Best Friends in the World | 3rd Term - EP24 (Season Finale)
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3rd Term finale is here!
While reacting to the news on Esther's schooling status, the friends find themselves caught up in the middle of two separate situations involving Emma and Romeo.
Watch the emotional conclusion to our teen mini-series, Best Friends in the World.
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  • Richard Thomas
    Richard Thomas

    I wanna start this movie all over again its so interesting.

  • Ibrahima Sambou
    Ibrahima Sambou

    Incredible they are so funny what a movie send u my love from Senegal 🇸🇳 I like that

  • Fatmata nice lovely Jalloh
    Fatmata nice lovely Jalloh

    I LOVE

  • Fatmata nice lovely Jalloh
    Fatmata nice lovely Jalloh

    Nice looking love

  • Rachel Eunice
    Rachel Eunice

    wow you guyz just took me to a bestfriend adventure

  • Eboselume Ehibello
    Eboselume Ehibello

    Just watched it and I’m Crying😭... Awesome storytelling

  • Ngor Mabil
    Ngor Mabil

    I am inspired and thrilled with every episodes I watched. Seeing Romeo in that circumstance after his sister admitted in hospital moved me. Having a good heart, and generous to stranger is a great ideal. It's always pay you off in return. Not forgetting the essential roles his friends played. Love you guys!

  • Sabina j Tuyeni
    Sabina j Tuyeni


  • dalu. chelsea oma
    dalu. chelsea oma

    awwwwwn iris and romeo

  • Nathan Abraham
    Nathan Abraham

    its so sad i keep looking it over and over

  • Godwin Chibueze Ukoha
    Godwin Chibueze Ukoha

    Awesomeness(just finished watching the whole series)

  • nweke ugo
    nweke ugo

    This is Inspiring I luv this series so much can't believe i finished

  • Chiamaka Hilaria
    Chiamaka Hilaria

    I loved grace why didn’t she make it to the end nah!!!!

  • Lowes Coco
    Lowes Coco

    56:13 who also thinks maria looks fine ass in this episode 😍

  • fayose oluwatobi
    fayose oluwatobi

    Am I the only one thinking there should be SSS3 drama too ‘continuation’ anyways

  • Annabel VanHuijkelom
    Annabel VanHuijkelom

    I love this

  • Olive Gold
    Olive Gold

    Hey Olive man name is Olive like you l Like you Adam and Olive ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Bye Olive

    • Olive Gold
      Olive Gold

    • Olive Gold
      Olive Gold

      Hey Olive man name is Olive too l Like you and l Love you so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Lisa .k
    Lisa .k

    Romeo,Adam and david are so hot🔥🔥🔥🔥❤

  • kosisochukwu bethel
    kosisochukwu bethel

    Awwww...Nice one guys...I love you all..Adam's mum and Olive's mum are so cute❤..Nice Reconciliation ....Olive and her gangs are the best,,,Bravo to the Tripple J..I love you guys...keep it up💕💕

  • Kermelis Nkiku
    Kermelis Nkiku

    This story is like m'y story Olive look like m'y friand i have a friand he look like olive and me i look like Esther

  • MUGISHA Davis
    MUGISHA Davis

    Thank very much for teaching us the way and useful of friendship

  • Olawale Olasehinde
    Olawale Olasehinde

    How I wish I have some crazy friends like Olive & Esther

  • folorunsho temitope
    folorunsho temitope

    Wow that is good i really enjoy this episode please we need another series from you guys very soon If you too need another series from triple j plus please kindly click the like button

  • The Riri
    The Riri

    The best teenage series ever 😢🥺 I love you guys! Keep it up and we are waiting for the next adventure❤️ can’t waittt!!!!

  • Honoré GOD'SEYE
    Honoré GOD'SEYE

    I'm already in love. Please a saison 2 .the whole African community is proud of you guys. Please say sth. God bless you all 😊

    • Honoré GOD'SEYE
      Honoré GOD'SEYE

      Season 2 Is up The Riri. Senior Year .with School and the other occupations it will take time. I mean we should be praying for God to give them means. What do you think.

    • The Riri
      The Riri

      Honoré GOD'SEYE i just finished the episode 😭😭😭 I already miss them ....season 2 please guysss

  • Kimberley Nwabo
    Kimberley Nwabo

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! It's over i am going to miss best friends in the world. Pls try doing a continuation, maybe of them in SS3

  • Boimah Kiazolu
    Boimah Kiazolu

    Am sad, but extremely delighted. Am really, really sentimentality obsessed with you guys ,😑😢 missed y'all already. Everyone did very well, gratitude. May GOD ALMIGHTY increase y'all in every aspect. Hope and wish to meeting n to be apart of the squad ,in wat ever wat I can .love y'all😍🙌💖

  • Eastern Best TV
    Eastern Best TV

    My people keep it up

  • Ciara Osei
    Ciara Osei

    love it

  • Filianda powe
    Filianda powe

    Awesome guys😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • Hussena Ibrahim
    Hussena Ibrahim

    Beautiful moving I really enjoyed it thank u best friends in the world 😍😘💓🙏🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

  • Flore teguia
    Flore teguia

    Yes do very attention to this bad sickness in nigeria

  • Flore teguia
    Flore teguia

    Please now do very attention to this very bad sickness

  • Dominique Tchoungue
    Dominique Tchoungue

    Seeing Romeo crying just break my heart in peaces

  • labelle0790

    when's the part2 coming out

  • Trinity McQueen
    Trinity McQueen

    Can U guys put out some more episodes plzz I miss watching U guys

  • King tinti
    King tinti

    Congrats on the finale I really enjoyed best friends in the world I hope ur making another series I can wait

  • Esthet Adeyemi
    Esthet Adeyemi

    Please bring SSS3 I love your video

  • SOM iBEH
    SOM iBEH

    Best show

  • Sophia Maimu
    Sophia Maimu

    OMG! I was at school thinking abt de series and its over..plz another series like BFW

  • Sophia Maimu
    Sophia Maimu

    OMG! I was at school thinking abt de series and its over..plz another series like BFW

  • oghenetega ekwerugbe
    oghenetega ekwerugbe

    How do I get the music

    • Neptune3 Studios
      Neptune3 Studios

      oghenetega ekwerugbe - hello. Visit this link:

  • Praise Usang
    Praise Usang

    Miss u guys

  • allliance nshuti
    allliance nshuti

    nice keep it up

  • Nicole Jal
    Nicole Jal

    What if I die 💀 then you die 😂😂😂😂

  • Sommy Iheanacho
    Sommy Iheanacho

    Awwwwwwnn😌!!!Best friends in the world indeed😍.....gonna miss ya all especially Adams my crush😚 nd olive💝.

  • Emanuel Nitereka
    Emanuel Nitereka

    So are they ever gonna make a now one or not because i like the

  • Ayomide Odejobi
    Ayomide Odejobi

    Robert and Maria😍😍 I sight u guys o...I like ur entrance ooo...

  • Elkana Chibu
    Elkana Chibu

    Wow great job guy

  • Xorla KD
    Xorla KD

    52:00 got me teary. Real friends for your back.

  • Holaa Holaa
    Holaa Holaa

    Omgggg it ended what I will watch nowww this was greattttt keep it up and this made me cry and thought, me alot of things

  • L A U R A
    L A U R A

    Will you guys drop the song “ that’s what best friend do “ 😭 it’s so peaceful

    • Neptune3 Studios
      Neptune3 Studios

      L A U R A - it’s available!

  • L A U R A
    L A U R A

    48:02 she’s so cute

  • Mam Demba Secka
    Mam Demba Secka

    Am really gonna miss them especially Olivia, Adam, Esther, Romeo and David much love to u guys

  • apiyo innocent
    apiyo innocent

    Honestly I love Olive, Adam,Easter,Achie, Romeo n David my crush amma miss u guys the movie was dope.

  • Michelle Dake
    Michelle Dake

    Y romeo bor like that , at the last show 😟😈😈😆

  • Akeelah Brown
    Akeelah Brown

    When are you people going to make best friends in the world senior

  • P' Deannn
    P' Deannn

    awww I love Romeo sm . I'm gonna miss them all sm ❤ Their are truly the bestest friends one get find :)

    • Praise Usang
      Praise Usang


  • Ntanzi Akram
    Ntanzi Akram

    Best episode ever

  • We Can Make It
    We Can Make It

    Awwwwhhhh perfect ending 🤗🤗😍😍♥️♥️... can’t wait for Senior year 💃🏾💃🏾

  • Favour Ikponmwosa
    Favour Ikponmwosa

    This BFW is so inspiring and has thought me a lots of things u and your friends can do...I love olive the most is just so interesting and inspiring..I have learn a lot from her in this movie..I love BFW so much and I can't wait to watch the senior year

  • Wendell Johnson
    Wendell Johnson

    I love the movie

  • Edlov Oby
    Edlov Oby

    Wow, Amazing! Y'all did not disappoint. You guys are very talented, thank you, I enjoyed being on this journey with y'all. The biggest plot twist was not having Grace at the of the show but hey life happens, hope she's well and still doing excellent in life 😊💓❣💟. Gooooo Neptune!!!!!!!

    • Neptune3 Studios
      Neptune3 Studios

      Thank you for watching! Yes- she’s well.

  • Uapengura Amutjira
    Uapengura Amutjira

    When is the next episodes be released??

  • Sonia Obasogie
    Sonia Obasogie

    who else ships romeo and olive??

  • Velonika Nashapi
    Velonika Nashapi


  • Muhammad Nasiru
    Muhammad Nasiru

    So emotional

  • Omolagbeke Funmilayo
    Omolagbeke Funmilayo

    Wow happy ends i we miss u guys 😍😍😍🖒hope we can see another episode with new dream

  • Omolagbeke Funmilayo
    Omolagbeke Funmilayo

    New couple David

  • Humble Patrick
    Humble Patrick

    Oh wait a minute... Finale what? I'm really going to miss this series, Really educational. This girls "Esther" "Hannah" and "Maria" I admire them, they're beautiful, In fact they're all beautiful! 😍😘. I think their'll be another surprise season for we fans. Cos they haven't graduated. The next term is SS 3 ... What do you guys think?

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