AWKWARD Situations we can ALL relate to
AWKWARD Situations we can ALL relate to
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to AWKWARD Situations we can ALL relate to


  • Miķelis Vasiļjevs
    Miķelis Vasiļjevs


  • ambla erebara 456
    ambla erebara 456

    A girl was backwards and I saw her hair and I thought it was my friend I waved at her and said her name and then she got confused and looked at me that was so awkward for me

  • Ante Kalajžić
    Ante Kalajžić

    Once I accidentally dance is school in the halls and everybody laughed at me so I cried in the bathroom. 😭

  • Vivian Pow love
    Vivian Pow love

    So awkward😅😅😅

  • Vivian Pow love
    Vivian Pow love

    I went to school and my class start at 8:00 . When I was in class I find out that it is all already 12:40 and no one is in the classroom. It is because I see the wrongly so I thought the long hand is shot hand and the shot hand was long hand. Haha 😅😂

  • Eeva Burton
    Eeva Burton

    One time I farted really loud in class ,it was so socking


    The most embarrassing time for me was when I said diarrhea instead of diabetes

  • Braeden Lees
    Braeden Lees

    I am almost every single one

  • Llama Girl
    Llama Girl

    At school during recess my friends made me laugh so hard that I peed myself a little.And yet it was in the morning,that day I was wearing white shorts........ DON'T judge me please. ............

  • Falisha Sharma
    Falisha Sharma

    So 1 day I walked To school and 2 hours passed until it was sunday and the only person there was the gannater

  • aqua cat gaming
    aqua cat gaming

    I once said hi to someone who said hello but they were talking to someone else ._.

  • Aubrey Rider
    Aubrey Rider

    I was at my friends house and in her room there was a camera people well or her mom could talk through it and she said good night girl love you Chloe she was in the restroom and I said love you

  • Crazy Lilz
    Crazy Lilz

    Theres a power outage so I watch you

  • LailaZara

    The most embarrassing thing I’ve done is calling my teacher mum. I be done it to several of my teachers. Lol 😂.

  • Melissa McKean
    Melissa McKean

    Hug someone and they weren’t the person that supposed to be hugging

  • Zoey Leija
    Zoey Leija

    Someone walking in on me in the bathroom in 4th grade

  • Brooklynn Fantuz
    Brooklynn Fantuz

    the most awkward moment i had was when i peed my pants infront of my crush sorry im 8

  • Amelia Smith
    Amelia Smith

    I'll be listening to a book and acting out what I think the characters are doing then someone will walk in the room

  • Goof Ball
    Goof Ball

    One of mine is I had a crush so I told one of my friends but then another one wanted to know so I told her she promised she won’t tell anyone but the next day a lot of people knew and where asking me if it was true I said yes and said I was not the only one three of my other friends liked him to I asked everyone where they herd it and there where a lot of different answers but i think it was the second person I told and the person she told (who was my friend until grade 4 when she started to bully me ) he never found out ( by the way this was in grade 2 ) also this is half true and half false this is a true story but I can’t remember all the details

  • Paris Bulman
    Paris Bulman

    One time I was with my best friend in a gas station bathroom and so i went to a stall and some totally random guy comes in and pushes so hard the lock comes undone and my friend is like lock the door

  • ora r moor
    ora r moor

    And kids laugh at me

  • ora r moor
    ora r moor

    When I was five my dad made me put a dress on and I wanted to go on a slide but my pants got of off

  • jodie carter
    jodie carter

    i have w

  • Okpomo Bovi
    Okpomo Bovi

    threw up on crush

  • Roo and Alf Casey
    Roo and Alf Casey

    I was getting dressed back in my clothes after PE and accidentally put my pants down by accident for one second

  • Jojo John
    Jojo John

    The unicorn costume my friend has


    i once called my teacher mom was so embarrassing and she said yes daughter

  • Albert Davis
    Albert Davis


  • Chhaya Khude
    Chhaya Khude

    THE Most awkward thing has happen to me is in school someone saw my underpants and everyone was making fun of me saying gross ahhh ewww and my bully was making fun of me :.(

  • Tim & Chrissie Kochanski
    Tim & Chrissie Kochanski

    The most awkward this that happened to me was when I thought a person was my friend and they were a stranger it was so embarrassing and akward

  • Tintin Tinana
    Tintin Tinana

    One time we're at a mall and I saw a toy and like I really love it and then my dad had his phone and then I keep on walking then I hold a strangers hand that has the same shirt as my dad it was so embarrassing I was like 8 now I'm ten and my dad isn't alive anymore so yeah

  • Soad Tambal
    Soad Tambal

    Ok so one time

  • Emmy Tran
    Emmy Tran

    Said hi and the school guy says do you have a crush on me and me friend called pheobe said yes for me When I wanted to say no

  • Rajnish Sinha
    Rajnish Sinha

    Photo graf I am short

  • kathleen edwards
    kathleen edwards

    the most awkward things that has ever happened to me was one time in the super market I was holding on the trolly rale thingy and I was just going on and on about but what happened at school I couldnt see my mum Cuase I had my back to the person who was pushing the trolly and when I asked her a quetion about something she didn't answer so I turned a around and it was this mum with a lot of kids I can't believe I didn't notice for a long time and I was just backing away slowy like nothing to see here ( talk about awkward)😐 they took 25 % of my roof away( oof)

  • Joscelyne Nabb
    Joscelyne Nabb

    Then i fanly got home

  • Joscelyne Nabb
    Joscelyne Nabb

    I walked home but it was my frends home then i walked to my nannys then i walked in a lampost

  • Beautiful Diamonds
    Beautiful Diamonds

    I almost called my teacher mom emmbarrsed

  • Evelyn Hard
    Evelyn Hard

    The most embarrassing thing is getting a text from my best friend saying that she had a crush on me then I was like what and she was like why and then we’re still best friends she doesn’t like me anymore but whatever she’s my sister

  • Sarah Jensen
    Sarah Jensen

    So the first one I didn't walk in on someone someone walked in on me.😓😫

  • Khamyl Anthony
    Khamyl Anthony

    I literally fell infront everyone when i was walking down a hill 😕😂so embarassing lol

  • Brandy Nissley
    Brandy Nissley

    Pooping in the pool

  • Michaela Long
    Michaela Long

    So my my mum and my siblings went on a caravan holiday and I did a handstand against the front door and it flung open and I fell out the caravan and everyone started laughing and sat on the stairs the rest of the time outside

  • Marilyn Dissmeyer
    Marilyn Dissmeyer

    i got caught singing miracules lady bug theme song i was so EMBARSSED

  • Madison’s Life with animals
    Madison’s Life with animals

    Most awkward thing that happened to me is at school someone walked into the bathroom stall when I was peeing

  • jojoanna bossen
    jojoanna bossen

    Da most embarrassing thing thats ever happened to me is that I called my dutch teacher grandma more than once ;)

  • Simply Lenora
    Simply Lenora

    I pooped my pants when I was 11 years old but now I am 13

  • Aimee Hooper
    Aimee Hooper

    Once when I was in year two I farted in class and all the people in the room looked at me so I slowly shuffled away from this quiet kid behind me 🤣😂

  • Mohd Daniel Adha Noor Azam
    Mohd Daniel Adha Noor Azam

    I accidently pooped in my pants a little

  • Ahan Rana
    Ahan Rana

    One of my akward moment is when I'm talking to someone and they see their friend but I don't know their friend and I slowly have to walk away

  • Addison Corfield
    Addison Corfield

    One time I was going to the bathroom and I forget to lock the door then someone walked in

  • Yarexsi Aguillon
    Yarexsi Aguillon

    So one time I p well I'm not going to what I it when I was in kindergarten and it was really weird

    • Yarexsi Aguillon
      Yarexsi Aguillon

      It was awkward

  • Sofia Duran
    Sofia Duran

    So my embarrassed moment was when I was making a tik tok and the my mom came in the wrong time. Well let's say I was doing the savage dance

  • kaylee steenhard
    kaylee steenhard

    Alot of the times I call my teacher mom and my face gets so red and i walk away like nothing happend

  • Cupcake Time
    Cupcake Time

    That One time my sister came in my bathroom when I was pooping

  • Hrafnhildur Eva Brekadóttir
    Hrafnhildur Eva Brekadóttir

    I was talking to my friend in the school and she stopped to tie her shoes and I was still talking and everyone was like: wuuuuuuut, and then I realized it and she was laughing 😂😳😂😳

  • Ale Dea
    Ale Dea

    The most imbarasing thing that happend to me was when I thought someone else was my mum

  • my life
    my life

    I was so nervous BC I was talking to my cruch and I peed my pants

  • Emma James
    Emma James

    When l was little l asked a stranger to smell my sock lol

  • Cat Lover
    Cat Lover

    My pants fell down at school swimming 😳

  • Rachel Birrell
    Rachel Birrell

    My first time buying pads at the checkout line "Mom ill be in the car" lol

  • Megan Texeira
    Megan Texeira

    I tripped in front of public ones it was very Embarrassing Whenever I go in public I always go slowly and that's also embarrassing help me away I need it

  • Maheruba Begum
    Maheruba Begum


  • Chris Minor
    Chris Minor

    And ounce i was texting my friend about my crush and my mom saw me texting she found out my crush

  • Chris Minor
    Chris Minor

    I was on saftey patrol in the 5th grade and said love you to my friend when i closed there door

  • Anne Byrne
    Anne Byrne

    I asksed a random parson for crisps

  • Becca Costa
    Becca Costa

    I called my teacher grandma.

  • T. Brightburn
    T. Brightburn

    I was hanging out with this boy I had a crush on, he said something funny and I laughed so hard, coke came out of my nose. I have never been able to look him in the eye since. Like if something embarrass has happened to you

  • Mohamed Amin
    Mohamed Amin

    Yeah But sometimes there is no comments in elsa and anna ok

  • Lily rose Sandiondf
    Lily rose Sandiondf

    I have cried infront of 2 girls and it was so embarrassing

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