Are You Actually Supposed to Break This Toy?
How does it feel to be inside an alien's stomach? Let's find out!
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We uncovered the newest Treasure X Aliens by doing it jumbo! Discover what all could be hiding inside this alien's stomach as our two volunteers search through slimey goo.
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  • Vat19

    Sorry, we only had enough room to free one of the aliens from Area 51. We'll be going back for the rest soon. Comment if interested.

    • Pikavee Mania
      Pikavee Mania

      Click the link on the comment, then the link on the top comment on that video, then the next. CROSS PROMO.

    • DragonFireGaming

      Vat19 I’m interested

    • Patrick Star
      Patrick Star

      I want one!!

    • Night Bear
      Night Bear

      Trixie Games r/wooooosh

    • OpalKatz


  • butter corn demon 123
    butter corn demon 123

    1:12,lol bes part eva XD

  • Pikavee Mania
    Pikavee Mania

    Being honest here: If I found those giant scissors, I would cut open the alien and look for the TX alien with my eyes.

  • Andrew Poopz
    Andrew Poopz

    This ain’t it...

  • Jennifer Herrin
    Jennifer Herrin

    3:42 ahhhhhhhh that’s hot

  • Dragoon Gaming
    Dragoon Gaming

    They used scissors as forceps

  • The Hawk 98
    The Hawk 98

    3:00 the little guy found likde 3 dildos in there

  • gacha_g4m3r yeah
    gacha_g4m3r yeah

    The alien looks traumatized

  • PlainsOfDeath Games
    PlainsOfDeath Games


  • Commander Krueger
    Commander Krueger

    1:48 Kid: Help me

  • TheCrazyShin Godzilla
    TheCrazyShin Godzilla

    I gave the treasure hunter to my little brother cause all I cared about was the alien

  • LillianaDodson

    The fact that he called it flesh colored really annoyed me

  • Its TKB
    Its TKB

    The kids are pretty lucky

  • Cab Fish
    Cab Fish

    V O R E

  • ihearttoys

    t h e y d I d s u r g e r y o n a m o n s t e r

  • Carlos Vazquez
    Carlos Vazquez

    1st: "that ain't it." 2nd: "that ain't it." 3rd: "that ain't it." 4th: "did it eat a person swimming?" 5th: "I lost it."

  • Yotube Creates
    Yotube Creates

    2:37 tell the kid stop stroking his findings 😂

  • koolkazamikid37 Gaming
    koolkazamikid37 Gaming

    U all go to area 51 and kill the alien u guys save?

  • Yeti Confetti
    Yeti Confetti

    So if aliens did this to humans isn’t it the equivalent of finding Indiana Jones inside your moms stomach

  • iiTsVenom

    @maxmoefoepokemon needs to do this

  • RobloxBrian


  • 13522 Toh
    13522 Toh

    Teem work makes deam work 😃

  • Toastte

    I guess Danny was a Treasure Hunter What's his weapon? I want to collect one.

  • The Void Kid
    The Void Kid

    It’s sad how he doesn’t help the black kid but helps the white one

  • Trentnoblade

    Aliens: (spying on earthlings) they are training children at young ages to kill our kind?!?!

  • Crazy Doggo
    Crazy Doggo

    I just had 2 say it OOHHH BOOGERS

  • stephanie graves
    stephanie graves

    You can find these in a store

  • Plant productions
    Plant productions

    People who remember test tube aliens: "hey, I've seen this one Vat19: what do you mean you've seen this one? It's brand new

  • Omega Rapter
    Omega Rapter

    They just disected the children society

  • Omega Rapter
    Omega Rapter

    He kept taking his time though I wonder y P.s: y the frick did he stroke the fricken bone and y the frick did the person next to him kept smiling while he did it

  • Shlan Games
    Shlan Games

    *Thanos would like to now your location*

  • T-Pose Timmy
    T-Pose Timmy

    I would’ve had so much fun with this toy as a kid

  • Raptor CC
    Raptor CC

    This makes me want to see more of those Indiana Jones movies.

  • Raptor CC
    Raptor CC

    Area 51 was Vat19 all along hmmm.

  • Ben Zamora
    Ben Zamora

    I have one

  • mr. Minecraft oh boy
    mr. Minecraft oh boy

    I wish I could get one treasure X alien

  • Pekka Thekiller
    Pekka Thekiller

    5:53 and 5:54 is funny😂😂😂😂😂

    • Pekka Thekiller
      Pekka Thekiller

      Wait 5:56

  • Fr1ed 0cto
    Fr1ed 0cto

    Nokia: Finally a worthy oponent

  • Hikmi

    Do more videos like this because they are super cool!

  • Jamless Jiminie
    Jamless Jiminie


  • Grammar Commie
    Grammar Commie

    U N D E R E Y E H O L E S

  • PeachyBlue

    This is some werid vore

  • rc cars and more
    rc cars and more

    My name is Anthony to

  • Myles Griffin
    Myles Griffin

    1:10 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • lukita6969 69
    lukita6969 69

    2:54 trying not to be dirty minded

  • Chicken Strips
    Chicken Strips

    I find this at Walmart for nine dollar’s

  • David Tavarez
    David Tavarez

    U are not better than jojo siwa

  • random_ user
    random_ user

    Imagine the alien was actually real and woke up and kill everyone and burn them chop them smash them mash them punch them shoot them then kill them

  • A egg that Escaped from Mexico
    A egg that Escaped from Mexico

    Does that mean the alien gave birth to the toy and the kid just ripped its baby out? 😭

    • Xxtavşan israxX
      Xxtavşan israxX


  • Maddi Leader of the titans
    Maddi Leader of the titans

    Iove York video

  • lenny face
    lenny face



    I have one 🤣

  • Johanna Sylvester
    Johanna Sylvester

    0:17 why is no one talking about them squealing because they got 2 tickets to lady gaga 😂👍

  • adryn martinez
    adryn martinez

    Did you cover yourself with oil and then used some slime oooze from the toy alien to do the scene of you coming out the stomach

  • Tommy Ngo
    Tommy Ngo

    Have you ever seen an ad in an ad in an ad

  • Steph Moses
    Steph Moses


  • Steph Moses
    Steph Moses

    6th grade and a few of them are pretty cool and the rest

  • Weirdo cat Guy
    Weirdo cat Guy

    This was your last commercial? Man I dont wanna see more top whatever videos from yly guys not to be offensive but i like being marketed to by you guys like really it was fun to be marketed to and it sold me on quite a few of your products can you guys actually do more commercials if you can?

  • Cynthia Awesomeness
    Cynthia Awesomeness


  • Ellie-Maria Giacomelli
    Ellie-Maria Giacomelli


  • Noobgamer 109
    Noobgamer 109

    Looks like the alien has two boners. #FailNoNutNovember#November2019

  • Voltek the Cyborg
    Voltek the Cyborg


  • IndonesianGamerKiddo

    2:56 Look At His Hand Doing Something...

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude

    _let me be a kid again_

  • BeeTell

    I LOVE these! If you ever want to get one, the blue ones and the blue ones only have rare figures in them. Trust me, I’ve only ever gotten dares from those, and no commons, too. Guaranteed rare! Though I do wish I would get that peridot gem some point in time

  • Erica Varela
    Erica Varela

    Did you guys create all these toys

  • KOTY

    So basically Yall monetizing area 51

  • Eracnet Plays
    Eracnet Plays

    Your meant to break it? That’s my speciality

  • Loser Muffin
    Loser Muffin

    4:55 when you make a Ferris buehler reference but no one gets it

  • Mihaela Luca
    Mihaela Luca

    I bought a metallic slime but I think u guys scammed me!! >:(

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