August Alsina Addresses Past Alleged Relationship With Jada Pinkett Smith
Entertainment Tonight
The singer opened up about his rumored romance with the actress during an interview with radio personality Angela Yee.
Exclusives from #ETonline :

  • Ulysses

    He 27 and she is 48!!!!!!! He could be her son

  • Roman Artiste
    Roman Artiste

    Acting is great... on screen... the hard part is separating it from real life! Some are easier to manipulate into a one sided idea of a relationship while the other person does what they choose at the expense of others. There is nothing balanced about that. But, i'm not knocking the hustle.

  • Cover Girl
    Cover Girl

    August, I'm giving you my blessing to get rid of that hair do...😒

  • Kendra Kimmons
    Kendra Kimmons

    @4:42 will is basically telling you that they are life partners and whatever they or she does will never break them apart fr they some swingers read between the lines he probably got somebody to.

  • Shayla Curry
    Shayla Curry

    I believe him cause on the red table she couldn't even woman up and just say what it was. Will probably wasn't in the right mindset at the time and prob did give him his blessings. She prayed on his innocence and then got her husband back on the man. But you live and you learn. Married women ore off limits the husband is always first. Now he's knows what to look for in a woman she showed that

  • Dana Shannon
    Dana Shannon

    He seems very genuine. I feel sad for him.

  • Demetria.Isreal

    Wooow I didn’t know that nunya was about jada 💯🙈🤦🏽‍♀️✌🏽

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson

    You can't turn a hoe into a house wife jada will never love Will the way she loves Tupac. Another reason not to get married. I've nutted in and slutted out wayyyy too many wives and girlfriends to ever take marriage or women seriously. Will is giving marriage advice and jada pinkett is getting her choca stretched out and ran through.

  • Mariela Sanchez
    Mariela Sanchez

    She talks a lot of BS!!!

  • ismo 2bing
    ismo 2bing

    Are you my best star but to day you make me cry why please say me for Smith family😭😭😭😭😭

  • Imooye Gabriel Ohiolebo
    Imooye Gabriel Ohiolebo

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  • Gary Escourse
    Gary Escourse

    August a side chick, haven't even heard of him before this interview. Man out here promoting his album dropping names bringing clout.

  • Sharee Mincey
    Sharee Mincey

    If a man gives you his blessing to court his wife, then that was a great red flag 🚩. Will & Jada do better and stop taking advantage of people you think are weak 🤧

  • Moonlight 98
    Moonlight 98

    Dafuq, looks like a MILF and son friend porn video.

  • Cleopatra da3rd
    Cleopatra da3rd

    Whoa will smith you are one special man I wish I had a husband like that

  • Cleopatra da3rd
    Cleopatra da3rd

    Will smith is good looking as hell and he loooks so cool. Guess she was trying to be a cougar

  • Tracey Williams
    Tracey Williams

    Entanglement Intertwined they use the same words to describe their affair

  • Tracey Williams
    Tracey Williams

    Angela Yee for the Win!!!

  • Gabriella Starchild
    Gabriella Starchild

    Will and Jada sounds very manipulative life partner my ass it’s called marriage when you get done ✅

  • Gabriella Starchild
    Gabriella Starchild

    Where the receipts August because you’re going to need them making these types of allegations! You just got pu$$y whipped!

  • cleAdu yea
    cleAdu yea

    This guy is in love 😍

  • Yviolin Alcinor
    Yviolin Alcinor

    Gran Moun bouzen

  • Savvy Savage
    Savvy Savage

    She’s a narcissist! She wanted to deperson him and came very close. I’m sure she love bombed him and mirrored him completely to resemble the most perfect woman he had ever met. It’s a con!

  • lilmisspink143

    So, I thought August's hat was the dodgeball from my childhood.. 😂🙄

  • Mesepa Stephen
    Mesepa Stephen


  • Ran Dolph
    Ran Dolph

    August dated his mother. I love this shitt🤣

  • Samantha Chavez
    Samantha Chavez

    Dam I want a man like will ! Jada is crazy I mean August is sexy but having someone that will love you no matter what n stand by you regardless would be amazing

  • Samantha Chavez
    Samantha Chavez

    His hair 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Linda Timpanelli
    Linda Timpanelli

    They definitely twinflame.. I’m in twinflame relationship no one can understand this kind of strong relationship

  • Olivier C
    Olivier C

    What's with the hair bro

  • World Darling
    World Darling

    She took advantage of the Youth.

  • Miss Kay
    Miss Kay

    I kind of get it. My husband cheated on me and I forgave him hard to do but better then divorce. It takes years to rebuild though

  • Haro Mob
    Haro Mob

    I believe this man 100% ...the smiths on some freeky dicky shit

  • tubethis777

    One of them needs a new marriage. None of this open marriage bs

  • Debbie Green
    Debbie Green

    I can well understand what Will is saying. For life! But in your mind you're also hoping infidelity will never, ever happen. 🙂

  • Mattmusic1025

    Lol so funny how the smiths act like humanitarians, then turn around and shit on the people they are suppose to love the most.

  • Asia Jackson
    Asia Jackson


  • Yas

    Life partnership... Nothing she could ever do... She has my support til death... There is no marriage here. Weirdos

  • Eshay Astro & Philosophy
    Eshay Astro & Philosophy

    Yasss! ( I break down the Astro energy of these two lovers ) BUT Everyone welcomes loves and shows love differently in their relationships. Even if the Smiths have an open relationship that’s their business. But it’s interesting how she said “me and August haven’t spoken in such a long time,” she didn’t say months or years ago 🤔 because “a long time” can mean anything depending upon the person you talking to. I do believe August and Jada had/have a stronger sexual chemistry with each other, so it is what it is! Will and Jada have a brand they have to uphold so as you know Hollywood secrets tend to come out but will be Swept under the rug.

  • nubiana75

    I love what Will said at the end of the video. Isn’t that what mariage is supposed to be? Love it.

  • Nellthebell Johnson
    Nellthebell Johnson

    Jada and Will go sit down some where. Strange ass mess y'all talking.

  • Jewel

    She is a cheap married ***, but acts likes a smart wise woman.

  • Jewelz

    The way their kids turn out and how this man turned out shows you how their family dynamic really is.

  • Jewelz

    Jada has and will always be an evil manipulative controlling SUCCUBUS.

  • S. Alhammadi
    S. Alhammadi

    Don't get involved with a married man or woman unless he or she is divorced or started the process. Coz you're the one who will end up getting hurt the most.

  • mariah tapia
    mariah tapia

    Bruh he 27 and she 48

  • jabs8345

    He's absolutely too much. Years later and he wants to bring things up and doesn't understand where the backlash is coming from... GTFO. August was in a relationship and Jada was in an "entanglement"; why would she leave her life partner for him? Ugh, he makes my stomach hurt.

    • purple00k

      Exactly he broke AF. Idk what he expected.

  • Yeagerist

    She belong to the streets

  • Miranda Brooks
    Miranda Brooks

    Whatever works for them. However will is a Libra and when you hurt them they never let it go. I see divorce in the near future. Will was and is definitely hurt.

  • Yazmin R Aguilar
    Yazmin R Aguilar

    Omg who would cheat on will with this man!!!

  • Black Metal
    Black Metal

    I dont understand guys, is he saying that jada cheated with him on Will or what????

  • BeeBlessed44 Rev45
    BeeBlessed44 Rev45

    Jada is full of crap... .... she baby sat and cared for that boy like a son... Creepy as Woody Allen with Adopted Daughter Mia.... Unbeeeweevable

  • Jennie L
    Jennie L

    Jada took advantage of this young man's health issues and pain. If this was a grown man doing this to a young woman, ppl would be enraged.

  • Greeneyes Humbled
    Greeneyes Humbled

    His hair color look good tho

  • Melvin Smith
    Melvin Smith

    His music sux

  • Kee-pyor Myndopen
    Kee-pyor Myndopen

    ‘Entanglement’. FOH. This slick talking heaux.

  • Robin Hughes
    Robin Hughes

    Yep..they are life partners for now..I have seen these type of couples...dare i say.....!!! OK now...QUEEN ROBIN

  • Arlisa S
    Arlisa S

    Will just did red talk to protect Jada’s image! They will all protect each other during scandals

  • vivien651

    Their relationship has always been weird to me. Will goes on Vacation alone with his ex wife, that's not normal either. My theory is, they are all sleeping together. Open marriage. To each their own

  • fortnite beast
    fortnite beast

    Her N will were broken Up at the time smh GET A GRIP PEOPLE

  • Allison hairjunkie Carpenter
    Allison hairjunkie Carpenter

    Jada be lying man 😂

  • Diana Gonzalez
    Diana Gonzalez

    He sounds obsessed but I mean the Smith family is different like that so this may all be true

  • Lady D
    Lady D

    Until I see proof that it's not true. Guess what it's TRUE

  • Lady D
    Lady D

    I want to know what is taking Jada and Will so long to respond directly about this rumor. I honestly believe that it is true, all of the pics that they took and some of the things he said in the interview. If it's not true then she's doing a terrible job of making everyone believe that it's not true. Don't lie Jada, you and Will had an agreement remember. I don't see why August would lie. Either way you and Will looking kinda crazy right now. TELL THE TRUTH

  • Ghost Cin
    Ghost Cin

    Man props to that boy August. Jada a bad one.

  • Simeon7408 Aspell
    Simeon7408 Aspell


  • TheMachoCrotche

    I'm going all caps the clear up some very apparent confusion. WILL AND JADA ARE NOT MARRIED! THEY ARE NOT HUSBAND AND WIFE! THEY NO LONGER HAVE MARRIAGE PAPERS AND HAVE NOT FOR AWHILE! THAT IS WHY THEY ARE "PARTNERS" AND NOT HUSBAND & WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Go To
    Go To

    Will noticed his relationship with Jada getting stale, knowing it would get worse and would lead to cheating and/or divorce he gave her a pass to get it out her system and get back on track on keeping their family together and vice versa. They’re doing things different and it seems to work. The real people I feel bad for are August and any other “partners” they use for filler to patch their own relationship up. They get these other partners in their feelings and then kick them to the curb when they’re done getting their “fill” and than need to stay quite or risk looking like August who at this point kinda looks like he was trying to be a home wrecker.

    • Talbert Talbert
      Talbert Talbert

      Go To that’s Exactly what he looks like and Bitter lol 😂

  • greg west
    greg west

    He owns a mirror,right?...He needs to fire his hairdresser

  • Bernadette Wells
    Bernadette Wells

    I know he's telling the truth why lie about something that's hurting you. Move on with your life there's better days coming

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