Antonio Brown & Mike Evans vs Jalen Ramsey (2020) WR vs CB
NFL Matchup Highlights
Mike Evans & Antonio Brown and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers match up against Jalen Ramsey and the Los Angeles Rams in week 11 of the 2020 NFL season on Monday night football

  • NFL Matchup Highlights
    NFL Matchup Highlights

    Evans caught 3 passes on 6 targets for 32 yards against Jalen Ramsey. Ramsey highlights as flagged twice for pass interference against Evans as well. Antonio Brown was targeted 1 time against Ramsey, which resulted in an incompletion. Ramsey gave up an additional 9 yard catch against Evans, which was a double pass from Brady. The penalty was declined, so it went as a catch for Evans despite Brady throwing it twice in the same play. Ramsey mostly covered Evans but played some snaps against Antonio Brown & Chris Godwin. Who won the matchup? 🤔

    • Henry Bors
      Henry Bors

      Only twice and there you go shut down gets no plays except line of scrimmage screens looks like a nobody wide receiver

    • DJ_Rosé

      @Tappy OG funny if he won why he didnt he get over at least 60 yards, 2. The Td wasnt on Jalen 3, they took the L now take ya L and sit back while yall finna get spanked by the saints for the 3rd time

    • Tappy OG
      Tappy OG

      @DJ_Rosé lmfao evans had 9 targets with 5 catches 49 yards and a td, 2 of the incomplete passes where because of pi’s on ramsey because he can’t hang with mike unless he hold, and the other 2 incomplete passes where just terrible throws by brady. So i definitely say Evans won, Ramsey really didn’t do much. Y’all acting like he completely shut out mike evans lmfao. Ramsey all talk.

    • DJ_Rosé

      @Tappy OG yet evens only had 49 yards stfu 😤😤

    • Tappy OG
      Tappy OG

      Ramsey can’t cover mike evans. Hence why he had to pi him so many times lmfao.

  • corey john
    corey john

    Ima a fan of Tom Brady but he was terrible this game... He should have been benched..

  • Tappy OG
    Tappy OG

    Ramsey can’t cover mike evans lmfao. That’s why dude had to pi his so many times lmfao. Mike evans is uncoverable 1on1.

  • Gimuh

    Jags are retards for trading him

  • jtmal75

    Evans was cooking him this game and Ramsey got him some but Ramsey is the best corner in the league n 23 got cooked by mike evans don’t forget wen it was up top pork chop on

  • Ellenville Blue Devil
    Ellenville Blue Devil

    he tried to big bro Jalen on the screen YAC, Ramsey suplexed him, wow. Evans is super strong to begin with... If you don't like Jalen, you got issues you need to iron out.

  • Kristofer Scott
    Kristofer Scott

    tom brady trash

  • Jake G
    Jake G

    Is it possible that they called PI because Evans had to dodge someone who was targeting the spot where Evans had to go to catch the football?

  • jacob barrick
    jacob barrick

    people always say you shouldnt brag but this nigga can back it up

  • SLQTH.

    LMAO wtf was that call at 3:40

  • D.S 408
    D.S 408

    this dude Tom playing madden thinking Evans activated “Mossed”

  • 747

    The jags miss you Ramsey 😢 You too Fournette 😢

  • you’re delusional
    you’re delusional

    jalen ramsey would be doomed guarding these receivers if it were mahomes throwing.

  • John Gobano
    John Gobano

    Tampa O line getting crushed

  • justin Murray
    justin Murray

    Y’all be say Evan is getting locked up but it isn’t Ramsey who is locking him up it is brady with all these bad throws not Ramsey

  • Dominick Grevas
    Dominick Grevas

    Ab had separation from the defender on third down and he just threw it to mike evans

  • Kennedy Slusher
    Kennedy Slusher

    Bro he mostly plays off coverage bruh. Notice the one play he doesn't Evan catches it

  • R A I N
    R A I N

    We need refs that knew how to play the position so they know what to call and what to look for because clearly they didn’t

  • Jjjjsjdjdjdj ejjejsnsns
    Jjjjsjdjdjdj ejjejsnsns

    Ramsey was beat most of the game lol just terrible passing by tom. Ramsey dk riders will say different

  • TheCrazyJace

    tom Brady’s goated 0:41

  • _Mean GreenJersey
    _Mean GreenJersey

    The jags can draft nobody better then Jalen that’s why the rams drafted for him and said F the draft picks

  • StreetArtillery

    What was the video about? I was too distracted by falling into deep thought trying to find the reason of hanging a mouth guard to your helmet only to not use it while in play. I have done complex mathematical calculations trying to find a convincing theory but i just can't

  • Jhayaholic

    GOD BLESS everyone and please spread this message and turn to GOD and away from your sins , and know Jesus is coming and HE LOVES YOU

  • Camden O’Neal
    Camden O’Neal

    Two PI calls that should have been on Mike.Man these refs nowadays 🤦🏼‍♂️😒

  • Greg Break
    Greg Break

    The common romanian classically load because interactive unknowingly drum for a momentous handball. poor, energetic step-aunt

  • Rocket Raghib
    Rocket Raghib

    Me who play WR and love supporting all my receivers..... Ramsey won that one easily

  • Chazyfizzlez

    Evans actually had a pretty big fantasy day like 18 points for this game vs Ramsey.

  • Devon Reaws
    Devon Reaws

    jalen put fear in evans heart... lol

  • Devon Reaws
    Devon Reaws

    jalen brings that old school ball back..

  • Repeat it with me
    Repeat it with me

    Brady is finished and he knows it. That’s why he went to warmer weather, like all old retired ppl

  • P BLUE
    P BLUE

    bad thows from TB. He is overrated. Now facing team 0.500 or more, Bucs could not score.

  • GS Scynx
    GS Scynx

    If Tampa Bays star players where in there prime I guarantee you they would be unstoppable

  • Drew Dandrea
    Drew Dandrea

    Wait...I thought Tom Brady was Tampa’s QB? Who is THIS guy out here?

  • Smith Gamer RTG
    Smith Gamer RTG

    i cant wait for dk metcalf matchup again


    meanwhile everyone in jacksonville is glad that this generational talent is gone, and im sad

  • Dylan Bucher
    Dylan Bucher

    There was no reason to put ab in the title yall barley showed him😭

  • roxanne charles
    roxanne charles

    Jalen Ramsey is really good, but not too 5

  • MasonFN

    Do Parker and hall from the jets dolphins

  • Raf

    the refs tried so hard to give TB the W but failed

  • One Who Is Above All
    One Who Is Above All

    this is what im talking about. look at Brady he is attacking Ramsey when he sees one on one and Evans is getting a play on it by catching it or getting a PI on Ramsey. This what pisses me off about Russell Wilson. He has a 6'4" 230lbs freak of nature in DK Metcalf and you don't throw it to him when a corner whos 4 inches shorter and 30 lbs lighter is on him?

  • Lil Brayden
    Lil Brayden

    Will Jalen Ramsey ever use his mouth peace

  • BN S
    BN S

    Not even a rams fan but u have to admit Ramsey is that corner u wish your team had

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson

    Evans had a great game vs ramsey

  • Lebron the Goat
    Lebron the Goat

    Ramsey locking up🐐

  • Neubian Sosa
    Neubian Sosa

    Jalen Ramsey is so good

  • Prime Sterling
    Prime Sterling

    I’m not sure what the referee is looking for... Jalen was playing clean defense against a physical receiver. Either call it on both of them or don’t call it at all. I can’t even finish the video it’s so one sided 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • MaxxMB

    Jamsey is arguably the best cover/lockdown/shutdown/island corner on top of being possibly the best tackling corner as well. In my opinion he’s the best corner in the league period...don’t @ me.

  • I M
    I M

    Brady’s arm strength isn’t what it was a few years ago. I want to see Ramsey vs. Fuller with Watson dropping dimes.

  • Revelz

    Evans won this. And would have gotten worse if Brady kept throwing the ball his way. Anytime he tested Ramsey against Evans, Evans came out on top.

  • ImDangIt

    I wanna see Davante Adams vs Jalen Ramsey

  • chasers

    Mike evans gives absolutely no effort every play

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H

    somebody tell Ramsey lady hes been exposed even exposed him...dudes a scumbag

  • Hondatune

    I need to speak out. My brother was a Rams defensive assistant coach, and I can tell you that Evans had Ramsey beat that game. Brady simply missed a lot of balls, and if you count even one of the PIs we are talking about a 150+ yard 2 touchdown game. Blame Brady, don’t credit Ramsey

  • Javoris Lee
    Javoris Lee

    Tom ain't the same tom he ain't even giving Mike a chance at some of these one on ones

  • Douglas H.
    Douglas H.

    This is Ramsey's best game! For real for real

  • Hayden Rose
    Hayden Rose

    This has not much to do with Evan's and ramsey but I feel bad for tom because he has great weapons and hes just trying to give everyone a chance to make a play and it he throws it up and it ends up making him look bad whens hes trying to make his team look good

  • All timer
    All timer

    Cadenacio 🔒🔒🔒

  • shawn brady
    shawn brady


  • Morrisey Abdallah
    Morrisey Abdallah

    Those two PI calls against Ramsey were terrible. Tonight was just another example of how good Ramsey really is, only time Evan’s would find the endzone was the one play Ramsey wasn’t covering him

  • Kirkland

    i hate tom brady and his cheating ass ref friends

  • Daven Gopalakrishnan
    Daven Gopalakrishnan

    You missed half of the Evans good highlights this guy is probaly a biased ramsey fa

    • Daven Gopalakrishnan
      Daven Gopalakrishnan


  • Jo_smo_69

    I don’t get why people say Ramsey’s locking up. Half the passes were bad and Evans was cooking him on them routes. Sure he had a good hit on evans and I still think Ramsey’s good but definitely not top 3

  • Jonathan Washington
    Jonathan Washington

    Jalen Ramsey is my favorite db since he was in college

  • George Vega
    George Vega

    Ramsey is not the biggest CB but he handles the big receivers, like Evans, Cooper and Metcalf.

  • Samuel Jarri
    Samuel Jarri

    that was a terrible calls by the ref for real

  • Zay Russell
    Zay Russell

    When mike go trapped with rams he said oh no I gotta Leave

  • Walker Maino
    Walker Maino

    as much as I hate to admit it, Jalen Ramsey won that matchup no doubt. He’s been a defensive nightmare for us since Jacksonville. We always have to know where’s he’s at on the field and account for him. Definitely one of my favorite matchups to watch.

  • Capalot NE3M
    Capalot NE3M

    Those PI calls were bs🤦🏽‍♂️ Ramsey had them on lock🔒 once again proving why he’s the best man to man corner in the league💯

  • Simmy24 Sage
    Simmy24 Sage

    Those PIs should’ve been on Mike

  • Andre 3000
    Andre 3000

    Jalen just so different

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