Beck & Tori || Why did you go?
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I needed to make a new Bori/Vavan video.
I just love them so much.
This is a very sad video.
Tori gets killed & Beck has a very hard time dealing with it.
Videos used: Finding Hope Now, Victorious
Song: Hymn for the missing - Red
Program: Sony Vegas 10
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Long comments make my day! :D

  • Adriana Aboyoun
    Adriana Aboyoun

    Shes not actually died

  • Laura Alejo
    Laura Alejo

    What’s the name of the show ? The original

  • Alyssa Batey
    Alyssa Batey

    Why do half the comments believe this like "oMg iS sHe rEaLly dEaD iM CrYiNg sOoOoO mUcH 😵💔😭😭" Like cool edit and all but like how tf do you think this is real, ok ima stop I'm basically bullying 7 year olds... but still Edit: I know realize this was 3 years ago..... but Google was still around then...

  • Kansas Broadnax
    Kansas Broadnax

    I'm scared for my life because life ends so quick



  • Nikola Mikuła
    Nikola Mikuła

    Smutne 😭😭😭😭

  • Amela_ Kornela
    Amela_ Kornela

    Czy to naprawdę się stało?

  • Sudia Rose
    Sudia Rose

    Is she really gone im tearing up right know she cant be gone so sad 😢😢😳

    • Alyssa Batey
      Alyssa Batey


  • Ryleigh Kukonu
    Ryleigh Kukonu



    And in description it says it fake


    She is not dead i watched a then and now victorious 2020 she is perfectly fine and safe

  • Kyera Young
    Kyera Young

    Is this real

  • Yuritzy Rodriguez
    Yuritzy Rodriguez

    😤😬😠 avan if ur girlfriend is gone do not date another girl

  • alana kennedy
    alana kennedy

    I'm cring

  • Grace balumisa
    Grace balumisa

    I'm crying right now 😭😢 it scared me I thought Tori was gone but I like it

  • Annie Johnson
    Annie Johnson

    Beck is so cute together ❤

  • Roblox Cuties
    Roblox Cuties

    R.i.p/rest in peace D:(

  • Valentina Sanchez
    Valentina Sanchez

    I miss you victouia/tori❤

  • Naomi s. world michel
    Naomi s. world michel

    Awww i feel bad

  • Madhu Adikari
    Madhu Adikari

    This is not true

  • Vanessa Geraldine Méndez Hernández
    Vanessa Geraldine Méndez Hernández


  • Aaliyah Salas
    Aaliyah Salas

    Fake but sad I wish tori and beck were together

  • hot choclate squad
    hot choclate squad

    She didint deserve this

  • hot choclate squad
    hot choclate squad

    Did she acully died or it was Just for a play cuz if she did die im ganna cry cuz shes my favorite on victorius

  • Lisa Chambers
    Lisa Chambers

    I keep what in this over and over again

  • Hanna Cupcake
    Hanna Cupcake


  • Leslee Marquez
    Leslee Marquez


  • rumana muzaffar
    rumana muzaffar

    I got so scared I thought it happened in real

  • Rosi Hdez
    Rosi Hdez

    Se ra sierto


    I don’t know if it’s fake but it broke my heart

  • Angel Breeze
    Angel Breeze

    Is it just me or am I noticing how fake this is from putting to shows together 😑 -.-

  • Melany y Milly fantastikas
    Melany y Milly fantastikas

    ¿Es verdad? no sé

  • Angelo Pinto
    Angelo Pinto

    Why did you make this

  • Rose Shominure
    Rose Shominure

    This is not true come on stop lying

  • Jesus & Me!
    Jesus & Me!

    Is she dead

  • Richos Navarros
    Richos Navarros

    Osa que ya existe

  • leah gedeon
    leah gedeon

    She did not died

  • Kacper Buras
    Kacper Buras

    Czy tori wega żyje

  • Kabanosek GF
    Kabanosek GF

    Is crazy

  • Macho Rivera
    Macho Rivera

    What happened to her

  • Giovanna Marzocca
    Giovanna Marzocca

    Aww fake but super sad

  • Cam and chunky Cam
    Cam and chunky Cam

    Is this real

  • Shalonda Collier
    Shalonda Collier

    I crying

  • Julia Shaw
    Julia Shaw

    She didn't even die u stupid

  • Marcela Rivas
    Marcela Rivas

    Tori and beck are fakin but this si soooooook sad

  • Tiana Santana
    Tiana Santana

    Crying right now it's so sad but it's so fake

  • taze dasiy
    taze dasiy

    Its not real

  • Mona Eid
    Mona Eid

    I am a big fan of victorious I love Jade West the most of my second is cat because I’m a big fan of Ariana Grande Love you guys

  • Leslie Castellon-Segovia
    Leslie Castellon-Segovia


  • Blue face Baby
    Blue face Baby

    She died

  • Paris Johnson
    Paris Johnson


  • Shakela Ragnauth
    Shakela Ragnauth

    DID TORI DIE 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Layla Oxendine
    Layla Oxendine

    It looks real but it's fake and dad to😪🙏👑💝:-(

  • Elizabeth Hayes
    Elizabeth Hayes

    they really love each other it scared me thought is really happend

  • The anonomis AVATA
    The anonomis AVATA

    This looks fake but still very sad exspecialu if you love victoria and avan

  • Margaux Cunanan
    Margaux Cunanan

    Is this real or is this fake

  • Analilia Peñaloza
    Analilia Peñaloza

    Wao que hermoso Avan+Victoria😍😍😍

  • Karo Karola
    Karo Karola

    2 minutes was enough to make me cry 😭😭💔

  • Evelia Hernandez
    Evelia Hernandez

    Thereeeeee theeeeeee besttttttt coupleeeeee

  • Evelia Hernandez
    Evelia Hernandez

    Omg this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fakeeeeeee butttt saddddddd

  • Catalina Ruiz
    Catalina Ruiz

    What happend😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Evelia Hernandez
    Evelia Hernandez


  • Destiny Townsend
    Destiny Townsend

    This is sad but it’s fake that was in the movie when she was laying down

  • Angel Reyes
    Angel Reyes

    Did victorious realy die

  • AnaLia Padron
    AnaLia Padron

    Is she dead 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Reed Booker
    Reed Booker

    So sad, is it true that beck loves tori?

  • Frankie-Anne Brooks
    Frankie-Anne Brooks

    he loves her so much

  • Frankie-Anne Brooks
    Frankie-Anne Brooks

    i thot it was real i almost ciyed

  • Leonard Hormann
    Leonard Hormann

    Did she actually get shot

  • Mariela Jiménez
    Mariela Jiménez

    Que bueno ya se murio

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