Apple Watch Milanese Loop Band [Review]
Daniel Romero
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Review of the Apple Watch Milanese Loop Band. I put the Milanese Loop Band on the Apple Watch Stainless Steel and Apple Watch Sport with the Space Gray Aluminum body. I also share some of my thoughts on the chain band and talk about it's comfort.
Putting band on Apple Watch Stainless Steel: 1:28
Putting band on Space Gray Watch: 4:02
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Intro Song: 12:30

  • Guitar Friend
    Guitar Friend

    Milanese Loop band fraying the cuffs!!!!

  • dalton

    i have the one they sell at walmart for like 14 dollars and it comes in rose gold, black and silver, i have the rose gold one and i LOVE IT

  • Danny

    Besides putting the band wrong on the watch twice, there is nothing wrong with men wearing a smaller watch. Your wrists aren’t exactly very slim, there are guys with even slimmer wrists than yours. You could definitely wear the bigger watch. But a guy with 6inch wrists should wear a smaller watch by definition. It is absolutely nothing wrong with that. This rather new stereotypical idea that men should wear bigger watches than women is completely wrong. People should wear watches that fit their wrists best, no matter their gender. Have you ever thought about the older generations, what kind of watches our grandfathers wore in the 60s 70s 80s? They were all small watches, 34, 35, 36, 38mm watches that they wore. Only nowadays since the late 90s has this trend of big and sometimes enormous watches for men appeared. It is ridiculous. The 38 or 40mm Apple watches are still bigger than the watches that real men used to wear during WW2.

  • Lost

    His intro music is a remix of grants old intro

  • Nikki Peoples
    Nikki Peoples

    I have the same one but it’s blue, the only problem I have is sometimes it pinches me

  • ¿Carlos Morales?
    ¿Carlos Morales?

    How do i put it to charge since the charger is magnetic??

  • Buch De Noel
    Buch De Noel

    I’m a guy with a 38mm and I feel attacked.

  • Reuben Jones
    Reuben Jones

    cause ye have to be a MAN to have a large watch band.... large watch bands and over sized watches are like men with huge trucks, they are obviously compensating for something....

  • Mr Deadlock
    Mr Deadlock

    £150 it’s £3 on eBay!!

    • Ilan Cohen
      Ilan Cohen

      Mr Deadlock fake probably

  • Robert Davidson
    Robert Davidson

    *goes on amazon finds one for 7.99*

  • nelo summer
    nelo summer

    Ive bought it only for 3 dollars, and dude, my wrist is smaller than you and wearing this metal watch wrist looks good on men.

  • Amin0662

    I got my Apple Watch but i don’t use it much, for looks mostly

  • Adam Atch
    Adam Atch

    I have finally swapped back to Apple just got my iPhone 11 Pro Max today now I am gonna get the series 5

    • Rixellious Japutra
      Rixellious Japutra

      You are so aroogant

  • Mathematics Made Easy by Abhishek Datta
    Mathematics Made Easy by Abhishek Datta

    The band looks perfectly great on your wrist with both 38/44mm watch. Don’t know why it felt otherwise to you

  • Jerry Cruz
    Jerry Cruz

    Can you take it tonthe beach?

    • Daniel Romero
      Daniel Romero

      I would not take this band to the beach because sand and water could ruin it

  • anisur rahman
    anisur rahman


  • francine jenzen
    francine jenzen

    One side of my Milanese band doesn’t fit as good as the other side.

  • Cristian Sanchez
    Cristian Sanchez

    1:13 chainmail

  • Random overdose of Memes!
    Random overdose of Memes!


  • Trey Fisse
    Trey Fisse

    They do look a little more geared towards women. I love the magnetic feature though. Someone should make a stainless magnetic link band, they would get my money.

  • rrobertt13

    You put the band the wrong way around.

  • Danny Baloney
    Danny Baloney

    Does it rust when washed?

    • milan mahat
      milan mahat

      DirtyDan ! Its stainless. So no

  • louise Brown
    louise Brown

    It does fall out I’ve sent one band back to apple coz of this and they’ve just sent me a new one and guess what that on falls out too Apparently prior to 2018 they stayed in but since then they fall out nice video I’ve got a gold one very happy with it just wish the magnet end didn’t fall out !!!

  • Laverne Johnson
    Laverne Johnson

    If there wasn’t the word “ cool” you would have nothing to say.

    • Daniel Romero
      Daniel Romero

      You’re cool.

  • l l
    l l

    I'm a guy and I like the 38

  • Help Girl
    Help Girl

    Thank you for trying it on the black one

  • no potato
    no potato

    ALRIGHT LISTEN. I have actually had enough of people saying that “you could just get the same band off of amazon for 20 dollars” no. This is jewelry. It’s just like having knock off jewelry. Would you rather have a cheap knock off or the real thing?

    • jonh bishop
      jonh bishop

      as far as you can tell that is a cheap band. but cost more because apple sold it hahaha. Like iphone cost £10 to make in china and apple sell for £700

  • Canmanpan1

    When he said "this was 150 dollars my jaw actually drooped

  • Canmanpan1

    When he said "this was 150 dollars my jaw actually drooped

    • Adam

      I paid 15$ for it :D pretty good quality as well link in case u would be interested :D

    • Rania M
      Rania M

      Canmanpan1 I bought the exact same thing on amazon for $14😭

    • Jerg RVA
      Jerg RVA

      I had to replay it!!! Where's the amazon version at?

  • X

    Is it the series 1 ?

  • Josh

    Borderline paying for the packaging and brand the manufacturing processed no doubt cost around $30 - $50 including the cost of labour and materials. Most of the cheap ones you find elsewhere usually come from the same factory but didn’t make it through quality testing and will usually be sold to a third party for a cheap price hence why company’s don’t sue “fakes” or copies as it’s from the same place.

  • collette rubio
    collette rubio

    Hello, can you change the band on this one?

  • Caner Dağcı
    Caner Dağcı

    Türk alan kullanıcı yorumları ?

  • Fabricia Santos
    Fabricia Santos

    Brasil🇧🇷 ?

  • Debbie Thorne
    Debbie Thorne

    Uh, Amazon just delivered my $16.99 Milanese Loop band and it is sleek, elegant and a heck of a lot cheaper than Apple!

  • Geeked_up_customs

    You clowns that gave 150 away lol. Amazon has the same ones for 10 bucks!!!! All colors!!!!😂😂😂😂

  • Bastian Kalchbrenner
    Bastian Kalchbrenner

    Cool video buddy! Subbed :)

    • Daniel Romero
      Daniel Romero

      Thanks Bastian!

  • Arunpreet Singh
    Arunpreet Singh

    have been using a standard digital watch but now I am planning to get an apple watch. How comfortable is it to wear on a daily basis?

  • Victoria Curry
    Victoria Curry

    Do you think one of these bands would fit on a man that the M/L band doesn’t fit?

  • jimmy ravello
    jimmy ravello

    is this a little bigger than the sport band? i have an awfully large wrist and they dont make a l/xl for the s1 38mm😒

  • CaliGaL

    I like that metal

  • Jenson Hartup
    Jenson Hartup

    The band makes me think of chainmail armour like if you agree

  • nartron3000

    Are you trying to tell us something?

  • Mathieu Larochelle
    Mathieu Larochelle

    Can the band scratch the watch face ?

  • Shamir Bidaisee
    Shamir Bidaisee

    I bought a fake one and it feels great, it didn't lose color, the magnet is strong but not unpleasantly so, and it was under $20

  • Werner Kurpjuweit
    Werner Kurpjuweit

    I bought this one as well and like it.

  • Techie-X

    Trust me it looks equally sexy on my black Apple Watch... Catches everybody’s eye.

  • Alex Stephenson
    Alex Stephenson

    I got a black one and a gold one only £50 altogether you got ripped off mate

  • Leisha

    i honestly am gad i bought the 42mm watch because the bigger screen looks much better on my hand even though it apparently looks better on men which i dont personalyy believe its restricted to one gender because it look much better on me than the 38 did

  • Kam Jergenson
    Kam Jergenson

    Ok I’m worried asf I’m confused i bought this and I’m worried is it a wrist band for the watch or is it the actual Apple watch


    Can u put it in water tho?

  • no potato
    no potato

    Mine just arrived it is AWESOME

  • Abdul Manan Ch
    Abdul Manan Ch

    I got my right now in mail, the Milanese band for $7 from wish app

  • Kaskuwait Kaskuwait
    Kaskuwait Kaskuwait

    I also have

  • Will Doug
    Will Doug

    you have it on backwards loop part goes on bottom of watch

  • İbrahim Barlık
    İbrahim Barlık


    • Bowen Fei
      Bowen Fei

      You can find the best 3rd party bands here

    • AYX AYo
      AYX AYo

      That is not premium it might fall of your hand

    • Inigo G
      Inigo G

      Rhino Thunder I bet after few months of use your band will look awful. Apple’s are totally overpriced but can’t be compared in quality terms. In fact there are reviews comparing original with those chinese copies and results are evident.

    • Inigo G
      Inigo G

      I like to see people thinking that aliexpress stuff is same quality than apple’s. Us funny 😄 Apple is overpriced, of course but miles away in quality from that Chinese crap.

    • Beta Sword
      Beta Sword

      M9F0A ...No it’s not. 20 weeks with each band. Original and knock-off. The knock-off’s mesh continued to sever until it became unreliable. Original still looks nice as the day it was bought. Moral of the story: You get what you pay for.

  • no potato
    no potato

    Does it fall off occasionally? (Since it’s magnetic)

    • no potato
      no potato

      Daniel Romero thanks

    • Daniel Romero
      Daniel Romero

      Nope! Never, think of it like Velcro... It's not coming off unless you pull it off!

  • Marcell Garamvári
    Marcell Garamvári

    How order milanese loop with watch(not stainless steal) aluminium??

  • moose185

    I used to work out with the Milanese loop one,

  • money profit
    money profit

    bitc i am 18 and i use 42 mm white band

  • A B
    A B

    شكرا يعطيك العافية

  • oliverarado

    “Expensive bands” 😂 the cheapest Apple Watch band is $49 haha

  • Elda Garza
    Elda Garza

    I have one like that but I wonder how can I clean it. Thanks a lot

  • SabbraCadabra

    WTF. $150 for that? FUCK THAT SHIT. I like my apple products but i'm not spending a small fortune on a damn watchband for my watch. I'll just hit up amazon.

  • su poptomall
    su poptomall

    suggest to choose .many apple watch band to choose with good quality

  • Randon Richardson
    Randon Richardson

    Got a Milanese loop for my fitbit charge 2 today makes it look very sophisticated and elegant

  • 12

    Hey guys what'sdoaunrgaflbafterulnun and I'm checking out the Apple Watch Milanese Loop

  • Andy Peterson
    Andy Peterson


  • Steve Ho
    Steve Ho

    Good ideas

  • Sarky Ho
    Sarky Ho

    Thanks I got the black one already last week and thanks for your comment

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