Belle Delphine Mugshot & Trisha Paytas Is A Mess - H3 Podcast #149
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  • Sid Lang
    Sid Lang

    This video is Ethan slouching for 2 hours.. wtf guys..

  • Sofie Shack
    Sofie Shack


  • Alex Chava
    Alex Chava

    42:05 - 42:25 wtf Ethan

  • Alex Nevil
    Alex Nevil

    5 inch engorged mega clit Love the show, great moves, keep it up!

  • B

    Wtf are they talking about at the end?? The uh bit lol

  • Nicholas Charter
    Nicholas Charter

    Yes I was listening, huge engorged you know what

  • Strider

    Off the cuff is entertaining 👌

  • EasyER

    Five Inch Engorged Mega-Clit

  • Skylar Mitchell
    Skylar Mitchell

    I’m on an h3 marathon and have loved all of it, the video quality is astonishingly better than first episodes, you all keep getting better

  • Trash Lord
    Trash Lord

    Ethan is truly big brain, on occasion.

  • erin

    Zach’s voice sounds like an angel no cap

  • Katelyn Smith
    Katelyn Smith


  • mahir Bitmez
    mahir Bitmez

    the china thing is kind of the same thing that happens in turkey with their prime minister

  • irl matrix
    irl matrix

    I watch from beggining to the random rants yall go on even after dan plays the outro. Aim bigger yall, it has potential to be more than a podcast with some of ur segments. It could for sure be a show, plus it would make up for the lack of activity on the main channel. Combine the two, sounds like a grand old time

  • Henry Hill
    Henry Hill

    Please get Contrapoints on

  • Laughing at Salads
    Laughing at Salads

    I hate dan

  • Owenuma Arts
    Owenuma Arts


    • Owenuma Arts
      Owenuma Arts


  • Owenuma Arts
    Owenuma Arts


  • David Hill
    David Hill

    I listen to all of the whole podcasts at work its all interesting to me.

  • john Clark
    john Clark

    Me undies and Teddy Fresh collab

  • Ashton Shota
    Ashton Shota

    5 inch engorged mega clit yes I watched the part where Hila asked the question.

  • Sea Z
    Sea Z

    New listener here: i kinda didn't want to hear for 45 min into the show about how tired you were because you were at Disney the day before. If you're tired, take a day off because when you don't want to be there, it shows. and makes bad radio. You have good potential, but trying too hard. Just sayin

  • Marissa Morales
    Marissa Morales

    Dan is called grizzly because he’s wearing a King Gizzard and The Wizard Lizard T-shirt!

  • bashpr0mpt

    1:13:58 - the reason you all clicked this video.

  • TysStuff

    Belle got arrested?

  • SuperSherry


  • Jessi

    “Is this watchable” I love Hila 😂

  • ThiccCanOfBeans

    Me undies and audible sounds like my grandpa

  • Sugarfreak

    Five Inch Engorged Mega-Clit - most of this episode made no sense. please include more segments from outside your studio. LA has so much idiocracy you have to show us

  • Alyssa

    5 inch engorged megaclit

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    so is ethans ngl

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    hilas outfit is adorable

  • John Doe
    John Doe


  • Sid Lang
    Sid Lang

    3 minutes in and hes doing racist voices ... so funny hur hur THIS CHANNEL SUCKS NOW

  • SihYuan Wu
    SihYuan Wu

    The Uigur camps are actually concentration camps. Re-education camps is the term the chinese government want you to use. It's not auswitz level yet, but if you search up the accounts of those who escaped, and the few reports that have been done on it, you'll find reports of rape, forced abortions, beatings and even organ extraction.

  • Dan

    Nobody: Ethan: Muzzzlam

  • Brayden Sanderson
    Brayden Sanderson

    Where do I find the beanie Hila is wearing? I can’t find it on their website

  • Haley Zuch
    Haley Zuch

    Pleasssse have contra points on I love her

  • Danielle Jeffrey
    Danielle Jeffrey

    Lol. So I guess you talk normal if you don’t have an accent?

  • Maria Tellez
    Maria Tellez

    Watched the whole damn thing.

  • Jonathan Allen
    Jonathan Allen

    5 инч энгоржд мега клит

  • Nate Totten
    Nate Totten

    I watched! You guys are a delight! Five Inch Engorged Mega-Clit

    • Richard Peterson
      Richard Peterson

      Nate Totten has

  • Crazze Panda
    Crazze Panda

    Five inch engorged megaclit!

  • CallMeRon

    12 cm engured clit

  • Slinging Lead
    Slinging Lead

    Why is it so cold in the studio that people are wearing beanies? Or are you just idiots?

  • Mikester Infinity
    Mikester Infinity


  • Case Serket
    Case Serket

    5" engorged megaclit

  • Adriano Monnot
    Adriano Monnot

    1:28:45 Trisha looks like a meth addict.

  • Raven Smalls
    Raven Smalls

    It's lovely how a big part of the comments is just "FIVE INCH ENGORGED MEGA CLIT". :D

  • Maki Neko
    Maki Neko

    I live in Beijing, they don't require any social credit to ride public transportation. It's just the bigger train lines I think. Although, I heard they even keep track of our passports we use to buy a train ticket and go knocking on doors in the city we traveled to XD

  • Noosebumps

    only one who can stop a bad guy with a scooter is a good guy with a scooter

  • Christopher Archibald
    Christopher Archibald

    Watched till the end. Five inch engorged mega clit. I think Ethan is honestly at the peak of his game on episodes like this bc he doesn't care.

  • 25emann

    how is a Taiwanese gamer any different to US footballer who is penalised millions of dollars for "taking a knee"? Sadly, you speak from the place of white privilege. (as do I.) From outside US, we see a very strange US president, yet a stable chief iin Chine. Been to both US and China a number of times... both peoples go along with their regimes, except China doesn't have the violence of the US.

  • HappyHauser

    WHY after this video did they install lose over 600K subs? Just saw on Social Blade

  • Donella Hunt
    Donella Hunt

    I bet zacks new gf is trisha lol jks

  • Dis List
    Dis List

    Please have Contrapoints on H3H3

  • Plague Doctor
    Plague Doctor

    Who the fck is this Trisha hag and why is it next to Belle?

  • Sadistic Redneck
    Sadistic Redneck


  • Cesar Ordaz
    Cesar Ordaz

    I watched the whole show from begging to end. FIVE INCH ENGORGED MEGA CLIT.

  • Yili L
    Yili L

    Dan is cute!

  • Spiderwolfer

    I loved this episode! One of my favourites. Also key word(s) are FIRC. Thank you

  • mad doctor
    mad doctor

    Hila!! your sweater looks so cool!!!

  • Kallie Mae
    Kallie Mae

    Five-Inch Engorged Mega Clit

  • Ivo Filipe
    Ivo Filipe

    key word is free will

  • Ivo Filipe
    Ivo Filipe

    Who has a small d.........????????????????????????????

  • Rogue Rogue
    Rogue Rogue

    Ethan might just be the most unlikable person on earth.

    • Rachin

      X: doubt

  • Miki N
    Miki N

    this isn’t only about politics: HK wanting to be Democratic and not be under China’s Communism, it’s also about the thousands of human rights China violates!

  • Miki N
    Miki N

    China IS fucking scary

  • Max Attanasio
    Max Attanasio


  • Chewbaka Dubz
    Chewbaka Dubz

    Five Inch Engorged Mega-Clit

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