Baseballs Cheating Problem is Getting Worse
Baseball Doesn't Exist
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How is Trevor Bauer Cheating And Why Nobody Cares
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  • Baseball Doesn't Exist
    Baseball Doesn't Exist

    Use the following link: and enter the discount code DOESNTEXIST for 25% off any subscription offering at BetQL.

    • Benjamin Kimmel
      Benjamin Kimmel

      Great video, and really interesting info. Just one small critique, it's RPM, not RPM's. It's an abbreviation for rotation(s) per minute, so if anything it would be R'sPM

    • Bryant Matthew
      Bryant Matthew

      I can not spell it won’t let me

    • Bryant Matthew
      Bryant Matthew

      Mud grove did not cheat territory cole probably did

    • Jaime Gonzalez
      Jaime Gonzalez

      Trash putting shohei in it

    • Shawn Lynch
      Shawn Lynch

      Trash channel

  • william collins
    william collins

    18:19 that ump stepping over the fallen batter makes me laugh all the time

  • Sunny

    Look what Houston got away with. absolutely nothing was done to them, and I think they are still cheating. But why not, The Patriots got away with cheating for years. I barely even watch sports any more. I used to watch baseball everyday. same with basketball. They prove refs have been bought and paid for and NOTHING happened much to the refs involved. The one guy got fired... big deal.

  • chironjo

    No-hitters in MLB are like triple -doubles in NBA; not impressive at all.

  • Smile

    mans doing my mate Ohtani, and Kimbrel dirty. They don't cheat man.

  • Ish ha'elohim
    Ish ha'elohim

    2 1/2 minutes in and it's so much repetition while not actually saying anything that couldn't have been said in 15 seconds then a paid promotion..

  • Kirill Kupov
    Kirill Kupov

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  • anjisp perangin
    anjisp perangin

    the tumbnail confirms it. 0:14 also confirms it." some one the best..." he must be cheating according to the content creator. Otherwise there is no reason to put him in the video.

  • ryan Brinker
    ryan Brinker

    Soooo... we gonna ignore this?? Bauer talked about the foreign substance problem for years and nothing.... then he starts doing the same thing. Does it better... gets huge contact. Whole team now is dominating bc of it. Halfway thru season. He's accused of sexual assault may do time and probably never pitch again......... 👎 that's soooooooo suspicious.... smells bad. Smells real bad.

  • Basem Ali
    Basem Ali

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  • Nathan Orgeron
    Nathan Orgeron

    Bauer hates pitchers that use illegal substances but he even said himself that if the game isint going to punish the ones that use it why shouldn’t he join in on it

  • Erik Hopkins
    Erik Hopkins

    Worse than steroids? How's that, considering that these pitchers aren't injecting anything in their bodies? 🤔

  • Joey Williams
    Joey Williams

    Why would u want to cheat U get payed 80 mil ur only cheat ING urself

  • Enrique B
    Enrique B

    MLB doesn’t care about cheaters like always the steroid era , Houston’s little slap on the wrist for cheating teams out of World Series, all these wack pitchers using foreign substances

  • _Zombieboi_

    Max scherzer is just good…

  • Gato


  • Isaac Tejada
    Isaac Tejada

    Is there a number different on the seams over the years?

  • J A
    J A

    It is now funny to hear Trevor Bauer bragged about his morales ...

  • ConmanTheArtist

    Turnbull isn't that bad. He is not the best and I know for a fact he isn't cheating

  • no name
    no name

    Ohtani is a man who also pays attention to protein makers so that steroid reactions don't occur. He has no reason to use substance.

  • Erich Hoque
    Erich Hoque

    And this is why Trevor Bauer is being investigated for "assaulting a woman." He didn't do that, they want to know more about the secret sauce.

  • Dawn Cataldo
    Dawn Cataldo

    I love your videos

  • T M.
    T M.

    It only matters when the Astros cheat

    • Conor Murray
      Conor Murray

      @T M. that’s debatable. Regardless what the Astros did was unacceptable and they should have been punished.

    • T M.
      T M.

      @Conor Murray the Astros would have still won 😂

    • Conor Murray
      Conor Murray

      Bruh pitchers have already been suspended multiple games for having foreign substances, the astros didn’t even get suspended one game even though they robbed a world series

  • Robert Petrey
    Robert Petrey

    Did Ryan cheat for any of his SEVEN no-hitters

    • Conor Murray
      Conor Murray

      Pine tar

  • Jaime Gonzalez
    Jaime Gonzalez

    Trash putting Shohei

  • Max guacamole
    Max guacamole

    This might make me sound like a fan bot but i think ohtani just has pure talent

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith

    All is I want to know is rodon might of used it but he is still pitching just as good with the ump checking him

  • greg schin
    greg schin

    Bauer got busted for something else

  • Negev Geri
    Negev Geri

    Trevor Bauer's cheating isnt his only problem anymore

  • samiya suzey
    samiya suzey

    The stiff basin ostensibly phone because trumpet historically observe beyond a truculent stove. abaft, mellow phone

  • Daniel Hamilton
    Daniel Hamilton

    RPM. Not "RPMs."

  • Joshua Canaday
    Joshua Canaday

    Bauer, that piece of shit, and his limp-wristed cutie dance, tarnishing a movement used by Eastern warriors.....he can go away

  • Jack Gotie
    Jack Gotie

    Now Byron Buxton will be out for a few months by being hit in the hand will a baseball

  • Jacob O'Sullivan
    Jacob O'Sullivan

    One thing about Bauer and Cole.....they sure change a whole lot of teams

  • C Apt
    C Apt

    Bower's secret substance is female arousal fluid.

  • Kourosh Behbehani
    Kourosh Behbehani

    Has to be the longest intro

  • Edgar Anguiano
    Edgar Anguiano

    The amount of times you repeat yourself I lost interest. Edit it down to 8 min. And stop repeating yourself

  • Maddox Mingucci
    Maddox Mingucci

    Garret and deform used sweat and rosen

  • General Millz
    General Millz

    I've never watched baseball due to a lack of understanding but I'm incentivised to start watching now that I know the lengths teams will go to in order to win. Also.. ohtani

  • Aj Flores
    Aj Flores

    Don’t worry I don’t think Baurer will be a problem for awhile

  • Bending

    The only reason that the other guys spin rate goes up is because the catchers put the substance on the ball makeing it so the pitchers won’t get caught. I know this because the major league only checks the pitchers and not the catchers.

  • Brendan Marshall
    Brendan Marshall

    Bauer was punished but not for illegal substance

  • Yash J
    Yash J

    how many fucking times are you gonna say the word substance. holy fuckin hell

  • email

    strip the dodgers out of their World Series title

    • TastyFrosting


  • Prawn Star
    Prawn Star

    if u aint cheating u aint trying

  • S197 GT
    S197 GT

    Let them be on steroids it's a non contact sports anyway. Plus the games are more fun to watch. Steroids bs sticky substances = even lol.

  • littlesame

    If the data is this simple, and to plastered all these pitchers without proof is just conspiracy, I’m sure there are cheaters but to pointing fingers at random pitchers without confirmed evidence is equally a cheat

  • tenma0528

    Why Ohtani? Spritter doesn’t need high spin rate.

  • Jason V.
    Jason V.

    You are talking about Ohtani while he was injured and after surgery before full recovery vs. fully recovered? Dude, compare to his Japan spin rate.

  • Jesus A Felix
    Jesus A Felix

    Love your channel 👍🏼

  • Game Stallion
    Game Stallion

    See I knew Corey Kluber was a class act, he’s too good to cheat, even at his age. He’s funny, effective, and he actually has morales. Gotta love Corey Kluber man

  • Harmôzël

    Bauer has much bigger problems right now but it also involves sticky stuff.

  • Flash____________

    Why put ohtani in the thumbnail, you really had me scared for a minute

    • Galactic Finance
      Galactic Finance

      Well he is in roids bro

  • Virginia Ganskie
    Virginia Ganskie

    It caught up with Bauer. He is done!

  • Steve McVay
    Steve McVay

    Well no one is really worried about Bauer anymore... not only does he have a mean spin rate but apparently he has a mean right hook too!!! Prob won’t ever see him again!

  • Habaneroes \
    Habaneroes \

    Gerrit Cole looks like pc principal from South Park if he had brown hair

  • Noah Lynch
    Noah Lynch

    Rodon did not cheat

  • Cole Holland
    Cole Holland

    I think the problem is not the pitchers or players doing this. I think this is actually the MLBs own fault because they won’t raise Minor League salaries. Minor Leaguers get paid below minimum wage unless they are international FAs but often they make $8,000 a year and have to work other jobs to sustain themselves and will do anything to get to the majors to make their money let alone a livable wage so if you want to stop crime give them 100,000 a year minimum and maybe they will stop

  • Lane Ferrence
    Lane Ferrence

    I mean some can just be good too

  • TheMetadaemon

    On-Field checks are one thing. What they should do is take a sample of balls per pitcher during the game and send them out for analysis. Look for residue. Violators get banned from that season's playoffs.

  • Dadding All Day
    Dadding All Day

    For some reason I don’t trust the MLB. Any chance they are confiscating the balls to hide evidence from the fans? Balls that leave the ballpark with fans have a greater chance of being inspected by outside parties. If they confiscate them, they can decide what to do with them.

  • Kevin

    This essay is on the word substance…. Go!

  • Stormin Norman
    Stormin Norman

    Guess that why Bauer caught rape charge…

  • ct hoffman
    ct hoffman

    who wouldn't spend the money for cole or bauer if they knew it would improve their whole bullpen..

  • JT McGee
    JT McGee

    foeign substances have always been in baseball, codifying what 1 sustance they can use as well as STOP messing with the actual build and quality of the ball is the asnwer NOT banning everything. part of the low hit rate is the hack and pray for a homer aka launch angle batting style. more players get hit in the last 4 years because more crowd the plate to stop inside pitches because you cant hack an inside pitch for a homer.

  • Ben Tromiczak
    Ben Tromiczak

    Trevor Bauer got suspended… Just not by getting caught with illegal substances

  • Kai Patragnoni
    Kai Patragnoni

    The encouraging oxygen radiologically confess because arch rarely tow to a delirious fire. forgetful, skinny liver

  • Kam mciver
    Kam mciver

    Shohei has just been working

  • Dorothy Gale
    Dorothy Gale

    If sticky stuff is the magic that turns bad pitchers into good pitchers then why have the Angels pitching been so bad for so long given that a their clubhouse manager was making and selling the stuff. Were Angel pitchers not buying it?

    • North-Shore Gcs
      North-Shore Gcs

      It does make your spin rate higher but control is also more difficult too. That’s why hit batters are at an all time high. Combine that with the fact the MLB juiced the ball recently and everyone else is doing it too, the effects really aren’t that pronounced.

  • Sarkastik B
    Sarkastik B

    MLB need to stop testing for steroids again and allow Bauer's sticky sht to be the only one in the league...fck it! ...let it be like the 90s and watch how baseball becomes popular again

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