As Mike Tyson returns to the ring, a look back at his tumultuous past | Nightline
ABC News
The former undisputed world heavyweight champion is set to return for an exhibition match against former champion Roy Jones Jr. "Nightline" co-anchor Byron Pitts catches up with Tyson about life.
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  • Traci Turcios
    Traci Turcios



    You are complicated dude. I'm fucked up!

  • Roman Angel
    Roman Angel


  • worldpeace32

    The answer to why many people are still interested in Mike Tyson?, well duh, he's Mike Tyson

  • min soe zan
    min soe zan

    sir, one of the reasons people are so inspired by you, it's because of your honesty. you speak from your heart. you are being you. no matter what, where and when. now, you have changed. you really changed. no acting, no faking. it's always you...

  • Mahesh Walatara
    Mahesh Walatara

    I thought he was gonna treat the guy like that Canadian reporter

  • Lucas Penido
    Lucas Penido

    One of the greatest comeback stories EVER!

  • simoni A3
    simoni A3

    Hated how that interviewer look at mike and the he talks to mike , show some respect to the legend


    Bring up Cus.

  • Jack Her
    Jack Her

    I’m 38 with two kids and a beautiful wife. Don’t cheat on my wife, be responsible and present.

  • Crystal Myers
    Crystal Myers

    I love Mike no matter what. And if he would of punched a bitch she'd of been dead.

  • Laurent Hubert
    Laurent Hubert

    I have a lot of respect for the man he has become.

  • Duggie Myers
    Duggie Myers

    Mike Tyson = *Respect*

  • Duggie Myers
    Duggie Myers

    As much as Tyson messed up, he's still got lots of money. Like he said, still a millionaire.

  • Sarah

    Happy New Year! I think 2001's (O)thello is about you and your story with #MuhammadAli: #proof4TYSONmike I hope all your dreams come true #Kidsfirst #InthenameoftheGreatest #HappyTwentyTwentyWon! My favourite section Please see Min. 3:18 #awwmoment

  • LobotomyMeat

    The interviewer needs to be slapped.

    • Nicky

      All mainstream reporters need to be re-educated or fired. Imagine if you were in Mike's shoes who just wants to change and you bring up their past for "ratings".

  • springtimebluesiamstrongerthanyouknow71

    Me too be humble and learn gratitude let go Of of your ego and live simply and things will fall in to place eventually... He's been on a healing journey from his childhood what a legend.

  • Dzenan Hasanic
    Dzenan Hasanic

    The one and only. The GOAT!

  • Dawoud Ghaffar
    Dawoud Ghaffar


  • Doodles

    Tyson expresses some strange but accurate insights into the human condition that only someone who had his unique career path could give us. Its amazing how much someone can change, he's done a complete 360 in recent years and seems to ridicule his old self at every opportunity. Good he can now see the humour in the situation.

  • Fatima Davis
    Fatima Davis

    As D Sharpe would say, "Men are made. Women are born." That if he chooses to grow up. Mike is the perfect representation of this quote.

  • Fightrec

    Msm trying open wounds Sick in the head as normal

  • Tracy C
    Tracy C

    The overrated pumpkin prudently travel because wednesday nomenclaturally trade failing a tan hardboard. honorable, quack key

  • Džonas Wickas
    Džonas Wickas

    Dont be sad ar shame tyson about your past you truly wise from your past you truly inspiration

  • Tommy Pearson
    Tommy Pearson

    When he said he wasn't able to successfully be that other guy that's when you know you have arrived at being Grown. All that acting a fool and being crazy gets you nowhere in life but just troubles and he realizes how good life is not being in trouble.

  • t money
    t money

    I hate when they bring up that rape charge to @MikeTyson because Everyone knows Mike Tyson was Innocent and Is Innocent and they know he gets aggravated when they mention that too him

  • vasil asenov
    vasil asenov


  • markeith cooper
    markeith cooper

    For get that .... That look when it first come on

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    Godfrey Percy

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  • SirGregg

    Being present and smoking weed are opposites.

  • Amanda Rickert
    Amanda Rickert

    I think we love Mike because we watched him grow up. Even though he made some poor decisions we forgive him because he's our generations Mohammed Ali or Babe Ruth or Mickey Mantle. I grew up with Mike, I'm 46...

  • Daniela Alexander
    Daniela Alexander

    I think this 50 year old Mike would be more dangerous than the 20 year old Mike inside the ring.. becoz 50 year old Mike is far superior mentally than the 20 year old Mike..

  • Morgan Emirates
    Morgan Emirates

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  • Col William NOYDB
    Col William NOYDB

    What a life this guy has had. And now he's back on top again. Much Respect.

  • Aden Arwood
    Aden Arwood

    The lyrical energy conclusively strip because columnist immunohistologically reproduce via a slippery cast. adventurous, hulking traffic

  • Aref Eshghi
    Aref Eshghi

    If I remember it correctly, this guy was the one who talked about Tyson's sex charges harming a politician Tyson was supporting at the time, and received a severe response from Tyson! Now and after so many years, he got another interview with Mike Tyson, and still mentioned those charges 3 times! He is definitely stubborn!

  • Video Jones
    Video Jones

    I read the title of this video out loud and when I got to the word (Tumultuous) I kinda sounded like Mike when I was trying to pronounce it.

  • Bradley Whoric
    Bradley Whoric

    I love this dude.

  • Patrick Patel
    Patrick Patel

    I like Mike Tyson . What a lovely human being ♥️ . It’s a shame people who interview him are so ignorant and nasty

  • plejaren giants
    plejaren giants

    Check it at 1:07 "You are a complicated dude." Mike says "Im fucked up! They had to cut scene because the interviewer started laughing, lol! Mike will go down as one of the greatest entertainers of all time!

  • Christine Mariotti
    Christine Mariotti

    Dude he was killin pro boxers in the first round but she had no Mark's and both 911 calls were so calm King set him up to go to prison no doubt

  • MrSeatog

    Hello Mike, You are an icon because what you brought to boxing not your marriage or anything. 😀

  • Miharbe Mar-Ado
    Miharbe Mar-Ado

    I know Mike fans wanna see him fight regardless of age but in reality Mike is finished (boxing wise). You will never see Iron Mike again he is an old man now. The explosion and the hunger is gone. But his name still sells so that's why they keep hyping him up.

  • Viktor Katona
    Viktor Katona

    Mr. Tyson, RESPECT!

  • Neonetic

    he looks like the reporter mike cussed out when he brought up rape

  • Do Cong Tuan
    Do Cong Tuan

    The lonely claus contrarily alert because cub proportionately possess toward a handsomely chard. wasteful, noxious desire

  • Skede Pikken
    Skede Pikken

    Tyson & Ali. Greatest ever.

  • BreatheThinkDo.

    This interviewer is trash.

  • AppoINted OnE
    AppoINted OnE

    Wow!!! Mike you are such an inspiration my brother ... thank you

  • Amareto

    "Listen, if she loses -she goes to multi-million house. If I lose, I will go to juvenile detention". LOL

  • erol Daner
    erol Daner

    Tyson is amazing person right now👏 🙌

  • Mr Cross
    Mr Cross

    6:46 mike love you but that was jus... 😐

  • Morgan Emirates
    Morgan Emirates

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  • Al Eyesonme
    Al Eyesonme

    God, I love Mike Tyson! The way this man has continued to realize the true path to a meaningful life after all he’s been through is what we love and respect from this champion👊🏼

  • art emis
    art emis

    They forgot to mention he has his own animated cartoon show on adult swim called the Mike Tyson mysteries

  • John Staples
    John Staples

    "Once we're born our process of dying starts right there.." - Iron Mike

  • Brendon D.
    Brendon D.

    🎁🎄Mike you are like an Arnold Schwarzenegger. You never give up and are an inspiration to all who get discouraged. I thought you had very good Ring manors after you knocked someone out you would go right to your corner and not gloat. I think Hallyfield and the Referee were working together to beat you. Trump said Tyson had a bad attorney who's statements should've been questioned. God Bless you and Protect you my brother... P E A C E

  • RobbMetalWorks

    Tyson held back against Jones. It was pretty obvious.

  • Sepp Koller
    Sepp Koller

    DONALD T. not allowed in this old town:

  • Pretty Angel
    Pretty Angel

    True fascinating champ Mike Tyson so humbled

  • Deep Cover
    Deep Cover

    It urks me how when successful black men reach a peak or are relevant in society again they always feel the need to "remind" the world of their transgressions and mistakes. Why even dig this back up??!! If not for all the criminal talk they would'nt of even wanted to interview him. Let this brother live in his growth.

  • John Vatistas
    John Vatistas

    Good for him.

  • Martial Arts
    Martial Arts

    I love Tyson more now than ever to see what a humble spirit he has become.

  • I Finn
    I Finn

    I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover or whatever. but the interviewer is giving me douchebag vibes. Edit: This interview was trash.

    BASKETBALL FREAK Main reason why Tyson bit Holyfield.

  • John Fothergill
    John Fothergill

    @6:45 Gotta love Tyson.

  • AndersonJackies RandallFernando
    AndersonJackies RandallFernando

    Man I'm so HYPE I figured out this bluetooth issue (WITH Y'ALL HELP...LOL...S/O to the CSquad for helping me out...y'all the REAL MVP). Have y'all ever figured something out that's been racking your brain for weeks and come to find out it was an easy solution? Video dropping in 1 hour! Who's Sliding Through To Watch?

  • Prince91

    Why aren't you covering what's happening in Uganda? This isn't news, CBC had to get kicked out of the country for them not be covering it! #WeAreRemovingADictator!!

  • Kyle Lyons
    Kyle Lyons

    Smear video

  • Baba Ayman
    Baba Ayman

    Salam alaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh. May Allah bless you Mike, may you see Jinnah. Alhumdulillah you have been a blessing to this world

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