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  • Sidra Sidra
    Sidra Sidra

    I love this song

  • David Estrada
    David Estrada

    Selena Gomez needs to step up her Spanish game cuz everyone else is showing her out, even Katy Perry with her new song

  • Funny Tv
    Funny Tv

    I always like her voice

  • Andy candy
    Andy candy

    Selena Gómez mom: wake up Selena Gómez: I can't hey enough 😭 Selena mom : YOUR NOT Gonna sleep cuase of me your no never gonna sleep cuase of me Selena gomez:Give some more 😭 SELENA MOM : WAKE UPPP ITS SCHOOL TIME

  • Estela La mamá de Yoselio
    Estela La mamá de Yoselio

    Dios te bendiga mi chiquita hermosa

  • Emanuel Sosa
    Emanuel Sosa

    Selena Gómez ✓= Like

  • Mary

    I love the song and the video, really surprised they both didnt do better!

  • Elaoussi Salma
    Elaoussi Salma

    I love selena I hate justin bieber

  • Aid Redzepi
    Aid Redzepi rebel a.k.a unikkatil

  • akram ali laouar
    akram ali laouar


  • No ThIs Is PaTrIcK -
    No ThIs Is PaTrIcK -

    Selena no one has that good of *bed hair*

  • David Siruk
    David Siruk


  • SeykOne

    TEMAZOOO, no paro de escucharlo

  • Walter Rodrigo Alfaro Escalante
    Walter Rodrigo Alfaro Escalante

    So Teddy Blanco was up there till 1:20 min

  • Rena Nguyen
    Rena Nguyen

    (• _ •) ( ❤) / \

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar


  • Jiggly Puff
    Jiggly Puff

    Is Selena is really married with 68 year old man explain that please😓

    • Fun zone
      Fun zone

      No it was a joke

    • Selena Quéneriae
      Selena Quéneriae

      Jiggly Puff no.

  • ayan mohamed
    ayan mohamed


  • Jacqueline Wako
    Jacqueline Wako

    Nice song #2019#xoxo

  • bhagwant kashyap
    bhagwant kashyap

    Ummm umm ummm umm ummm

  • rahul dev singh
    rahul dev singh

    I need this type of bed to 😂

  • Chloe Morina
    Chloe Morina


  • aloosh yy
    aloosh yy

    I just need this bed

  • Anand Pardasani
    Anand Pardasani

    126 millions View this is the power of our QUEEN SELENA

  • عاشقه السيده زينب عاشقه السيده زينب
    عاشقه السيده زينب عاشقه السيده زينب


  • Rose Live
    Rose Live

    The best music ❤️❤️❤️

  • Syed Fahad
    Syed Fahad

    0:51 she falls, 0:54 she ran away to hide her smile.

  • Kent Batas
    Kent Batas


  • Reya Reya
    Reya Reya

    Justin : how much big u want the bed Selena: I can't get enough

  • Mikie Mukesh
    Mikie Mukesh

    I see no cuts in video😱😱

    • Fun zone
      Fun zone

      Mikie Mukesh it was shoot in one take

  • yuri Muravyov
    yuri Muravyov

    0:16 i want that TV

  • Hazel

    Sooo cute

  • Pushpitha Batte
    Pushpitha Batte

    Director:Selena how big do you want the bed to be? Selena:Yes!

  • Tania Zaman
    Tania Zaman


  • Subhajit Roy
    Subhajit Roy

    1:12 Lionel Messi singing?


    Carmila = comment Salena = like


    Though she said haily 0:16


    Sub on channel everyonee Serbian songs and much more later

  • Labib Khan Pro gamer
    Labib Khan Pro gamer


  • Chong

    hear it in 1.5

  • Petrit Salihu
    Petrit Salihu

    you can have this bed and your girlfriend would still found her way to put her leg on you

  • Masakyo Ren Sai
    Masakyo Ren Sai

    Bill Murray?

  • raftaar music
    raftaar music

    These types of beds should be for hulk and thanos types avengers N aliens of Ben 10.

  • busta KHRImeS
    busta KHRImeS

    Hi babe 🌹

  • kaw tar
    kaw tar


    • kaw tar
      kaw tar

      +algerian selenator wch bik tahdhk hhh

    • algerian selenator
      algerian selenator

      kaw tar hhhhhhhhhhh

  • Random Video
    Random Video

    Selena always trying get back with justin. justin dont like you

    • I Can't Get Enough
      I Can't Get Enough

      Selena doesn't even give a shit about justin. She's happy without that garbage white boy

    • Bella Moda
      Bella Moda

      And one more thing get to know the actual situation before blurting out some crap .

    • Bella Moda
      Bella Moda

      Dare you spread another wrong message. By the way who the fuck told you that I'm behind that street fucker

  • Aamer Hassan
    Aamer Hassan

    I love Selena gomez

  • Pankajakshi Ramamurthy
    Pankajakshi Ramamurthy

    those who Love this song hit like

  • Seema Devi
    Seema Devi


  • Priscilla Piñon
    Priscilla Piñon

    Here we are again Devanii and I #6months she still enjoys this song well we both do ❤🎤💃😍🎶👩‍👧

  • discover new
    discover new

    producer:how big you want bed selena:i can't get enough

  • Michael Domínguez
    Michael Domínguez

    Con la voz de Selena todo se escucha tierno y sexy 😍😘

  • Suzana-Shabnaz 25
    Suzana-Shabnaz 25

    Deeper deeper, when Selena sings it I live it, who agrees? thumbs up.

  • Gomez Selena
    Gomez Selena


  • Sobahn Khan
    Sobahn Khan

    Selena Gomez inspired me to start making Music again - I aspire to make a song with her some day. Mark my words!

    • Lovely Myra
      Lovely Myra

      I swear I saw this on ME! by Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie. You said Taylor Swift was your inspiration

    • Shashwat Agarwal
      Shashwat Agarwal

      Yes u surely will, dude, if u work hard :)

    • Rishi Rusia
      Rishi Rusia

      Axel Blaze That is just shameless promotion

    • cece CeCe
      cece CeCe

      😂😂😂😂 so does es and jb

    • cece CeCe
      cece CeCe

      +Axel Blaze 😂😂😂😂 clout chasing

  • Ta- Ray
    Ta- Ray

    Faded- Kanye West vibes...!!

  • PauloTeAmo

    1:50 jajajja

  • Kahliq Wilkins
    Kahliq Wilkins

    Go crazy


    MIREN: V

  • Francisca Romão
    Francisca Romão

    Love 😍😍😍

  • Jaime Maldonado
    Jaime Maldonado

    Serta taking it to the next level

  • Jordan Remisoski
    Jordan Remisoski

  • Jordan Remisoski
    Jordan Remisoski

  • Jordan Remisoski
    Jordan Remisoski

  • Jordan Remisoski
    Jordan Remisoski

  • Jordan Remisoski
    Jordan Remisoski

  • alexis isabel
    alexis isabel

    This song is kinda cute

  • Yazmin y tade
    Yazmin y tade

    like Selena Gomez comenario Ariana Grande

  • Deborah Cohen
    Deborah Cohen

    Is any part of this song sampled from somewhere else? like the humming/repetitive 4 notes? Its soooo goooddd

  • Yash Kainth
    Yash Kainth

    Selena in bed binging wizards of wavely place ‘I can’t get enough’

  • leonardo braz
    leonardo braz

    Addicted 🖤💥💥⚡

  • Tapan Rajpura
    Tapan Rajpura

    song dedicated to bed bugs on my bed

  • Annette Casneyhail
    Annette Casneyhail

    Lol jbalvin in my blue I like him more

  • kyara lo re
    kyara lo re


  • Blackpink In your area
    Blackpink In your area

    Love you selena :3

  • Akagami nø Shanks
    Akagami nø Shanks

    Le clip le plus confortable au monde L'ours ma tué perso xD

  • Pablo Baidal
    Pablo Baidal

    Se le resta a la mujer g valbi xddd

  • Aman Jain
    Aman Jain

    i want that bed.

  • FABI

    Hey, check out my cover of "I Can't Get Enough" if you want:)

  • Karnam Sai
    Karnam Sai

    20/5/19 vizag

  • Agatino Corvaia
    Agatino Corvaia

    Hi Selena, You are the best Singer in the world,so if you Ever had teenage acne would you tell me how you treated It please?

  • algerian selenator
    algerian selenator

    125,857m views (20may 18:50)

  • Ghallrm


    • algerian selenator
      algerian selenator

      LalisaManoban blink 😘😘

  • Yashal Siddique
    Yashal Siddique

    No NUDITY is the best ❤️

  • Pink Panther
    Pink Panther

    Selena can sing. All you pressed haters can suck it

  • jessi you
    jessi you

    que...nadien respomde en español..buem tema

  • Aman Rai
    Aman Rai


  • paridhi gupta
    paridhi gupta

    2:31 I am sorry but I love that part when J Balvin and Selena sing "coz I can't get enough" together ❤️


    *** esta es la canción versión español. De I can't get enough con Selena Gómez*

  • Katalin Szabó
    Katalin Szabó

    Teddy Bear very cute😍❤

  • selenathegoddess _15
    selenathegoddess _15

    I cant get enough to selena😅😍

  • Gabriel Ko
    Gabriel Ko

    selena: i don't use auto tune people: sure

  • tenorbuds

    They looked like they had so much fun filming this music video and I literally can't get enough of Selena Gomez.... like seriously where is her new album?! I'm so ready for it. She's been releasing hit after hit and Benny Blanco has been doing the same. Eastside was a hit and now this song is super catchy. I love his work and we covered "Eastside" on my channel, hope you will watch it. I can't wait to see who Benny gets on his next hit track.

  • Wesley Sousa
    Wesley Sousa

    Selenaaaaa ícone 👏😍❤

  • JustGamingTube

    All these beging for likes are GAY

  • *さやや

    え、日本語字幕ついてる!!めっちゃありがたいんだけど(≧▽≦) セレーナ・ゴメス可愛いし声好きだし大好き!

  • Brayan Melido Mejia Perez
    Brayan Melido Mejia Perez

    Cagaste tú música con esa Kaká de Jbalvin

  • Pummelluft's Welt Pokemon
    Pummelluft's Welt Pokemon



    👍👍👍👍👍👍songs fire

  • Pummelluft's Welt Pokemon
    Pummelluft's Welt Pokemon

    Ly selena Gomez

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