Apple iPhone 12 - The Truth Is Out!
TT Technology
The truth is out about the upcoming apple iphone 12!
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the iphone 12 is the latest flagship to be released from apple that we're expecting towards the end of the year. As always the apple iphone 12 is set to bring us an incredible system on chip and a newly designed smartphone. Consumers should be pleased as this time round we are getting 4 versions of the apple iphone 12 so there should be one to suit everybody. In todays video we cover the specs, design, launch & price of the apple iphone 12 along with an official unboxing and hands on video.
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  • പ്രവാസി മലയാളി
    പ്രവാസി മലയാളി


  • SRNY San
    SRNY San

    Lovely your voice more than iPhone 12 😁

  • zaheer Nazir
    zaheer Nazir

    I would rather buy the S20 if the camera looks like that

  • John Schaeffer Mike
    John Schaeffer Mike


  • .°Eππe¥uex™ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

    Whatever happens we all know that apple BETTER NOT MESS THIS UP

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology

      They should keep fans happy! they normally do to be fair

  • .°Eππe¥uex™ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

    1:36 that's the camera I LIIIKEEE


    Fake No way iPhone will add the 5gs logo on the back

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology

      no they wont, its a concept lol

  • Matt Sanders
    Matt Sanders

    I’m definitely going to upgrade this year. It’ll be a long time coming, from the iPhone 6 to the 12!! Yeah, I think it’s time.

    • отпираете

      Matt Sanders same, from 2016 se. For two months i waited for iphone se 2 which actually did come out and looks good but once i found out that theres going to be a small model of iphone 12 yesterday i decided to just wait for this one

  • seung-sul Choi
    seung-sul Choi

    it looks like too thin. so it's not true.

  • Mars Bars
    Mars Bars

    It's like they only do somewhat significant upgrades every two years.

  • David

    In next 2 to 3 years iPhone will have front screen and s full back screen under the glass cover as lunch holes will replace cameras at back front screen fir daily chores and back fur vidoes etc . Just watch . You heard it here first.

    • David

      Punch holes I meant

  • Kevon Patterson
    Kevon Patterson

    It’s basically Notch for life at this point everyone has gotten them now and no one is constantly complaining sad part is when they finally do remove it it will probably be the iPhone 13-14 pro

  • Ewounet Abiy
    Ewounet Abiy

    Fake news

  • Gallo Malandro
    Gallo Malandro

    I knew this since 2018

  • enam sembilan
    enam sembilan

    so we have the new iphone for the documentation lockdown

  • ĆwieQ Official
    ĆwieQ Official


  • Bantai Cover
    Bantai Cover

    sick design and concept bro :) Big ups

  • Little Boy
    Little Boy

    Nothing change in 12 ...they just launched ...boring XR concept ....with their 12 I future

  • Ash

    due to the poor memory management of android people actually DO need the extra ram. educate yourself before spreading fake information. unsubscribed

  • Offical Stallion
    Offical Stallion

    This is what hes hoping it to br not what it will be

  • amimeron

    Notch+$$$ = No! No!

  • rachel whitakeer
    rachel whitakeer

    YES LETS KICK IT Apple outdone it this time with #iphone12 and #LUMIYlightblade Everyone crazy goood

  • Vine Time
    Vine Time

    It would be funny if they called it something like the iPhone 20 or the iPhone XX like how Samsung jumped from the S10 to the S20 especially since it’s the year 2020. Probably wrong but it would make sense.

    • Vine Time
      Vine Time

      Or if they called the cheaper model (some are calling it the iPhone SE or iPhone 9) the iPhone 12 and the higher end models the iPhone 20/XX and iPhone 20/XX Pro/Max/Plus

  • Daddy Cool
    Daddy Cool

    Is Dolby atmos will be in iphone 12 pro max?

  • Stephen Potgieter
    Stephen Potgieter

    An OLED panel that Samsung will provide

  • Nikhil Agarwal
    Nikhil Agarwal

    Can I get no notch I phone...

  • Creepy Joe
    Creepy Joe

    Can't wait to get my hand on this...currently using the se ...

  • Sajid nur
    Sajid nur

    Awosome degisn

  • CryOffical

    there will not be Touch ID there will be Face ID and what the hell is that ugly 5g logo this is so fake

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology

      this is leaks and concept renders . its not claiming to be real

  • CryOffical

    there will not be Touch ID there will be Face ID and what the hell is that ugly 5g logo this is so fake

  • CryOffical

    this is fake

  • Coert Nelson
    Coert Nelson

    False false

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology

      its not claiming to be true

  • Mansoor Akram
    Mansoor Akram

    I’m new

  • Mansoor Akram
    Mansoor Akram

    I liked this video and subscribe and hit the bell


    My first apple iPhone so I choose to wait on the 12 pro max I would love to see what colors it come in

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology

      not too much longer to wait!

  • Ava Tilford
    Ava Tilford

    this is the ugliest phone i have ever seen

  • S ziz Mr SS Wehrmacht
    S ziz Mr SS Wehrmacht


  • Zi jie Lim
    Zi jie Lim

    The screen that works under water will not be in this years iphone it’s still only a patient. They’ve no plans for that until they go fully port less with next years iphone

  • Sabbir Ahammed
    Sabbir Ahammed

    Really nice 🍎

  • Eiran Misa
    Eiran Misa

    So where’s the phone???

  • 이츠마인

    한꾹인 찾좌용

  • Roy Hudson
    Roy Hudson

    I’m waiting for 12 pro

  • Lalita Pothisachai
    Lalita Pothisachai

    Fake render, I don't trust you

  • 徐宁


  • zaidinamling2012

    It’s the Worst design about iPhone. iPhone is sharp and high quality looking and for using too.

  • ishak khan
    ishak khan

    Very good

  • Unicorn Giraffw
    Unicorn Giraffw

    That is NOT the real iphone 12. Apple wouldn't make a phone like that and if they do...

    • Unicorn Giraffw
      Unicorn Giraffw

      @TT Technology but why does it say "the truth is out??

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology

      of course not, its a concept

  • DH C
    DH C


  • Jugal Naik
    Jugal Naik

    Bro what will be price of 12 pro

    • TT Technology
      TT Technology

      we dont know yet unfortunately. Too soon to tell!

  • TheFraglife

    No notch apple pls So many billions and they can't produce a full screen iphone???

  • stephen Ah-Young
    stephen Ah-Young

    Iphone the best

  • shoaib qaiser
    shoaib qaiser

    please dont repeat things over and over again.this make people sick......🙁

  • Nick D
    Nick D

    I'm interested in pricing because my next phone needs 3 cameras

  • TheJaisah

    I’m going to buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max. I quite like the notch, it adds character to the screen and I think no notch would be a bit boring. What I really want is 128gb base storage and bring back 3D Touch even if it impacts battery life a bit. I have the XS and I use 3D Touch constantly. It is such a useful feature that so many people just forgot about and never used. One of my favourite implementations is in first person shooter games. I’ve been playing COD multiplayer and it’s so handy to be able to continue aiming and moving and just press the screen to ADS and shoot. If that feature wasn’t there then I probably wouldn’t even play COD on my phone because it would be so cumbersome. Please bring back 3D Touch!

  • Clara Salaam
    Clara Salaam


  • • ruth •
    • ruth •

    Iphone LG 5g apple samsung

  • bashir6789

    Don’t care for fingerprint scanner, Face ID is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!!!!!

  • Peter Lyu
    Peter Lyu

    So where’s the front camera

  • Sweden Travel
    Sweden Travel

    Why not they release it earlier.

  • Kevin Antony
    Kevin Antony

    Oh! The bigger iPhone 4s with a bigger screen and a bigger camera!

  • JrBudgetTech

    What about the iphone/s2, made a video on it

  • Henrik

    Bruh what are you talking about

  • Elizabeth Marie Thomas
    Elizabeth Marie Thomas

    iPhone 12 Pro Max 😍

  • PingSpoof

    O thought America banned huawei and 5g from china

  • PAR op
    PAR op

    This is ugly😂 And i think this is fake😣🤐

  • Vimal Patel
    Vimal Patel

    If it will have notch I will skip this iPhone 12 pro

  • Chiara's Official Vlog
    Chiara's Official Vlog

    i want iphone 12, please give mee,🥺❤️

  • Mike Whylee
    Mike Whylee

    USB C ? Ffs please

  • Chandan Tripathi
    Chandan Tripathi

    I hate notch 😖😖

  • The Observer
    The Observer


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