Beck & Tori’s Relationship Timeline! 💖 Victorious | Nick Rewind
We’re taking you through every stage of Tori and Beck’s relationship!
What was your favorite moment?
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  • Crystal Velasquez
    Crystal Velasquez


  • Baby Kermit
    Baby Kermit

    6:26-6:40 pause😂😂

  • Twongola XP
    Twongola XP

    Beck could’ve just said “let’s not”

  • Sabrina leroy
    Sabrina leroy

    Tori J aime 💙❤❤❤💗💚💝💗💖💕💕💕💜💞💞💞

  • Donna Tran
    Donna Tran


  • Kenzie Kestner
    Kenzie Kestner

    Tori and beck need to get together

  • CyalaterCyn

    Beck could have said ANYTHING else that started with the letter L. But i guess he just wanted that kiss..

  • Elizabeth Pena
    Elizabeth Pena

    BF &GF

  • Leah Warrington
    Leah Warrington

    Tori and Beck don't belong together. I like Tori though. Like, if she were in Avatar she'd be an earth bender. You feel me?


    In still just friends what about the girl girl that is he with?

  • Cassie LunarSun
    Cassie LunarSun

    I think Beck and Tori should be together because even though Jade and Beck are really cute together, they fight a lot and I think they are better just as friends. I think Beck and Tori get along a lot better and would be really cute together. 😍🥰

  • Anointed Bucknor
    Anointed Bucknor

    Jade and tori ment to be

  • Love Shot
    Love Shot

    Tori NEVER brought Beck and Jade back together. She wanted both of them to have partners with anyone else. Beck probably want Jade back and so is Jade.

  • Mercy Anyango
    Mercy Anyango

    I think tori and beck need to be more than friends

  • Play time With Jenny
    Play time With Jenny

    I LOVE Tori and Beck together

  • Sarim Faruque
    Sarim Faruque

    Never really liked Jade and Beck together. They were a way too toxic relationship.

  • Lily Tarin
    Lily Tarin


  • money master
    money master

    they are awsome together

  • Altagracia Torres
    Altagracia Torres

    Yes Yes YES PLEASE I ship beck and tori

  • LaShiela Holmes
    LaShiela Holmes

    They should date I vote Boris

  • Maddie Plant
    Maddie Plant

    I think they should date in some scenes, then again shouldn't date in other scenes

  • Stephanie Rice
    Stephanie Rice

    Tori and Beck forever should have been together

  • Dulce Lopez
    Dulce Lopez

    Tori and Beck should be together he had the right chance in the show to break up with jade and date tori.

  • Jenna D
    Jenna D

    Better TOGETHER!!!

  • Kristy Michel
    Kristy Michel

    Ok come on:Tori and Beck may be friends only but there’s something between them. More than friends.Tori and Beck could’ve and should’ve been a couple. Like come on who likes a screaming angry girlfriend or boyfriend. Jade has issues. I think Beck like and loves Tori more. She Tori jumped on the guy she thought was attacking Beck and Beck dressed up as Tori because he knew that she was afraid of the stunt Tori was supposed to do. Jade would never save Beck. Beck and Tori are better as a couple and jade and Andre are better they are both have a edge. Tori and Beck are both sweet and caring. My victorious favorite couples are:Beck&Tori,Cat&Robbie,Andre&Jade. It just makes more sense to me. I’m my opinion.

  • pig life Paradise
    pig life Paradise

    Does it make sense that Jade is rude and a bully to Tori, and Tori can't kiss Jade's ex like they don't even try to get along or be friends. But sweet Cat, one of Tori's best friends, could kiss Cat's boyfriend. Where has logic gone??? 😓

    • pig life Paradise
      pig life Paradise

      Beck probably liked Tori way from the start cause when Tori said kiss me, like he could of said let's not???😶

  • Rory The Husky
    Rory The Husky


  • Rori Barrons
    Rori Barrons

    I feel like they should've ended up together

  • Chloie Cobb
    Chloie Cobb

    beck and tori should date

  • Elena Pena
    Elena Pena


  • Kyeal Ferguson
    Kyeal Ferguson

    They belong together 😍

  • Liliana Ambrocio
    Liliana Ambrocio

    Tori and beck do look cute so I say yes

  • Eimi Perez
    Eimi Perez

    No entiendo 😮😮😮😮


    I think that tori and beck would make a cute couple.

  • Bri Wood
    Bri Wood

    They should tots get together

  • Lydia Atteberry
    Lydia Atteberry

    I think tori and beck should be together

  • Nashya Lashley
    Nashya Lashley

    They should be together😀😀

  • Almendra Mendez
    Almendra Mendez

    Beck and tori kiss👄👄👄👄👄👄💋💋💋💋💋👄👄

  • Tonya Main
    Tonya Main

    Yes they would make the best couple ever I feel bad for tori and beck because there cute and jade would be jealous

  • Mariama Jalloh
    Mariama Jalloh

    Tori like BECK

  • Babylly Mi
    Babylly Mi

    They totally belong together they should change the seasons

  • Bell's World
    Bell's World

    Is it just me that shipped Tori and Andre yeah ok

  • Bella MacCallum
    Bella MacCallum

    You forgot the scenes from Driving Tori Crazy when they are on the party bus

  • Sule Holder
    Sule Holder

    They boing to together 💏👫

  • Jupiter De
    Jupiter De

    Tori and Beck really match not the crazy gal 🤙🤙🦋

  • drew

    Bade and Tandre > Bori

  • ForeverMe543

    They belong together

  • BTS Random and Vlogs
    BTS Random and Vlogs

    they belong together cause beck has convinced tori many times but ehh

  • Maura Margaretha Rahmidin
    Maura Margaretha Rahmidin

    Bori is really just short for "Boring"


    i think that beck and tori should have been a couple

  • Shay George
    Shay George

    Yes they would make a cute couple

  • squishy fan
    squishy fan


  • Carmela Barrientos
    Carmela Barrientos

    This is how many times Bori was a couple ⬇️

  • savanna Hatfield
    savanna Hatfield

    Yo, if you look at 3:34 and keep watching a little you'll see beck lookes at the camera when he is talking to tori Leave a like if you seen that too...

  • Destiny Alvarez
    Destiny Alvarez

    Are we cute there dating

  • Anaiah Avery
    Anaiah Avery

    I think that beck and tori belong together they will be a cute couple and they will get along so well with each other

  • Planet Sheen
    Planet Sheen

    If victorious was gonna end with a regular episode like drake and josh it should have got a movie or something

  • Emmett Scargaston Larimer
    Emmett Scargaston Larimer


  • Catchy Name Here
    Catchy Name Here

    No beck and cat

  • Vert Holos
    Vert Holos

    Just like BFF

    • Vert Holos
      Vert Holos

      Thats why she called him dude

  • Bri Wood
    Bri Wood

    They should get together

  • Kenlee Archbold cutie pie
    Kenlee Archbold cutie pie

    Why would season 3🥺🥺🥺 end

  • Kenlee Archbold cutie pie
    Kenlee Archbold cutie pie

    I love victorious but I need to know why season 3had to end

  • Jaslyne Onuonga
    Jaslyne Onuonga

    I think tori should’ve ended up being with beck there so cute together

  • Andre George
    Andre George

    Tbh, it's been Tori should've been with Andre because they are so close friend and they have everything in common so like no I'd c who she dating

  • Penelope

    They should be boyfriend and girlfriend

  • Fanta Kallon
    Fanta Kallon

    riec is the best name for tori and beck

  • Phase Bankz
    Phase Bankz

    Beck and tori date

  • Omar Baldridge
    Omar Baldridge

    Beck and Tory

  • Gabbi Miller
    Gabbi Miller

    I'm with Patrick

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