Antonio Cromartie reacts to Darrelle Revis calling Richard Sherman out on Twitter | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Antonio Cromartie joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to react to former NFL defensive back Darrelle Revis calling out Niners' cornerback Richard Sherman on Twitter after the NFC Championship last night.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Antonio Cromartie reacts to Darrelle Revis calling Richard Sherman out on Twitter | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    What are your thoughts on Darrelle Revis calling out Richard Sherman?

    • damellman damellman
      damellman damellman

      I didn't watch the whole video before I made this comment. Skip Bayless started off saying Richard Sherman started the whole Twitter war By not mentioning Darrelle reavis in his top huh? Sorry but that makes no sense. Not everybody has lebron James and Michael Jordan in the top ....

    • Mikey Firmin
      Mikey Firmin

      Revis shouldn't have done it. He hasn't won. Sherman has

    • The Talk of Texas
      The Talk of Texas

      Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED We need to see more Jenny T ..she’s to beautiful not to be shown as much.

    • Davy Brazell
      Davy Brazell

      Luv it! Good competition between the best cbs

    • Samuel Charles
      Samuel Charles

      One year after signing a huge 6-year-deal, Revis got cut by Tampa Bay in his prime because they hired a coach that was gonna use a zone scheme (they had to release him because no one would trade for him, and pick up his contract). He was run out of the league for being washed at 32. ~ aka Revis would not be elite in a zone scheme in his prime... but Sherman is still All Pro at 32 in a zone scheme after an ACL injury. (ps Sherman has played on some of the best defenses of all-time, his elite zone skills made those defenses better... Revis brags about "travelling" and man-coverage on mostly mediocre defenses... see the big picture)

  • Eman Paul
    Eman Paul

    Gilmore is better than Richard

  • Trevor Feeney
    Trevor Feeney

    Skip Bayless is an idiot and will always be an idiot. He will even argue with Cromartie even though he ACTUALLY played the position. Lol

  • Rod Weaver
    Rod Weaver

    I guess people are always going to have their own opinions. Each era is going to have players that people talk about. The Raiders' Lester Hayes was really good, especially in the big games. But, I remember Revis and how superior of a cornerback he was. Sherman's comment about him living on reputation doesn't make a lot of sense. How do you think Revis got that reputation?

  • Tron Johnson
    Tron Johnson

    Richard can only play one side of the field 🤷🏿‍♂️. Facts

  • Mac

    I mean Darrell is better 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Justin Nardine
    Justin Nardine

    Skip also got destroyed by Kevin Hart one fine morning.

  • Jefe

    Cover 3 15 yards down the field is essentially man to man! Jesus Skip, know something about football!

  • Omar Blanco
    Omar Blanco

    Skip losing the arguement: better start instigating.

  • damellman damellman
    damellman damellman

    Skip Should have became a Chef like his brother.. What's your Life like skip... UH oh.... Waiting for skips rebuttal😱

  • drumitar

    we talking about travel ?

  • Gary Chalk
    Gary Chalk

    i love Revis but he need to stop the hating on sherm the worm Cromartie n Shannon both played the game n they both agreed with each other so that about sums it up

  • bradley Antoniazzi
    bradley Antoniazzi

    Champ bailey best cb of all time

  • logan mcallister
    logan mcallister

    Richard still better at life. Skip still living off his LBJ-hating ego.

  • A.T X
    A.T X

    Sherman < Revis lol look at the season revis had in 2009

  • 6 ward
    6 ward

    Skip a dam lie u asked the man is he better then Revis thats why he went in on him

  • TNK Studio
    TNK Studio

    Couches said,"do your job" stay on your zone. you can't just travel with a receiver and leave you zone open when you are not asked. yesterday is history...Sherman is going to the Superbowl!!!!

  • Derek Crichton
    Derek Crichton

    Byron Maxwell? 🤣

  • Chris Shanklin
    Chris Shanklin

    Why cromartie trynna play both sides,bro just say they are two different corners.Revis was a better Corner in his prime,we get that.But Sherman is doing his job and it shows

  • bluezune1

    35 interceptions to 29 advantage Sherman, with less games played 🥴

  • bluezune1

    “Revis follows and plays better man coverage so he’s better” lmao people must’ve forgot the dog Sherman was early in Seattle in press man coverage. Zone corner or not he takes away the WHOLE side of the field he doesn’t have to travel! Does his job has MORE interceptions and didn’t need time brady to get his ring he’s been an impact on now THREE teams that are super bowl teams c’mon .

  • ShadomanG

    All that matters is Revis & EVERY analyst at the time thought that "he" can stop the GREAT man named Randy Moss ... Yeah, We ALL saw how that turned out. & Moss was at the back of his prime

  • Todd Brothers
    Todd Brothers

    Why does every damn show now on ESPN have a chick running it?

  • Kingme

    He just challenging richard sherman to step his game up. It's football he should! Stop makind everything a soap opera lol

  • LaRon Lockett
    LaRon Lockett

    Skip is a Sherman hater

  • Steven Lee
    Steven Lee

    Revis is by far better than Sherman. How TF you going to say Sherman is better because Revis wasn't good in his LAST year? You just going to ignore everything esle in his career and base who's better off of Revis's last season? Sherman isn't even top 10 best CB's in the league. He's athletic and has got lucky to land on the right defenses

  • Sam Aboff
    Sam Aboff

    You can make a case that Richard Sherman is a Hall of Famer. Darelle Revis is the greatest corner to ever play the game. That’s the difference between the two of them.

  • Imagist Josh Immanuel
    Imagist Josh Immanuel

    Skip’s lack of football knowledge is being shown in this video

  • Micah Newson
    Micah Newson

    Maybe his coach don’t ask him to travel cause he plays to their strengths 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Benjamin Reaves
    Benjamin Reaves

    Skip you got served chump

  • Dan Marco
    Dan Marco

    skip still holding a grudge 😂😂

  • J boogy
    J boogy

    Lebron passes the ball to an open good three point shooter. Skip: lebron doesn't have the clutch gene. Sherman plays within the skim of defense. Skip: sherman doesnt travel so he is not a top tier corner. Ayyyy yay yay skip!

  • The Talk of Texas
    The Talk of Texas

    Sherman is a Great he just isn’t that fast once you can beat him running you have him..but his technique is good as any top CB. Keep a man over the Top of him and you got something.

  • dEPh-RO

    Except...? Really bruh.. #madprops sunnnnn lmfao

  • likeitoncewas

    Bro Skip is right. Sherman can’t travel. And he better not travel vs KC.

  • Da'ron Jordan
    Da'ron Jordan

    Skip eat a 🍆

  • Eric Maeder
    Eric Maeder

    Sherm is the Best Zone CB...Revis is the best Man CB! There!

  • Jay Robinson
    Jay Robinson

    Exactly... Cromartie hit it on the head. Scheme is what decides whether a CB follows a WR all game or not.

  • Jay Robinson
    Jay Robinson

    Skip is an idiot. You see where this fool put his microwave?

  • Slow Mobius
    Slow Mobius

    Of course skip is on revis side Richard roasted him

  • MO OT
    MO OT

    Revis was hating , using words like Afraid , lame , hiding.

  • Trae Rayford
    Trae Rayford

    Skip he’s still better at life than you ☠️

  • Javaris Walker
    Javaris Walker

    Remember my man Cromartie against Peyton Manning on that Sunday night game. He made me so proud as a Chargers fan. BOLT UP, CHARGED UP🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

  • Mr. RDCS
    Mr. RDCS

    Skip lost to Sherman and Rose and it's still eating him up inside...

  • Leo G
    Leo G

    Cromartie doesn't belong there... I hate when guests like him come on and say, "It doesn't matter....... " ... bruh, it's a debate!! they are comparing players who are beefing with each other... just give your opinion on who you think is better and stop trying to end debates... smfh

  • Joshua Middleton
    Joshua Middleton

    "I am better at life than you Skip"

  • Jay Goodman
    Jay Goodman

    Why keep past players so relevant with so many rule changes😒

  • Xxxx Big Rich
    Xxxx Big Rich

    Richard is really good! Darrelle Revis is in the top 5 all time!!


    Darrelle Revis was a mediocre CB compared to former SEAHAWKS GREAT CB #25, now 49ERS GREAT CB #25 RS. HE DR of the NYJ and the NEP did his best to stay away from the rushing attempts from the opposing teams he'd faced; Especially after getting injured. Unlike 49ERS GREAT CB #25 RS do his best to defend against the rushing attempts by opposing teams in the NFL.

  • C D
    C D

    True shutdown corners travel. The best that ever did it takes the matchup with the #1 reciever personally. All the best corners stick to the the #1 no matter where they are. Zone corners are overrated because they inherently play with help and do not have to cover the ENTIRE route tree.

  • John Boucher
    John Boucher

    did you call byron maxwell brett maxiell?


    Revis all time is definitely better than richard

  • James Martin
    James Martin

    I dont think Reves care. But the best corner should be able to stop the best one on one. So sherm need to stop. They ask him to do it cause das wht he do.

  • Hector Castro
    Hector Castro

    Sherman was asked so he answered it is what it is you gotta build your resume revis wasn’t at the time and revis isn’t the best he’s overrated like a mug

  • Tyler Raines
    Tyler Raines

    Revis > Sherman

  • Señor Elotero
    Señor Elotero

    Skip’s the Taylor Swift of Sports Talk Shows

  • Bronx Born 53
    Bronx Born 53

    Maybe the reason they not asking Sherm is because he really can’t guard man to man 🤔 hence the reason why they always flush him out in the zone. Love Sherm but Revis island was called Revis island for a reason. Simply put, Sherm had help with the two best safeties during those early legion of boom era which I’m not knocking him for and Revis..... well.... had his own island... Revis > Sherm

  • Bmega81

    He mad Sherm still relevant and his career fell off a cliff..

  • o b m 8 2 4
    o b m 8 2 4

    i’ve been saying revis is better than sherman . revis took on the other teams best receiver every game . don’t get it messed up either , sherman isn’t trash and can play defense , but only in zone coverage . zone coverage is for tall corners that can’t play man to man coverage . no shame in it , but i’m just calling it for what it is . jimmy smith doesn’t get any recognition and he’s about sherman’s height and can play man to man , just used him as a example .

  • Smackgun Suge973
    Smackgun Suge973

    I’ll take 2006 champ Thrown at only 35 times 10 interceptions 0 tds allowed 98 tackles 21 pass defenses Only 4 receptions allowed the entire yr

  • Bootney Farnsworth
    Bootney Farnsworth

    Cro makes excellent points! Revis at the peak of his powers was probably the best corner since Deion. Did it well but like Shannon mentioned. Revis last season with the Jets he did commit a Brink's type heist! Sherman at the same point is laps better than what Revis was. I am a Jet diehard but D Revis. Stop fam. That's a bad look

  • Smackgun Suge973
    Smackgun Suge973

    Deion Champ C Woodson R Woodson Whoever

  • Esco

    What does travel mean in football? Playing Man to man coverage?

  • YvngDj

    Bru if I gotta loxkdown CB damn rite ima put him on yur best Wr da whole game.

  • Lizard Soza
    Lizard Soza

    Skips logic is sound to me. One guy single covers, the other doesn’t. It’s obvious who’s better.

  • edgar rivera
    edgar rivera

    Revis is better then Sherman coming from a Seahawks fan Sherman Benefits only from the pass rush..I’ll prove it back then when Seattle was the ligon of boom with that sick pass rush in 2012-2013 and 2014 Sherman’s numbers where super high why because of clif and Bennett not to mention with kam and earl in the back...once bennett and Avril started to slow down and getting hurt Sherman started to get burn left and is the same story in San Francisco they have the #1 rush attack in football and guess what sherms number went up again.. don’t believe last season san fan was not grate on Defense nether was like I said Sherman benefits from a solid pash rush and he takes all the credit for..and Revis never had a ligon of boom never had a kam or an earl covering for him in the back field never had a solid pass rush..

  • Hurtsilverio _
    Hurtsilverio _

    Someone bring Trent Williams to this convo. He ain’t about talking like Sherman lol

  • blutrain17

    Sherman is nice, he’s an aggressive corner too.

  • Meme Iselfaneye
    Meme Iselfaneye

    Revis was definitely better, Sherm has played with the most stacked D's, and only has to stay in his zone.

  • Orlando Grant
    Orlando Grant

    If Richard Isn't so good why don't QB's never throw to his side. Don't matter how good you are every Corner gets burned from time to time.

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