Are You Scared of Being Home Alone?
Join, if you dare, as Ryan reads the internet's scariest stories (some true, some false) to his pal Shane as they try to figure out if the story is experienced or imagined. This week, a man hears a noise in his house when he's home alone...
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    Ryan, here! Thank you all for watching this show! This is our 3rd and FINAL episode as this was just a mini pilot season for this series. We wanted to make sure you guys enjoyed it before we decided to make a full season. As for the status of a future season, TBD based on how these 3 episodes do! Either way, thank you for supporting and I hope you enjoyed the ride.

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      Yes!!! I would love to see more of these! I love them! 💕

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      Jennifer Solorzano

      Please make full season!!!!!! 😭😭

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      Oshini Perera

      Please make more it’s good

    • Cuteqxsad UwU
      Cuteqxsad UwU

      please do make another episode/season !! I love this idea, it’s scary and interesting at the same time, great to watch while eating a snack :D

  • Alex Ngiam
    Alex Ngiam

    I hope this series continues! Looking at the video views stats, Puppet History, Are You Scared and Weird Wonderful World, Homemade, etc... are some of the best performing series so far on this channel. Hope that's signs of good news for us viewers who love this series!

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    Ryan and shane oh shit im watching this.

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    Anwen Griffiths

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    mëğäňő fĺïńţ

    Ok but the scream that played when the burglar was frustrated I thought it was Michael from the office lol

  • Akegami

    𝙄𝙨 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙖 𝙅𝙤𝙟𝙤 𝙍𝙚𝙛𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙣𝙘𝙚?

  • Oshini Perera
    Oshini Perera

    Please do more this incredible

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    R-Jay Yamaha

    Uhhh... this is literally why I have my gun in my bedside table 🙃

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    Emma Rae

    Omg jts ryan hey boyy [Edit] SHANES THERE TOO HEYYY

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    Marcello Mori

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  • Marcello Mori
    Marcello Mori

    Ryan really needs to be a licensed gun owner

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    Zero Dragon warz

    Is nobody gonna talk about “I heard loud footballs “

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    Jenny Tan

    Let this be the next Unsolved like series they make together ❤

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    Evie Goff

    all the chip talk feels very tmg edit: 7:09 “chip me up daddy”

  • Payton Hall
    Payton Hall

    I’ve only watched one minute and I’m mad there are only three of these😂 please make more y’all are awesome.

    • Payton Hall
      Payton Hall

      Update after watching: yeah I’m definitely gonna need about a hundred more of these.

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    I need more of this bro’s xx

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    nah man i'd wait at least two hours before leaving the attic

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    Miriam W.

    I would be fucked if this were me. I have the WORST fight or flight reflex. It is just "freeze. If you dont move it cant are you 🤡" and then if I get TOO worried, cataplexy kicks in and bye-bye muscle tone! I'm gonna live in a small apartment in a small building and I'm gonna have a gun. And a fire ladder.

  • Jessica Myers
    Jessica Myers

    1 minute in and i’m already uncomfortable seeing as i literally live in norcal suburbs :,)

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  • Leo's Edge
    Leo's Edge

    What is this channel about just got here from buzzfeed unsolved it was only a voice saying the stories. Where are ryan and Shane

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    Yes. Finally. No more withdrawals. Thank god I found this channel

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    Darwin Sabillon

    is that fuckin ryan

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    This guy has game, hearing someone in the house and bolting straight for them. respect with no respect

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    Vladimir Putin

    One noise and I’d be sat behind my door like “okay whoever’s there I’ll make a deal with you, you can take 3 things from my house and I won’t call the police”

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin

    I don’t know if this is about robbery yet but if a robber came into my house when I was alone I’d allow it and then get my dads axe and go mad at his legs lol 🙂

  • Gerald 19
    Gerald 19

    "I smelled cigarette smoke" Me:turns the car right back around

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      Jayze Pickles

      Ngl, I was in a spooked out mood from this video and your profile picture creeped me out.

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    Andrew Arter

    One advantage to having a big ass dog that barks at anything that gets even close to my residence, I would already be armed to fuck up a meth head.

  • Louis Taylor
    Louis Taylor

    is it just me that's thinking it might have been the stepfather that maybe escaped the asylum

  • natheavnly

    why do i watch these when it’s 3am???

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  • Nora Martinez
    Nora Martinez

    The reason why Shane has several Burt’s Bees chapsticks on his nightstand is because that shit doesn’t work. You need to coat your lips with it like it’s frosting to even feel a small moisturizing effect for more than five minutes.

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    Helen Martinez

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    Thegr8ninja boss

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    InfiniteIdeas squared

    I have a hefty candle in a glass jar that I have already almost hurled at folks who enter my room without knocking, and in the other room is a wooden softball bat between the dresser and the bedroom wall so my twin can also be protected. I lived in a neighborhood where break-ins happened to peoples' cars and even houses a lot, so it's kind of ingrained in me to retaliate first and ask questions later I guess. It's terrifying regardless.

  • emmy

    ryan is a schlage fanboy

  • Sewer Rat
    Sewer Rat

    I love Shane's mustache in this video

  • Evan Parker
    Evan Parker

    as someone that lives in the middle of the woods (as is normal in NH) we do have schlage locks😌 but honestly we never lock the door

  • RA Morgan
    RA Morgan

    God imagine if he didn’t have his attic access in his closet...

  • Donika691

    Please do more! This was fun.

  • Linda Kendrick
    Linda Kendrick

    If u don't lock ur door ur an idiot. The world isn't safe anymore. If someone wants to get in ur house they don't need to use the door...

  • 307 Seri .Rika_
    307 Seri .Rika_

    That was the most terrifying type of intruder. Not the one to go into you bedroom, check under your bed and leave, but the one to go batshit insane and check EVERYWHERE and especially with multiple people. I have a safe spot behind the bed where it’s not really visible. The fact that this guy actually FLIPPED the bed over in the story is wack and terrifying.

  • Gomez Addams
    Gomez Addams

    Of course the news comes on with the PD telling people to lock their doors and cars at night because of multiple breakins an hour away from my house.

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    WreK Tang1e

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    Btw Bh

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  • berry

    hearing this is quite concerning considering that my family kind of got robbed just a couple days ago... except my grandfather caught the dude a few hours later but.

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  • Berkeley Kempton
    Berkeley Kempton

    I have a smith and Wesson 44 magnum by my bedside if anyone breaks in I hope they have a immunity to a 2 inch hole in their body

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  • Jacee Ecal
    Jacee Ecal

    the show: *so, are you scared?* me in my bed with my blanket covering 90% of my body about to pee myself: *yeah... i think i am*

  • Alfika Pika
    Alfika Pika

    It's not even a night and I be that person still like okay lets get to my sis room just to watch it

  • Luke Lin
    Luke Lin

    Usually I am scared of these type of stories but the extras that you guys gave such as implanting a chip in our heads just made it so funny

  • LK Mafia
    LK Mafia

    Fuck I laughed at the sun chip joke

  • K Armstrong
    K Armstrong

    Please make more of these!


    You two have to play P.T. and to see your reactions.

  • Paula Porras
    Paula Porras

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    Jerra Monzon

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    Sheneela Razvi

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