Beck & Tori’s Relationship Timeline! 💖 Victorious | Nick Rewind
We’re taking you through every stage of Tori and Beck’s relationship!
What was your favorite moment?
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  • mikkel riedel
    mikkel riedel

    It should have been Beck an Tori after Bade broke up

  • Tear Drop *
    Tear Drop *

    Dude I ship both Bade and Bori but this isnt even close to what I just said but the picture of Beck in the thumbnail is so creepy

  • Rache Cakes
    Rache Cakes

    I shipped Tori+Back from day one and I am about to scream BECAUSE I JUST WANTED THEM TO GET TOGETHER!!!!!

  • BoneStudios15

    i’m so glad they never became a couple. it would’ve been too cliché in my opinion

  • Cassidy Ewell
    Cassidy Ewell


  • Cassidy Ewell
    Cassidy Ewell

    Just really great friends

  • Martin Torres
    Martin Torres

    I prefer bori

  • Paloma Roggeri
    Paloma Roggeri

    Im sorry jade but you are unhealthy Tory and beck FOREVER!!!!! I guess im just cursed to ship charectores that never get together

  • Madyson Bascope
    Madyson Bascope

    Bori or bade

  • Rainbow Colors :3
    Rainbow Colors :3

    He was my crush LOL

  • Nia Johansson
    Nia Johansson

    Guess what if u go on victorious and go on april fools at the end you will see beck and tori kissing on the lips

  • Nam

    “Here’s the story of Beck and Tori” there is no story. Tori was a home wrecker 😫

  • Katy Williams
    Katy Williams

    Jade and Beck belong together I am sorry but it's obvious 😂

  • Sree Gorty
    Sree Gorty

    yeah but beck kissed literally everyone

  • BBVLOGS 2016
    BBVLOGS 2016

    I completely understand why jade acted the way she did

  • Marina Chan
    Marina Chan

    I wish they ended up together

  • Brianna Bingham
    Brianna Bingham

    yessss tori and beck beloge

  • Kenzie Barnett
    Kenzie Barnett

    Beck and tori belong together cat and robbie,and jade and Andre those are the ones that belong together.

    • Kenzie Barnett
      Kenzie Barnett

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    • Kenzie Barnett
      Kenzie Barnett

      Hbjwodchbhucighgzathfvxuh hgj Grisham. GOU hu vguodcwhuo bayou envious. JFKS. Byline no. DVSHIO. HIP. feijfe. UOI. LIjdv h. HUp. Rev. fevHIp. fgPHI. pinER. ilhERG Nuiptr trhpi. thpir t w hp no. RFN KE. Cam jk. cm, Sm, N KA !?x. npk. ak m. op ae

  • Jahdensly Santiago
    Jahdensly Santiago

    Tbh I think that beck and tori should date

  • Riley J. Hart
    Riley J. Hart

    Beck should’ve played Aladdin in the live action

  • Emanuel Ramirez
    Emanuel Ramirez

    Beck and Tori should date

  • Keira Reefer
    Keira Reefer

    I swear y’all are shipping everyone- 😂😳😑

  • chaos is what killed the dinasours, darling
    chaos is what killed the dinasours, darling

    stan jori instead

  • nightxhanges

    i always wanted them to be together

  • Venessa Cade
    Venessa Cade

    Yes they should be together

  • Mark Mahadeo
    Mark Mahadeo

    i wish beck and tori was together they make a great couple and it would make the show better

  • yo bie
    yo bie

    i don't like the title saying beck and tori's relationship timeline. 'cause i ship BECK AND JADE SOOO HARD

  • Marcus França
    Marcus França


  • Sarina Johnson
    Sarina Johnson

    Beck: Easy’s boring, I want to handle hard people Also Beck: *IM TIRED OF ALL THE FIGHTING AND IM NOT HAPPY WITH OUR RELATIONSHIP*

  • Fong winnie
    Fong winnie


  • Gene Marquez
    Gene Marquez

    Tori:Kiss me Beck:Let's do it Jade in background:>:C

  • KB Sisters
    KB Sisters

    Totally Beck and Tori

  • emma vent
    emma vent

    Ok but how did tori bring them back together? If anything she just ripped them a part, and just let them get back together. And besides, she cant kiss a friends ex-boyfriend, but she can kiss cat's boyfriend? Doesnt add up

  • simply sophia
    simply sophia

    beck: “easy’s boring.” you are out with tori, you know?

  • Miri Sisolak
    Miri Sisolak

    Adren is hot ❤️

  • Owen Goergen
    Owen Goergen

    Tori and Beck are way more than friends. They should’ve ended up together 🥰😍😚❤️

  • Ashane Morgan
    Ashane Morgan

    they belong together

  • Vale G
    Vale G

    Hi beck toril

    • Vale G
      Vale G

      Hi beck and toril

  • Hopus

    Nick is just afraid of Joris power so they had to cover it up with tori and becks “relationship”

  • Kaddy Woods
    Kaddy Woods

    NO Andre and tori belong together

  • Maisha Azmir
    Maisha Azmir

    I always thought that Tori and Beck were gonna get together instead of Jade and Beck. But now I think that Jade and Beck make a better couple.

  • kyeopta • bujo
    kyeopta • bujo

    I thought Beck & jade Cat & robbie Tori & andrei Trina & sinjin AHHHHH jeeezzzz

  • Gacha_ Kayla
    Gacha_ Kayla

    Beck and Tori are better together

  • the best dancer
    the best dancer

    I think they belong togather

  • Daniel iS HuMaN
    Daniel iS HuMaN

    Y'all shoud stop shiping this the real relationship to ship is jori

  • Sophia Robert
    Sophia Robert

    who else has some strong feelings for toris straight hair im not gonna say i hate it not gonna say i love it i definitely dont love it tho

  • Chili Women
    Chili Women

    I feel kind of sorry for tori

  • Kamopop

    Jade and beck where 10 times better.

  • ariana vargas
    ariana vargas

    Make a Tori and Andre timeline! ♥️ That was the best ship.

  • Juan Reyna
    Juan Reyna


  • NatalieandArelichannel

    I think beck and tori should date

  • Chloe

    How is no one talking about Beck & Trina?! 😂

  • Jenna Lam
    Jenna Lam

    Jade and beck of the perfect couple

  • Gabriella Roman-Rey
    Gabriella Roman-Rey

    I think Beck and Tori should Date they both are a perfect couple

  • Gnat Malzahar
    Gnat Malzahar

    Jade and Andre are better.

  • Cristal Waschbuger
    Cristal Waschbuger

    When you realise that Beck could have said "let's not" at the first kiss

  • stevie bana
    stevie bana

    You know what I just realized Tori had no problem kissing Cat's boyfriend but when it came to Jade she couldn't do it.

  • ilove you
    ilove you

    y’all nasty for shipping this 🤢

  • JisooKomBlackpinkKru

    i shipped beck and tori so much, i was so disappointed they never got together.. especially after how close they came to, since that episode where they almost kissed.. 😔😩

  • Elijah Williams
    Elijah Williams

    "don't forget three" Cat is so cute!

  • Janali Dupree
    Janali Dupree


  • Kylee Mink
    Kylee Mink

    I think they should continue with the show but they can be in college

  • Catherine Paulino
    Catherine Paulino

    Nope tori and Beck are better

  • Eisha Nuelle
    Eisha Nuelle

    I knew Jade and Beck didnt have the most healthy relationship. But that doesnt mean Tori can make someone brak up with their boyfriend or kiss her friend's BF

    • Eisha Nuelle
      Eisha Nuelle


  • ᴊᴜʀɪsᴅᴏᴇᴢʏᴛ

    They’re just best friends that they are comfortable with each other but Tori feels guilty

  • Chloie Hile
    Chloie Hile

    It should be cat and robbie and tori and beck and jade and andre because andre had a crush on jade , tori kissed beck when beck and jade were still dating because tori was the scene maker and she wanted beck to her self so she had beck kiss her to ether make jade mad or jealous

  • Sadie Shroyer
    Sadie Shroyer

    Uuuuhhhhgggggg! I wanted them to date soooo bad. But.. it never happened 😢. Thanks for crushing my dreams Nick 😡😂

  • Delilah ivanna masek d I m
    Delilah ivanna masek d I m

    Tori and beck go great together

  • Tyris Jones
    Tyris Jones


  • Ella Corredera
    Ella Corredera

    Now that I look back Tori was like a trashy character kinda. But now when I look back like back and jade were toxic I even hated them tg when I was little. And after rewatching victorious im pretty bummed that they tori and beck werent a couple

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