Benny Benassi ft. Gary Go - Cinema (Official Video HD)
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  • AerialKnight0714

    Total Recall anyone?

  • Erny Kwame
    Erny Kwame

    A lotta people didn’t listen to this song as a kid and it shows

  • André Schütte
    André Schütte

    why does this have only 4mio views?

  • TakedownBOBO

    Still fresh as fuck

  • Christian Keune
    Christian Keune

    Please @Kontor.TV drop this song on Spotify.

  • ThighcherryTube

    I love this track because it perfectly describes how I feel about my girl. And a few minutes ago I saw the video for the very first time.

  • ImAyush

    Who's here from dubset cat????

  • Pewfik


  • Prasenjit Debroy
    Prasenjit Debroy

    Memories. Science Fiction. Love. Feelings.

  • &

    He likes to watch the girl dance naked that’s what he means by cinema. He is implying that the girl is a cinema because he can watch her dance naked all day, Thank me later

  • Dylan M
    Dylan M

    Why do these girls look like they came straight out of the White Chicks movie 🤣

  • Sanskari Sarkarji
    Sanskari Sarkarji

    VR porn.exe has started....

  • Exhibe Flix
    Exhibe Flix

    EXHIBE FLIX is a social online film library that brings the best independent, classic and international films to your living room

  • Luca Zari
    Luca Zari


  • Ignacio

    Where boys come to wash their crush who friend zoned them

  • Ignacio

    So underrated

  • Palmina D'Alessandro
    Palmina D'Alessandro

    ...When did the first VR's come out ??

    • Syndi Glomez
      Syndi Glomez

      Palmina D'Alessandro 2014

  • fookin laser sights
    fookin laser sights

    Damn reminiscing the old Need for Speed Hot Pursuit days with my brother, simpler times

  • Subash Chunilal
    Subash Chunilal

    2020 and still here

  • Тимур Султанов
    Тимур Султанов

    Really its best song, benny you super!

  • jutan2005

    Tomazacre is best❤️


    0:57 start to turning the nitro

  • Azmirul Hafiz
    Azmirul Hafiz


  • Luciano Yegros
    Luciano Yegros

    Después de 8 años me doy cuenta que no es de skrillex por que nadie me lo dijo? Debi haber parecido un idiota

  • Jorge Alarcón
    Jorge Alarcón

    missing the cali days

  • Agustín Hernández Rivas
    Agustín Hernández Rivas

    Sonic Lost World Trailer?

  • سكرهه [Fm]
    سكرهه [Fm]


  • Daniel Christopher
    Daniel Christopher

    Took me 8 damn years to realise that its the same girl for each of them!!

  • Lucifer FallenAngel
    Lucifer FallenAngel

    I could watch you forever!❤️

  • Serch


  • Marco 14
    Marco 14

    Wtf Its like the video of ok

  • Paulo Henriique
    Paulo Henriique

    Skrillex fans in 2020? \o/

  • Gaetano Marcianò
    Gaetano Marcianò

    Sawtooth Waves Porn!!!😂

  • marleyandcat

    The song to my wife before she was my wife

  • joel higor
    joel higor

    Esse óculos já existe skskksks putz

  • Carol Calestine
    Carol Calestine

    Never gets old

  • Sakruei Ortega Kinomoto
    Sakruei Ortega Kinomoto

    Yo no sabia que mediante un XBOX (2001 Version) podian ver el futuro de las personas xDDDD Like si sabes del por que lo menciono si no pues preguntame! :c

    • Jesus Gonzalez Cortes
      Jesus Gonzalez Cortes

      Hey freak.

  • Snickers Adoptas
    Snickers Adoptas

    Lyrics: - I could watch you for a lifetime You're my favourite movie A thousand endings You mean everything to me I never know what's coming Forever fascinated Hope you don't stop running To me cause I'll always be waiting [Hook] You are my cinema I could watch you forever Action thriller I could watch you forever You are my cinema A Hollywood treasure Love you just the way you are My cinema, my cinema [Verse 2] Stars spell out your name Like in a science fiction drama Romance growing Like a flower in the summer You always keep me guessing Forever my wonderful Hope you start undressing All my dreams and take me under [Hook] You are my cinema I could watch you forever Action thriller I could watch you forever You are my cinema A Hollywood treasure Love you just the way you are My cinema, my cinema [Bridge] Never know what movie you're playing Never know what movie you're playing Never know what movie you're playing Never know, never know, never know [Hook] You are my cinema I could watch you forever Action thriller I could watch you forever You are my cinema A Hollywood treasure Love you just the way you are My cinema, my cinema

  • André Santos
    André Santos

    Am I the only one noticing Robin Schulz video for 'OK' is a homage to this or...?

  • Mr. Moseby
    Mr. Moseby

    I prefer this over the skrillex version 100%

  • damian robinson
    damian robinson

    me acuerdo cuando escuchaba esta cancion (no el remix de skrillex) a los 15 años cuando iva al colegio, como pasan los años, pensar que ahora tengo 21 años :.D


    I’ve never heard the original of this till rn 😭😂 sounds weird

  • lphyrzmwns

    who is the girl?

  • Fernando Morales
    Fernando Morales

    Sanic lost world

  • Emanuel64

    Y 5 años despues me entero que no es de Skrillex :'3


      Real :´3

  • Baltazar Rauseo
    Baltazar Rauseo

    A quien mas le traen recuerdos del Need For Speed Hot Pursuit??

  • Satoru-kun

    Isnt about which version is better guys. The important thing is to understand that this peace was made to make you feel the music and sympathize with the lyrics and the melody. The music trascend tastes, you just gotta appreciate the art of these artist. Thank u Benny, thank u Gary, and thank u Skrillex.

  • SCPD

    I remember this song In need for speed hot pursuit

  • alldud13

    it’s the same girl every time just different hair

  • Gatos Miau
    Gatos Miau

    Sonic lost world? Anybody

  • Lawrence Mapalo
    Lawrence Mapalo

    Whos this after tomazacre beatbox

  • Damn _Daxter
    Damn _Daxter

    Am i the only one who thought Skrillex made this song for some reason?😂

  • Jhg


  • USubISub Cats
    USubISub Cats

    I been trying to find this song forever I found it XD

  • Alexy

    Está canción es la original y me gusta, pero el remix de Skrillex tiene más ritmo y por lo tanto me quedo con el remix ❤️

    • Johann Lopez
      Johann Lopez


  • Alex Lazkano
    Alex Lazkano

    29 :')

  • Bunny Bra
    Bunny Bra

    My favorite version

  • cangaceiro vei #XboxSeriesX
    cangaceiro vei #XboxSeriesX

    🚁 🚧 🚗 🚓 🚓 🚓

  • Percy Farfan
    Percy Farfan

    Skrillex lo hace infinitas veces mejor

  • I support small Youtube channels
    I support small Youtube channels

    Whose here because of Tomazacre??

  • Seacrest Outlaw
    Seacrest Outlaw

    Kind of thought the video would be different. I like the other version where go Garry's actually singing and girls are shaking their booties. That's the video I like this one is just. But I love the song we got this

  • yo gmgm
    yo gmgm

    2019 anyone?

  • Nz Zz
    Nz Zz

    Hot Pursuit OneLove

  • Leonid Miller
    Leonid Miller

    А ведь теперь такие шлемы и в прям существуют.

  • jason Ü
    jason Ü

    Meh, esta mejor la de skrillex :u

  • Tom


  • Poperto 21
    Poperto 21

    Nada que ver con el Remix :v

  • brian sanchez
    brian sanchez

    Anyone from 2019??

    • Leonid Miller
      Leonid Miller

      Приветик, я из 2019.

  • Arthur Bernard
    Arthur Bernard

    Came from some Disney ad 😂

  • MarqØ

    is he the guy who invented vr?

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