Basketball BATTLE ROYALE w/ 2HYPE !!
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SUBSCRIBE IF YOU SEE THIS!! In this video the boys try to stay alive through rounds of basketball shooting challenges! Last man standing wins! --- Guess That 2HYPE TWEET !! --- Make This Steph Curry Game WINNER --- Guess That NBA Throwback Jersey
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  • ZackTTG

    Thanks Simplisafe for sponsoring. SimpliSafe is award-winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock. It's really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts. Check out SimpliSafe here:

    • William Bayless
      William Bayless

      tell jesser i said hi and i copped the simply safe and someone stole it man

    • heat man
      heat man

      Zack would be a good commercial guy that talks in the background listing the good stuff about the thing they are advertising

    • Erin Cruce
      Erin Cruce

      Mopi was cheating as u watch the video

    • Getrich 42
      Getrich 42

      @AJ fx vy

    • Lanz Paqueo
      Lanz Paqueo

      Invite marcelas and friga on the next on plus aj lapray

  • AshTTV

    y James go risk it for the biscut

  • Manuel Mendez
    Manuel Mendez

    I think 2hype should play Make the shot or no electronics for the whole day I hope they play that game. I also hope that they like the idea.

  • Brooks Bakko
    Brooks Bakko

    zack was sus saying he might get excited for some guys

  • Pavitar SoND
    Pavitar SoND

    Yes we got that

  • Pavitar SoND
    Pavitar SoND

    You should have put a Curry for 3 at 3:35

  • Pavitar SoND
    Pavitar SoND

    1M le gooo

  • ur mother favourites
    ur mother favourites

    what shoes is kris using??

  • Carlos Campos
    Carlos Campos

    Let’s go kris🏀

  • Mason Hurst
    Mason Hurst

    Bro the valorant sound fx are so smooth

  • Keon Kuntz
    Keon Kuntz

    “When you hit me I go ouch “ 😭😂

  • Jayden T
    Jayden T

    i feel lika a disgrace i wasnt subbed :(

  • Jayvhie Galicia
    Jayvhie Galicia

    why does kris jumps higher from the wing than from half court lol

  • Kevsell Alleb Sordilla
    Kevsell Alleb Sordilla


  • Ryny 3
    Ryny 3

    1:12 PAUSE 😅

  • Jack Son
    Jack Son


  • Bklucky

    Imagine cash nasty was out there YEEH

  • Matthew Bodony
    Matthew Bodony

    This videos a fucking masterpiece

  • 0MaTeGo7

    4:30 we need more of this from 2hype like if you agree

  • Landon Jump
    Landon Jump

    1:12 Pause

  • Andreanna Cummings
    Andreanna Cummings

    Zachs edits is halarious

  • Luke Rutherford-Durney
    Luke Rutherford-Durney

    17:33 that’s the funniest shit ever 💀💀

  • Orb Rain
    Orb Rain

    Nobody: Fucking Kristopher: Zamn Zaddy Me: WTF Pause lmao

  • Norma Ayala
    Norma Ayala

    Zack is the best

  • Tyler Hamilton
    Tyler Hamilton

    Do a vid in Hawaii Honolulu neborhood Catlin please?.

  • Kyle 95095
    Kyle 95095

    why it look like birdbox basketball edition

  • keon williams
    keon williams

    Jdl is bad

    • keon williams
      keon williams


  • Spritz z
    Spritz z

    Mitchell has my shoes

  • Gaviel Israel
    Gaviel Israel

    17:52 im sorry i think jesser was jokeing when he said jiedel was better than him

  • Semaj Fluellyn
    Semaj Fluellyn

    LSK 👌🏾🔥

  • R Z
    R Z

    Zacks editing is so funny

  • jimmy perez
    jimmy perez

    U guys should help Tyler be a better shooter

  • Henrie Storm
    Henrie Storm

    the guy who edits these..needs a pay rise or something

  • Jeremy Montgomery
    Jeremy Montgomery

    You should drop a build video for nba 2k21 with all your animations

  • Harris Scott
    Harris Scott

    I wish I had a basketball games but we can’t of COVID-19

  • SYSGamings

    when u really notice who the shooters are

  • hoodie famty
    hoodie famty

    mitchell is so trash 😂😂


    Fall guys background mad click bait.

  • Snowwy 12
    Snowwy 12

    The camera quality damn

  • George Linstin
    George Linstin

    Zack finessed with that thanks to our sponsor thing Ik for a fact everybody was tryna skip it 😂😂😂

  • Toya The Sickle Cell Warrior
    Toya The Sickle Cell Warrior

    what is they watching on the tv

  • Markouz

    you might get excited for a couple guys woah there buddy

  • Cole Akey
    Cole Akey

    Sub to Zach

    • Cole Akey
      Cole Akey

      He deserves it, he makes great content.

  • Different Kind
    Different Kind

    do a hide and seek vid but all the hiders have walkie talkie

  • Beni Walden
    Beni Walden

    Do a dunk contest on 10 feet

  • Moe and Speedy
    Moe and Speedy

    7:33 look at Humphrey in the background behind mopi lol

    • alida flus
      alida flus

      Great video

  • Ritvik Shetty
    Ritvik Shetty

    Mans got number 14 on trending letzzz gooo

    • alida flus
      alida flus

      4:29 that’s fire 🔥

  • Rylan Diston
    Rylan Diston

    U should make a gaming channel

  • Jerami Harden
    Jerami Harden

    This video was fire do it again

  • theyluvdev

    it’s the "bruh" for me😭🤣

  • Cameron

    bruh mopi did 7 in sign language instead of 8

  • Trap Bucketzz
    Trap Bucketzz

    I got my dad to look at mopis first free b and mopis trash looking shot and how short he is and all he said is wow he's bad. 😛😛😛 LOL!

  • LuketheGangsta

    Do this but with king of the court

  • LuketheGangsta

    Do this but with king of the court

  • Sway TV
    Sway TV

    Congrats on hittin 1mill💯💪🏽

  • Asher Greene
    Asher Greene

    It’s like Zach is sponsored by NASA

  • VirtuL

    1:12 Zack said “Imma get excited for a couple of guys.” 😆

  • Akram - Wonders
    Akram - Wonders

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  • blu Hxvok
    blu Hxvok

    Is it me or has jesses jumper been looking fire recently

  • Crazy Hour
    Crazy Hour

    4:29 that’s fire 🔥

  • 10,000 Subscribers without a video Challenge
    10,000 Subscribers without a video Challenge

    Great video

  • Cameron Whitmore
    Cameron Whitmore

    This video has such a great concept

  • Alvan Bradley
    Alvan Bradley

    My mouth dropped when mopi made that shot on his second attempt

  • alida flus
    alida flus

    This is the content I was looking for

  • Marlon Andrews
    Marlon Andrews

    What's shoes are Jiedel wearing?

  • Minkah Fitzpatrick
    Minkah Fitzpatrick

    master class jiedel & big shirt jiedel both trash

    • alida flus
      alida flus

      please again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mopi could be won for sure and why he stand on half shoot???? smh better he should on free throw in basketball will get points


    This was a great video zack

  • FaZe RedHot
    FaZe RedHot

    That’s absolutely INSANE zack : thank you to our sponsor simplysafe

  • Naijah nooka
    Naijah nooka


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    John williams

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