ASMR Speed Dating: 100+ Channels Showcase!
AHHH Welcome to ASMR Speed Dating! AKA - I asked ASMRtists to give me 60 seconds of footage for them to introduce themselves and showcase their skills and style! I don't know how many of you were around in the ASMR community even just 3 or so years ago, let alone 9-10 years ago, but the community has EXPLODED with content creators and I know the struggle of trying to get yourself seen and out there!
I wanted to make this video for people who want to check out some more channels-- I am so proud of everyone who submitted because I know it's not easy to put yourself out there! I am so sorry we couldn't add everyone to the video; my poor editor had to do 400 videos once and it was WAY too much to ask a person to do, so I told him to stick to 100. We got an insane number of submissions, and my editor (Shawn!!!) said he did his best to add in as many as he could, so this is over 100!!! Thank you so much Shawn for all your hard work!
All the channels' names can be found on screen, or if you're an artist in the video, feel free to drop a comment saying hi and your timestamp :)
Iiiii personally cannot wait to watch this video myself. I'm a serial ASMR watcher - I know some people's style is to stick with one creator (and I do find myself watching one person exclusively for a while, then moving to another, then another, etc), but I also really love varying who and what I'm watching for maximum tingles!
So I can't wait to hit the subscribe button on new channels and check out some awesome artists!!
Honestly real talk I see a lot of cynical posts and comments (especially on reddit LOL) of people claiming that all ASMR is is the same thing, overs*xualized, boring, etc...and I just KNOW that's not true and these people aren't looking very hard!
So enjoy, thank you again everyone who submitted, thank YOU for watching, and have a grand time watching this awesome compilation of awesome people!!!! :D
Love Gibi ~

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This video was edited by Shawn, my full-time editor! Give him some love:

  • Gibi ASMR
    Gibi ASMR

    Hello everyone!! Here is my very short review/thanks to each channel in this video: I finally finished the video after a few days, thank you SO much for everyone who submitted, apologies that we couldn't fit everyone in this time. I love that you are all so enthusiastic about the community and I wish you all the best on your creating journey!

    • Chiyokxo chan
      Chiyokxo chan


    • Cyra's Fire
      Cyra's Fire

      @CS Brothers this was only made for ASMRtists that weren't famous to help them out.

    • Alle Sings
      Alle Sings

      Gibi ASMR thanks

    • Karlie Flowz ASMR
      Karlie Flowz ASMR

      I just saw this comment with the review :,) Thank you for the kind words, it's super cool to know that you watched my entry and included me ah:)) So grateful for you!!

    • neil A
      neil A

      This is very kind or you to help promote people who need a little help. Thanks Gibi

  • Peabody Sherman
    Peabody Sherman

    Don’t mind me, just making a note for later :) 17:48 46:24

  • Absolute Weirdo
    Absolute Weirdo

    I'm not judging but is doing asmr an asmrtist or an illusionist lol

  • Devin Ragnarok
    Devin Ragnarok

    I.think cournecake was cooking meth in the background ngl

  • Mikayla Duh
    Mikayla Duh

    1:54:38 lmao he looks so sweet :>>

  • Lisa

    My favorits: 7:52 Munchasmr 13:45 samual aaron asmr 16:05 The Asmr Channel 17:49 Dong Asmr 32:16 Comomo Asmr 36:17 bagledogs Asmr 52:20 spantopia rosé 56:17 aaushy Asmr 58:30 links Asmr 1:04:37 iyad Asmr 1:34:35 kotoro Asmr 1:58:53 simply Asmr 2:01:18 karie flowz Asmr

  • AlphaThicBoi Xx
    AlphaThicBoi Xx

    1:30:54 who else thought this was annoying but tingly

  • gjmormon

    43:40 The fun mom you wish you had

  • gjmormon

    39:07 ✨ demonic✨

  • Water Walker
    Water Walker

    I am so sad ASMattR wasn’t in this. So underrated.



  • a chick with wifi
    a chick with wifi

    I started laughing because I was thinking of if someone just screamed about halfway thru. 😂😂😂

  • Chloe Broadus
    Chloe Broadus

    “Asmr creators who have tapped, whispered and crinkled their way into your heart” ~Gibi 😂😂

  • W W
    W W

    Refreshing to see a big channel helping out some newer folks. You won’t see this in most genres. Everyone is so cut throat these days. Love it.

  • DunkenDogs

    Ayy my boi ASMRCap is on here! my favorite underrated asmr channel, cant wait when he hits 5k

  • Lujayn AlHujairi
    Lujayn AlHujairi

    @kaisla asmr Where were u all these years?

  • olly griffin
    olly griffin

    43:34 she looks like she’d call me a slur

    • DumbBitch Juice
      DumbBitch Juice


  • Kévin Blais
    Kévin Blais

    Gibi is the MatPat of ASMR.

  • Amy Ercole
    Amy Ercole

    I don’t need to watch past the first omg, Danny Docile. Between the sense of humor (so Gibi is going to date all of us?) and the accent he wins! Actually he’s great, I checked out his channel, I recommend others do as well!

  • Levi's Soulmate
    Levi's Soulmate

    Anyone else can’t sleep so just listens to the asmr while scrolling through the comments?

  • Destiny Tatom
    Destiny Tatom

    27:45 1:30:25 2:25:31

  • Bobby Boi
    Bobby Boi

    2.69 mil Me: nice The whole police station: nice

  • Georgina

    33:16 ‘People after watching one anime episode’

  • Pink Skies ASMR
    Pink Skies ASMR

    This is such a fun and cute idea!! Do it again!!

  • Trilxogy

    dude, its like watching heros in my hero academia show off their quirks n style🔮🤤🥴🖤

  • Meme lord 69
    Meme lord 69

    2:50 5:52 13:47 14:47 22:46 38:15 52:20 1:03:30 1:19:45 1:24:39 1:26:36 1:30:27 1:33:28 1:40:30

  • Deniz Uchiha
    Deniz Uchiha

    Dr. T has to be one of the moooost underrated asmr channels for not making it to this list. Its kinda a shame

  • Lizbeth Ramirez
    Lizbeth Ramirez

    My fav part was gibi🥺 and all🥺

  • Sude Karakurt
    Sude Karakurt

    K.O ASMR- Pekka ASMR- ASMR BellaBree❤️🥺

  • Navin R
    Navin R

    1:19:21 How Darth Vader's breathing was recorded

  • space cowboy
    space cowboy


  • Linus1178

    Dog... Doing asmr? Asmr dog

  • BryanX21-_-

    who else hides their addiction to asmr like a drug?

  • Godlike TwinsYT
    Godlike TwinsYT

    Jaylodream looks like a Karen lmao

  • x_QueenBee_x

    "Hi im Kori and welcome to my basement" Me: wHaT

  • dick balls
    dick balls

    Asmr jeremiah:you're perfectly healthy Me 6 bongs deep at 9 am: uh-huh

  • c c
    c c

    43:20 love this womans vibe

  • ZachsHere

    2nd person really scared me.

  • Kaykay R.
    Kaykay R.



    1:26:08 me after week one of quarantine 😂

  • LillyCookies DDAENG
    LillyCookies DDAENG

    every time i think of speed dating i remember the traumatic stuff that my middle school set up to introduce people to different jobs

  • Annelise Marier
    Annelise Marier

    39:13 she’s staring into my soul! 😀 HEP

  • itz accidental
    itz accidental

    Weird thought at night: Does munchasmr give you the hot bartender vibe?

  • Marcin Mamrot
    Marcin Mamrot

    Hope So Logical Thinkink In ASMR its neccessary time

  • Joseph Delosreyes
    Joseph Delosreyes

    Same brunette do be on that major SUS shit

  • Terry Terhune V
    Terry Terhune V

    2:11:41 Why did I not know this was a thing

  • AbusedGrandma

    Surprised there's no Matty tingles in here

  • AbusedGrandma

    1:42:00 sounds like borderline erotica asmr

  • Hayden Blanchard
    Hayden Blanchard

    Dong asmr is what people who don’t know what asmr is think of when they here asmrtist

  • Its Emiii_Miss Youtuber
    Its Emiii_Miss Youtuber

    I can’t wait to see another video of this! I would love to apply! 😍😍😍

  • Backup Nonactivated
    Backup Nonactivated

    The bible verses make me uncomfortable lol 1:40:37

  • therealmillerman

    The ASMRGirl is my favorite asmrtist out there.

  • chiro.potato

    1:40:32 D:

  • Inside The Pylon
    Inside The Pylon

    At 17:50 watch in 2x speed lmao

  • Megan Bell
    Megan Bell

    Excuse me while I time stamp some of my favs Munch ASMR: 7:48

  • LNRulez

    ALB looks like she’s actually confused about where she is. I kind of feel bad.

  • Nora Eld
    Nora Eld

    31:17 their playing is so good

  • ItsJustLily

    I’m glad to have so many new people to subscribe to, I’ve been looking for more people

  • Katrina Bruce
    Katrina Bruce


  • unknown_user _name
    unknown_user _name

    1:12:37 im sorry guys but i have to say that she won out of all of them in my opinion .. ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

  • Jelli_gacha_Maddie jelli
    Jelli_gacha_Maddie jelli

    I’m litterly so stupid waiting here for ting ting!? Like I love gibi and ting ting BUT I CANT CHOOSE both so good I watch ting ting and gibi every night 😬💀😫

  • Jimmy Colt
    Jimmy Colt

    Please do another one of these

  • Um Hi ?
    Um Hi ?

    *Thank you for this.*

  • Grace TT
    Grace TT

    This is such a cool concept, thank you queen ✨✨

  • Soumia Yousfi
    Soumia Yousfi

    Gibi is brilliant. She made people do her a 2.30h ASMR video. Intelligence goals

  • Mielipuolinen


    • Kaisla ASMR
      Kaisla ASMR

      Jee!! Tällä videolla oli kolme suomalaista, jeaaaaaah!!!! 🇫🇮 (Kaisla, Pilvi ja Colorful ASMR)

  • Caleb Black
    Caleb Black

    Lizi: smile Me who hasn’t brushed my teeth today yet: 😃 Me closes mouth Lizi asmr: that’s better

  • Leo Coffey
    Leo Coffey

    please do a part 2

  • kidney failure
    kidney failure

    moonstaker asmr genuinely annoys me

  • Superboydrew

    Was ASMR Bakery in there?

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