟬⟬⟭

      That's kinda sus.....

    • BlueBerry sAnS
      BlueBerry sAnS

      idk man thats kinda sus

    • Reecer Floo98
      Reecer Floo98

      I saw him vent!!!! -literally everyone lol

    • Lofi_Games

      hmm kinda sus. gonna vote red

  • Wolf PlayzYT
    Wolf PlayzYT

    Me:gets impostor *kills* Crewmate: it was blue Me: sad #memesso

  • Juuso Raivio
    Juuso Raivio

    i get cardswipe always 1 try with computer too

  • Boss Gaming
    Boss Gaming

    (“ ”)

  • brian smart Diezmo
    brian smart Diezmo

    #TTS. Girls:finnally found diamonds Boys:meh diamonds suvpck i need them for netherite armor

  • Charu Nagi
    Charu Nagi

    My player name : *It turns out to be I* When I was ejected : *It turns out to be I was not the imposter*

  • mi6


  • asmia tajri
    asmia tajri

    IT-my:YES imposter Twice Real life:*3, broken computers*

  • A 39 Pimpale Lakshya
    A 39 Pimpale Lakshya

    I am officially a crew member now

  • Purple


  • Epic Gamer on stand-by
    Epic Gamer on stand-by

    Me: It’s purple Red: purples dead Me: sorry I’m colorblind Green (imposter I saw) u sus Me: 🧢

  • Oshien Lagaras
    Oshien Lagaras

    I found dad of 2 in the among us game after he killed me after i said its dad of 2 dad of 2 was an imposter

  • sher kuhtoo
    sher kuhtoo

    wait is one of these memes unbrelu acdemy

  • Yayeet Yes
    Yayeet Yes

    Me:gets imposter Also me:reports body and asks where Everyone:blue is imposter Me:I must admit death

  • dont read my about
    dont read my about

    I have my name rn as "TMBTS" it means "The Man Behind The Slaughter" someone says "purple is the imposter" i was the imposter... FNaF fans understand that

  • iiOPG_HWD2


  • Dylan Mercer Go
    Dylan Mercer Go

    Mom of two/Dad of two, (they both become a family, but the impostor kills "Mom of Two". [Sad Dad/Crewmate noises]

  • ꧁irisシ Da ratシ꧂
    ꧁irisシ Da ratシ꧂

    I do my tasks as a ghost

  • AppleFanboyGaming

    I only do tasks when I’m killed. If dumbos vote me out I’ll let them lose.

  • Sam Messingham
    Sam Messingham

    Imposters just walks anywhere hi buddy

  • Sam Messingham
    Sam Messingham

    Imposters just pop solvent pipe

  • Dhamaal Family
    Dhamaal Family

    0:07 it really happened to me

  • KanteOraNge

    Girls farts in class All boys : SHE IS AN IMPOSTER

  • impostor


  • Kaleb Koch
    Kaleb Koch

    6:43 how does that make sense? Typing on mobile isn’t hard. Why say everything you want to type out loud?

  • Alex Chan
    Alex Chan

    I have played this game before no one played me, they still believe me I was impostor I'm CrewMATE

  • tito Hatem
    tito Hatem


  • Ivan Lopez Perez
    Ivan Lopez Perez

    The best part is 3:10

  • caldapizza cibozeus
    caldapizza cibozeus


  • Austin Thompson
    Austin Thompson

    I have among us

  • Chloe Schneider
    Chloe Schneider

    I like memz.

  • Maliomak malio
    Maliomak malio


  • Aamadee Alvah Zaman
    Aamadee Alvah Zaman

    You know what kind of bad day I had there were 4 TASKS IN ELECTRICAL TODAY

  • Aedan Holsinger
    Aedan Holsinger

    Recently I've been getting straight CLEAN distributor tasks

  • Black Is sus
    Black Is sus

    Ight tine I kill other crewmates

  • Mrgames Alot1
    Mrgames Alot1



    Green tried to kill me but I hide in ye vent

  • Lorenzo Duh
    Lorenzo Duh

    3:53 The history of my life in Among Us

  • anime pro
    anime pro

    The umbrella academy meme had me dead


    [00ff00][b][Syśtem][-]:BROWN IS THE IMPOSTER

  • nepzski

    skip ads

  • spuicci

    what is the song in the background

  • Emran Ibrahim
    Emran Ibrahim

    0:25 that's literally me whenever I play Among us

  • Sanja Djordjević
    Sanja Djordjević

    7:20 - ad starts *you ruined my morning*

  • maxim mad boys
    maxim mad boys

    Vote Red

  • • icy_bear •
    • icy_bear •

    Omg in the thmbnail it said i wont leave mu children or smt and then i clicked and and a ad showed up and it showed a brand name or smt “go daddy” (with no spaces)

  • Sharon Robertson
    Sharon Robertson

    Red sus

  • Life of Jeff‘s Cattos
    Life of Jeff‘s Cattos

    Is this Jaso?

  • Pika Stars
    Pika Stars

    I always say this when I'm a ghost: want popcorn? Someone: Yes Me: Today's movie is a movie deciding who is the imposter Someone: ooooo spicy

  • Sonnyboii

    5:23 umbrella academy

  • Fishy Drippy
    Fishy Drippy

    When your best friend kills you in among us:Him so you have chosen death.


    Top ten bravest characters: The one who goes to electical

  • Tudor Zaharescu
    Tudor Zaharescu

    4:43 he s right

  • lxl

    How can u post memes

  • David Asher Reyes
    David Asher Reyes

    3:03 Was the cuttest thing I have ever seen

  • Ozzy919o here
    Ozzy919o here

    Why is it always that people die in electrical?!!

  • Melanie Salters
    Melanie Salters

    the TUA meme XD

  • Gerald Hardister Jr
    Gerald Hardister Jr

    4:30 no wonder his name is stupidman

  • Crazy mations
    Crazy mations

    1:22 that happens a lot

  • Jaden Bear
    Jaden Bear

    There was once a game that I played where me and two other people were the imposters, and one of them got voted and ratted all of us out, but me and the other person saved ourselves. 😂I've also played a couple of games were I had to vote one of my imposter partners to not get suspicious. 😢 I always continue to do my tasks as a ghost, so I'm cool! 🤩 These are so funny and most of these are relatable. 🤣😂

  • sherrine camley
    sherrine camley

    I once joined a sever with security 1 2 and 3 the i was 4 but didn't do it in time so someone else was and I was 5

  • Sullivan Baus
    Sullivan Baus

    You somehow have the some profile pic as me

  • •ᴅᴇᴠɪʟ ɢɪʀʟ•
    •ᴅᴇᴠɪʟ ɢɪʀʟ•

    When i exposed 3 imposters one of the imposters were me and i didnt like being the imposter and so they said i ruined the game and they kicked me out and my best friend was in there :(

  • Mrs. ReVeNG
    Mrs. ReVeNG

    omg im that black guy that says "idk" and "stfu dead ghosts" xdd my name is "simp"xDD

  • flashy yt
    flashy yt

    I'm officially an impostor

  • Emmelia Tsougarakis
    Emmelia Tsougarakis

    #dailydoseofmemes Me:*sees someone with four kids Me:wtf!?!?!?!? How??? The someone with four kids: it's magic!!!

  • Utkarsh playz minecraft
    Utkarsh playz minecraft

    Me seeing this and done

  • saw grateful
    saw grateful

    You go to vent jimmy and me kill name eimel

  • calvinricci 4
    calvinricci 4

    when you see someone in the corner watching you do a task

  • aiiscool

    Stop copying memes, it's not original, stop it. In other words: BRO U JUST POSTED CRINGE YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE A SUBSCRIBER

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