AWKWARD Situations we can ALL relate to
AWKWARD Situations we can ALL relate to
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to AWKWARD Situations we can ALL relate to


  • Dj Mccoy
    Dj Mccoy

    Can y’all just like this so it blows up my phone I wanna feel loved😂🥺

    • Absolute Ava
      Absolute Ava


    • Tbnr marshmallow
      Tbnr marshmallow

      AzzyLand I’m glad your doing this because it makes my feel happy because my mom got a new hip

    • Leah Keegan
      Leah Keegan

      Your Right Azzyland

    • Jack Moody
      Jack Moody

      I agree with azzy

  • Omaima Hamad
    Omaima Hamad

    One time i thought that my friend is near me but then when go to talk with her i found it was not my frind

  • Im still Weird
    Im still Weird

    My friend’s little sister got me to hold my crush’s hand and she puled away....😔😔

  • Sandro Infantini
    Sandro Infantini

    Peed my pants

  • Lexie Loo
    Lexie Loo

    once I got out of the shower and my window open I was so embarrassed

  • Rebecca Candy
    Rebecca Candy

    I On my head when I was a baby and I bashed my head on it and I love you IT-my channel you are the best so I’m going to subscribe

  • Leah Nash
    Leah Nash

    I love watching you azzy

  • Scarlett Night
    Scarlett Night

    So I accidentally called my sisters boyfriend dad....

  • LuyoSanFox Gaming's
    LuyoSanFox Gaming's

    2 times When i fall over infront of my crush And When the teacher ask something and idk the answer and the whole class stared at me

  • Bautista plays
    Bautista plays

    When someone crys in front of me I walk away

  • KaIoNsPiCyAhi Vlogs
    KaIoNsPiCyAhi Vlogs

    Getting someones atention bc there my friend but its not them

  • Sophia Metti
    Sophia Metti

    Some one gave me a hand shake but instead i have him a hug i was like awkward 🙃🙃

    • Sophia Metti
      Sophia Metti

      Has that ever happened TO you like if it has

  • Hayden

    i called my teacher mom

  • *XxWolfie_ cookiexX*
    *XxWolfie_ cookiexX*

    Can you do more baby calling vids

  • Gayle Patterson Withers
    Gayle Patterson Withers

    When my friend told all the The popular kids my secrets and when My Friend dared me to say I love you to a random kid and I did it And he was freaking out and I was like in my head AAAAHHHH

  • Ellie plays
    Ellie plays

    The most emmberessing thing that ever happened to me is once I tripped on someone and fell on them and I said uh heh uh sorry and then I ran away

  • Jackie Boron
    Jackie Boron

    The most embarrassing thing that happened to me was when my friend came up to me during class cause we were finding class partners and I was thinking about donuts and when she said do you want to be partners I said donuts sure I would love to eat donuts cause I mean who wouldnt

  • Le crazy Person
    Le crazy Person

    I pooped on the floor in the bathroom I'm using my sister's tablet

  • VerneeM WuggVallo
    VerneeM WuggVallo

    I have 💩 in a pool

  • The Weird Girl
    The Weird Girl

    So me, my BFF and my crush were flicking cubes at each other then me and my crush start dead eyed awkwardly stairing at each other...

  • Kelly Herrera
    Kelly Herrera

    i did not know a boy in my class was inside so i was changing and he walked up to me i yelled so loud they could here outside

    • Kelly Herrera
      Kelly Herrera

      and plus im 10

  • Helen Culshaw
    Helen Culshaw

    so what hapend to me was i was on my phone and i alked to a bench and was about to sit and a girl sat there and i sat on her nee an it was really awkward...... then she chased me all the way to my house

  • сн0пку_sсгцв

    The most embarrassing thing that happened to me is that one day in science class i sneezed and my nose started bleeding, and the thing is I sit infront of the class. And i couldn’t get up and get a tissue cause 1, i would walk in front of the class and everyone would notice and comment on it. 2, the tissues were by my crush. SO WHAT I DID, BEING THE DISGUSTING PERSON I AM, WIPED THE BLOOD INTO THE DESK TOP HOPING THAT THE BLOOD WOULD EVENTUALLY DISAPPEAR and it did visibly, but not really. AND THANK GOD NO ONE SAW THIS HAPPEN.

  • Sophie World
    Sophie World

    I fell in front of my mum's old school teachers

  • Inaya M
    Inaya M

    I swore and my teacher was behind me... also I fell off my chair then ;))

  • Itchy- Blue-Soul Gaming
    Itchy- Blue-Soul Gaming

    It was

  • The cringey side Of YouTube
    The cringey side Of YouTube

    When I was at a party, I thought it was my mom but I hugged someone random #awkward

  • Levonna Sentz
    Levonna Sentz

    I hugged a random person

  • Viri Herrera
    Viri Herrera

    What happened to me

  • jertwo

    When I accidentally called my third grade teacher my second grade teacher

  • Lynn Belcher
    Lynn Belcher

    a boy winked at me and i said BOY IM A SINGLE PRINGLE and he winked at a girl behind me LOL

  • Lauren Hill
    Lauren Hill

    Me wering a happy at home

  • thomas gersbacher
    thomas gersbacher

    One time my cousin was babysitting me and my brother and my cousin had his girlfriend over too so when I was going to bed I meant to rub my brothers hand but I actually rubbed my cousins hand

  • Liberty Bell
    Liberty Bell

    I farted in front of my crush

  • Jay Wright
    Jay Wright

    Peed. And. Pood. At. School.

  • Krystal Watkins
    Krystal Watkins

    My dad seeing me nakid

  • Fun & Games
    Fun & Games

    Hiiiiiiiiiiii I love you👑👑👑😇😇😇😇😇😂😂😂😁😁😁😂😂😅😅😆😆☺☺😊😊😊😊😊😊☺😜😜😜😛😛😛😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😚😚😚😻😻😻😻😻😹😼😺🙏😽😾🙈🙉🙊👩👧👦👶🎅🎅🎅🎅👵💏💑💑👪👪👫👬👭👭💃💆💅👻👹👺👺💙💙❤❤💙💙💙❤❤💙💙❤💙💙❤💙💚💗💗💘💛💜💓💔💔💟💟💝💓💓💓💓💜💘💘💚💛💘💛💜💓💝💘💓💞💘💜💓✋💝💝💞💞💞💝💘💗💛💚💛💛💛💜🏣🏪🔛🔜🔚♑⌛⌛⌛⏫🆔🆔O:-):-(:-):-):-):-):-)

  • Katy O'Keeffe
    Katy O'Keeffe

    Mime was when I was in school and we were having assembly and it was Remembrance Day and we took the minute of silence and it was EXTREMELY quiet and I well sort of farted🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Tania Facer
    Tania Facer

    I was walking to the shops and it was raining and as a car went pass I slipped and the people started laughing

  • Samuel m'cloed
    Samuel m'cloed

    Azzyland, can you hug me?I ❤hugs

  • Toni Schulte
    Toni Schulte

    Called the teacher mum on accident

  • Toni Schulte
    Toni Schulte

    Peed the bed and through up ewwwww😥

  • Ruel revilla
    Ruel revilla

    Are you real ?

  • Ella Jorgensen
    Ella Jorgensen

    I had an “moment” at school I thought someone was my BFF and I s@id hi Ellis

  • criselda dyer
    criselda dyer

    Saying hi to my friend that is not really her and pretending that my friend was behind her but she wasn't

  • Tone Flores
    Tone Flores

    i ineberis wen i🤮 in school

  • Addison Norris
    Addison Norris

    Calling my teacher Mom definitely that’s so embarrassing

  • Sweet Sugar Gacha
    Sweet Sugar Gacha

    Girl: **opens door** Me: 0-0 Girl: Omg I’m so sorry!! Me: -_- Girl: **closes door** Me: You could’ve just knocked on the door..

  • A Sudds
    A Sudds

    when my crush looked at me all weird like and idk why

  • G 25
    G 25

    Won day i was in school and i saw my granpas car i nok on the window and it was a ladys car an she looks at me like what are you doing and i say sorry a confuis the car and i walk away 😅😅

    • G 25
      G 25

      This is the most inbarrassing thing it happen to me 😅

  • XxEpic_ Tiger xX
    XxEpic_ Tiger xX

    My most embarrassing moment was when I FELL ON TOP OF MY CRUSH

  • Jaylah’s Super Show
    Jaylah’s Super Show

    One of my friends called he’s teacher mommy but for me I think my dad or mom talk to me but they are talking to someone else

  • CelestialKittyCorns UwU
    CelestialKittyCorns UwU

    So for the question at the end one time in middle school I was new... andddd uhm how do I saw this...... I walked right into the boys bathroom and there was no one inside but I thought it was the girls at I used it and when I was washing my hands a boy walked in and asked what I was doing in the boys bathroom and I didn’t see the urns so it was very awkward and embarrassing

  • Ahmad Shah
    Ahmad Shah


  • Delisa Valentine
    Delisa Valentine

    Farting in public

  • Cate Hashbarger
    Cate Hashbarger

    when my uncle was little he got stuck under a fat ladies skirt

  • Poets Society
    Poets Society

    I walked into the bathroom when someone was in the bathroom

  • Ali gardner
    Ali gardner

    I was in first grade and I was chasing my friend. I fell and she started dragging me. My pants fell down when she dragged me. Luckily, nobody saw but her an me.

  • Alisya Purple
    Alisya Purple

    Everything on the video ;-;

  • Heather Bowman
    Heather Bowman

    I do everything that enbares other people but it does not effect me

  • Bryar Dunthorne
    Bryar Dunthorne

    When I called somebody “short” they said “just because I’m short doesn’t mean I can’t break you’re spine” then everyone stared at me. BUT IT WAS TRUE!!!

  • Tegan Tiktoks
    Tegan Tiktoks

    The most embarrassing thing to me is that I fell on my first day of high school

  • Celine Johnsrud
    Celine Johnsrud

    I though i was waving to my mom but it wasnt my mom that was not funny at all

  • Ivy - Puf
    Ivy - Puf

    The most embarrassing thing that I ever did was when my friends dared me to hug my crush. So I went up to him and stood there. I said, “ Person!” He didn’t turn to look at me, so I walked back to my friends. They said, “I did my dare u have to do yours!” When I refused they went to my crush and told him that they would give him candy if he hugged me. A few minutes before we had argued that he probably wouldn’t want to touch me. Even better, HUG ME. To my dismay, he said yes. So we walked up to each other and stood there for a few minutes. And I was scared dudes. That is something I don’t do. “Do it already!” One of my friends shouted. He stepped forward with his arms wide, and I began to do the same. In the end, it had been an extremely embarrassing moment and it ended in a weird thing were he patted me on the back. I tried my best to not touch him.

  • frank zepeda
    frank zepeda

    My brothers football team came over and his friend was in the bathroom and I opened the door and I saw him going to the bathroom

  • The Silver Family
    The Silver Family

    Guys Its okay if your short! For example: Everyone thinks your cute You can nap anywhere You can easily win hide and seek Your popular Everyone helps you with cabinets, Locker and etc. :)

  • Gloria Escatel-Miller
    Gloria Escatel-Miller

    There is this game push thing and I did it to this boy and I ask him don't pick 6 or 3 and his friend told pick 6 and I was on six then I was about to hug him but then I stoped i put my hands down and I said right now and then we hugged

  • Evelyn’s awesome world Hernandez
    Evelyn’s awesome world Hernandez

    The most embarising moment was i almost went to the wrong car

  • Bill Willson
    Bill Willson

    In school i was in the lunch room and my crush was behind me and he was looking at me and i ternd arownd and i had a hot dog in my mouth and it was sticking out like i had i a you know and he was with his friends and it was so inbarisng

    • Bill Willson
      Bill Willson

      I a girl i on my gramps account i dont have a phone yet

  • Noa Gafni
    Noa Gafni

    I made a bet with a teacher and then tried to pay him but he didn't accept

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