Are You Actually Supposed to Break This Toy?
How does it feel to be inside an alien's stomach? Let's find out!
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We uncovered the newest Treasure X Aliens by doing it jumbo! Discover what all could be hiding inside this alien's stomach as our two volunteers search through slimey goo.
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  • Vat19

    Sorry, we only had enough room to free one of the aliens from Area 51. We'll be going back for the rest soon. Comment if interested.

    • DIY Dude
      DIY Dude

      Tell me more...

    • Cipher-chan playz
      Cipher-chan playz

      @Brandon gaming TV WERE GUNNA' GET THEM ALIANS

    • Brandon gaming TV
      Brandon gaming TV

      @Israel Munoz they can't stop all of us

    • Brandon gaming TV
      Brandon gaming TV

      @Robert Macdonald yes. It's in Nevada, las Vegas.

    • Brandon gaming TV
      Brandon gaming TV

      @Cipher-chan playz they can't stop all of us

  • Sans The Skeleton
    Sans The Skeleton

    I can't decide what to buy on theres so many great options..and some are expensive

  • s h a n a i a
    s h a n a i a

    2:57 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Ryan VanPutten
    Ryan VanPutten

    2:55 he stroked the bone lol

  • Gacha - Rio
    Gacha - Rio

    I just want some doritos

  • Barbara Toal
    Barbara Toal

    You did not make that it’s at toy world Kmart and target

  • Tomboyish44

    So much hard work *claps*

  • Connor Baker
    Connor Baker

    Why do the kids look taller than jamie

    • Dazhi Yang
      Dazhi Yang

      cuz dey stant on stool(probly)

  • Kurama 999
    Kurama 999

    lmao 3:42 3:43

  • wiltedcherrytree

    mkay so either jamie is short or those kids are tall as heck

    • Dazhi Yang
      Dazhi Yang

      they probly stood on a stool

  • Ultimate Gaming
    Ultimate Gaming

    Why was the logo on the kids shirt censored?

  • Elijah Barne
    Elijah Barne

    I want one 😭😍😩😩

  • rando 5683
    rando 5683

    Was waiting for an "this aint it cheef"

  • The A Sister
    The A Sister

    The white Boy :this aint IT Jimmi:kind the fish around

  • Collision Gaming
    Collision Gaming

    Area 51 for kids :D

  • Oblivion

    Bro ewwwww the way he touches that bone!!!

  • Luke Magnien
    Luke Magnien

    I bought 3 and in the first one I opened I got the rare gem

  • Ihate Myself
    Ihate Myself

    The government is after u know

  • Jayden Trinh
    Jayden Trinh

    Hey I got that toy if you can send me more slime that would be great😦😭


    What we Will find at area 51

  • Sarah Knight
    Sarah Knight

    You can get this at smthtoyssuperstores


    Also anyone else notice but he kinda sounds like think noodles


    I wish I was one of these kids T-T

  • Pinkwolfplayz Pinkwolfplayz
    Pinkwolfplayz Pinkwolfplayz

    How else will only want to play with she slime?

  • Ghettodi nixoh
    Ghettodi nixoh

    2:54 .... Chinese man from Hangover: HA GAAAAAAY!! PS:those Toys are crappy Shit no one should buy!!

  • angeliaat tisdella
    angeliaat tisdella

    area 51 he's cutting that alien

  • Kirsten Ablonczy
    Kirsten Ablonczy

    who the crap name’s their kid Talon. for real.

  • Eric Zhang
    Eric Zhang

    Who watched it but did not buy it

  • avip

    area 51 training going good

  • UnaBella

    I’m a girl and most girls don’t like boy toys but I actually like this one

  • MrOverNub

    Well at least now we don't have to raid Area 51

  • Nathaniel Killebrew
    Nathaniel Killebrew

    “This ain’t it!”

  • KJ Walter
    KJ Walter

    you guys didn't make these

  • Susan Gerwig
    Susan Gerwig

    I wish I can see lady gaga

  • ii_DonutLily

    ....pretty sure i saw this on a commercial on T.V...

  • Severy XX
    Severy XX

    One question, why can people buy only one at the time?

  • Priscilla Yang
    Priscilla Yang

    Nobody: That one kid: *ThiS aInT iT*

  • Nifue

    You just tap

  • TOTORO-playz

    I bought 3, gave one to my friend and dissected 2 and can i just say that my slime was in a package!!!

  • UselessAnimationz

    7:10 Phil swift would be proud

  • Little_lilac_love

    I got this a million times on TV

  • Itz Vxper
    Itz Vxper

    When you realize you are willingly watching multiple ads.

  • Charlie Rowan
    Charlie Rowan

    Why make 18 when your called Vat 19"

  • Someone

    *T H I S A I N T I T*

  • Owen 22018
    Owen 22018

    The space jem should infinity stones

  • Julia Doughan
    Julia Doughan

    slime=gross aliens=gross blindsearch=gross vat19=awesome

    • Julia Doughan
      Julia Doughan


    • Julia Doughan
      Julia Doughan


  • Coyote_Sparks

    How many dildos did that alien eat

  • K’oni Thammavong
    K’oni Thammavong

    98% of the comments are about talen .1% is about Area 51. The other one percent is something other.

  • Owen Boethel
    Owen Boethel

    Area 51 reference?

  • Jaybencito Yeety Boi
    Jaybencito Yeety Boi

    No one: Talon: tHiS aInT iT cHeiF

  • Tom Pook
    Tom Pook

    So you’re starting the very early

  • Poi Man
    Poi Man

    Is this teaching kids how to do some sort of c section 😐

  • Abraar Kandah
    Abraar Kandah

    There should be 19 collectibles because it’s vat19

  • SvS Adv enture’s
    SvS Adv enture’s


  • garux gaming
    garux gaming

    2:55 I thought it was a dick

  • Ana is the best
    Ana is the best

    Yeah you can break these toys in my opinion

  • brodyn oliver
    brodyn oliver

    Is this what we will find inArea 51

  • Kurama the Cookie
    Kurama the Cookie

    They only made aliens cuz they are going to storm Area 51

  • gamer girl
    gamer girl


  • Cool Kids
    Cool Kids

    2:57 I’m sorry. I hate that my dirty mind took over 👽🤠

  • sanso bad time
    sanso bad time


  • Oren Roll
    Oren Roll

    Im getting one now

  • OutHercules9616

    How much times did they have to go to area 51?!?!?!?,!?!???!?!!!?!?

  • The Cat
    The Cat

    Ok so I love vat19 but like why do they only have boys advertising these kinds of things and girls advertising more girly things

  • The Cat
    The Cat

    I need this

  • DJDezert

    Can you play baseball with this?

  • Zeke Harris
    Zeke Harris

    Wow cant believe I found some rare footage from an area 51 raid lol

  • emad zahid
    emad zahid

    2:58 aye bruh whatchu doin to that bone

  • Poke Freak
    Poke Freak

    He stroked the bone 😆😆😆

  • Reece Mccrory
    Reece Mccrory

    Why do you always rip off everything from every where

    • Reece Mccrory
      Reece Mccrory

      Thanks for who ever liked my coment

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