Are the Twitch Beggars Baiting Us?
Drew Gooden
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The twitch beggars are getting out of hand... but are they doing it on purpose to attract attention? Let's speculate.
There are some wonderful people on twitch, here are a few of my favorites:
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sorry if this video kinda sucks i'm trying my best

  • Emily-Grace Bateman
    Emily-Grace Bateman

    U smell so bad

    • Marsh

      I'm the 69th subscriber if yours

    • Jacob __
      Jacob __


    • Lizi Arutinov
      Lizi Arutinov

      @Just Some Guy without a Mustache i swear to God why are you always in every comment section and how do you do that I would rlly like if you told me that😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    • Blix

      Thx you too

    • AFL Theory
      AFL Theory

      That’s what I was smelling

  • Chika Saito
    Chika Saito

    Invadervie is 29 years old....... I legitimately cannot understand how a GROWN ASS WOMAN can be so childish smh

  • Daniel Akintola
    Daniel Akintola


  • ajslam999

    “You definitely heard that, but that’s not what I said” Wh-what?

  • Liz J
    Liz J

    is that cat real

  • Mr. Khan
    Mr. Khan

    I love Drew's way of thinking. He really speaks my mind

  • Ryan Akwar
    Ryan Akwar

    Amanda Cerny's net worth *Under Review*

  • Lauren Leprine
    Lauren Leprine

    Ok here’s the thing. Even if you live comfortably in this current moment, does not mean $5 dollars is not important to you. Do people understand how much money it requires to retire? Do people realize how uncertain any job is and how important it is to save money in case of an emergency or you lose your job at any moment (most states are at will states meaning an employer can fire you for any reason, at any time). Even if someone may seem comfortable now, that can all change at the drop of a hat. So yeah the difference of giving someone $5 or saving $5 a month to support yourself/loved ones in an emergency is a big deal. For someone who does work a 9-5 (which doesn’t even really exist anymore most people work at least 9-10hrs a day) and then has to pay all their necessities to live, food, rent, bills, transportation, college debt, etc, there’s a good chance that they only have $5-10 disposable to them. So IMO I would either save that money or if you’re looking to not save it, maybe donate it to organizations helping others during a PANDEMIC AND ECONOMIC CRISIS rather than giving it to someone who shames people and has a weird entitlement complex for doing the bare minimum to provide entertainment on a platform that is free.

  • Grace Girl
    Grace Girl

    This is why my brother watches v-tubers....

  • Irate Puffin
    Irate Puffin

    Why does she speak like a robot??

  • oWaterfall

    "...climate of the internet..." -Drew Gooden, 2020 idk why i really liked this quote

  • Harrison Daines
    Harrison Daines

    “You’re so irresponsible with their money!!” Tells you why you should pay her $5 to watch her tell you to pay her $5

  • Lophidie

    The only lady I would sub/simp to is Pokimane 💀💀. Do these ladies even do anything or do they just sit in front of the camera going "I'm pretty gimme money or else I'll call you stupid!!"

  • Chirpy

    Stinky Drew uses the brave browser my man

  • Arne E.
    Arne E.

    11:13 You heard me saying that because I probably said that but I didn't say that.

  • Edwin Campuzano
    Edwin Campuzano

    12:17 Where is the cat? Is it alright? is it safe?

  • Marcos Ruiz
    Marcos Ruiz

    The "understanding both sides of an argument" topic of this video is beautiful. This was a very well made essay, good job drew!

  • Nick

    The Jenna marbles plug hasn’t aged too well. Shit happened like 2 weeks after the video was posted😂

  • Cinnamon Bun
    Cinnamon Bun

    This video is golden. Whoops, meant GOODEN. Thank you kindly, dear bean. Hope you are staying safe and well

  • Katie Pike
    Katie Pike

    I wanna dislike this video because this girl is such a twat... but Drew doesn't deserve that.

  • Garfield

    The sense of entitlement is really effective

  • Gyro Zeppeli
    Gyro Zeppeli

    I hate Invader V but I’ve been just staring at her jotaro iggy and Joseph joestar plush like where do I get those

  • lannadelarosa

    Now, now. Don't kink shame. She has obvious found an untapped twitch stream market as a Financial Dominatrix and these are all her cash-pigs willingly submitting themselves to money slavery.

  • The Man!!
    The Man!!

    14:58 lol

  • Jorgan Freeman
    Jorgan Freeman

    Their mindset is basically “Oh you can’t get pregnant? Just have sex!”

  • Alina Yurchenko
    Alina Yurchenko

    he speaks similar to John Mulaney :DD

  • Temporal

    people like this on twitch just need to learn that they’re not entitled to ANYTHING from their viewers or anyone for that matter

  • BlakeBOOM507

    why he say guy not guys me feel wierd now

    • Muffin Studioz
      Muffin Studioz

      That’s just what he does

  • camden burke
    camden burke

    The people who disliked this are simps lol

  • Bla3ck 54
    Bla3ck 54

    1:45 lol thats 2500 dollars what the heck would she do with money im pretty sure nothing for the stream lol

  • lol why does my life exist
    lol why does my life exist

    finally, simps used in the correct context at 10:57

  • Hqstupidlab

    She should put less revealing clothes on, I am literally 13.

    • Ref

      sadly, you don’t control what other people wear ~ her body is not for you

  • Ishanator

    this woman is highly fascinating... I would love to meet her in person

  • Ashton Kutcher
    Ashton Kutcher

    Idk why but Amanda Cerny's expression in the thumbnail makes me giggle a lil

  • titlewave

    *”Entertained by ur thighs”*

  • titlewave

    maaaaybe, and hear me out, as this is clearly a very brave & controversial opinion here on my behalf, but... *what if.....* (and i’m really reaching on this) people don’t think your content is good enough to donate even five dollars a month for?... and *MAAAAYBBEEEE* you/she said it yourself/herself, that they actually *don’t* respect you as an entertainer....because you just sit there, and do literally *NOTHING* in terms of significant or original content......

  • titlewave

    if “5 dollars really isn’t much money at all” then just make new/fake accounts and sub urself 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Hafid Alaoui
    Hafid Alaoui

    drew's dog is cute

  • David Ventura
    David Ventura

    Make this the most disliked coment on this channel

    • Ref

      lol dislikes aren’t visible

  • Roisaorlaith Grimley
    Roisaorlaith Grimley

    I’m very *very* angry at her

  • DAB 369
    DAB 369

    WTF 😂 I need to download this shit 😂😂😂😂

  • Tyler McDpenis
    Tyler McDpenis

    I love the 18 minute videos your an awesome youtuber

    • Jazzling


  • Daniel Finn
    Daniel Finn

    Man drew literally had my reaction to the invader clip 😌

  • Evan Craw
    Evan Craw

    I don't know,but if she really had so many jobs,wouldn't her hands be just a bit callused?idk,just wondering

  • The Kissing Brothers
    The Kissing Brothers

    Drew it’s 100% all bait my man. You’re takin an L here

  • Gabriella Ayala
    Gabriella Ayala

    Me: on my way to harass the people he talked about in this video Drew: “don’t go harass these people” Me: fuck

  • help I am a turtle trapped in a human's body
    help I am a turtle trapped in a human's body

    But I do like steak

  • Stale silver
    Stale silver

    I'm just wondering why his eyes so red is it just this video or is that just how he looks

  • Liam Byrne
    Liam Byrne

    Her "apology" doesn't even seem like it was meant for that specific incident. What she's saying in it barely even applies to the incident she's apologizing for. It comes off like something she'd put out if someone found a video of her saying the n-word or making statements that used to be okay, but now are not. More so, it comes off like something a publicist would write for a celebrity to say had something like that happened to them. I guess what I'm trying to say is it's fake as shit, and she probably has said/done worse shit, given her phrasing in that video.

    • paycheck Blake
      paycheck Blake


  • Pablo Macias
    Pablo Macias

    i always knew Drew was a man of taste but nickmercs clips? top notch taste 🤙🏽

  • Orlando G.
    Orlando G.

    Golden age of articulate sociopaths.

  • Dummy Premium
    Dummy Premium

    its funny how hes talking facts and so passinate obut what hes saying and his cats just back there chilling

  • fløräł :3
    fløräł :3

    Ils m’agacent

  • Cookiegins

    I started streaming like a week ago, and i have 10 followers and i am sooooo happy about 10 people. I think thats because i genuinely enjoy it. I dont know why there are so many girls/guys like these people. they ruin the platform.

  • Chancellor Caudle
    Chancellor Caudle

    Don’t forget Amanda Cerny is also on playboy

  • RSB

    Your new poster isn't straight...

  • A17_cynical I legally identify as a plastic fork
    A17_cynical I legally identify as a plastic fork

    Antibe vaxxers be like 6:05

  • Kalyan Muir
    Kalyan Muir

    are we gonna notice how theyere all woman?

    • J Ml
      J Ml


  • Freddie l
    Freddie l

    Damn her viewers are on a new level of simping

  • Nick Drury
    Nick Drury

    God I’m so mad. She’s such a terrible person. I feel sorry for any dude that has dated her

  • yogurt

    how can one girl be so beautiful but so dense at the same time she's like the opposite of me

    • J Ml
      J Ml

      you are beautiful

  • Tre 3x
    Tre 3x

    Wait no legs?

  • Jack

    It hurt my brain to watch this girl

  • Elijah Hanna
    Elijah Hanna

  • Chivonne Turcotte
    Chivonne Turcotte

    I think drew makes a good point in this video. Twitch is a free platform and by just being there and commenting and interacting with streamers we don't owe them money. I feel they should be grateful that people are there supporting them even if it's not $5. Another point. You don't know what everyone is going to. Some people may not have $5 to spare on people. And maybe some people do which is fine. Anyways that was a long rant but I thought it had to be said

  • FlamingRose131

    She really talks like she belongs to the streets

  • daisy gonzalez
    daisy gonzalez

    she's so annoying holy

  • Lauren McGee
    Lauren McGee

    Amanda reminds me of a teacher

  • Cat Noir
    Cat Noir

    I know this is off topic but dude imagine if ozai or Azula was a streamer who begs “Give me all your money or I’ll scar you for life and kill you”

  • Nadia Mikulich
    Nadia Mikulich

    Okay, as an example of some GOOD streamers, Crankgameplays and RIPmika. Love those two! They have different sized audience but it's fun to just listen to them, and whenever people say they can't sub, they just say they are glad to have them there! THAT IS WHAT TWITCH IS ALL ABOUT

Prossimi video