Apple iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max review
What does it mean for a phone to earn the name "Pro"? Lots of power, for one. Usually great cameras. And software robust enough to handle arduous tasks with ease. The new iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max certainly tick all these boxes, and - as you might expect - they're the best iPhones Apple has ever made. The thing is, I say that every year and it's true each time, but it doesn't really sum up how I feel about the new iPhone Pros after having tested them for a while.
These are both excellent devices, and represent Apple at the peak of its smartphone game. But are they dramatically better than the premium phones the company gave us last year? Well, yes and no. There are plenty of additions and improvements here, but when it comes to day-to-day use, their impact on the overall iPhone experience can seem muted. Ultimately, I have my own theory about why these phones get the "Pro" moniker: Because some of the changes here are so subtle that it would take a pro to notice them, much less appreciate them.
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  • Roger Newton
    Roger Newton

    Can you make phone calls on it?

  • Choki Laté
    Choki Laté

    I'm getting that for my birthday🥰 i love it


    He has a hint of Moredecai in his voice

  • 3AHG

    omg, just bought ip7 for my daughter, and 11 pro max for my self. Never used mac before !

  • what’s up 124
    what’s up 124

    its so expensive

    • aanuoluwapo odole
      aanuoluwapo odole

      Johacks_ on lG can cart it for you at cheaper price. The guy is a pro

  • Jim bob Joe
    Jim bob Joe

    the worst phone on the planet!

  • San

    This goes to how that we only buy expensive iphones for the camera and pixels...., 85% of this review is about the camera quality.., I will keep my 6s..., thank you..!!

  • Chill potato Gacha
    Chill potato Gacha

    lol i got an ad for samsung galaxy s20 series 5G while watching this

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    Michael Tinsley

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  • Austin Galvez
    Austin Galvez

    My brain: iphone My heart: samsung My wallet: nokia

  • Faizzul aziz Sadali
    Faizzul aziz Sadali

    I super hate the notch. Juat remove it for goddamn sake

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker

    Lots of budget phones and flagship killer phones are already better than iPhone 11 pro max. Sad truth!

  • mj tfuentes
    mj tfuentes

    My iphone pro max lasted 7 hrs today 😭

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    Oluwaferanmi Aderanti

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  • Miguel Diaz
    Miguel Diaz

    Just got my 11 pro Max

  • Martin Kaguima
    Martin Kaguima

    I'm learning about the phone after buying it already.. oh well.😄😅

  • rich

    I’ve been pretty critical of apples approach to iPhone. Especially the pro and pro max. This is the way I see it. There’s absolutely no doubting they’re great phones from a hardware perspective. Well apart from the notch! There’s absolutely no need for such a big notch now. It’s just apple being lazy and not innovative , the tech is out there. Also iOS is a little boring and old now and in need of a huge overhaul. There needs to be more customisation and what have you like there is on Android. But don’t get me wrong everything works on iPhone and works well. I’d you use Apple Pay it just works with no issues. If you scan a barcode, again it just works. Sometimes on Android it’s no so seamless as there’s tons of different variations of Android but only one of iOS. So it makes life easier if the coders and app makers etc. The cameras on the iPhone 11 Range are really good. Not the best but up there with the best of them. I’ve had an iPhone pro max for a few weeks now and I’m really enjoying it. It’s not as flashy as my s20 ultra but it’s a great phone. I hope iPhone 12 gets rid of or makes a smaller notch. It’ll need a 120 hz screen and hopefully iOS 14 will bring a lot more customisation. iPhone will the be at the top of the tree again. But in fairness the iPhone pro max is a belter of a phone when all’s said and done.

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith

    Both iPhones had different battery life etc that is the difference, and no reviewers ever stated the difference in the size of the battery, battery life is the most important now on any mobile phones, I myself will buy a phone depending on it's battery life endurance etc hihi.

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  • Cassamally Haroon
    Cassamally Haroon

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    GhettoGangsta15 66

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  • DJH

    My husband and kids just bought me the max pro 11 for Mother's won't be in the store until this week though...weird they don't stock them in the stores..I got the one with 512 GB so I should have lots of storage for my dog pictures 🤣🤣

  • Timothy Kramer
    Timothy Kramer

    Apple things that can save the world what do you expect another cell phone out for thousands of dollars I don't think so every year is a new one and you can buy it cheaper at the end of the year all a bunch of scams

  • pokemon ash
    pokemon ash

    Is this a review or a comparison tssk

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    Sunday Dangana

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  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali

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  • Comics Lamar
    Comics Lamar

    I have 7 plus, so this will likely be an awesome upgrade lol.

  • cam s.
    cam s.

    looks like i gotta cough up almost 700 dollars (cries but needs a new phone anyway)




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  • Timur Memet {TIF}PRO
    Timur Memet {TIF}PRO

    Samsung its da best

  • J C 4Life Research
    J C 4Life Research

    The only thing I know is that I won’t use any phone but an iPhone 😊 had them all and can’t beat them, currently I’m a XR user “for now”

  • Naomi Kiarii
    Naomi Kiarii

    This iPhone is like how much

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      aanuoluwapo odole

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  • Ken Pires
    Ken Pires

    It sucks... i am a note 10 plus users and i am loving it.

  • Md Didar
    Md Didar

    How much prices

  • Lord King
    Lord King

    I would rather have this than a 5G phone.

  • Dave West
    Dave West

    Anyone for ice cream?

  • Michael Punzalan
    Michael Punzalan

    I Wish All People Have And Had A Iphone 11 Pro Max What Ever You Are Rich Kid Or Poor Kid Human People On This World 🤔🤔

  • Zero Point
    Zero Point

    Woo I like I phone.but I cant afford...

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    Nik Daniel Nik Kz

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  • Vein

    When your parents say you can get the iPhone 11 Pro Max when you upgrade but you have to wait till January next year to upgrade.😔😒Of course I’m using an iPhone 6s

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    Louis Fedrick

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