Ben Shapiro Reacts to INSANE Woke Training Course
Ben Shapiro
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Robin DiAngelo, author of 'White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism,' now has a course on LinkedIn Learning titled 'Confronting Racism, with Robin DiAngelo.' We go through a few of the tenets of DiAngelo's teachings and break it all down.

  • Tristian Kruse
    Tristian Kruse

    Just had an ad about Dante Wright they were calling the death of Dante right systemic racism. It's annoying that I get these ads because i belive it wasn't racism.

  • Charles Dolan
    Charles Dolan

    Question: what did you do when your son peed on the floor?

  • Hugo Goerner
    Hugo Goerner

    Robin DiAngelo...Is absolutely Insane. Sorry Robin..But you are. I always try to keep from Hurting people's feelings..But now that most anything that White people say or Do is "Racist'...its time we stop the Bullshit. The insanity is So sticks to everything. I cannot just continue to sit here and let this Insanity continue without calling it Out. Just the mere fact that I am white, means .. I am A Racist. Sorry..Robin...but ..FUCK YOU, you Goofy POS.

  • Ambassador Somewhere
    Ambassador Somewhere

    Thanks for introducing me to Pepsi.

  • David Konevky
    David Konevky

    If people were less white, they would be called out for cultural appropiation, ironic

  • Stephanie Dixon
    Stephanie Dixon

    It is a good thing I don't work for Coca Cola. I would sue for discrimination based upon their anti-racism training. Unbelievable that no one has sued.

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E

    Robin DiAngelo: "You need to be less white." Mr. E: "And you need to be less living." Robin DiAngelo: "Is that a death threat?" Mr. E: "No, you moron. I'm white. I'm not proud or ashamed of it. It just is. Just like YOU are alive. You should be neither proud nor ashamed of that fact, because you just simply are."

  • Raynee Bruggeman
    Raynee Bruggeman

    But seriously South Dakota my not be the best state ever but it has the best government ever and they don’t allow illegals in there state it’s so peaceful there I currently live in white bear lake MN where my brand new house (it cost a lot of $$) and guess what... It got attacked by BLM, and SJWS while I was inside with my kid and he was crying cause he thought we were gonna die. God I was mad so I turned on my high pressure yard sprinklers and they got even more wild and I called the cops ... the fucking FBI and swat showed up!!! 1of those armored tank things and 5 fbi Chevy suburbans it was nuts and they were all gone in 10 mins but my house had 8 broken windows I had to replace one of my door locks cause it was hit with a crowbar and my kid thought they were just sad because of a Cartoon Network ad on racism yup anyway it ended up being around 100,000$ worth of damage so yeah but I’m going to court on next Wednesday and I have a really good chance at winning according to the person I talked to anyway I’m selling my house and moving to SD it’s way safer there for my family and my house is basically a total loss but things happen It’s still worth a decent amount of money being it’s in a fancier neighborhood and where I’m moving the real estate is cheaper there so I should be able to get a house of my size there again hopefully

  • Raynee Bruggeman
    Raynee Bruggeman

    South Dakota here I come!!!

  • Deric H
    Deric H

    “Try to be less white” ok so can I walk around saying the n word?

  • 5:31:83

    I tried to "be less white" by trying to get a tan. Well, it backfired and I just got sunburned. And THAT is a classic "white issue". I guess I'm stuck being white. Lol

  • bnewman43

    I,for one, have stopped buying coke and coke family of products until I become "less white". (Guess what? Ain't gonna happen. I'll probably save THOUSANDS by not buying the garbage they push out !!!)

  • Josiah Bower
    Josiah Bower

    "See Color. Be Anti-Racist." I lost so many braincells when I saw that. Edit: I just realized that "be less white training" literally means white people shouldn't exist. Not that we should be more black, because that would be racist. Just be less white, because no matter if white people care too much or we are apathetic--no matter what we do--they will always be racist.

  • Joshua Barbanel
    Joshua Barbanel

    If someone is extremely stupid, then they aren't an intellectual.

  • geo 392
    geo 392

    BLM are the racist ones

  • Dragan Petev
    Dragan Petev

    3:22 starts the real shit, this is what women want and Ben just told you why it's wrong!!!

  • Steven Schattilly
    Steven Schattilly

    Lmfao... That was really good lol. You hade rolling with that advertisement lol

  • voidling

    cartoon network discriminates the colorblind now yeaaaaay

  • Michael Singer
    Michael Singer

    Try to shut the hell up and do your job. I won’t buy into this shit.

  • Michael Singer
    Michael Singer

    Men are sexist, pssh, men are abused and kill themself- 74% suicide rate women-24% Society logic: Women are abused let’s get them services and shit. Men: Can we have those? Society: Men abused? Oh speak about it we publicly mock you. Men: Screw you.

  • S W.
    S W.

    She needs to try to be less stupid!!!

  • Carrol Keller
    Carrol Keller

    I'm glad you were able to clear all this up for me. But quite frankly, who cares what this idiot thinks. I Am What God Made Me. I'm pleased with that. I know who I am. Probably because I got a job. Remember our Bible. Idle Hands are the devil's workshop. He has certainly been busy. To listen to such drivel, it's a waste of the time that I have left on this planet. I don't wish to waste my time on silliness.

  • Bobby Donohue
    Bobby Donohue

    Notice how literal White Supremacists and Woke Social Justice Warriors both Agree someone’s Race is the most important quality about someone “Anti-Racism” is fighting Racism with Racism except the Racism is directed towards White people

  • travis no face
    travis no face

    Your not black so you wouldn't know what a black person see and go through lugnut sounds like your a Republican 😭

  • 5:31:83

    Try to be less woke, by simply trying to be less of a joke.

  • J Lee
    J Lee

    I'm very white and proud of it. And yes, this training is racist.

  • Richard

    White solidarity?! Oh, is this when white people secretly give other white people stuff for free?! So, Eddie Murphy WAS right!

  • Matt

    Thank you Ben

  • RossP Barnett
    RossP Barnett

    11:30, Not only are people under assault, the entire USA is under attack by leftist radical garbage !

  • Chris G
    Chris G

    They're literally traumatizing impressionable weak people who just mean to be good. They're literally cowards for this

  • Daniel Eklund
    Daniel Eklund

    I'm Swedish and I can promise you that not ONE person here finds the Swedish chef bad. Stop this insanity.

  • Jamie Lorence
    Jamie Lorence

    For some reason my brain keeps repeating, "Be less white. Be LIKE MIKE!". Where is this coming from????

  • Tyler Madison
    Tyler Madison

    I’m just saying there are not enough radical conservatives in USA to have any appreciable effect on the economy

  • MikeyXSuicide

    I swear, nobody peddles bullshit better than Ben. His product placement is *french kiss*.

  • Shawn Stoner
    Shawn Stoner

    They're trying to change the cartoons so the world domt watch what I watched in the 90s n the Looney toons n south park n turn out like me n the rest of the common sense patriotic conservatives. They want to oppress and shape the future to be gov power n reliant on them n do exactly as they say. Kids arent allowed to jjst watch a cartoon like bugs bunny that really didnt have a point but was funny as hell n maybe had a hidden life lesson in there somewhere n form there own opinions or just have a laugh n watch cartoons for fun. Its no longer about fun. The "woke lefties" figured out how to politicize and use cartoons to put things that arent true into the future generation to shape things how they want. If enough people say something for long enough it becomes true. Perception is reality and if your not willing to look past ur phone screen to see for yourself what's goin on n form ur own opinions cause ur heads being filled with this new shit then these lies n radical views will never get pushed down into the dirt where they belong. Leave the kids out of the politics. Lets kids be kids quit trying to politicize cartoons for your own benefits. Y'all "woke" pos need to go back to sleep for all the patriots out there sleep your asses

  • Ron Does Psych
    Ron Does Psych

    How can the group that is ultra sensitive to "racism" use this logic and terminology toward white people and not recognize it as racism??

  • John D
    John D

    Time to boycott coca cola and all it products. Boycott them for ever. I certainly have.

  • John D
    John D

    As an American I find it repulsively sickening to live in America these days. A Caucasian person is less likely to be called a racist in the middle of Africa than he is in the United States of America. White children are being burden with guilt at every American school, and black students are being made to feel entitled. Black history month is a joke. And now even American corporations are giving preferential treatment to those who are not of the Caucasian race, and at the same time blatantly discriminating against anyone who is of the Caucasian race or conservative. United airlines has already stated that they intend on giving high ranking positions only to non White people. Sickening. I never imagined America would ever plummet to such depths.

  • KnifeGuy375

    I WANT to buy a matress now!!

  • KnifeGuy375

    peeing on the floor out of anger?? 🤔 If I had known that when I was a kid... 😖 DANG!!!

  • Miao

    Google, Jigsaw and Moonshot et al. target these "right" political labels --- these are not necessarily right or left anymore. It is communism or no communism, do you want to walk willingly into this death-trap? How many of these people supporting the CCP agenda know they are walking into HELL PLUS, the CCP is far MORE racist than they can imagine

  • Miao

    Are you enjoying turning yourself into communists starting with the Cultural Revolution first?

  • Miao

    War with China could never obviously look like war. So they seeded this crap, and you are taking yourselves out. Carry on?

  • Nolan Ward
    Nolan Ward

    I’m not even joking when I say I was eating takis at school and this white girl with short died hair (that kinda gives away where she stood politically) came up to me and said, and I quote, “you shouldn’t be eating those because you’re white. You need to follow Cultural appropriation”. And then I told her ,”it is not your job to tell me what I eat. I’ll eat whatever I damn well please”. And then she just walked away. Safe to say I won that one.

  • K D
    K D

    Let's all be less white and become more orange!

  • AceofSpades_8

    So basically, to be less white means to stop thinking, and to be told what to think. Yea- no.

  • Jimmy Serafin
    Jimmy Serafin

    She wouldn't charge money for her "class" if she truly believed in what she was saying. #factsdontcareaboutfeelings

  • Mariana Kaniho
    Mariana Kaniho

    This man words everything I have been thinking for years in the most articulate way. I could never have said it more perfectly than he just did. So glad I found you! Going to show this to everyone I know. Thanks for making these!

  • Slaynn

    Wow, something goes wrong in America ??!!?? I'm a french follower and, how can I tell you without shock you, it's pure madness !!!! How is possible that there's some black people who are actors (and actresses...), congressmen (and congress women...), and so on... And tell there's a systemic racism ??!!?? It' just ununderstable !!!! Fortunately, in France, we are not there but it's not far...

  • Mark Thompson
    Mark Thompson

    Becoming more informed has never been such fun.... The sun's out in the UK ...the easy way to begin my less white transformation.... And Ben has me ROTFL .... I'm never buying another Coke

  • North South
    North South

    Got a phone call from woka cola for a job, and I told them no.

  • Mark Sims
    Mark Sims

    Trumpublican cult members are in a lather over the so called “woke culture” because they fear that their fascist game plan is being successfully subverted. It’s called free market capitalism baby, and it seems it’s what you want unless it crosses over into your lane. Stop whining. You don’t seem to mind cancelling voters that don’t align with you so just chill out.

  • Bernard Rubble
    Bernard Rubble

    I’m white and have been using certain phrases at work to try and do my part . But when I say things like , “ y,know what I’m sayin “ or “ Y’feel me bro,” or , “ for real for real ?” my boss looks at me like I’m retarded and won’t let me speak to customers anymore .

  • Tony Smith
    Tony Smith

    A new Virus sweeps the world masked as Wokeness is nothing more than Blindness!

  • Arcade Gannon
    Arcade Gannon

    Looks like flash words people would use to brainwash someone in between random photos and symbols

  • Lawrence Osborne Jr
    Lawrence Osborne Jr

    Never say Believe again lol

  • Lawrence Osborne Jr
    Lawrence Osborne Jr

    Can I be a white Jewish neo-nazi Supremacist? Because how

  • Lawrence Osborne Jr
    Lawrence Osborne Jr

    Not did you read her book... her garbage book... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lawrence Osborne Jr
    Lawrence Osborne Jr


  • Adam Harris
    Adam Harris

    Yeah, I stopped buying cocke products across the board when this first broke.

  • J

    OH MY GOD !!!!!! WHAT NEXT !!!!!!! BE LESS WHITE 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • DankSolo

    😂😂😂🤣 America 😂🤣😂😂

  • Ivanka Allen
    Ivanka Allen

    Authenic and Justified

  • Anthony Malin
    Anthony Malin

    This women is a genius. Weather MEN are wrong 20% of the time and still get paid. Economist are wrong 50%n of the time and they still get paid. She is wrong 100% of the time but getting rich off BS.

  • Sand Wl
    Sand Wl

    Married 14 yrs 3 boys and I never not once have I seen that privilege, all this people talks about. Do they remove that if you have whitexican kids 🤔, because I ask my hubby about all this privilege that he's owed ,in 14 yeas never never I have gotten a white privilege check or luxurious presents or membership to any fancy place. 🤷‍♀️

  • Bob Knob
    Bob Knob

    I will change my name to Les White

  • Variant Ways
    Variant Ways

    Isn't the MERGE of Gov't and Corporation a form of Mussolini style FASCISM?...and the FASCISM of Coca-Cola is really showing it's ugly face..

  • Vince panther 01
    Vince panther 01

    You guys are no where near Woke did you know the titanic was not caused by a ice berg but in fact by Shark Gang bangers watch the animated titanic movie it is the most accurate discrimination of the titanic ever put to film

  • 454brianbat

    CN (Cartoon Network) is going to die, now. Everyone that is getting woke will go broke. We will live in a post society, soon.

  • Ajax Fernsby
    Ajax Fernsby

    So, I’m too white for Coke

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