ATTACKED at Bondi Beach
Surfer punch ups, assaulted teens and a brutal gang attack - these are some of the worst attacks seen on Bondi Rescue.
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Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, #resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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  • BondiRescue

    Who ever thought being a lifeguard was this intense?! (Maybe the writers of Baywatch? 😆) Our guys and gals down at Bondi deal with a lot OUT of the water as well as in it (including pervs 😧 -

    • Philip Doyle
      Philip Doyle

      I love you guys so much!

    • Vu Pham
      Vu Pham

      PERVS?! EW

    • Pauline Fortune
      Pauline Fortune

      @#sadboiz 123 8 shupied

    • Pauline Fortune
      Pauline Fortune

      Everyone escep the lifgouds it's not a joke stop it all the was I calling the police

    • Marmalade X
      Marmalade X

      Little_latte what do u mean!?!

  • charan sree sai
    charan sree sai

    Your videos are so addictive and you are doing a good job on the beach.


    This is like watching a beach version of 'Mash', a bunch of jokers who turn into a finely tuned machine at the first sign of an emergency. Awesome.

  • Ambrei Shin
    Ambrei Shin

    I've been watching Bondi Rescue since 4-5 years ago? And I'm still addicted.

  • Christopher Icetrey
    Christopher Icetrey

    I found this a few weeks ago and am obsessed! I’ve watched it all now and need more content!!!😭😭😭

  • _74chancxs_

    Maybe I should just stay inside! Heh-

  • Jorja Visser
    Jorja Visser

    Please don’t blur the best parts of videos like this or split lips.

  • djdimi gaming
    djdimi gaming

    I wouldn’t worry about the open wounds lol, if they were baseball bats it would be Blunt force trauma

  • Froggy._.bun

    When u realize u were at the beach 😂

  • Kemily squad!
    Kemily squad!

    Dont tell me the first guy got arrested! Was it him?

  • Francesca Daly
    Francesca Daly

    Before I saw a short stubby man in white shorts bending over a ball

  • Sophie Mayfield
    Sophie Mayfield

    I don’t know if it’s the accent or the hot men but I love this fracking show

  • Yadira Flores
    Yadira Flores

    My mom:what are you doing me:watching bondi beach

  • Hannah Fenstermaker
    Hannah Fenstermaker

    I now feel like being a lifeguard

  • Riley Brown
    Riley Brown

    I love you guys❤️❤️🥰🥰💋💋💋

  • Brandon Holton
    Brandon Holton

    Just find the guy

  • lindsay dove
    lindsay dove

    Im adictedddddd to BONDI and TOMMY

  • Dan Steve
    Dan Steve

    I got stung

  • BlackJack

    what are we watching in quarantine

  • Vu Pham
    Vu Pham

    I can not even imagine me getting beat up like I’m shaking rn

  • Natalie Harrison Hardin
    Natalie Harrison Hardin

    You guys are good people

  • cecilia c
    cecilia c

    These bad people are so dumb if they hurt someone they don’t know that there goanna go in prison

  • january baby
    january baby

    Bondi fan from Minnesota !!❤

  • Molly Steel
    Molly Steel

    Obsessed with this

  • ______

    Dang all the drama at the beach lol now I’m worried this crap gon happen when I go lol

    • nexus nexuss
      nexus nexuss

      🔥 😝 👊➖➖➖👊 ❕ LOL! ❕ ➖➖➖➖➖ 👖 👟👟

  • EliteGaming169

    Best youtube content ever where has this channel been all my life

  • Jaime Edo
    Jaime Edo


    • Jaime Edo
      Jaime Edo


  • InzanityGamez

    8:31 'someone's attacked another human!' The Grammar For An Amazing Beach Show! XD

  • altohippiegabber

    the first 5 seconds is a perfect set up to a "that's what she said" joke ;-)

  • Sonny Porter
    Sonny Porter

    Who plays Fortnite add me calebskywalker24 or no numbers I think

  • Joey Chau
    Joey Chau

    I never knew beaches were that dangerous

  • Steve

    You'd think they'd use a cricket bat in Australia.

  • BeeTaly

    how many likes this gets is how many years that the assaulter gets in jailಠ_ಠ(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ↓

    • BeeTaly


  • Myalin Corbett
    Myalin Corbett

    Once I saw everybody gathered together I THOUGHT CARONA

  • Emily G
    Emily G

    That teen who got punched in the jaw was so tough. I would have been balling my eyes out

  • Pierre T
    Pierre T

    6:44 r33

  • Cubertral

    "We just got here mate" Seems to be the most common thing said when confronted for wrong-doing.

  • Thunderlight ⓸ ⓶
    Thunderlight ⓸ ⓶

    I feel like the lifeguards should have tasers

  • Pauline Fortune
    Pauline Fortune


  • No to Socialism-communism-Marxism-demoncrats
    No to Socialism-communism-Marxism-demoncrats

    Mate this mate this. Lmao

  • mal heab
    mal heab

    I dont know what would be worse... almost being arrested or being described as short and stubby! 🤣 lmao

  • Alexious Official
    Alexious Official

    IT-my suggested this to me and now i'm addicted 😂

  • No Thanks1
    No Thanks1

    As a fellow surfer, that’s the guy who was in the ways fault, ur not supposed to get in the way like that... Dipshit

  • dylan duncan
    dylan duncan

    Those nosie ass kids in the middle

  • TheRealSlimFlim

    "Short, stubby" Honestly I think Big Ed did it

  • Emily ;-;
    Emily ;-;

    I’m like hooked

  • Maggie

    I can’t believe people think gangs are cool, like go get a college degree geez 🙄

  • Jesse Jo
    Jesse Jo

    Completely obsessed with the show

  • Caitlin Malone
    Caitlin Malone

    I need to talk maxi and Jesse

  • Emma O’Sullivan
    Emma O’Sullivan

    why does the screen say 2009?!?!

  • Ozz Gamer
    Ozz Gamer

    I’ve been to Bondi an I’ve met somelife guards. You are all so awesome From vic

  • prancydancy dancer
    prancydancy dancer

    This was intence

  • annie crystal
    annie crystal

    Why are you people saying cus words. They shouldn't say cus words

    • Racey_biatch _
      Racey_biatch _

      lvy heart A: it’s bleeped B: if you’re bothered by ‘cus’ words you’re probably to young to watch this C: this is Australia mate, swearing is literally part of their culture. I don’t think I’ve watched an Aussie that doesn’t cuss

  • Just an INFP-T Person
    Just an INFP-T Person

    Lady: “Someone’s attacked another *human*.” Me in the USA: “That does happen there on a day to day basis?”

  • Jovana Slijepcevic
    Jovana Slijepcevic

    I wanted to see those bloody bastards get arrested on the last clip, poor guy almost lost his life, those damages that were done, could affect his whole life, I would've shot them if I could. smh.

  • Bella Fulghum
    Bella Fulghum

    I’ve always wanted to be a lifeguard and this is the best I can get for now 😊😊🦋 I love y’all BondiRescue

  • Mia Luck
    Mia Luck

    Out of any other spot the fight could have been it was next to the... ICE CREAM VAN 😂

  • the man RISHI
    the man RISHI

    So Seven Swords Man Of the Mist....

  • Claire Reynolds
    Claire Reynolds

    Thx for helping people

  • Abdullah Ali
    Abdullah Ali

    Shut up

  • Aqauz on IPad
    Aqauz on IPad

    U should do a lie detector on the guy

  • Ben O'Day
    Ben O'Day

    Same bro

  • Liam Pinkham
    Liam Pinkham

    Poor guy he was just catching some sick waves and next second he’s arrested

  • Abdelrahman’s world Vlogs
    Abdelrahman’s world Vlogs

    I’m addicted .

  • Alien Named Amy
    Alien Named Amy

    Oh my gosh! I’m shook Lucky you awesome guys were there to help

  • Noah_constrictor Yt
    Noah_constrictor Yt

    3:56 is it just me or does this kid sound like reekid?

  • Big Chair
    Big Chair


  • Big Chair
    Big Chair

    O my god

  • Jess Sunshine
    Jess Sunshine

    Where are those kids parents at 7:24? And why are they acting involved that’s so weird

  • Domenica Martini
    Domenica Martini

    Anyone else just found their futer job?

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