Avan loves Victoria to death
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song=Song 2 you by Leon Thomas lll ft. Victoria Justice

  • AK-47Archer P
    AK-47Archer P

    Avan & Vic were friends before victorious lol

  • ActuallyBubbly

    *Video about victoria and avan* Butttt.... *Song Leon and victoria singing* Um ok bye

  • keshia carter
    keshia carter

    I'm in 2020

  • -`billiana ́-
    -`billiana ́-

    One of the clips was Liz and Avan xd

  • Rayelle Richardson
    Rayelle Richardson

    U guys are a good couple

  • Aliyah Donigan
    Aliyah Donigan

    I totally ship them irl and in Victorious.

  • Lisveta Campo
    Lisveta Campo

    Beck and tori are so cute together 💘💗💞💌💓💕🥰😍💝

  • C o t t e n T e d d y
    C o t t e n T e d d y

    Is it weird I ship liz and avan but also avan and Victoria

  • Lalin H
    Lalin H

    I know its pretty late but i started to ship them fkdkfk

  • Kendall B
    Kendall B

    Maybe not Tori and Beck, but definitely Avan and Victoria

  • lanasschmidt

    They are a lovely couple ❤️

  • lanasschmidt

    They are so lovey 💗

  • Raul De las Casas
    Raul De las Casas

    Wow I never saw it

  • Sophie Slevin
    Sophie Slevin

    I knew they were made for eachother but they just didn't show it in Victorious well they did a little bit Xxx

  • Albre Lawson
    Albre Lawson

    I want them to be together soon bad they would be a perfect couple

  • Maria Leonard
    Maria Leonard

    They are just best best best friends you know what I mean ;)

  • Angeliaryx06

    I thought they were best friends?

  • Jazell Diane Tijam
    Jazell Diane Tijam

    I wish all

  • Daniela Lucía Zelada Berrospi
    Daniela Lucía Zelada Berrospi

    "Food" song !! Hahaha

  • Jayla King
    Jayla King

    Bori is great

  • Ysabelle Legaspi
    Ysabelle Legaspi

    avan and elizabeth is better!!!!!

  • Ysabelle Legaspi
    Ysabelle Legaspi

    jade is better with beck

  • Ysabelle Legaspi
    Ysabelle Legaspi


  • Ysabelle Legaspi
    Ysabelle Legaspi

    nooo jade better

  • Cat Valentine
    Cat Valentine

    When I was 6 years old (2012) I always watching VicTorious

  • Rachel Jackson
    Rachel Jackson


  • 9991kayla🥰🥰


  • Elissavet 07
    Elissavet 07

    ok ok its 2020

  • Mariah Santiago
    Mariah Santiago

    I always thought beck and tori went together

  • Reham Remoz
    Reham Remoz

    Avan have a girlfriend Him & tori Are just friends now

  • Maria Paradise
    Maria Paradise

    They are more comfortable and happier together Any one in 2020

  • Anja Ivanovska
    Anja Ivanovska

    Avan was waaaaay better looking before

  • banufshay.aejaz

    What episode is 0:57 from??

  • Christine Pontejos
    Christine Pontejos

    Victoria died?

  • Jannet Morales
    Jannet Morales

    Omg that so cute

  • Jenny Clark
    Jenny Clark

    Avon is hotter as beck then with a mustache and beard

  • Enerel Ankhaa
    Enerel Ankhaa


  • Ali Wilson
    Ali Wilson

    Was Avan and victoriaI together or Avan and Liz together,each one,you guys are confuseing us,it is like liz and Victoria are fighting for Avan

  • Emma’s Life
    Emma’s Life

    I’m from 2020 and still believe this

  • Chaslyn Hallens
    Chaslyn Hallens

    Aww Beck is so hot

  • Kaviria Praxus
    Kaviria Praxus

    Okay, this is the worst ship ever

    • xxxtentacion

      Their ship seems so wrong idk

    • Hassan Raashid
      Hassan Raashid

      @Kaviria Praxus sure......

    • Kaviria Praxus
      Kaviria Praxus

      @Hassan Raashid said everyone tbh

    • Hassan Raashid
      Hassan Raashid

      Said no one ever

  • Layla Davis
    Layla Davis

    Aww hey are a cut cuple

  • Aislin Moron
    Aislin Moron

    I want Avan and Victoria to be a cupol

  • Vanessa Dunston
    Vanessa Dunston

    WOW they are in love 💕

  • Zoe laverne Edits
    Zoe laverne Edits

    It’s 2020 and I still ship them so much

  • Cupid with a Sniper
    Cupid with a Sniper

    Legend has it, Avan Jogia and Victoria Justice are secretly dating.

  • Monserrat Garcia
    Monserrat Garcia

    I'm so happy they are together

  • Monserrat Garcia
    Monserrat Garcia

    I my god they look so cute together

  • Clara Nacouzi
    Clara Nacouzi

    2020 and still shipping them

  • twins3xpress

    This is so true xxx

  • peppapig likesbacon
    peppapig likesbacon

    Why does he not look attractive anymore 😭😭😭😭😭 No offense but yeah

  • carmen feliciano
    carmen feliciano

    you and tori make a cute couple

  • Crystal 1234
    Crystal 1234

    Who thinks they should get together and get married!!!

  • Crystal 1234
    Crystal 1234

    Wasn’t there a rumor that Beck and Tori we’re dating?!?! If yes (I hope) why are they not together?!?! THEY ARE SOOOOO CUTE TOGETHER!!! I AM TRIGGERED THAT THEY AREN’T TOGETHER!!!!

  • Crystal 1234
    Crystal 1234

    There nick name can be Beckie!!! Ahhhhhhh! Yas QUEEN and KING!!!

  • Crystal 1234
    Crystal 1234

    Who thinks they should be shipped! Ughhhh get together already! They look soooooooo CUTE together! If they ship, can I ship it?!?! Please talk together and get together! 🥺

  • Puppy Lover
    Puppy Lover

    Director: Andre you are now playing becks roll, beck you need to play Andre now so you can be together at least you are together in Victorious

  • Erica _Weird
    Erica _Weird

    Awww why they are not together

  • Shannon Edwards
    Shannon Edwards

    I wish they were a thing in 2020 they are so cute together

  • Name Name
    Name Name

    2020 anyjuan?

  • Eleanor Umunnah
    Eleanor Umunnah

    I think back then Avan might have had a crush on her but never told her and just kept it cool but thats just my theory.

  • Stefany Mogas
    Stefany Mogas

    It’s 2020..and I still ship them.-January 1st 2020🥳

  • Yas Nun
    Yas Nun

    It's 2020 and I still ship them

  • M Maguire
    M Maguire

    Avan&Victoria would make a good couple same with Tori&Beck

  • Asmae blo
    Asmae blo

    2020 still shipping them

  • Rosella Roxel
    Rosella Roxel

    So like, the others are close with each other while Victoria and Avan are close with each other 👀👀👀👀

  • Eri Palacios
    Eri Palacios

    They were best friends before Victorious even started.

  • cupcakexlindsay

    Oh god those bangs


    I’m sorry but I wan tori and andre

  • Caitie Lyn
    Caitie Lyn

    I ship Cat and Beck as a sibling way but I ship JADE AND BECK and Avan with whoever he wants 🙄

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