Being replaced.
Gabrielle Moses
Just wanted to let you guys how I really feel
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  • Gabrielle Moses
    Gabrielle Moses

    I just want you to watch and listen, I would really appreciate it ❤️

    • Johanna Lopez
      Johanna Lopez

      Start a podcast girl u would listen for hours !!

    • Irving Secret
      Irving Secret


    • BsC Vlogs
      BsC Vlogs


    • Makala J
      Makala J


    • Vanessa Kay
      Vanessa Kay

      umm btw i just wrote my 87 page essay in the comments y’all should take a gander and say ur opinions, gab i really hope you read it and reply but i get it you don’t, after all you negative comments i wouldn’t go search through them to find one subscribers either❤️

  • Kyndra Andrews
    Kyndra Andrews


  • Erika Jones
    Erika Jones

    Y'all this video is not about actually being replaced. It's about feeling like you've been replaced

  • Jess Bray
    Jess Bray

    1 month later Gab posts: MY NEW BOYFRIEND!!!!

  • Isobella Nicholas
    Isobella Nicholas

    Omg bby your so strong😭 ily💛

  • Hailey Richards
    Hailey Richards

    To everyone saying that we need to respect that any break up is hard, we are. However, it’s not okay to be calling other people a replacement or yourself. When you are the one who ended the relationship.

    • arizona_arie

      I mean it makes since tho. If your ex got with someone a few months after you split, wouldn’t you feel replaced too? Wouldn’t that hurt? People end relationships with people they still love. So what she ended it...if she feels replaced she has a right to say so.

  • A Queer Snail Here
    A Queer Snail Here

    Oh Straight people theses days *Not to be affensive or anything it’s just an inside joke me and my Asexual friend have l o l*

  • Tania

    It was petty of him

  • Vixsedd Bruh
    Vixsedd Bruh

    I feel bad and he changed the name of your 2 to his new girlfriend

  • brooke cooper
    brooke cooper

    just because she "left" doesn't excuse how fast everything was. they were in a relationship for 5 years, had a couples channel, that was THEM, and 6 months compared to 5 years they already have a couples channel? it just seems like he just did it for the videos, he just got a girlfriend and carried on the couple content like it never stopped happening. i get people move on at different rates but you have to realize in her mind it's fast, compared to what they had, it's fast. and just because she "left" doesn't mean she doesn't care, doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. she didn't leave him, they broke up. this isn't petty middle school shit, theyre adults. she had to do things for herself, it doesn't mean her feelings are invalidated.

  • Tyler Norris
    Tyler Norris

    i think we know the meaning of this video, for jaycee to see this and be like dam

  • Tyler Norris
    Tyler Norris

    1:47 mr beast counting to 100,000

  • Tara Hower
    Tara Hower

    It’s hard having a few people telling me what to do with my life when I’m just trying to do the best I can. For someone with A LOT more people than a small few, you’re doing great. I pray you continue to heal grow and thrive

  • Tara Hower
    Tara Hower


  • Danny The dude
    Danny The dude

    You said no one deserves to be put down yet your acting like you got replaced

  • twittur HCF
    twittur HCF

    The fact that she is dating someone a few weeks later 😂

    • Yarely Gomez
      Yarely Gomez


    • Yarely Gomez
      Yarely Gomez

      Shut up bro he replaced her and she wants a boy to be with that keeps her happy so shut the hell up

    • Katelin Foster
      Katelin Foster

      The fact that he did it before her🥺

    • Sarah Suid
      Sarah Suid

      SHUT UP!!! LET HER LIVE HER LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  • n0ble.n3va3h _
    n0ble.n3va3h _

    Gabby is still the baddest😌 sorry forever Team Genuine Gabby 🥰💯

  • kaidilee xo
    kaidilee xo

    it’s jacks loss gab was definitely a way better gf and will always be. 🥺i feel so bad for her

    • Swift Blox
      Swift Blox

      this comment is dumb

  • Havox

    Some people gotta move on to move on yk if you don’t get love you’ll turn to drugs and worse things

  • kiran

    y’all chill out. she feels like she is being replaced but that’s what she feels on her end as a result of her thoughts. she never once said or implied that jaycee was a replacement, in fact she was very supportive! plus she trusted us with her feelings and honestly told us how she was feeling and i totally understand and respect that

    • D h
      D h

      @kiran 👏👏👏👏👏

    • kiran

      @Vinh Le just because she thinks she is being replaced doesn’t mean that she treats jaycee and jack’s relationship as a “cover up” or that she thinks jaycee is just there to fill in for her. like i said, she probably thinks that she is a replacement as a result of her ex of five years getting in a relationship so fast. notice how she only talks about the impact of it on herself and never mentions jaycee? that’s cause she’s trying to tell us how she feels without being disrespectful to jaycee. i admit that it could have been phrased better but this whole thing’s done and over with they’re both happy let’s just move on yea

    • Vinh Le
      Vinh Le

      She implied directly in the beginning. She said, she was "replaced." That is implying, Jaycee is a replacement...

  • BuildWithKate


  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia

    Why did they break up??

  • florin boldijar
    florin boldijar

    So what happened to the car he bought you

    • sara 98
      sara 98

      She bought it herself, he admitted that they faked that video!

    • florin boldijar
      florin boldijar

      @Success Onyibe so sad what a waste of a car

    • Success Onyibe
      Success Onyibe

      I don't think she's using it anymore.

  • Emma Studholme
    Emma Studholme

    You are amazing! Thanks for sharing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Trisha Atchison
    Trisha Atchison

    Were all committed to you silly

  • The booty eating bandit
    The booty eating bandit

    How’s he just gonna rename the channel thats fucked 😂

  • Callyn Psiloyenis
    Callyn Psiloyenis

    Whenever someone puts a “.” After a sentence isn’t necessary good!😰 ( I haven’t watched it yet)

  • laila

    he was her first boyfriend and for 5 years. she is healing even tho she left him, it doesn't mean she automatically stopped loving him

    • Duck Duck Goose
      Duck Duck Goose

      @Rita M ikr

    • laila

      @Andrew Le Doux yeah i get that

    • Rita M
      Rita M

      Idont get y it says replaced. Like she broke up with him and like she “replaced” him too

    • Ari Hammond
      Ari Hammond


    • Duck Duck Goose
      Duck Duck Goose

      @hood barbie Thats why people are angry, she makes all of these videos crying and complaining but never says why. I get its non of our business but she made so many videos like these and now shes complaining that people want to know more.

  • Krishna Singh
    Krishna Singh

    Looks like somebody's jealous...O_o

  • Brown E Girl
    Brown E Girl

    I just found out and it honestly kind of hurts me too! Like 5 years of growing channels together and now is it that easy to just do the same things with someone else? How can it not hurt!?

  • Jennifer Owhutu
    Jennifer Owhutu

    We love u

  • Aiswarya Kp
    Aiswarya Kp

    Who cheated on whom ?

    • Vinh Le
      Vinh Le

      No one cheated on anyone.

  • Hailey

    I just wanna thank you and say that watching this really helped me feel a heck of a lot better about myself. I just went through talking to this guy I like who I thought really liked me too, but it turned out that he didn’t and was just playing a game. It hurt really bad and he told me how he’s found another girl now. It’s really complicated because he has no idea that I ever liked him since after he told me he didn’t feel that way I just told him I didn’t feel that way either, so absolutely no hard feelings, he’s an amazing guy! I just felt so bad about myself and felt like I wasn’t good enough and all that, but your words really lifted my spirits and made me feel like I am enough and that if doesn’t feel that way towards me, then he’s missing out! I just really wanted to truly thank you for those words you said about self worth and all that because I really appreciate it!! Love you!! ❤️

  • audrey bugg
    audrey bugg

    i do agree that saying she was replaced wasn’t the best wording, but the other side of the relationship was disrespectful (i felt) in the sense that he didn’t even bother to create a new channel or delete old videos, just slapped a new name on all their old memories.

    • sara 98
      sara 98

      @Celaena Sardothien no he did say that abt insta on his live yoh check facts before arguing and start calling ppl name.

    • Celaena Sardothien
      Celaena Sardothien

      @sara 98 y’all are literally so one sided I can’t. And don’t “hun” me. He specifically said he was keeping the videos because that was a chapter of his life. He never said anything about his insta. Why don’t YOU look at the facts and form a decent argument, hun.

    • sara 98
      sara 98

      @Celaena Sardothien like you're not negative? You can't even form a decent argument you're just attacking. And I deserve to have an opinion who tf are you to tell me not. And he lied he said he won't delete their "memories" but yet he deleted their ig account.

    • Vinh Le
      Vinh Le

      @sara 98 Ok what the hell? He's keeping the videos because he knows people like to watch it. Deleting a video, doesn't delete your views. What are you on about? I personally like to watch their old videos regardless of their break up. I don't get why you're implying he only "cares about the views." Spoiler, this is his job and no views = no money.

    • Celaena Sardothien
      Celaena Sardothien

      @sara 98 keep talking your useless talk because tbh it’s people like you who don’t deserve an opinion because they’re too negative about anything. Everything he did was within reason because it’s his life and no random negative ass people such as yourself are gonna make him change anything.

  • MiniDonaldTrump

    sorry i’m late to the party.....But why would you word it “I’ve Been Replaced” ???

  • Ismael Dalvi
    Ismael Dalvi

    The only reason I don't believe in love. It hits hard and finally fades away!

  • gotcha berry
    gotcha berry

    I love ❤️ you I hope your doing better now 💕 girl you do you

  • Jessenia Rodriguez
    Jessenia Rodriguez

    Y’all act like this in the comments but if it happened to u ,u would feel the same way

    • D h
      D h

      @Sara Kaikavousiwell if "the ex's new partner" is okay with her name being slapped on someone else's hard work then yeah we all would

    • Jessenia Rodriguez
      Jessenia Rodriguez

      @Sara Kaikavousi did I say that I said u would feel the same way not react the same

    • Sara Kaikavousi
      Sara Kaikavousi

      no. i wouldn’t make a 10 minute video about and condone hate towards my ex’s new partner.

  • Emmy Vacher
    Emmy Vacher

    just me or her and Jaycee are veryyy alike

  • Sydney

    this video is part of the reason why jaycee is getting bullied. you and your fans are toxic. 🙄

    • Success Onyibe
      Success Onyibe

      The fans are the once who are toxic, she was talking about the business she has worked hard for, for 4 years not the relationship.

  • Maria Gio
    Maria Gio

    I feel u I got replaced when my older cousoin had a baby and she will love the baby more then me 😖🥺😭🤧😪

  • miranda lauquan
    miranda lauquan

    Everyone that saying she is wrong for saying she's been "replaced" are misunderstanding. She isn't saying she was replaced in a relationship stance, she's talking about their business and both of their hard work, editing and designing merch, and all the other stuff that goes behind the scenes of youtube. Why is everyone so negative?

  • Melisa Sobrado
    Melisa Sobrado

    funny watching this when in a month she has a bf

  • Holly lalah Malebye
    Holly lalah Malebye

    Guys she got out of a 5 year relationship don't be mean to her..... And same applies to jaycee she human too... she has emotions too that get easily torn like any other human she ain't a rebound .... And imagine sending a hate letter to her mom and actually messing up her mental health that i call being ruthless ... So plz stop the hate on both sides they really both amazing girls thank u💕💕💕💕💕

  • Sarbjit Kaur
    Sarbjit Kaur

    At this point she was already dating and is talking about being replaced 🙄🙄

    • Lord Voldemort
      Lord Voldemort

      because the 'replacement' wasn't in regards to the relationship, it was in regards to the channel. but nobody gets that lmao, they just wanna be all 'yOu CaLlED JaYcEe a RePlAcEmEnT'

    • D h
      D h

      The replacement shes talking abt is on their channel not emotionally.

    • Emily Kennedy
      Emily Kennedy

      are you dumb?

    • Aashima Srivastava
      Aashima Srivastava


  • Cassy Herding
    Cassy Herding

    It has to hurt seeing one of the people you loved move on I just hate the term “replacement” that definitely diminishes their relationship and is an icky word when referring to someone elses loved one

  • Melinda Chase
    Melinda Chase

    hey girl, I just wanna leave a positive comment because all of these negative comments on this video are really kind of pissing me off. anyways, you are so amazing in every way. you talked about being someone who inspires people or someone who is looked up to and you really are. i’ve never commented on a post before but for some reason i wanted to comment on this post. you probably aren’t gonna see it but hopefully some of these rude people will see it and realize how amazing you are and see you as I see you. but i have never found someone that i could relate to as much as you. i’m a premed major too and i play soccer in college so i can relate w you on the whole time management with working out and school. but i really don’t see how you do it. you are GORGEOUS, so smart and you want to better your body. those are all things i want to do in my life and it’s really great to see someone w the same goals and aspirations and me do so much. especially a missouri girl. us missouri girls need to stick together. but yeah anyways i don’t even know if this makes sense or even if you’ll ever see it. idk how these youtube comments work. hopefully this ole comment brightens your day like you brighten every one of mine. keep your head up snd keep inspiring everyone that you do. you’re amazing. goodbye😂

  • God

    Your gorgeous

  • Leah D
    Leah D

    She’s just a girl who got her heart broken... have a heart guys, stop being mean

    • D h
      D h


    • EonKiller 4757
      EonKiller 4757


    • Emily Kennedy
      Emily Kennedy


  • Ruby And Shannon
    Ruby And Shannon

    U are wayyy prettier than her

    • MissRandom


    • Nombuso


  • Cav Plays
    Cav Plays

    Bro, u started dating too

  • Romeo Nichole
    Romeo Nichole

    Her next video. "Meet my new guy"

    • Romeo Nichole
      Romeo Nichole

      @Cav Plays yes it is. Haha

    • Cav Plays
      Cav Plays

      U have a Genius mine you can tell the future

  • Romeo Nichole
    Romeo Nichole

    At the 1st place, why you left him? That's all i want to know. You did nothing just watching him braking, falling apart. I'm not mad at you, but honestly yes im mad. Sorry

  • Jessica Denneny
    Jessica Denneny

    Stay strong Gabrielle ❤️💪 And u are not worthless. I relate to you so much xxoo keep going !!

  • Addison Severance
    Addison Severance

    “being replaced” is a horrible title for this ❤️

    • Celaena Sardothien
      Celaena Sardothien

      Agreed. I feel like she’s doing stuff only for views and likes anymore these days and doesn’t stop to think about how her actions can affect others such as Jaycee. Because I know Jaycee got a lot of hate because of this video that she didn’t deserve. ❤️

    • caroline

      they were both clickbaiting at that time it’s not that deep ❤️

  • Yoink Doink
    Yoink Doink

    I know it’s late but this video really helped me get over my ex, thanks Gab! ❤️

  • Kayla Escamilla
    Kayla Escamilla

    such a fake, using your title for clickbait and to get more views, you made this video on August and you mentioned you met Luke in August. You weren’t so sad about being replaced huh.

  • Sara Bakt
    Sara Bakt

    I’ve written alot in this comment then deleted it all

  • Angelina Durazo Perez
    Angelina Durazo Perez

    Gab I don't choose sides but i see you both happy you with your lover him with his lover, and if you guy's are still friends I think your title and attitude is being really dramatic you maybe do struggle we don't know but your not being replaced after all you have to accept the fact he did not replace you, he moved on.And so did u

  • Leticia Dominici
    Leticia Dominici

    Gorgeous Doll😍😍😍

  • brayden maynor
    brayden maynor

    replace with a girl that’s uglier than u, ur the prettiest girl

    • Hishalini Manimaran
      Hishalini Manimaran

      Jaycee she is good!!

    • Annie Luv
      Annie Luv

      Jaycee's personality is way better

    • Aashima Srivastava
      Aashima Srivastava

      Why hate jaycee she pretty too

  • Gedas Gedas
    Gedas Gedas

    Haters always will be around. But remember one, we all are here to support u in any situation at your life , stay strong and just ignore haters 💝🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Zulikhan Bibi
    Zulikhan Bibi

    I saw tears in her smile ♥️♥️

  • CrystalGem ASMR
    CrystalGem ASMR

    You guys really don’t understand jack and gabs channel has SO many subs and jack AND GAB got the subs together but when they broke up he took the channel and the subs and slapped a brand new girl in the picture which is really hard for her

    • D h
      D h

      @Tawny Pawny yeah like his channel will reach this number of subs without her. boy plzzz

    • Tawny Pawny
      Tawny Pawny

      İt was his channel first. Also, she was already talking to luke yet she's talking about being replaced. A little hypocritical

  • Barbecue Sauce Eyebrows
    Barbecue Sauce Eyebrows

    I’ve never even had a gf and I’m 18 :(

    • yovo bla
      yovo bla

      and you'll find somone if you want someone

    • yovo bla
      yovo bla

      by choice

    • yovo bla
      yovo bla

      39 and never dated kiddo

  • The Wolf
    The Wolf

    Gabrielle's amazing


    I'm right here. Let's make it a date

  • Bella Mardis
    Bella Mardis

    her name i think is jaycie

  • Caitlin Rust
    Caitlin Rust

    Your really helping me through my breakup too so thank you, i was with my ex for 2 years, he cheated multiple time and wouldnt tell the truth even when i found out and he was very manipulative and used me and so much more. So thank you for staying strong gab it really helps me and i hope some day ill be able to meet you❤️

  • Kiara Hurt
    Kiara Hurt

    Ok sorry but I seriously can’t take you seriously with the way you’ve bullied him, had your friends bully him, had your own family bully him

    • Vinh Le
      Vinh Le

      I'm sure she didn't make them or tell them to do so, hopefully not.

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