AMY - A Thriller Short Film
Petrova Films
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Director : Rithin Joseph
Assistant Director: Jobin Joseph
Executive Producers : DR. T. J. Joseph and Mrs. Rani Joseph
Cinematographer and Editor: Jobin Joseph
Music by:
Daniel James and Jobin Joseph
Rithin Joseph as Dan
Arpit Nayak as Saurav
Delicia War Nongbri as Amy
Sajan K Job as Man on the Bike
Jobin Joseph as Man in the last Scene
Grip - Jobin Thomas
Special Thanks to:
Ryan Connolly (Film Riot)
Mr. Sajan K. Job (NEHU)
Mrs. Easter War Nongbri
Mr. Gamaliyel Thomas (NEHU)

  • M. Matz
    M. Matz

    You know what's funny.. I just got done trying to watch this short called " Parasomnia" which claims to have won some film festival. I couldn't even finish it, it was soo boring. But this, this is an award deserving movie. The acting was amazing and believable, the scenery was perfect, and oh that twist at the end.. brilliant. Soo when will be going to Hollywood? I expect at least a pre screen ticket 😉

    • Princess Solace
      Princess Solace

      @Petrova Films ...Editing might take 3 years , equipment rental got wasted on cheap booz and party....errr shoting location, half a day any where in India is ok🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Princess Solace
      Princess Solace

      Did it make the Bollywood Top40 or Birmingham film festival Top5?

    • Pooja Masallia
      Pooja Masallia

      So scary

    • Sweet Sisters
      Sweet Sisters

      Where is the boy ??

    • Sweet Sisters
      Sweet Sisters

      Nice English in this movie

  • Sanjoy Ghosh
    Sanjoy Ghosh

    I like it👍

  • Bagavathy T
    Bagavathy T

    I wasted 14.24 min.. Not worth to watch.

  • Keith James Wrigley
    Keith James Wrigley

    Great story and acting a believable movie great ending

  • Nancy Jones
    Nancy Jones

    Now THAT was a good ghost story!!!

  • Isiah Gatson
    Isiah Gatson

    Kill any witnesses right?. Of course I am

  • Niki Ali
    Niki Ali

    That was good

  • Alex Aris Schizo
    Alex Aris Schizo

    The best short movie 🎥😍

  • Linda Hatcher
    Linda Hatcher


  • And ?
    And ?

    Now that's messed up and justice

  • Princess Solace
    Princess Solace

    This is some funny shit😁😁.. The girl is sleeping, the oil sump from the shite SKODA is leaking oil....Is this India or Maldives...Malaysia or Sri Lanka production?

  • Riska Amelia2008
    Riska Amelia2008


  • Xattr

    how did the ghost get a car?!

  • fanny korabi
    fanny korabi

    Très sympa les films dhorreur dommage que ce soit en anglais

  • Xheenayah Nicolas
    Xheenayah Nicolas

    Amy is already dead though

  • Mark Meyer
    Mark Meyer

    Man these guys suck at answering phones and driving.

  • arafi sabu
    arafi sabu

    Once u do a crime know or unknown u have to continue doing crime to hid it..... 💀💀 Awesome one........ 😉😉 Great work.. Nice acting Well done

    • Kelly Asp
      Kelly Asp

      arafi sabu He sure didn’t waste anytime making the decision to cover up his accident did he? “Ohh no she’s dead” cut to dragging her off the road. 😂 priceless.

  • gloomy phil
    gloomy phil

    Wow, well done!

  • Haha Haha
    Haha Haha

    I’m sorry but the moment he looked up in front of the car’s window he should had seen the was a girl walking in front of him and yet he didn’t slow down and proceeded to used his phone like wtf

    • Kelly Asp
      Kelly Asp

      But then there wouldn’t have been a scary movie to watch...😉😂 Maybe, he didn’t see her because she wasn’t there. Maybe she was a ghost like at the end. A ghost with a grudge for people driving and using their cell phones. Both calls came from a unknown number.

  • BusLady

    But they weren't texting, though, just answering phone calls.

  • Zafrina Noni Muthoni.
    Zafrina Noni Muthoni.

    The spirit of Amy is vengeful and out for the blood of people....who text and drive.

  • kiyokochanable

    .I don't want to be THAT person, but somebody has to be. If you hit someone as the way he was hitting the friend in the head, blood should be splitting all over him and everywhere. It's very anticlimactic.

    • kiyokochanable

      @Kelly Asp they call me wild BEAST, for a reason. 👀👀

    • Kelly Asp
      Kelly Asp

      kiyokochanable You must be fun at parties. 😂😉😂

  • Oheneba Kwaku Gyamfi
    Oheneba Kwaku Gyamfi

    Is that a blood or black oil😅😅

    • Petrova Films
      Petrova Films

      Richmond Whitman It is dark red blood. But the color grade for the film makes it look even darker. It's not oil though😄

  • OutLawStarGod Starwin
    OutLawStarGod Starwin

    This is Twilight zone level movie 🎥 🍿 very good

  • Karen Adams
    Karen Adams

    People in the comments, are stupid.


    Disgusting story

    • Karen Adams
      Karen Adams


  • DarkRubberDucky

    Why does he just have a white sheet in the back of his car?

    • Kelly Asp
      Kelly Asp

      Right?! 😂 I said the same thing to my pet bunny who was also watching. 😂

    • AniTa ToRReS
      AniTa ToRReS

      I was thinking the same shit!

  • بروك

    oooh i love the way her hair dragged in the blood when he was moving her.

    • Kelly Asp
      Kelly Asp

      I did too! Thought it was a super cool way to roll the movie name out.

  • Davo gifman
    Davo gifman

    Amy needs to cut it out. These roaming charges are killing me... lol

    • Kelly Asp
      Kelly Asp


  • ihone five
    ihone five

    Good job man 👨

  • Preet k
    Preet k

    mobile is the biggest problem while driving, bad acting


    Oh my god iam sacared. 😟😟😱

  • Vik Step
    Vik Step

    2.30 у тачки мотор от трактора что ли ???

  • sassy bitch
    sassy bitch

    This scared the shit outta meh 😮😨😰

  • Missouri Echovarria
    Missouri Echovarria

    Evan thou i wach it i miss my family and my boy friend just popcon lo a se ok at list to wach this.

  • beanie bradley
    beanie bradley

    This is good, thank you

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali

    Fuc*ing stupid !!

  • D Lisa
    D Lisa

    It is the mind game movies, without the gore, that are the winners ... the ones that keep you guessing ... WTF?!

  • Debbie H
    Debbie H


  • Claire Li
    Claire Li

    Why drivers need to be reminded to use bluetooth earpiece while driving? 😠

  • tha Real Mike Zee
    tha Real Mike Zee that limo driver is just an all-around asshole!

    • Kelly Asp
      Kelly Asp


    • Karen Adams
      Karen Adams

      It's a freaking short story .... that's why ..... !!!!

  • Tina Hachey
    Tina Hachey

    I wish this girl would be more careful you'd think she learn to look before you cross lol

  • William Brown
    William Brown

    She's a ghost telling noobs to stop texting while driving.

    • DarkRubberDucky

      But the fact they get unknown calls/texts beforehand means SHE'S sending them the messages that distracted them.

  • graham armitage
    graham armitage

    Any thing that start,s with I thank God. Just fuck right off God is a cunt

    • tammiebrumbaugh

      And your are a dick.

  • Douglas Robert
    Douglas Robert

    Man - I woulda high tailed it outta there so fast - but then again I don't text and drive like that fucking asshole - see what happens - you kill people

    • Kelly Asp
      Kelly Asp

      Douglas Robert Well he wasn’t texting so there’s that......😂 But seriously it is dangerous. Interesting how he pulled over for the first call but not the second from the unknown number. I ,Ike the movie.

  • Paul Polosa
    Paul Polosa

    100% pure horror

  • Ajit kumar Samal
    Ajit kumar Samal

    Why people more trace about receiving calls during driving

  • Si Lhen
    Si Lhen

    AMY doesn't want to be alone.

  • Hillary SamCastro
    Hillary SamCastro

    I thot that they sed army

    • Kelly Asp
      Kelly Asp

      Hillary SamCastro 😂😂😂 You must have been very confused the whole time watching. 😉😂

  • Aishath Ahmed
    Aishath Ahmed

    this is one of the most greatest horror movies that iv ever watched

  • Jennica Jeto
    Jennica Jeto

    He kill that.cause she never satisfy so he run.that walls amazing 😣

  • TajemnaTemnota

    My thoughts: 1) If she is bleeding - she is still alive! 2) You have physical power boy! 3) Once killer always killer! 4) You are really strong man! O_O 5) Holy fuck is her who calls them and let them hit her by purpose?!

    • Kelly Asp
      Kelly Asp

      TajemnaTemnota This is what I’m thinking exactly. A ghost with a grudge for people who drive and use their cell phone.

  • Mark Ferguson
    Mark Ferguson

    Having a pretty bad day.Notice that the last dude has a cross on the rear view, suggesting, perhaps, some universal test of faith? First guy didn't do to well..

  • Wongduan Nabamrung
    Wongduan Nabamrung

    It was nice, I will forget that he was lost taken a shortcut and that he met a friend in the shortcut

    • Kelly Asp
      Kelly Asp

      I know it’s so random. Like he is just all of a sudden there with a tennis racket. 😂😂 and walking in the direction his friend just came from. 😂 But if you dissect movies like that it ruins them so I try not to. But since we are in the subject why didn’t he just toss the tennis racket at the scene. Why drive, stop and then toss it? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Seriously though I like the movie.

    • Plain Zero
      Plain Zero

      And the fact after the friend just witnessed this person do something horrible like this. He begins to just walk away with his back to him like the dude is trustworthy to not attack him.

  • James Wilder
    James Wilder

    The license plate is ML, Meghalaya, India.

  • Yousuf k
    Yousuf k

    എന്തോന്നടെ ഇത് ഒറ്റയ്ക്ക് വണ്ടി ഓടിക്കാൻ പേടിയാവുന്നു

  • #R_MEDIA

    This is inspired by the short film "TELL", a truine films production. Do watch it, it'd be the best short film you would ever have watched.

    • Kelly Asp
      Kelly Asp

      I found it and am going to watch it right now. I’m binge watching short horror films. Thx for the referral. 😊💕

  • Sia Fisher
    Sia Fisher

    It looks like an Indian movie

    • Karen Adams
      Karen Adams

      @Sia Fisher Lol ..... it was just a joke. ✌

    • Sia Fisher
      Sia Fisher

      Karen Adams The actors are all Indian,the places ,the accent

    • Karen Adams
      Karen Adams

      Really, what tipped you off ??

    • Salman Hashmi
      Salman Hashmi

      Faa sk its Indian

  • Maurice Gabriel Paller
    Maurice Gabriel Paller

    I i wish this movie is not made its so so scary half u know I can't explain well Nice Amy movie👌🏻

  • nepareizi

    Im eating carrots, and i cant hear the video over the crunching in my m outh

    • Karen Adams
      Karen Adams

      Stop eating carrots.

    • Shut da hell up
      Shut da hell up

      this the most random yet hilarious thing i have seen in a while

  • S Salman
    S Salman

    Is this Syamalam's movie?

    • Karen Adams
      Karen Adams


  • ZD Boi
    ZD Boi

    message of the movie is if u hit someone dont give a shit and gtfo asap!

  • Mercie Guite
    Mercie Guite

    From where did saurav appeared out of nowhere,that too in a thick wood when he doesnt even have any vehicle .


      clearly a bait

    • Charles Whitley
      Charles Whitley

      Same here..

  • rondy702

    Yes...become a full-feature film!

  • MiniKawaiiWorld

    This Michael Jackson is the real thriller lol.

  • Eliza Mace
    Eliza Mace

    The heck is wrong with that guy

  • Midhun mondrich
    Midhun mondrich

    Well done.... 👏👏👏

  • Ah. Edits
    Ah. Edits

    When your name is *Amy* too!😤🤫😵

  • Isaac A S
    Isaac A S

    More or less like a Hollywood movie...

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    Love it!!!

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