Bankrol Hayden - Whatchu On Today (feat. Polo G) [Official Music Video]
Bankrol Hayden
Bankrol Hayden - Whatchu On Today (feat. Polo G) [Official Music Video]
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  • Bankrol Hayden
    Bankrol Hayden

    • Lijah T
      Lijah T

      My cousin know bam

    • Edwin Cruz
      Edwin Cruz


    • Chronic Waves
      Chronic Waves

      You should make a song with ionn dior

    • Alfredo Jarvio
      Alfredo Jarvio

      “Play ya cards right ‘fore them killers come and deal wit ya”

    • Alfredo Jarvio
      Alfredo Jarvio

      “Play yo card right before them killers come and deal wit ya”

  • I’m a Sweatybot
    I’m a Sweatybot

    “I never knew that fate will take my life and be so dangerous” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Cza Beats
    Cza Beats

    I’m shocked this only got 1.5 million needs like 30 mil

  • 3k Subs No Vids
    3k Subs No Vids

    Read My Name

  • abid ilahi
    abid ilahi

    minecraft steve in a gang

  • Flexxzzi

    You're insane jarvis

  • I’m a Sweatybot
    I’m a Sweatybot

    Yo this🔥🔥🔥🔥🍑

  • Tee rari
    Tee rari

    Hard 🥶

  • Ibrahim Akman
    Ibrahim Akman

    Polo is the Real goat

  • okabz

    this is lit

  • Wayne Ryan
    Wayne Ryan

    big fan

  • Monty Logan
    Monty Logan


  • Monty Logan
    Monty Logan

    Yesssssssssssssss. Pls. Ok

  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside

    Before he blow up off polo g tik tok getting banned tf you mean

  • forever Mayy
    forever Mayy

    Do y’all know this my men so don’t Steal him from me

  • _Monty97

    You can tell the difference in friend groups by lookin at them lol

  • Zhaoxx


  • Edwin Cruz
    Edwin Cruz

    Mad Fire

  • Adrian Lombert
    Adrian Lombert

    Jarvis trying to aimbot in real life now lol

  • Ic0n1c R2G
    Ic0n1c R2G


  • Nick Cucinotta
    Nick Cucinotta

    Minecraft Steve go hard

  • E Steezo
    E Steezo

    If Bankrol Hayden only sung the hook and had polo g rap both verses than i would have liked the song

  • Nixilis

    Song was too short

  • Crxcked WNL
    Crxcked WNL I’m underated I promise 😘

  • Jay Huss
    Jay Huss

    Put it on Apple musics already

  • Edwin Kingston
    Edwin Kingston

    One phone call and they on the way

  • Dont sub to me
    Dont sub to me

    Polo g should make a group with hayden and lil tjay

  • MAPZ

    Fucking best combo ever

  • Tryzzi4md

    🥵🥶🥶🥶😈 🔥

  • Ynl Ynl
    Ynl Ynl

    Does bankrol likes being called jarvis 🤔 does he know jarvis 🤔 does jarvis know him and 🤔🤯🤯🤯

    • sp0_ok

      He does look alot like Jarvis

  • Ek9_Jamesy

    Bankrol Hayden from MODESTO

  • Jackson J
    Jackson J

    Come on bankrol BANGER ❄️❄️❄️🥶🥶

  • Mari and Ryan
    Mari and Ryan

    Fire 🔥

  • Auxra

    Best duo ever

  • Corteh

    GOAT bank ur a legend g thanks god there is someone I can listen to something with a big smile on my face!

  • CHOP-Z

    Why Hayden sound like he got a snotty nose 24/7 😭

  • Top 10 Cacoon
    Top 10 Cacoon

    Polo g killed this


    Tenes mucho talento

  • Orgitzofficial

    Came for polo and still only came for polo lol

  • zay zay
    zay zay

    Hayden nice wit it 🔥🔥

  • Parker

    Mans said these --> 📦

  • Jovan SS
    Jovan SS

    White Boy Rick's flow is 🔥🔥

  • abs


  • qqvev

    Only the OG's remember the canned food donation/meetup at Macy's in Modesto.

  • Ghiro

    Song of the summer

  • Taliban Trell
    Taliban Trell

    Let me put y’all on 🔥🔥

  • Mr. HellNaw
    Mr. HellNaw

    Bro got a minecraft head but the music still good tho

  • Assumption2k

    Only degree they know is first and second that shut hard asf

  • Thunder Browns
    Thunder Browns

    faze jarvis twin?

  • Snows

    This got a j.i vibe to it

  • Ryan Ogilvie
    Ryan Ogilvie

    Someone tell where i can get polos hoodie its super 🔥🔥

  • GLO Cliipz
    GLO Cliipz


  • HypeSquaD


  • T34L Frost
    T34L Frost

    Jarvis ur insane

  • Theron Gibson
    Theron Gibson

    People really underestimate Hayden but they both make a good duo💪🏿😁🔥🤘🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  • Normie

    Polo g is always good 👍

  • Swayyツ

    This is 🔥 like every song from polo g and hayden

  • HaHa Jc
    HaHa Jc


  • Brady Bro
    Brady Bro

    This i s fiiirrrrreeee

  • Supaflyy Owen
    Supaflyy Owen

    Bankrol Hayden and J.I. Needa collab ASAP

  • ªⁿª ªºⁿ
    ªⁿª ªºⁿ

    I'm Mexican, but I love this song ♡

  • Lost WRLD
    Lost WRLD

    XXL freshman 2020 My list: Kid Laroi Bankrol hayden Lil tecca Lil tjay Polo g Doja cat Ynw melly Ynw bslime

    • Lost WRLD
      Lost WRLD

      @wholelottaLova ok

    • wholelottaLova

      Lil Tjay and Polo still havent been on xxl

  • Caleb Rowley
    Caleb Rowley

    Tell me why this was the hardest ft polo has ever done

  • tc wj
    tc wj

    Ayy mann ion rlly fw bh like tha buh this song harddd

  • MarioKiler510 Ruiz
    MarioKiler510 Ruiz

  • Cahp on Crack
    Cahp on Crack

    Fire g I like how you rap like that like polo g type keep it up luv u

  • The gaming chair
    The gaming chair

    This song 🔥

  • RyaX

    🔥 💯

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson

    Polo G don’t miss

  • Shalonda Mays
    Shalonda Mays

    im gonna be a billionaire make a song like that

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