ASMR | 9 Relaxing Tests on You
Attn: ASMR survey in this description!!!
Hello everybody :) I think most of us agree that personal attention tests are some of THE BEST ASMR inducing things on the planet. Just me? Nah nah I know a lot of you feel the same way!! So I compiled some tests -- some you've seen a lot before, some maybe once or twice, and maybe a few you've never encountered in an ASMR video! I'm just about to go live on Twitch (playing piano and singing on !) but when I come back I'll post some timestamps for you all :) Honestly I'm guessing if its 9 tests, it might be 10?????
Enjoy, and thank you so much for watching. I'm really happy with how this one turned out and I hope you are too. :D
PS! A scientist at the University of Essex is looking for people to complete a 10 min questionnaire for what he says is ~some serious science on ASMR~ !! If you haven't had enough testing in this video, please check it out and give him some good data! We love ASMR science :D
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  • b b
    b b

    I have such a shit memory, I was just glaring at my phone during all those questions lol

  • Ellie Thomas-Dietrich
    Ellie Thomas-Dietrich

    9:26 THANK U NEXT

  • Tooth Vomit
    Tooth Vomit

    Pls don’t make fun of me, so for the first test: the memory test I accually cried bc I couldn’t remember anything lol

  • Fairly. Queer.
    Fairly. Queer.

    “Next we have a vision test” Me, with my -5.0 prescription that I am not wearing: SHIT

  • Amanda Lee
    Amanda Lee

    me: watching asmr under my covers at 2 in the morning with volume up ad: TRESEMME COMPRESSED MICRO MIST my sis down the hall: AHHHHHHHHH whoops daisy

  • Jelle Van Huizen
    Jelle Van Huizen

    I passed the safe test

  • bromance marvel
    bromance marvel

    *Area 51 Gibi*

  • Donald Hartman
    Donald Hartman

    Wow, she didn't notice my Duane syndrome in my eyes.

  • mouldy alien
    mouldy alien

    Her:smiles and say thank you for giving me your name Me:just looks at her and says nothing

  • ASMR Classic
    ASMR Classic

    Love your channel! Maybe you can check me out and give advise on how to improve my ASMR channel

  • Kenzie Starr
    Kenzie Starr

    9:26 Did anybody else notice that she said, “ Thank you, next......” 😅

  • Kenzie Starr
    Kenzie Starr

    I was thinking to myself...... Who would take 40+ minutes out of their day to take this test???? Then I realized..... Nobody was in front of her taking that, she was only talking to the camera...... 😂😂😂

  • FBI Man
    FBI Man

    I'm just a class-D so nobody cares

  • VႩოႲiRპ ႭႮპპႶ
    VႩოႲiRპ ႭႮპპႶ

    Gibi: Where were the 2008 Olympic Games held? Me: Girl I don't know I was 6!!

  • Tiger

    I've never fallen asleep so fast

  • Lazy Honey Badger
    Lazy Honey Badger

    In the memory test footballer is the wrong shape footballs are round ⚽️ that's a American football🏈

  • 시은


  • Heleen Xo
    Heleen Xo

    OMG Can you please make more video’s like this? With tests and questions etc.?❤️

  • Aaron Pisani
    Aaron Pisani

    Love you GIBI but you are to old to be wearing a thot collar

  • Heather B
    Heather B

    One of my favorite videos! I'd love to see you do another vid like this!

  • TheFlute Dude
    TheFlute Dude

    Am I the only wondering if the q tips actually smell different each time?

  • Olivia Buchanan
    Olivia Buchanan

    Gibi: “ what do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket “ My country self: “ a BuGgY

  • Priscilla Hwang
    Priscilla Hwang

    Am i the only one who noticed her teeth looking a little weird?

  • The Beginning Of Knowledge
    The Beginning Of Knowledge

    Looks like youre wearing invisalign

  • whitemagmacro

    literally got every luck test wrong. i think it represents my solo q luck.

  • Chezy Chez
    Chezy Chez

    Hey, random comment scroller, hope ur doing well!!

  • avelyn

    Fuck you dick sporting goods

  • Mike MakesRight
    Mike MakesRight

    I love this type and medical and salesperson the best

  • Naomis Life
    Naomis Life

    Y’all should watch Diamond asmr,she’s so good🥰

  • Lancani

    Gibi: Now what is this smell? Me: That's Lemon 100% Gibi: Thats maple syrup Me: *Throws phone*

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira

    8:13 The numbers, Mason! What do they mean?!

  • Dagan

    A *m u g* Guarantee you thought of someone

  • MAckroyd

    i fucking guessed lemon on the smell test

  • Zuzia Kochanowska
    Zuzia Kochanowska

    Gibi: Smell it and tell me what is that Me: *smells* It's rose Gibi : chocolate great!

  • Luke

    40:35 for a split second gibi dissapears

  • Liah Marquez
    Liah Marquez

    I'll have you know that I watched this at night to sleep and my husband turned it off at around 24 minutes as I was sound asleep!😊😴😴😴

  • Ignited

    I have that t shirt!

  • -darkyun

    gibi : luck test did you mean : *_multiple answer exam_*

  • -darkyun

    gibi : this next test is about your accent me, someone who is fluent in english and already has a native accent : you do note, the peyk isda layar

  • -darkyun

    i watched this last night and now im rewatching it again because i fell asleep at the vision test

  • Park Mochi
    Park Mochi

    Gibi: This is gonna be relaxing! Me: I can't wait! :D Also gibi: So we're gonna have a test today. Me: *...oh no*

  • Tapping Queen
    Tapping Queen

    You are such an amazing asmrartist!

  • _erok5 _
    _erok5 _

    Smell test confuses and infuriates me

  • the girl Gamer
    the girl Gamer

    The acent test was fun its cuz im a bristolian and we dant pronounce mahority of our words/leters so yh i joined in tryin the words soooo annoyin but fun EDIT: soz gibi i couldnt understand some of the words cux utlr acent

  • Alana Marg
    Alana Marg

    I said: Beijing, Idk Gigi: Beijing is correct Me: r u sure about that?

  • Jumbo Mumbo
    Jumbo Mumbo

    Best poster in the background till now


    She asked for 1.6M names 😬

  • Armando Nevaez
    Armando Nevaez

    Love u gibi i love your voice🔥🔥

  • Madeline Quill
    Madeline Quill

    Would you do another MHA asmr? Maybe as Bakugo for the irony 😂😂

  • Loginwithlogan 3
    Loginwithlogan 3

    Did anyone else fail the smell test?

  • Dallas Cunningham
    Dallas Cunningham

    Gibi: "What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?" Me, a Yankee living in AL: *Glare* A cart.

  • Total Full On Awake Patriot
    Total Full On Awake Patriot


  • Nathan Coker
    Nathan Coker

    Is it weird to think she has cute teeth

  • Rocket league channel
    Rocket league channel

    Who are you talking to I'm already asleep?

  • Nathan Jordan
    Nathan Jordan

    Night three of trying to actually watch the whole video without falling asleep

  • Dylan Quinn
    Dylan Quinn

    I'm British right she says football (football) to me is Rugby

    • Sans and Papyrus
      Sans and Papyrus

      I'm Scottish so same here.

  • mizu -
    mizu -

    honestly i think gibi was a hella good student in school bc i feel like she studies what to say before making the asmr, they’re done so well- maybe she just has good improv but wow applause the queen

  • 슙디버거

    I listen to this every day for sleeping and I'm surprised that gibi is still saying "hello,hello" instead of "ugh, YOU again"

  • Tedi Lucanova
    Tedi Lucanova

    Why don’t you whispere?

  • George K
    George K

    We want to see your dark side also.

  • baby shibbles
    baby shibbles

    her eyes actually unreal

  • Akida Switch
    Akida Switch

    Gibi: you dont have to look into the light Me: okay... Gibi: but I am going to..... Me: going to what...?

  • hannah caldwell
    hannah caldwell

    I just used process of elimination 🤣37:37👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤❤❤LOVE YOU ASMR GODDESS

  • Miley Ramirez
    Miley Ramirez

    This is not a asmr

  • Silas Boiywo
    Silas Boiywo

    I got orange right

  • Leila Susan
    Leila Susan

    I love it so much, watched it at least 4 times

  • Eddy Rev
    Eddy Rev

    Title: “relaxing tests” Me: “there’s no such thing...”

  • combat gaming s
    combat gaming s

    Me as a irishman oh god accent test

  • Mobile Maestro
    Mobile Maestro

    Gibi: smell this and tell me what it is Me: it smells like screen

  • Aaliyah Dew
    Aaliyah Dew

    My memory is concerning

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