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  • Sara Lusher
    Sara Lusher

    Left foot

  • M Martinson
    M Martinson

    Left foot

  • Monserrat Garcia
    Monserrat Garcia

    everyone thomas pertrou is using you guys dont you see it he does it because he wants to be the riches and cuter guy he says he loves you and also says get my merch but it is not true so what do you guys think by the way I have a youtube channel so if you want subcribe to mine and also give thubs up and i pinky promise i will be giving i phones out at the end of my videos my channels name is Monserrat Channel so just think about it????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • E_v_a_ Baddie Squad
    E_v_a_ Baddie Squad

    Left Foot

  • Aanya Thapa
    Aanya Thapa

    Left foot 🦶

  • Alondra Cruz
    Alondra Cruz

    Left foot

  • The Katie and Sophie show
    The Katie and Sophie show

    I love it how u are like :0 in every thumbnail (I can’t get my emojis so I did :0 sorry lol)

  • Jennifer Wheeler
    Jennifer Wheeler

    Light go out: Chase: WOW ITS A NICE EMO DAY

  • julia m
    julia m

    Left foot


    Left foot

  • Delilah Kimes
    Delilah Kimes

    Left foot

  • fatima Adam
    fatima Adam

    me literally no one not even addison thomas;weres bryce when you need him imao

  • Bethany Rose
    Bethany Rose

    left foot, but we live in a mansion

  • Kevin Kane
    Kevin Kane

    Left Foot.

  • Hannah Colby
    Hannah Colby

    Left FOOT

  • Lilly Plays .roblox.
    Lilly Plays .roblox.

    Drama with chase and Michael 3:33 ahem ahem enjoy

  • Sad Bunny
    Sad Bunny

    Left foot

  • Melanie Acosta
    Melanie Acosta

    Left foot

  • Millie Morton
    Millie Morton

    IS NO ONE GONNA TALK ABOUT WHEN CHASE SAID “fuck off bro you ain’t takin ma money” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hamy Van
    Hamy Van

    Left foot

  • Anais Bhullar
    Anais Bhullar

    Left foot

  • Lalmalsawma Hnamte
    Lalmalsawma Hnamte

    Addison: where is G6 Thomas:

  • Elijah Gonzalez
    Elijah Gonzalez

    Oderd Oderd On Oderd

  • monie gordon
    monie gordon

    i love chase! i mean he was funny as heck in this

  • Canden Welch
    Canden Welch

    i need a bad bleep addison rae lil shotty the badish and she got her ways!!!

  • auovina

    @Adrienne Awad even if she was 14, that's still wrong. that doesn't change anything

  • Avery Burnell
    Avery Burnell

    Left foot

  • AnnaClaire Waters
    AnnaClaire Waters

    Nobody: Chase:left.....foot

  • Kaylee Macmanus
    Kaylee Macmanus

    Left foot

  • Arielle Podoksik
    Arielle Podoksik

    I’m just wondering why he holds the camera sideways

  • Josie Christians
    Josie Christians

    Left foot

  • Lilly PandaS
    Lilly PandaS

    Left foot

  • 4 GIRLS
    4 GIRLS

    1:37 my girl rlly thought its a tiktok

  • Gabriella Mina
    Gabriella Mina

    My phone the whole time was tilted

  • Richard Cager
    Richard Cager

    Left foot lol 😂😂 hahaha

  • Alex _plays
    Alex _plays

    Left foot

  • Vanessa Serrano
    Vanessa Serrano

    Let fott

  • Chalk It up
    Chalk It up

    3:06 𝚒𝚜 𝚜𝚘 𝚏𝚞𝚗𝚗𝚢

  • Ayaan Bughio
    Ayaan Bughio

    Left foot

  • ayeza iqbal
    ayeza iqbal

    Left ...... Foot

  • 「SoftliiTears」

    Hi *no your not the only one watching during quarantine.*

  • Abigail Hampton
    Abigail Hampton

    Chase:"Left foot"

  • Trinity Lai
    Trinity Lai

    Left foot *phvt *

  • kenzie rodulfo
    kenzie rodulfo

    Left foo

  • Angelina Torres
    Angelina Torres

    Leaf foot

  • Mexico Palafox
    Mexico Palafox

    Thomas: chase it's like we're Camping Chase: yeah, EXPECT WE LIVE IN A MANSION

  • Olivia Enoma
    Olivia Enoma

    Left foot

  • Leen Adnan Ayoub
    Leen Adnan Ayoub

    Like chase said comment left foot i did it WOO

  • Nene Gonzalez
    Nene Gonzalez

    left foot!!!!!!!HAHAHAH

  • Mivuyo Williams
    Mivuyo Williams

    She so sweet and funny and beautiful

  • Bailey Hunter
    Bailey Hunter

    Chase would have bash the shit out of micheal 😂😂

  • Avery Kate
    Avery Kate

    left foot :)

  • Avery Kate
    Avery Kate

    Thomas: "It's like were camping" Chase: "Except we live in a manison" Me: 👁👄👁

  • Evan Bomberry
    Evan Bomberry

    I ship them more than Bryce or mia

  • sepi

    no one: literally nobody: addison: Im using a butter knife for a wAteRMeLoNN

  • Mercedes Gonzalez
    Mercedes Gonzalez

    Left foot ✌️✌️✌️

  • Nompumelelo Kaptein
    Nompumelelo Kaptein

    Left foot

  • Syd 2008
    Syd 2008

    Addison: I just want to do something simple, like... fjemidnfnejso and then maybe hit the woah

  • GraysonTheDestroyer 36
    GraysonTheDestroyer 36

    Did she ever find the knife?

  • Nisa Nisa
    Nisa Nisa

    Chase:fuck off you aint grabbing mah money everybody:laughing🤣🤣

  • s h a k r o l
    s h a k r o l

    Why does chases hair look like victor from despicable me- :P

  • Rylie Tanner
    Rylie Tanner

    Thomas: Nick has been here for me since the beginning and I have nothing but love and appreciation for him The cat: Am I a joke to u? 😡

  • HonestlyxAnnie

    Left Foot

  • Rose Benoit
    Rose Benoit

    Left foot

  • Ingrid Aursand
    Ingrid Aursand

    Ok so i need to say that...... ADDISON I LOVE U

  • Josselyn Moses
    Josselyn Moses

    And that’s why I never saw that hat in chase’s TikTok ever again

  • Gh Hiouar
    Gh Hiouar


  • Amy Barnes
    Amy Barnes

    Left foot

  • Kiran Padia
    Kiran Padia

    Left foot

  • Zaara Hussain
    Zaara Hussain


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