Apple Watch Series 6 and SE Unboxing and first impressions!
Unboxing the new Apple Watch Series 6 and SE! Full review, coming soon.
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  • lxqmaan

    I love every reviews of hersssss

  • Mary Sandra
    Mary Sandra

    *finally I got my watch done in some minute by these man deztoolz on Instagram""""""he is so good in unlocking anything*

  • RyoKautsar Channel
    RyoKautsar Channel

    Getting blue Series 6 next month😍

  • José Madariaga Castro
    José Madariaga Castro

    It’s 40 mm?

  • Scapulartech

    After already unboxing it

  • Scapulartech

    I have a series 6 and I put it all back in the box so I could unbox it to the video

  • Christina Williams
    Christina Williams

    Are you wearing the 40 or 44 these days?

  • am larlia
    am larlia

    justene can you please do a nike watch unboxing if would be really cool and i just want to see a good review of it becuase i would like to get it

  • whitewolf361

    So I ordered a Space Grey SE with a size 4 band - after rewatching this, I realized I didn’t print at the right scale, since we probably have the same size wrist, or very similar. My new watch size tool says 2, or 3 depending on how tightly I wrap it. I also think I want the blue Series 6 after all, so I will now be changing my order :) Still stuck between a size 2 or 3 band though. Hmm...

  • JayJayPlayzzZ

    *uhhh hmmmm 10:29 making it affordable she said but that’s not there brand

  • Ben Freshwater
    Ben Freshwater

    is anyone going to by the apple watch series 6

  • Sohum Shah
    Sohum Shah

    Which size are you using currently? Is it 40mm??

  • Sa Fr
    Sa Fr

    Honestly I’m afraid of Justine bc ik she has a knife collection

  • Sim0es

    Which size you choose? 40mm or 44mm? Can’t decide what to buy for my girlfriend...

  • Dionne Louise Goodman
    Dionne Louise Goodman

    The blue shirt, blue watch, blue band YESSSSS

  • Zlatan Rakanovic
    Zlatan Rakanovic

    What will happen to me if I don’t buy the Apple Watch ⌚️?

  • Jovonn Zuniga
    Jovonn Zuniga


  • Jay

    The amount of times I have watched this video😳

  • Kamila Canniffe
    Kamila Canniffe

    u pretty

  • Re Salla
    Re Salla

    subscribe sharing

  • MrBrigadiergeneral

    I love your vids

  • Embxy

    11:20 😂😂

  • Tin The Content Creator
    Tin The Content Creator

    What an average Justine: as she gets AN AXE JUST TO OPEN A SEAL THAT HAS A OPEN TAB AT THE BACK

  • Ahhh Ah
    Ahhh Ah

    I measured my wrist for the solo loop and i was a 2...😐 I don’t think it will fit me.....

  • Matthew Geoghegan
    Matthew Geoghegan

    I am thinking of getting the apple watch series 6 in gps. Does the apple watch stay connected to it all the time when the iphone is near the apple watch or does it sometimes disconnect?

  • Delta the Blacephalon
    Delta the Blacephalon

    Yay Justine is left handed #underrepresented

  • Fly’s

    I recently got my device fixed by cyberwizard19 on instagram, that guy is a Genius in fixing iCloud unlock issues,you guys should try this guy.

  • Mark Jasur
    Mark Jasur

    I’m glad I meet t *rocktoolz* ôn Instagram and my phone fixed,

  • Jamie Lee Ashton
    Jamie Lee Ashton


  • Lil Dorah
    Lil Dorah

    *Rocktoolz on iG has to be the best tools for this.*

  • Jamie Evans
    Jamie Evans

    I’m left handed and wear it on my left hand 😂

  • Mihnea Babu
    Mihnea Babu

    tice nits

  • Markau919

    The blue watch with the blue iPhone 12 😍

  • Solomon Isaiah
    Solomon Isaiah

    Ho recuperato il mio iwatch con l'aiuto di # wiliams-hack su IG #, ha recuperato il mio account solo entro un'ora, è legittimo e conveniente.

  • Solomon Isaiah
    Solomon Isaiah

    Ho recuperato il mio iwatch con l'aiuto di # wiliams-hack su IG #, ha recuperato il mio account solo entro un'ora, è legittimo e conveniente.

  • Estrella Cervantes
    Estrella Cervantes

    You got the right color for iphone 12

  • Janelle Gregg
    Janelle Gregg

    What made you choose the stainless steel over the titanium? And will you do a video comparing the two?

  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello

    I just realized yesterday that if you have the Mickey Mouse watch face and tap it, Mickey will tell you the time...

  • appr oved
    appr oved

    So I can buy an iwatch 6 , wip out my iPhone SE (2017) that isn’t not networked to anything but wifi and get say a service for just my iwatch from att?

  • SnapRasta

    I got an apple watch it broke then bought an Omega. Best decision I've made.

  • Storm on YouTube
    Storm on YouTube

    I just got a Apple Watch series 6

  • Mister Gabe
    Mister Gabe

    I want an Apple Watch but I’m going all in for a Rolex.

  • NaTaLiE343

    I just got the Apple Watch SE MY FIRST EVER APPLE WATCH and i am SO EXCITED and the first person I thought of was you Justine!!

  • Lucas CN
    Lucas CN

    I keep asking my dad for a series 3 Apple Watch but he always says no. pls help me get one🥺🥺 pretty pls🥺🥺

  • Alexis Satterfield
    Alexis Satterfield

    I’m getting the 44mm Apple Watch series 6 with cellular service. I’m kinda nervous about getting a bigger size watch but I think I will like having the bigger screen display.

  • _ Mags
    _ Mags

    Hey justine i like your videos

  • Nick Christensen
    Nick Christensen

    I just got an Apple Watch series 6 today

  • Chase S.
    Chase S.

    Just bought the 44mm Series 6. Let me tell you it’s worth the *$650* dollars!

  • NGHD

    hmmm so cool and i wanna it too 😍😍

  • olivia zwarts
    olivia zwarts

    Can you have a apple watch with a android phone?

  • Mc1nn3s 07
    Mc1nn3s 07

    3:21 series 3 😂 I have a series 4 and this just makes me laugh 😆

  • paku tanaka
    paku tanaka

    I saw a comment about supercar blondie. I say supercar blondie is the queen of cars and iJustine is the queen of Apple. I rest my case

  • Lisa Nguyen
    Lisa Nguyen

    Umm I kinda feel bad for the old Apple Watch, but....

  • karan bidhuri
    karan bidhuri

    which should i choose i am getting 5 44mm cellular at the price of series 6 44mm gps????

  • Max dli
    Max dli

    Apple Watch Series 6 Unboxing: Nike edition -

  • Max dli
    Max dli

    Apple Watch Series 6 Unboxing: Nike edition -

  • Cole Nugent
    Cole Nugent

    When will you do a apple watch SE? Also can I get a shoutout, heh...

  • Jiferson Mondragon
    Jiferson Mondragon

    How I wish everyone could actually get an apple watch

  • STEPHANy Medina MUÑiZ
    STEPHANy Medina MUÑiZ

    Just curious I wanna get a watch but I suck at measuring how many inches is ur wrist

  • Pawat Bobby
    Pawat Bobby

    Having hard time picking between Blue and Black solo loop band with the blue aluminum case, seen you paired with the black solo loop. What do you think about going with the blue solo loop one?

  • Weldee Woodworth
    Weldee Woodworth

    Where is your watch band from??

  • Yvonne Liu
    Yvonne Liu

    I wear my Apple Watch on my right hand to because I write with my left hand

  • DianaN

    What size did you get??

  • Elyazya Almasaood
    Elyazya Almasaood

    I just ordered the blue a few days ago and at first i kind of regretted getting blue and wish i got black but watching this video i cant wait for mine to come

  • Gunnar Lindberg
    Gunnar Lindberg

  • محمد /MOHAMMED الكثيري /alkathiri
    محمد /MOHAMMED الكثيري /alkathiri

    Can you tell us the difference between the fifth and sixth editions, and is it worth changing from the fifth to the sixth edition?

  • Justin Mimi
    Justin Mimi

    I got my I watch series 6 from *appledwag on IG* for a very cheap rate lol he's the best

  • Lawrence Jerry
    Lawrence Jerry

    *hack_double147* on *iG* er schaltet meine iwatch dauerhaft frei er hat seinen job perfekt gemacht ohne stress er ist echt.

  • Lawrence Jerry
    Lawrence Jerry

    *hack_double147* on *iG* er schaltet meine iwatch dauerhaft frei er hat seinen job perfekt gemacht ohne stress er ist echt.

  • Deb Russell
    Deb Russell

    Hi Justine can you make a house tour video?:)

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