Being A Jealous Boyfriend In High School
Young Don The Sauce God
Don't touch my food, hair or woman .. in that order. Being A Jealous Boyfriend In High School - By Young Don The Sauce God. Go to for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon!
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  • Young Don The Sauce God
    Young Don The Sauce God

    Go to for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon! Thank you for watching

    • Not_ Drako
      Not_ Drako

      I from Dominica 🤣 stop disrespect us

    • thai london
      thai london

      We still need that story with David @Young Don The Sauce God

    • Young-Pichu

      The intro was on point

    • Sierra Official
      Sierra Official

      When you gonna do the next episode

    • Bubba Dome
      Bubba Dome

      6:50 yooo i can so relate still dont know if it was wrong or not

  • Callmepapi Yaaa
    Callmepapi Yaaa

    I was like this in my mast relationship....she went for the first guys in her block list and she started talking to the dude she called ugly and shirtless, 😞 how can I just get over amm this I almost had a baby with that girl someone in the comments help plz

  • Jamal Nai
    Jamal Nai

    Funniest dude ever my G

  • Bike_Life_101

    Yo Don when’s part 2 coming out?👀👀

  • Jonathan Gorgis
    Jonathan Gorgis

    Lmao nice video lol

  • BigG 84
    BigG 84

    That's the truth my G keeps speaking your true fact

  • lakenya Griffin
    lakenya Griffin

    You a simp

  • Phantom Sans
    Phantom Sans


    • PixLShibe

      What he did!

  • Angel Carrillo
    Angel Carrillo

    Top 10 anime deaths

  • 2 Brother
    2 Brother

    Are you gud? Are YOU GOOD?

  • sT Grxxnz
    sT Grxxnz


  • wilzer guerrier
    wilzer guerrier

    he- HE KILLED EM

  • Adrian Johnson
    Adrian Johnson

    bro my girl likes my scrawny ass

  • Izaya stoner
    Izaya stoner

    Bruh my girl was being sneaky abour her texts with guys too And after she started doing drugs again that pushed over the top and i got dumped lmao 😂😭.

  • Est - jasson
    Est - jasson

    ayoo im dominican ive been whaching your animations since 2016 my g

  • Naomi Garcia Suazo
    Naomi Garcia Suazo

    Me watching this as a dominican... lmao

  • Lavon Smith
    Lavon Smith

    Where the part 2 to this

  • AnimeXLegendz

    Towards the end I thought he was gone say her ex 😭😭

  • 2fedAârøn

    Dayum don,ya crossed the line😐

  • Derpman BS
    Derpman BS

    That homie is swoozie

  • Not.Minato

    Don ur channel is one of the only channels where I can watch the videos multiple times

  • Isaiah Berrios
    Isaiah Berrios

    Man tried to cover up Ocala 🤣

  • KamiKazie90

    Unfortunately I've smashed a lot of girls who had me in the friends zone, and my ex was hooking up with her "guy friend" from work. I know exactly what u saying bro cuz I was a jealous guy.

  • Fresh Tech Productions
    Fresh Tech Productions

    4:29 "We all got that one homie, that Is friends with a bunch o' girls.... But never smashes any of em." Me: *whistles* Swoozie

    • OliverDuckProductions


  • Manifest Greed
    Manifest Greed


  • javibikelife

    Sagittarius shittt it happens allot

  • edwin glass
    edwin glass

    Bro you too big to be sliding down the wall like you dead💯🤣🤣🤣

  • angel darling
    angel darling

    “It became a game....and are fun” 😂💯

  • Devhaus Studios
    Devhaus Studios

    Are we ever going to get the story about David?

  • Younglamont

    Yo don im taking up that raycon offer bro

  • Cludii Skieee
    Cludii Skieee

    Honestly, I dont see a problem in being jealous, especially if you both are jealous together. Like me and my boyfriend are both jealous and it works out just fine we both have the same concept of what crossing the line is and cheating.

  • Gio Desiré
    Gio Desiré

    Whats the first song?

  • Your average black Ricky
    Your average black Ricky

    Yoo I can’t 😂😂😂

  • Roither Sànchez Sosa
    Roither Sànchez Sosa

    Wow it feels weird when you say dominican nigga 😂 Saludos desde la Republica Dominicana!!!

  • Killerj

    still waiting for v2

  • Astro

    Whats the background music at 2:22

  • Kingchills03 _
    Kingchills03 _

    DROP PART 2 !

  • Bryxz

    Ethier way I hate when a girl has a guy bsf Bc you don’t know what can happen 🥱

  • al alex D2
    al alex D2

    Hey ex texted at 420 🤔 🚩

  • Antivirus Music
    Antivirus Music

    Her girl was one ofthe bluehaired girls

  • EarRoid

    man.. u shouldve just got more women friends

  • Elit Bow
    Elit Bow

    Wired headphones? Earbuds

  • Randie Anderson
    Randie Anderson

    That intro skit tho lmfao

  • Angel Gomez
    Angel Gomez

    Man still ain’t drop that next video 🤦‍♂️

  • Okmxike

    Being insecure makes us look weak but if we’re smart enough to know what’s going on and we act like we don’t we look like idiots

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man

    10:07 why he look like bad bad guy from Spider-Man

  • Mark L
    Mark L

    1:35 I ain’t even listening to the music and don has me lit

  • Anime, Tv
    Anime, Tv

    I came back because I wanna see the dreads🥺

  • keith Seal
    keith Seal

    My dude where is the next episode to this video

  • Alex Warner
    Alex Warner

    Don we know there’s a story you are not telling us 😳

  • Michael and D skits
    Michael and D skits

    Where’s my part 2

  • Hippity Hoppity
    Hippity Hoppity

    bruh give us a part 2

  • JB - 10PG 678710 Brampton Centennial SS
    JB - 10PG 678710 Brampton Centennial SS

    Best sponsorship ever

  • JB - 10PG 678710 Brampton Centennial SS
    JB - 10PG 678710 Brampton Centennial SS

    Best utuber ever

  • Tyrake

    4:29 I’m that dude. I feel offended a little

  • Deveraux

    Where’s the promised video bruh

  • Hr SupremePurple
    Hr SupremePurple


  • Kingchills03 _
    Kingchills03 _

    WHERE IS The next part 😭don u squeezing every drop of this story

  • Corey

    Gotta drop that part 2

  • niico. ‘
    niico. ‘

    my ex was jusstt like this bruh. dudes like this don’t accomplish nothingg

  • Anime God
    Anime God

    Bro when part 2 coming out

  • Marc Lliguisupa
    Marc Lliguisupa

    I see no problem with those reasons thoughhhh

  • Malachi rules
    Malachi rules

    This guy look like aj Tracey

  • rainbowpito

    Shiiii I’m Dominican, well I’m mixed with Dominican and Mexican😂

  • Joseph Reyes
    Joseph Reyes

    That opening was hilarious brooo😂😂

  • Ke'Lan Kardash
    Ke'Lan Kardash

    Where the rest 👀

  • just juul
    just juul

    where da next episode?😂

  • Bình Đào Đức
    Bình Đào Đức

    where's the next episode man

  • Team Jones
    Team Jones

    Part 3 please

  • Young Daddy Ducky
    Young Daddy Ducky

    Omg so true 😤😂

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