Beck & Tori - Last First Kiss
After completely falling in love with this song, I decided to set it to Beck and Tori's cutest moments because they always deserve more adorable love songs. You guys are so wonderful for watching my videos. Thank you so much. I love seeing my viewer count get higher. I hope you enjoy this one as well!
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  • Jaymoe

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who would’ve loved to see Tori and Beck end up together

  • izzy frick
    izzy frick


  • Freeman On
    Freeman On

    Beck and Tori look Good together!!!! They would make a Really Good couple!!!!

  • ItZ_ Ädy
    ItZ_ Ädy

    Ugh he fucking cheated on Jade

  • Peter jay Dumana
    Peter jay Dumana

    Bade rules. I hate the thought of tori and beck being together, they don't fit together.

  • It's Just Aj yt
    It's Just Aj yt

    The way he looked at Tori at 0:34 gave me chills. OMFG 🤗🤗🤗🤗😂😆😆

  • alejandra correa berrio
    alejandra correa berrio

    pero quedo con la otra este video me facina

  • alejandra correa berrio
    alejandra correa berrio

    ojala y hubieran quedado juntos los amo de pareja

  • Snow melon
    Snow melon

    I love them both so much I really miss victorious ❤️

  • Nancy

    I ship beck and jade bc tori is jade BFF and went to jade bf!!

  • alejandra the lol
    alejandra the lol

    I Ship beck and Tori!💖but it’s not gonna happen..😢

  • Aqono Luna
    Aqono Luna

    I hate Tori. If Beck is going to be with someone who isn’t Jade, it should be Cat.

  • Wafflez

    THEY ACTUALLY KISS yes!! Oh god I’m sorry victorious fans but I totally ship beck and tori I mean look at them 😆🥰✨🥺

  • Adil Ehsan
    Adil Ehsan

    I was a jori shipper but now i'm a BORI shipper!

  • Johtikk Na
    Johtikk Na

    Here after finishing victorious

  • Centennial Maniac
    Centennial Maniac

    jade and beck are endgame, but i would've liked it if tori and beck were actually together for like half a season

  • ximena Quinonez Cheli
    ximena Quinonez Cheli

    I 😍 them

  • Morgan Ramsey
    Morgan Ramsey

    Does anyone know what season and episode 0:37 is from

    • Morgan Ramsey
      Morgan Ramsey

      @crossedties Thank you

    • crossedties

      Helen Back Again!

  • eliza

    should’ve been endgame smh.

  • Aleen K
    Aleen K

    my two favorite things: one direction and victorious

  • Oge Ogbechie
    Oge Ogbechie

    Who’s here after victorious was brought to Netflix

    • Wilfredo De la cruz
      Wilfredo De la cruz

      Mia Mauricio I like the video

    • Suga’s V sublimnals
      Suga’s V sublimnals

      Oge Ogbechie facts omg

    • Oge Ogbechie
      Oge Ogbechie

      Talia Lopez you’re welcomee Talia😂

    • Talia Lopez
      Talia Lopez


    • rima


  • Hipro Onverse
    Hipro Onverse

    Ugh I've always wanted them to end up together

  • Hannah S
    Hannah S

    Beck should’ve been with Tori he honestly seems happier ✌️

    • Lily


    • All around us Teresa
      All around us Teresa

      Hannah S yeah

    • Suga’s V sublimnals
      Suga’s V sublimnals

      Hannah S facts omg

    • pink puppies
      pink puppies

      Hannah S exactly

  • Mahrgret Art
    Mahrgret Art

    im rewatching this because its on netflix now,, but i always thought andre and tori would be sooo cute together

  • Jenna Ramirez
    Jenna Ramirez

    i think beck and tori would’ve been perfect for each other, the way beck looked at tori and was always there for her was undeniable chemistry, they hardly fought, and tori was all around good for beck

  • Alex Anonymous
    Alex Anonymous

    Ok seriously i'm over here re-watching Victorious and my mind is just screaming because they are not dating! They are so great for each other, Jade is ok but still Beck and Tori ;D

  • rytsyr

    Bade, for a while, was good, but then it turns out in a toxic relationship. In the other hand, Bori starts as a good friends relationship, and it keep that way till Beck tried to kiss Tori, that means that no matter what happened before he wanted to start again (not with Jade, obviously) that means that even if he didn't know it at the time (when he was with Jade), he liked Tori in both ways (couple/friends) But he never dated her before because he was with Jade and never crosse his maid to date Tori, that's why the moments Bade's brake up second time, he realized he also liked Tori. But when Beck wanted Tori and Tori wanted Beck, she back up because it was Jade's Ex. And the end of this story (When Jade sings "You Don't Know Me" and they got back together) was just a fast way to end the whole Love triangle. So my Opinion is basically, Bori would be such a healthy and cute relationship, but it never had a chance, and Bade, yes, they were cute, but it was toxic and it wasn't going to change (not unless, extreme talking, Jade change her attitude and her jealousy and Beck stop being so docile)

  • yesenia Bravo
    yesenia Bravo

    I’ve always shipped them 😭😭 ALWAYS AND NO ONE EVER DID I LOVE THIS SO MUCH

  • Shantelle Smith
    Shantelle Smith

    Did someone sings this cause I can’t find it

    • Shantelle Smith
      Shantelle Smith

      Also can someone send me the link to this song

  • The real Onee
    The real Onee

    Honestly can i say something? Tori stole everything from Jade,her boyfriend,a lot of parts in shows or musicals and,in a different way,even her friends. Jade is mean,true,but you can be mad at her for this.I honestly always felt,even when I watched the show as a kid,that Jade was broken and she only needed to be loved.Loved by Beck.It’s true that maybe Tori and Beck are a “more sane”relationship but it’s obvious that he acts completely different when he is with Tori....i mean Tori is like a friend for him when you can see he is really attracted by Jade. I’m happy that at the end he ended up with Jade because i always felt like they made Tori and Beck canon just because the starring had to have a relationship with the hot guy.But here’s not this way. This is just my opinion,don’t burn me alive. Okay,now i told this,and i go and find a place to hide.

  • Ashleγ

    I rather have a Healthy relationship than a unhealthy relationship cause Beck and Jade seems to fight a lot but I’m just saying.....🤷🏻‍♀️

  • madison shea
    madison shea

    If in the show they put tori and beck together and it was like how jade and becks relationship was they would be closer then they where in real life

  • Goose Baby J
    Goose Baby J

    I think because they’re such incredibly close friends in real life their chemistry just overflowed on screen making everyone want them together. I mean Jade and Becks characters were kinda cute together at times, but they didn’t have the chemistry that Beck and Tori did.

  • Mia Montavon
    Mia Montavon

    Someone people may argue with me but when beck says he wants a girl who talks back and has a big mouth.i think tori would be a better option.if you watch the actual show you can see that tori sometimes has a big mouth and a lot of times talks back.jade and beck are terrible with each other.jade is too overprotective and gets mad when beck says they fight too much and breaks up for him for the stupidest reason .Also beck kiss Tori and gets mad when he and jade are voted worst couple, he gets mad at their relationship even though he should not care what the tv show should say.

  • Heaven Ditmars
    Heaven Ditmars

    Great video

  • M I S S K A Z U M I
    M I S S K A Z U M I

    i wish they were dating😣

  • ClickForMilk ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    ClickForMilk ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


  • Wolfito

    I remember watching this video over and over when I was a kid

  • Sheevahn Kila
    Sheevahn Kila


  • Aniqa Muna Syarief
    Aniqa Muna Syarief

    T + B

  • Kim Lisa BTS
    Kim Lisa BTS

    I'm crying. Beck and Tori forever! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Princess Ash
    Princess Ash

    Tori and beck r like Adrien and marinette "just friends" .....but at least i know Adrien n Mari r gonna end up together 😌 WHERES THE MIRACULOUS GANG AT???!?!!?

  • Janka Koleničová
    Janka Koleničová

    which episode is the last one ?

  • Uh UhHuh
    Uh UhHuh

    Beck and Jade ARE meant to be together. That’s the point of it all, things get in the way such as tori’s charm. But Beck allows Jade to be a better person, he knows she has potential and is definitely able to change. She trusts him. That’s a very realistic approach to couples in real life.

  • Kaelie Brant
    Kaelie Brant

    Become a thing

  • Beau Hynes
    Beau Hynes

    They would be a great couple

  • Cara Heinecke
    Cara Heinecke

    My heart is glowing😍😍😍

  • Neid Antonio
    Neid Antonio

    Your a perfect couple

  • Majerlinne Oficial
    Majerlinne Oficial

    Name of music?....pleace

  • Nastya K
    Nastya K

    1:04 What episode is it?

  • SarcasticFox_

    What episode is the clip from where Andre and beck push the guy back who steps towards tori

  • Gems x
    Gems x

    unpopular opinion: beck and tori should have been together. Him and Jade were constantly fighting and broke up multiple times lol. Like shown here he had a great friendship with tori, they kissed once in the pilot then nearly kissed twice again later, but there was always something getting in the way 😭

  • Mikael Maad
    Mikael Maad


  • Erica Eric
    Erica Eric


  • maluh Spsid
    maluh Spsid

    The couple that i aways ship but never happened

  • Asthetic Busan Boys
    Asthetic Busan Boys

    I want this show to be remaked where Tori and Beck is together. Don't get me wrong. I love Jade but its just she's not the best for him

  • kaeseolin xo
    kaeseolin xo


  • رُويم.

    Who's still ship avan and victoria now 2018😂?

  • tiih17 474
    tiih17 474

    0:28 what's EP?

  • Lylla

    Where can i find this version of the song?

  • Anastasia E
    Anastasia E

    Just beck and jade pliz!!

  • Digna Flores
    Digna Flores

    I feel like Beck likes tori but doesn’t show it that much and I feel Tori likes him a little too 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • karina lizeth
    karina lizeth

    One direction

  • Annie Gibson
    Annie Gibson

    i wish i dated beck

  • Fuller House season 5
    Fuller House season 5

    I never want this to end I love beckori

  • Alira ._.
    Alira ._.

    If they were to have a baby, it certainly will not be average 😁❤

  • Sevenjah Golden
    Sevenjah Golden

    this isnt one direction

  • Too Bad
    Too Bad

    remember when tori bumped in to beck when she was new and spilled coffee all over him and tried to get it off of his shirt my very first thought when I saw that was that they would be together if not then that they would be endgame but life has it's ways of disappointing you

  • Harley Quinn34
    Harley Quinn34

    They are perfect together

  • angela lords
    angela lords

    I love this one

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