ASMR | Double Ear Mic Scratching and Brushing
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Featuring whispering, shoops, makeup brushes, baby comb, scratching the mic with my fingernails, and binaural combos of both! Enjoy and sleep well my friends.

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The last ASMR video to help me sleep:
I'm actually watching this rn as I edit this description hahaha
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  • Sunny Sweets ASMR
    Sunny Sweets ASMR

    Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 1:23 Sigma duo-fiber? powder/blush brush 5:05 Practk powder/blush brush 6:45 Both brushes above 9:20 Green paintbrush 11:03 Sigma gel mask brush 13:09 Baby comb 14:35 Mic scratching 18:23 Mic scratching and brushing (baby comb) 19:31 Mic scratching and brushing (Practk powder/blush brush) 19:45 Baby comb and Practk powder/blush brush 20:42 Sigma duo-fiber powder/blush brush and green paintbrush 21:23 Mic brushing with mouth sounds (shhh, hush, shoooop, etc.) 23:40 "Very good" Mic brushing and finger flutters 24:02 "Finger flutters for the fans" and Outro

    • Liana Baldizon
      Liana Baldizon


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      Kat Galaxyぃぃ


    • Neon matress
      Neon matress

      Hey can anyone else hear that melody

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      John Williams


    • Razy YT
      Razy YT

      Thank you so much for doing this🙏🏽

  • Solo Ψ
    Solo Ψ

    I was watching ASMR as a joke and now I cant stop

  • Ultimate Exil
    Ultimate Exil

    I am falling asleep but I wanna hear all the noises she has to offer 😂😂

  • Savanah Butts
    Savanah Butts

    Does anyone else watch her video at night and fall asleep, but have to watch it again the next day so you can see all of it?

  • Official Tac
    Official Tac

    I love your hair

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams

    Best asmr channel and continues to get better.

  • Christian Ingram
    Christian Ingram

    Try saying baby comb baby brush super fast

    • Christian Ingram
      Christian Ingram

      6 times

  • Tristan Young
    Tristan Young

    About a month later and I still listen to this EVERY single night ❤ It's so fav Gibi video thus far. Amazing work, Gibi!! Hope you're doing well and staying safe 🙏🔥❤👏🤗

  • WillNE’s Son
    WillNE’s Son

    There’s two types of girls: The one who sees a brush and goes ‘that’ll be great for my makeup.’ Then the one that goes ‘that’ll be great for ASMR.’

  • Navire

    i swear just listening to her talk gives me tingles

  • Jung Hoseok
    Jung Hoseok

    That mic scratching was just wow😍

  • K

    stop with the mouth !!!!

  • Jacob Allen
    Jacob Allen

    this is so relaxing

  • Sam Price
    Sam Price

    If you want to use headphones with the Rodes mics you could feed the signal through an equalizer and dampen the offending feedback frequencies!

  • Pierce McKenzie
    Pierce McKenzie

    First Gibi video that made me fall asleep while watching the video since two years ago.... Feels good

  • Cinnamonroll _
    Cinnamonroll _

    One of your Brushes looks like Bokuto

  • Willed67 Aj
    Willed67 Aj

    9:34 anyone else wanna tell her it’s a paint brush??😂😂😂

  • Denise Schoch
    Denise Schoch

    Gibi, I just want you to know how much I appreciate you! I never met you but damn girl. Your videos are my down time and I LOVE YOUR VOICE and this video is one of my favorites. ❤️

  • Melinda East
    Melinda East

    day 1 of oof

  • Aaron Nazzy
    Aaron Nazzy

    3:57 i thought you said “croissant” in a french accent there for a second instead of “bristle” 😂😂

  • Liana Baldizon
    Liana Baldizon

    Me: Watching an amazing ASMR video on max volume at 12:00 in the morning. Ad: DO YoU HaVe BAd CAR InSUranCE. Me: SREAMS My Mom: What was that sweetie My dad: who the heck is making all that noise. Who can relate??????? 👇👇👇👇

  • Eren Jægər
    Eren Jægər

    Stop repeating the same word.

  • Three Dog Tarot
    Three Dog Tarot

    hello you've reached ASMR University, Baby Comb speaking

  • Trash Panda
    Trash Panda

    Day 100 of reminding her to do a dragon rp

    • B r o o k e !
      B r o o k e !

      Your profile says you only have 2 comments on gibis videos, that leads me to believe you are lying, no need for like chasing my friend

  • Trash Panda
    Trash Panda

    I never use my AirPods just have asmr all the way up at night meant to be asleep then an add shows up

  • coolhandjake

    Me trying to sleep: Tom hanks movie ad: INCOMING

  • Kat Galaxyぃぃ
    Kat Galaxyぃぃ

    this is my first time watching asmr with headphones and it sounds amazing

  • Macy Welstad
    Macy Welstad

    I love you

  • Kryptic_V1BES

    When you get a loud ass ad at the start of the vid and your eardrums burst

  • Sara Madunic
    Sara Madunic

    15:29 💛

  • stealth.

    Maybe it’s just me, but these asmr advertisements for a paid app seems like a real 2iq move when I’m clicking on free asmr on IT-my.

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    Diamond YouTube

    Omg I want ur merch so bad 💗💗

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    wintrx snowflake

    Who's here cause it was a joke than u started to like it

    • Liana Baldizon
      Liana Baldizon



    So. Relaxing!

  • Thareallest 09 Ligon
    Thareallest 09 Ligon

    3:04 when she touched the mic with the brush is so satisfying and relaxing to me

  • Catherine Hale
    Catherine Hale

    I always thought ur name was pronounced gibby like gibby from iCarly

  • BlackKnight VIII
    BlackKnight VIII

    Social distancing ❌ 6 feet apart ❌ Self- isolation ❌ *Space constraints* ✅

  • Davita Quinones
    Davita Quinones

    Omg yes that’s me I lovveee mic Scratching no talking it gives me the tingles soo good 🤤

  • Black Orb
    Black Orb

    🤤 gibi makes me so happy and tingly and sleepy to

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    Anthony Chacon

    Bro this made me go to sleep two times in a row

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    Sophie Woods

    Love it the sound

  • mARsIQ


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    puffy yoongles

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    lemme liveu

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    Gibi quinn

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    There’s not very many people like you.. you are always so positive and have a smile on your face is nice to see people like that 😌

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    Martin Smith

    The hair is AWESOME! X

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    Katinka Jeffares

    These are my FAVOURITE type of videos

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    Pero Cigla

    She still haven't decided whether she 'll be a blonde or a brunette 🤣🤦‍♂️


    why cant you use every single mic i want to no what it will be ;ike

    • B r o o k e !
      B r o o k e !

      They would cancel eachother out, you could possibly have layered sounds with different mics though that could be cool :)

  • FlamingBanana

    Day 12 of asking for a SquidWard roleplay

  • Mariam

    You do this in such a natural way....which gives way more tingles. Love it :)

  • reshma maria
    reshma maria

    I can't finish her video without closing my eyes at least once!!! It's really working i feel I'm get relaxed !!!!

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    Inyri Kavanagh

    Yes! Stimulate me master! 😩

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    Chloe_ GalaxyGacha

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    Brian Thompson

    I just had the best idea take an edible then watch asmr😳😳

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    Cary Meto

    No hat but brush the mic with yo brows

  • :The_SunflowerShow!:

    For me, the sound kinda crosswayed, but I think I might be wearing my headphones backwards XD

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    Sparkle Bear11

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    Anthony Jones

    Bloody HELL!! Wish Google wouldn't blow out my eardrums with crap about Followly and stalkers...what the hell??

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    Mr Machine

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    • B r o o k e !
      B r o o k e !

      You good?

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    David Conner

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    Vicente Quinonez

    Gibi. My first asmrist... I will always come home .

  • I will commit scooter ankle
    I will commit scooter ankle

    The white tips do be reminding me of bokuto


    My phone was lagging and the vid wouldn’t load so I kinda forgot about the vid so I was repeating a creepy phrase from a horror game for some reason but then the vid started and I heard the finger flutters in my headset and I got so terrified

  • Eiliv Søyland
    Eiliv Søyland

    The feedback is probably from wrong plasment of microphones. The Røde nt1 lisens from the side of the microphone, not from the top.

  • m4keyourself

    I'm an S&P min-futures day trader and I listen to your videos to keep me calm while trading. They work so well, so thank you for that. Keep up the great work :)

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    Francisco Rodrigues

    I just love this channel

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    Grace Williams

    Anyone else really want a whole “schoop” video or is it just me ?!

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