AMY - A Thriller Short Film
Petrova Films
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Director : Rithin Joseph
Assistant Director: Jobin Joseph
Executive Producers : DR. T. J. Joseph and Mrs. Rani Joseph
Cinematographer and Editor: Jobin Joseph
Music by:
Daniel James and Jobin Joseph
Rithin Joseph as Dan
Arpit Nayak as Saurav
Delicia War Nongbri as Amy
Sajan K Job as Man on the Bike
Jobin Joseph as Man in the last Scene
Grip - Jobin Thomas
Special Thanks to:
Ryan Connolly (Film Riot)
Mr. Sajan K. Job (NEHU)
Mrs. Easter War Nongbri
Mr. Gamaliyel Thomas (NEHU)

  • M. Matz
    M. Matz

    You know what's funny.. I just got done trying to watch this short called " Parasomnia" which claims to have won some film festival. I couldn't even finish it, it was soo boring. But this, this is an award deserving movie. The acting was amazing and believable, the scenery was perfect, and oh that twist at the end.. brilliant. Soo when will be going to Hollywood? I expect at least a pre screen ticket 😉

    • Pitt Lord
      Pitt Lord

      You have shockingly low standards. Literally nothing in your post is correct.

    • Ujjwal Gautam
      Ujjwal Gautam

      I would recommend nepali “chal” movie . I m sure u will like it . Go!

    • Suren Rajiv
      Suren Rajiv

      Suren gayu

    • Suren Rajiv
      Suren Rajiv

      @Jessica Saha srt

    • Suren Rajiv
      Suren Rajiv

      Thggcexxxwcexx has g in hindi or ANY Yes Ok with 2j

  • Veronica Tenth
    Veronica Tenth

    this guy went from totally normal guy.............. to straight up psycho killer this is like daaaaaaaaaamn😐😑 dark i love it😍 moral of the story don't answer the phone while driving

  • Lee Courtney
    Lee Courtney

    I'm so sorry but I think that was her fault you don't just walk out in front of traffic it looks like kind of a busy road and he could have been doing whatever he was doing but stupid b**** just walked out in front of them like she was trying to commit suicide

  • NotTheJen FromBackThen
    NotTheJen FromBackThen

    Now that...WAS GOOD! Wow!!

  • pika pikachu
    pika pikachu

    Never take calls while u r driving. This is the best asian movie I have seen

  • Johnny Lee
    Johnny Lee

    King of insurance fraud!

  • andrealaurenmaria

    Spoiler; I thought he was going to find the girl walking down the road, and then he would have realized that he had killed that guy for nothing bc she is still alive. But now he is still in the dilemma of having become a murderer, so he kills her for real. Then he brings her back to where he dumped the guys body, and's now missing, so he has to go find the guy to kill him again. And we've just witnessed the birth of a serial killer!

  • sayantani dey
    sayantani dey



    Got him! Good job lol.

  • Taylor Dickens
    Taylor Dickens

    Positively brilliant. 👏👏

  • northstar15

    Great story--well done and effective.

  • bobby smith
    bobby smith


  • Psycho._.girl16 Savage
    Psycho._.girl16 Savage

    Loved this!❤️😇

  • E G
    E G

    Moral of story: Don't ever look at cell phone while driving.

  • Jaya 123
    Jaya 123

    Dan a lanky guy sure had great stamina to easily carry dead body over his shoulder. Boring.


    Wtf did I just watch?

  • Covenant Soul
    Covenant Soul

    That sure was a lot of blood. Getting hit by a car doesn't produce blood like that - just internal injuries.

  • blue juniata
    blue juniata

    What s great job. Camera work was excellent. I suppose she will get rest when someone finally does the right thing. The things people will do when they think no one is watching! The dragging off the road was something all that blood. Where did his friend come from? He seemed to come out of nowhere.

  • Deanna Porter
    Deanna Porter

    Awesome!!! Here we go loopty Lou.....twisted little short...

  • Stella

    13:04 when you are dead and Your dont know how to pass your time...

  • Poru tamin
    Poru tamin

    Nice plot twist bro

  • vinoodh kumar kumerasan
    vinoodh kumar kumerasan

    Nice work 👌👌👌

  • Ron B
    Ron B

    Even though you can predict what's going to happen but the way it was made, it does give the chills. Thrilled to watch more !! Also good work on the sounds.

  • sandeep bhakat
    sandeep bhakat

    and they release it on my birthday :-)

  • Andrea Ponzecchi
    Andrea Ponzecchi

    Hi, we are organizing Visioni Notturne festival of horror short films. We would love your participation. To register, follow the link For information you can contact me. Thank you

  • Mariah Walton
    Mariah Walton

    is this fake or what

  • Raghav Duggal
    Raghav Duggal

    When he crushed the girl with car I felt the jolt

  • Pitt Lord
    Pitt Lord

    Man are you trying to give people motion sickness. Jerky, constantly shaking camera, excessive camera zoom, unnecessary jarring cuts. If you’re going to film with a single camera with that much zoom you can’t move it around as though it wasn’t zoomed in. I also don’t understand why you filmed it as though your camera was covered in green puke. It could have been a lot better with just a few changes.

    • Patrick Sōtērion
      Patrick Sōtērion

      I think the camera work makes it more unsettling.

    • Mango Roxx
      Mango Roxx

      @Petrova Films Wow! Now I thimk it's even MORE superb!

    • Varsha Shukla
      Varsha Shukla

      I liked it . It's good enough. But what..if the boy would think to help her . 🤔

    • Petrova Films
      Petrova Films

      Sorry to have put you through all the motion sickness. We assure you that was not our intention. But for an unmonetised short-film made with a budget of around $10, jerky camera is a given. This film was shot back in 2015 when affordable gimbals weren't a thing. Hence the "Jerky, constantly shaking camera". We never wanted to shoot our film on a tripod. We didn't want it to look like a documentary. We only had the Canon EF 18-55 lens and so, much of the film was shot at 50 or 55mm because anything lower, resulted in a muddy picture because the lens isn't that great. Hence the "excessive camera zoom". So sorry about that but we could only shoot with the equipment we had. This was our first short film using a DSLR and we learned a hell lot of do's and don'ts. Our editor, (who also did the Cinematography as well as VFX and composed the theme music of Amy) was only beginning his career as an editor. Hence the "jarring, unnecessary cuts". Infact, Amy was only his third short film but today, he works as an Asst. Editor in the South Indian film industry so we think he's doing great. Every professional starts off as an amateur. As for the color of the film, it's unfortunate that you think it looks like someone puked green vomit all over the lens because in contrast to your opinion, a lot of people liked the color grade too. There were some comments that said they hated the music we used. But then there were also people who said they loved it! And that's the beauty of filmmaking. There's something for everybody. Maybe this channel isn't for you and that's okay. We never monetised our channel and hence aren't affected by the subscriber count or likes and so we make no money out of it. We love filmmaking and we do it because we enjoy it. Perhaps, you may want to check out Triune Films or Make Do Entertainment that produce wonderful films on a budget, that we are sure, is higher than ours. Cheers!

  • Ed Holton
    Ed Holton

    The moral of the story - keep your eyes on the road.

  • Ayu Gendis
    Ayu Gendis

    Kaya film alter harusnya ada terjemahannya biar yg ga tau jd tau

    • Ase Tv
      Ase Tv


  • Deborah The Mom
    Deborah The Mom

    🧟‍♀️Loved this!!♥️

    • Petrova Films
      Petrova Films

      Thank you :)

  • Amelia Rosalina The Hedgehog
    Amelia Rosalina The Hedgehog

    This is so scary

  • Ct Zurida79
    Ct Zurida79


  • Naa Channel Naa istam
    Naa Channel Naa istam

    That's Osm thriller man

  • Too Remote
    Too Remote

    Totally convincing

  • garasi grace
    garasi grace

    very good

  • Sanjoy Ghosh
    Sanjoy Ghosh

    I like it👍

  • Keith James Wrigley
    Keith James Wrigley

    Great story and acting a believable movie great ending

  • Nancy Jones
    Nancy Jones

    Now THAT was a good ghost story!!!

  • Isiah Gatson
    Isiah Gatson

    Kill any witnesses right?. Of course I am

  • Niki Ali
    Niki Ali

    That was good

  • ALEX Aaron_01
    ALEX Aaron_01

    The best short movie 🎥😍

  • Linda Hatcher
    Linda Hatcher


  • And ?
    And ?

    Now that's messed up and justice

  • Princess Solace
    Princess Solace

    This is some funny shit😁😁.. The girl is sleeping, the oil sump from the shite SKODA is leaking oil....Is this India or Maldives...Malaysia or Sri Lanka production?

    • Amanda Hauhnar
      Amanda Hauhnar

      I think India cause Indians always comes up with a lil funny thing with their horror or ghost films with their accent thou.btw the car plate seems like some states from India.

  • Riska Amelia2008
    Riska Amelia2008


  • Xattr

    how did the ghost get a car?!

    • laza laza
      laza laza

      Xattr it's an elusion from the ghost there is no car

  • fanny korabi
    fanny korabi

    Très sympa les films dhorreur dommage que ce soit en anglais

    • Erratum IamFluffy
      Erratum IamFluffy

      Certains sont sous-titrés en français si cela peut aider, cependant tu auras sans doutes moins de choix 🙁

  • Xheenayah Nicolas
    Xheenayah Nicolas

    Amy is already dead though

  • Mark Meyer
    Mark Meyer

    Man these guys suck at answering phones and driving.

  • arafi sabu
    arafi sabu

    Once u do a crime know or unknown u have to continue doing crime to hid it..... 💀💀 Awesome one........ 😉😉 Great work.. Nice acting Well done

    • Kelly Asp
      Kelly Asp

      arafi sabu He sure didn’t waste anytime making the decision to cover up his accident did he? “Ohh no she’s dead” cut to dragging her off the road. 😂 priceless.

  • gloomy phil
    gloomy phil

    Wow, well done!

  • Haha Haha
    Haha Haha

    I’m sorry but the moment he looked up in front of the car’s window he should had seen the was a girl walking in front of him and yet he didn’t slow down and proceeded to used his phone like wtf

    • Kelly Asp
      Kelly Asp

      But then there wouldn’t have been a scary movie to watch...😉😂 Maybe, he didn’t see her because she wasn’t there. Maybe she was a ghost like at the end. A ghost with a grudge for people driving and using their cell phones. Both calls came from a unknown number.

  • BusLady

    But they weren't texting, though, just answering phone calls.

  • Zafrina Noni Muthoni.
    Zafrina Noni Muthoni.

    The spirit of Amy is vengeful and out for the blood of people....who text and drive.

  • kiyokochanable

    .I don't want to be THAT person, but somebody has to be. If you hit someone as the way he was hitting the friend in the head, blood should be splitting all over him and everywhere. It's very anticlimactic.

    • kiyokochanable

      @Kelly Asp they call me wild BEAST, for a reason. 👀👀

    • Kelly Asp
      Kelly Asp

      kiyokochanable You must be fun at parties. 😂😉😂

  • Oheneba Kwaku Gyamfi
    Oheneba Kwaku Gyamfi

    Is that a blood or black oil😅😅

    • Petrova Films
      Petrova Films

      Richmond Whitman It is dark red blood. But the color grade for the film makes it look even darker. It's not oil though😄

  • OutLawStarGod Starwin
    OutLawStarGod Starwin

    This is Twilight zone level movie 🎥 🍿 very good

  • Karen Adams
    Karen Adams

    People in the comments, are stupid.


    Disgusting story

    • Karen Adams
      Karen Adams


  • DarkRubberDucky

    Why does he just have a white sheet in the back of his car?

    • Kelly Asp
      Kelly Asp

      Right?! 😂 I said the same thing to my pet bunny who was also watching. 😂

    • AniTa ToRReS
      AniTa ToRReS

      I was thinking the same shit!

  • بروك

    oooh i love the way her hair dragged in the blood when he was moving her.

    • Kelly Asp
      Kelly Asp

      I did too! Thought it was a super cool way to roll the movie name out.

  • Davo gifman
    Davo gifman

    Amy needs to cut it out. These roaming charges are killing me... lol

    • Kelly Asp
      Kelly Asp


  • MSK boys Ms k
    MSK boys Ms k

    Good job man 👨

  • Preet k
    Preet k

    mobile is the biggest problem while driving, bad acting

  • kritex gaming
    kritex gaming

    Oh my god iam sacared. 😟😟😱

  • Vik Step
    Vik Step

    2.30 у тачки мотор от трактора что ли ???

  • sassy bitch
    sassy bitch

    This scared the shit outta meh 😮😨😰

  • Missouri Echovarria
    Missouri Echovarria

    Evan thou i wach it i miss my family and my boy friend just popcon lo a se ok at list to wach this.

  • beanie bradley
    beanie bradley

    This is good, thank you

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