Avengers Endgame Alternate HISHE
How It Should Have Ended
Thor has an Alternate HISHE for Avengers Endgame!
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While making How Endgame Should Have Ended we wrote way too many scenes to complete without forcing you to wait even longer. So we broke the skits into two episodes since this sketch felt more like a stand alone episode. The thought was once time travel was introduced you could avoid all the complications of returning the stones if you just sent the man with the one weapon that can best the gauntlet back to the garden and eliminate Thanos before he destroys the stones in the first place. Similar to the way they did the first time just do it sooner. This creates a much easier path to return the stones to any location they want and doesn't mess with everyone's timeline... except maybe Starlord.... but this is all his fault anyway so ... i mean they could always go grab Gamora out of the past since Nebula is allowed to shoot her past self and there are zero consequences. They basically have the tools to save anyone they feel after Endgame which we show in our first episode. Anyway, hope you enjoy. Thanks for watching you lovely viewer you!
Additional Background Artwork By - Otis Frampton
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  • Valent Nikolas
    Valent Nikolas

    2:57 Wait a sec... There's Jon Bailey? Voice of Honest Trailer? As who?

  • Sans the Skeleton
    Sans the Skeleton

    1:11 what is that song

  • Connor Anderson
    Connor Anderson

    "no one is ever really gone.... "Epstein didn't kill himself"

  • Pikmin Ninja
    Pikmin Ninja

    Thank you SO MUCH for not having Bucky attend Thanos' funeral.

  • Michael Westman
    Michael Westman

    Gotta try get bettlejuice on 1 of these videos 😂😂😂😂

  • ThatOneHufflepuff

    You had a missed opportunity to call it “How Avengers Endgame Should Have Ended Should Have Ended”

  • Sean Og Burke
    Sean Og Burke


  • Brock Williams
    Brock Williams

    1:51 Loki died?

  • A Nice Dragon
    A Nice Dragon

    Cap- son of a language. I died. Good job cap!

  • Pauline

    Hela as the mourning widow with Chucky as their child had me dead 😂

  • Aykin134 Манат
    Aykin134 Манат

    Кто Руский (you Russian

  • Syedasumera Zafar
    Syedasumera Zafar

    “He demanded too much silence” Ehehehe😂

  • Syedasumera Zafar
    Syedasumera Zafar

    “He demanded too much silence” Ehehehe😂

  • Sinan Gaming
    Sinan Gaming

    Why is Loki at the funeral

  • Melina Ordonez ortiz
    Melina Ordonez ortiz

    No spoilers

  • Emmanuel Nidhiry
    Emmanuel Nidhiry

    So joker will be Christopher Nolan on every hishe

  • Emmanuel Nidhiry
    Emmanuel Nidhiry

    What’s that Thor music?

  • Palawan Chips
    Palawan Chips

    Going after thanos who still had 6 gems with only half the avengers team [plus capt marvel] would not have been easy even at his weakened state. The target time to travel back to should always avoid confronting thanos with or without gems. In any case, if they were really going to risk it, they could have just travelled back to when thanos said "you should have gone for the head" and actually go for the head.

  • Bryan Owen Manan
    Bryan Owen Manan

    Thor was skinny when Thanos nor yet destroy the stones, but this is good

  • Yeajoo Sung
    Yeajoo Sung

    They could have done that uhh

  • Спарки Спарки Бу Мен
    Спарки Спарки Бу Мен

    It destroys the hole movie!!!

  • Amy Metz
    Amy Metz


  • Ellie Howard
    Ellie Howard

    Omg! There was Voldemort and a Dalek there! I'm fangirling so hard now! Where the frick is Davros and all the other Daleks? Where r the death eaters?

  • Antonio Vargas
    Antonio Vargas


  • Kit Trustram Eve
    Kit Trustram Eve

    start doing james bond hishes plzzzz

  • Lucings

    "Son of a language"

  • Adam Yousef
    Adam Yousef

    Cap: let’s go get this son of a language 2012 cap: Yeah I know I know

  • HęllCat_Lęgęnd

    Season 11 and episode 11


    Wait, if Thanos had the Infinity Stones when the Avengers ambushed him on the Garden, wouldn’t he still practically be omnipotent and able to defend himself better than he did in the actual movie? Because the Avengers likely wouldn’t be able to defeat him if he still had all the stones in one place.

  • Infinity Games2
    Infinity Games2

    1:03 he still has hes arm.

  • Infinity Games2
    Infinity Games2


  • Yasmin Perez
    Yasmin Perez

    *he demanded too much silence*

  • vicente castillo
    vicente castillo

    2:22 whos that kid?

  • critter30002001

    That made so much more sense than the real movie

  • Private Thoughts
    Private Thoughts

    LOL the Villain funeral was great

  • Miki Rekt
    Miki Rekt

    This accualy makes sence

  • Phone Guy
    Phone Guy

    Use the time stone on Tony Stark and there you go he's alive because NO ONE QUESTION S ACTUALLY DEAD

  • Logan Simon
    Logan Simon

    How'd you know that Palpatine is still alive?

  • Maree Leming
    Maree Leming

    wait loki at the funerals of his murderer ?

  • shark fan
    shark fan

    jaws shark sssssooooooo cute

  • Joseph Parrotta
    Joseph Parrotta

    WHY is Loki at the funeral?

  • V E K T O R
    V E K T O R

    Didn't they have limited amount of Pym particle?

  • desi bhai
    desi bhai

    They could have attacked at the time of first snap

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil

    1:52 Haha. Wait, is that Chucky?

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil

    0:46 Pbbft!!

  • Shekar C
    Shekar C

    Well done...👍👍👍👍

  • FBI we got em
    FBI we got em

    The thing is if they went back in time to go see thanos on his planet when he had the infinity stones it means that he is very dangerous so some of the avengers (or maybe all of them) could have died here

    • Navneet Kashyap
      Navneet Kashyap

      @tm 2 Doesn't change the fact. 1)He is weaker 2) he doesn't know exactly when or even ambush will happen. 3) avengers are stronger now (more in no. +captain marvel) 4)He has lost in every ambush.

    • tm 2
      tm 2

      @Navneet Kashyap he doesn't need to think they are from future,since he was pretty much aware that sooner or later someone would come in search for him

    • Navneet Kashyap
      Navneet Kashyap

      @tm 2 Watch again. He couldn't fight back. And he would not be alert. He won't think that same avengers are gonna come from future to attack him. And AMBUSH means stealth attack pretty much. How will it be ambush if je is alerted.

    • tm 2
      tm 2

      @Navneet Kashyap he pretty much did block it, and in Endgame he didn't even try to fight back, and that ambush would have failed if he becomes even more alert

    • Navneet Kashyap
      Navneet Kashyap

      @tm 2 Every ambushed worked. He was stronger before his one hand was destroyed by snap. He didn't block captain marvel's blast, he tough enough(like hulk) to not get wounded. Avengers are stronger now.


    Well then Thor just owned it. I would have wanted to see that Antman theory come to fruition given that Paul Rudd himself on Hot Ones said that it was a missed potential

  • pea doper
    pea doper


  • Old spice man alley
    Old spice man alley


  • Char2 nuzen
    Char2 nuzen

    1:55 why is DC villans and Voldemort there

  • Chi Lam
    Chi Lam

    You know that averages endgame

  • Spicy Carrot
    Spicy Carrot

    "Lets get this son of a LANGUAGE,, XD

  • Connor Dalrymple
    Connor Dalrymple


  • zeywolf 21
    zeywolf 21

    1 19 what song is this


    what the soundtrack at 1:08

    • Octavio Planas
      Octavio Planas

      Capitan Jack baking tracks


    or just back when thor don't go to the head and thor 2023 go for the head and for the arm.

  • SnakeStaffMagic

    XD that ending. Jaws has a bow tie rofl

  • Ishana Shakya
    Ishana Shakya

    1:14 I thought then he was gonna say, " but mostly the beard... and the hair."

  • ben yates
    ben yates

    What did the say before hitting Thanos? 0:54

    • tm 2
      tm 2

      Magic axe go

  • Nguyễn Tấn Phát
    Nguyễn Tấn Phát

    This won’t happen unless they stole the ston when thanos sleep

    • Navneet Kashyap
      Navneet Kashyap

      Why? Thor nearly killed him in one on one battle. Thanos had only one hand a fatal wound in his chest. And this time thor had ironman, captain america, captain marvel, giantman, warhammer, nebula, rocket. And thanos would be surprised to see them there. It would have been a piece of cake.

  • World Wide Viral
    World Wide Viral

    Shut the front door

  • Lazy Dog Slime
    Lazy Dog Slime

    why is Loki at Thanos' funeral if Thanos killed him in Infinity War???

    • Priscilla Jimenez
      Priscilla Jimenez

      He faked his death...AGAIN lol

  • Plushie Pro
    Plushie Pro

    Didn’t Thanos kill Loki? Why is Loki at his funeral?

    • Whitney Pyant
      Whitney Pyant

      It’s the 2012 Loki

  • Onni Tepsa
    Onni Tepsa

    A hishe hishe

  • Long Van
    Long Van

    Wait what movie was the shark coming from .

  • Eli Lackey
    Eli Lackey

    "Let's go get this son of a language"

  • KevTon 13
    KevTon 13

    0:45 Would be better if he had a shave too.

  • Lidya Wandefor
    Lidya Wandefor

    Hishe can I be you’re new character voice with male characters and give you an idea with alternate so hishe can be with you for now if really want be with you

  • Katrin Kilbo
    Katrin Kilbo

    Why is Hela holding Chucky like if she was he's mom? And how can jaws breathe on det land?

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