Ankle Breaking 1V1 Against TheFlightMike!
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  • FlightReacts

    Make sure you sub to NBA trainer R2 (Ryan) Channel!

    • Tanner Helgeson
      Tanner Helgeson

      You are trash

    • AyoZayVybin


    • Amine Says
      Amine Says

      The person ur facing is ass

    • Kasahn 9
      Kasahn 9

      It’s June

    • Potato_aim_guy Yt
      Potato_aim_guy Yt

      FlightReacts you on some x game shi

  • Chilly

    June was overhyped, wait till October.

  • ElectricShadow 45
    ElectricShadow 45

    Kid : can we watch Stephen curry Mom : we have Stephen curry at home Stephen curry :

  • IIj4xX0nII _YT
    IIj4xX0nII _YT

    He ankle broke that man so it's June Hahahhahaha flight pop off

  • Jashaun010

    One of his best games

  • Jude Dickinson
    Jude Dickinson

    Ay bro... you got the aim but you gotta add a little more strength into your arc

  • Christopher Arias
    Christopher Arias

    He can't call it an ankle breaker because he said if you don't Finnish it dont count

  • TSA99_

    in 2021 someone comment on this

  • Inteligibles

    7:57 whats the effect called?

  • Youuhgniil Difhbjvbbj
    Youuhgniil Difhbjvbbj

    Finally he’s playing against someone who is actually below his skill or at his skill. Smart plays.

  • Kris Joint
    Kris Joint

    You’re TRASH at ball

  • Kaden Huang
    Kaden Huang



    Is june👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Yvng Dom
    Yvng Dom

    “June is over bum betch” 💀💀

  • abd playing games
    abd playing games

    Him acting like flight Me like ,.,. Shut up

  • Jayden Smykal
    Jayden Smykal

    Who else here on the last day of June to re live the greatest month of 2020

    • Carson Kurata
      Carson Kurata


  • Grim Clan
    Grim Clan

    Everyone was saying flights gonna evolve in June and it’s kinda facs

    • Stephen Curry Gaming
      Stephen Curry Gaming

      @AB june as a whole bro

    • AB

      Bruh he literally played against someone who can’t make a layup

  • Benju Meier
    Benju Meier

    Why he didn't say to him " you ain't curry" ?¿

  • Gaming Montage
    Gaming Montage

    bruh his ankles were across the world

  • Dylan Rouch
    Dylan Rouch

    U should stick w that jumpershot

  • vl_ sneEzy
    vl_ sneEzy

    I love his trainer he looked like a proud father during this 1v1😂

  • _krysten_ carter
    _krysten_ carter

    I wouldn’t get hype for winning against somebody who doesn’t know how to play, but that’s just me🤷🏾‍♀️

  • victor berrocal
    victor berrocal

    13:45 wow!

  • Danny Norris Jr
    Danny Norris Jr

    This is painful to watch

  • Elmer Herrera
    Elmer Herrera

    Oh the cringe!

  • Chris Phillips
    Chris Phillips

    Its like flight playing himself before june

  • Curlyfriesjosh

    What’s up with the other dude? Why is he so stiff and like, awkward?

  • 4czx


  • kym o'loughlin
    kym o'loughlin

    Is that coach Ryan at the start 🤔🤨

  • FRED G
    FRED G

    This guy he’s facing is so stiff

  • Hunter James
    Hunter James

    both yall trash

  • Rando Soome
    Rando Soome

    Anklebreaker, THE ON AND ONLY

  • Chloe Lawlor
    Chloe Lawlor

    Me that whole video 😐😐😐😴😐😐

  • Roman Sanchez
    Roman Sanchez

    Blasphemous HD wants to play you in basketball

  • Andy Laurore
    Andy Laurore

    Thought this said funnymike wrong flighf video 😂

  • EddieActionLife!

    I think mike was shooting with the wrong hand lol

  • louis zodiatis
    louis zodiatis

    The worst 1v1 ever. You just picked this kid so u can win. You both so bad

  • zoom qq
    zoom qq

    Dude flights coach is so inspirational! He looks so proud of him.

  • Toxic2X

    Funny mike said put up 5,000 and he put’s up 5,000 $ for the Gorge Floyd campaign

  • alisuo toko
    alisuo toko

    I hit flight’s mom from the back it just wasn’t on camera

  • Channzyz ͔
    Channzyz ͔

    I forgot what FTC is for

    • alisuo toko
      alisuo toko

      His opponent got blocked by the rim😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    You can’t be me

  • louis zodiatis
    louis zodiatis

    4:55, what am I watching?? My 8 year old brother vs my 9 year old cousin would be more intense. And the shooting percentage would be much higher than them

  • Hoodie Life
    Hoodie Life

    Other dude is literal garbage

  • cozy boy1017
    cozy boy1017

    You can tell that guy was trash just by the way he dressed lmao head band, compression tights, wrists band, curry jersey

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      Huh flights twin

  • Cheezit Box
    Cheezit Box

    This got everyone so excited for june

  • kade bonath
    kade bonath

    There were more airballs than makes in this ☠

    • xoobo vola
      xoobo vola

      Huh flights twin

  • kade bonath
    kade bonath

    Is this their first time playing ball?

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      Bruh my mans is wearing 1s to a 1v1

  • Elias Noi
    Elias Noi


  • Mason Kinne
    Mason Kinne

    This is easily the worst game of basketball I’ve ever watched and I have coached a U8 team😂

  • KamGotNext

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi


  • Suhail Asmal
    Suhail Asmal

    Flight ur overthinking

  • Gio Manzano
    Gio Manzano

    nice ankle breaker lol hahahahahahahha lol im dying

  • Xxfrosty _Vortex
    Xxfrosty _Vortex

    This man finally broke some ankles

  • RageFrozt Psyco
    RageFrozt Psyco

    What the f that dude like never play basketball

  • Daniyal Batrkhanov
    Daniyal Batrkhanov

    The odds of flight hitting a three is literally 5%

    • alisuo toko
      alisuo toko


  • Swag_21

    His opponent got blocked by the rim😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • alisuo toko
      alisuo toko

      How The Hell You Get Crossed By Flight?😭 You Gotta Be The Most Trashiest Player Ever To Get Crossed By Him💀💀

  • bilias hour
    bilias hour

    His opponent literally can’t even play the sport. LMFAO he’s on the wrong buckets, he’s on the KFC bucket.

    • bilias hour
      bilias hour

      Imagine if Stephen curry watches flight in June, he gonna be sayin look at flight man

  • Rielyn Watkins
    Rielyn Watkins

    Good job👏 lol you are getting better 👍

  • Jose Espinal
    Jose Espinal

    Look at flight man 😂😂

  • Jye Thompson
    Jye Thompson

    Flight after u broke him u should have faked shot the drove

  • Cartier Fan
    Cartier Fan

    Bruh my mans is wearing 1s to a 1v1

  • Cartier Fan
    Cartier Fan

    Huh flights twin

  • 6roken

    Hold your followthrough and you dangerous dawg.

  • Evan Holstein
    Evan Holstein

    To be honest this is an L🤣 The guy hes playing has no clue what sport hes playing nor less can dribble🇱🇷

  • 23kc

    June flight gets all rolls!

  • ToxicFemale


  • Bindu Upadhyay
    Bindu Upadhyay

    I beat flight it was just like I didn’t have the cameras on.

  • LogicYT

    Someone bought curry off fiver?

  • eaglesnation

    😂bra was shitty

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