BEST HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE + Next Tati Beauty Launch Date
Great Holiday Gift ideas plus an update on the next Tati Beauty product launch 🦋
xo's ~ Tati

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Hi I'm Tati from GlamLifeGuru, thank you for watching my video, please be sure to check out my collection of makeup videos where you'll find my best beauty tips, tricks and favorites on everything from top luxury cosmetics to my favorite drugstore makeup. Whether you're looking for a new product review, tutorial, beauty tip, haul or perhaps even a giveaway, I hope you enjoy watching.

  • Lisa Moss
    Lisa Moss

    Merry Christmas Tati.

  • Jessica chappel
    Jessica chappel

    That little bit that you read totally touched me.I will be looking for that book! Thank you so much for sharing! You are awesome!! Lots of love to you!

  • Shelah Phillipsen
    Shelah Phillipsen

    Tati, I am sure you have heard this before but putting a list with links in the description box is so helpful. xoxo

  • Tsisqua Bson
    Tsisqua Bson

    I have that same book, it is literally falling apart but I will never throw it away!!! It’s still very relevant today. I miss Kevin too ❤️❤️❤️

  • Aries Smith
    Aries Smith


  • Carolina Wallbaum
    Carolina Wallbaum

    What nail polish are you wearing?

  • Chelsea Ryan
    Chelsea Ryan

    Love this whole look hair clothes and makeup too of course! Tati is gorgeous. What color or level/# is her hair color. Would kill to be able to get mine this shade.

  • Israa Hasan
    Israa Hasan

    Does anybody know when I can order her palette???? It’s sold out and I’m wondering when it will be back in stock 😩😩 I want it sooo badddd

    • Baramaat

      I'm guessing the next restock won't happen until after Christmas since they have to order more ingredients and then make all new batches.

  • M GP
    M GP

    Anyone know what color Tati uses on her hair?

  • dapu tanyoe aceh
    dapu tanyoe aceh


  • Laura Rutherford
    Laura Rutherford

    Uhmm.. feeling feelings right there with you with that poetry book

  • Angie Miller
    Angie Miller

    I love your videos and was lost when you vacationed, your makeup is always flawless and would love to have 1/3 of your makeup, I never win a giveaway and, idk what I'm doing wrong, your one of the best(and woman) no men makeup artist! I seriously watch every declutter and love how you get side tracked with ALL YOUR IS MAKING YOUR ANXIETY GO UP! WISH I COULD JUST WIN AND ACTUAL HAVE A FEW GOOD PRODUCTS! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! 💋💖💞💯

  • Lillian Chilson
    Lillian Chilson

    When will your pallete be back in stock

  • Dara Casill
    Dara Casill

    I love your videos on IT-my.

  • Erin Namken
    Erin Namken

    Tati! Can you review IL Makiage foundation?? I looks like it would be great but I only buy makeup if it’s Tati approved 😘

  • Rachelle Smith
    Rachelle Smith

    I love Tati's chaotic energy in this video! Lol

  • Ivy Magaña
    Ivy Magaña

    I know people are cancelling Jaclyn but I really respect that she doesn't give up and continues to pursue her dreams even if she fails horribly the first time

  • Alya N
    Alya N

    Tati please start doing monthly favourites! Not just beauty anything lifestyle beauty home decor or just anything! I seriously take on your recommendations!!!

  • Alya N
    Alya N

    Ugh I can’t express how much I adore you Tati! Honestly you’re the onlyyyyyy person I trust on IT-my I wear one shade of shadow daily but I had to get your palette.. so your palette will be the first big palette I own! Pleaaaaase launch more products ASAP!!

  • Stacy.l dj
    Stacy.l dj

    Tati, I just received my palette and it is BEAUTIFUL! Wow! Thank you for doing things right. We notice and your brand is going to EXPLODE! You are a class act.

  • Raquel Rusu
    Raquel Rusu

    Where can we get the navy blue turtleneck? Cut is amazing! Or if anyone has the 411 much appreciate it!!

  • Bedridden Beauty
    Bedridden Beauty

    I LOVE that you did the refill packs! But bummed only 10% off when I went to buy it, and sadly, too pricey.

  • Taya Burton
    Taya Burton

    Who else just loves Tati💕

  • Alanna Miller
    Alanna Miller

    Yas to the crystals in the background! So proud of you, thank you for helping me get my vibe right and I'm sending lots of love and positive vibes your way! Thank you for all that you do ♡

  • Mathilde Senter
    Mathilde Senter

    Are the HALO kiwis okay for teenagers?

  • Ciera Hernandez
    Ciera Hernandez

    Tati getting distracted by shiny things is my cat when he sees the Christmas tree

  • Molly Malone
    Molly Malone

    Please review the 2019 NYX holiday collection!

  • Karen Maggs
    Karen Maggs

    Tati, please create more how to tutorials. The way you do your makeup is STUNNING

  • Aaa Bbb
    Aaa Bbb

    Why are you so perfect?😍😍😍

  • Sara Marie
    Sara Marie

    Love your videos

  • Hannah DuPré
    Hannah DuPré

    This sale is just what I needed to be able to afford your vitamins and boosters on halo I’m soooo excited I put it on my Christmas list too hopefully to get extra!!!

  • Amy N
    Amy N

    I have never fast forwarded Tati but this video was rough

  • Maddy Johnsen
    Maddy Johnsen


  • clarise jackson
    clarise jackson

    Jaclyn hill=hard pass. Absolutely never would I trust her brand!

  • Andrew Torralba
    Andrew Torralba

    OMG! why am I barely discovering this channel now?! Love, Love, Love!

  • Noelle Perez
    Noelle Perez

    I wish somebody was this thoughtful with gift giving to me ... I just get clothes that don’t fit and stuff I would never wear 😩

  • Labinzel 3712
    Labinzel 3712

    I have the gray comfy too and it's amazing everyone should buy it

  • erica isaev
    erica isaev


  • Elizabeth Bokoski
    Elizabeth Bokoski

    please try jdglowcosmetics!!! they look so nice

  • Shy Galadriel
    Shy Galadriel

    I love you too!!!

  • Nicole Gsell
    Nicole Gsell

    tutorials tutorials tutorials tutorials. like reveal your next product with tutorialsss

  • rosy austinnices. color
    rosy austinnices. color

    I. LoV. Of. Majeup

    • rosy austinnices. color
      rosy austinnices. color


    • rosy austinnices. color
      rosy austinnices. color

      ME -k

  • Paige Maldonado
    Paige Maldonado

    Are your products safe for pregnant women? I wanted to try it but recently found out I was pregnant and taking prenatals so I dont want to overload my system.

  • SanchezWifey 2017
    SanchezWifey 2017

    Your my everything Tati❤

  • Kevin McCarthy
    Kevin McCarthy

    Hi Tati, I didn’t see the men’s or woman’s multi on your Halo Beauty sure for under $20. Maybe you can direct me. Only saw the bundle, the bottle and the refill pac. Think your great.

  • Katherine Gabrielle
    Katherine Gabrielle


  • Lucia Sandoval
    Lucia Sandoval

    You're hair looks amazing styled like this. YOU look amazing ♡

  • miloustraten

    My boyfriend actually bought me a comfy as a present! 😂

  • jacky tenorio
    jacky tenorio

    I miss your foundation reviews Tati... I actually started following you because of those... More power to you.

  • Cecilia Alcantar
    Cecilia Alcantar

    Ayyyyy i got a bf got it for me for Christmas.gave it to me early cause im always cold and using my blanket lol

  • Danny Guerrero
    Danny Guerrero

    Been watching Tati for a while and I really wish SOMEONE ANYONE would help her with her wigs! Like she just set them on her head halfway back and says f*#% it, it’s a look.... But no. it’s not.

    • Tiegan Infield
      Tiegan Infield

      Danny Guerrero she doesn’t wear wigs.

  • Jamie Parsons
    Jamie Parsons

    Your doing it correctly! Your first launch should have its moment. I did the pre order and I'm just getting so gitty every day. Lol I'm wrapping it up for my own Christmas present 😄

  • Sara Krebsbach
    Sara Krebsbach

    I just bought the makeup bag and it came to me with a prop 65 warning! It’s outer shell is 100% made of PVC, which uses massive amounts of phthalates, and even the heat from our fingertips can cause leaching. Going back, but though that information would be worth something to you .. 😕

  • Fati and Zee
    Fati and Zee

    Read will love his poetry

  • Selena MacArthur
    Selena MacArthur

    Love connecting with you in stories 💜

  • MUBA

    her manicure has changed🤗

  • keithandinas

    I literally died! I am wearing my Comfy right now! 😂

  • Jana Cox
    Jana Cox

    Ya gotta take care if yourself girl. If you don’t you get burnt out and then you don’t enjoy it anymore.

  • Leanne S
    Leanne S

    So excited to have your palette! Can you post some tutorials on more natural, daytime eye looks from your palette? More everyday looks to wear to work? Thank you!

  • Kayla Patterson
    Kayla Patterson

    Tati you’re so inspiring and a true light in this world. 💜

  • Joyce Espinoza
    Joyce Espinoza

    I can not wait untill I get my hands on your palette V1. Christmas is here already so I am so glad I can get one later. Love you Tati

  • Julie Mccleery
    Julie Mccleery

    Please find a UK retailer 😭

  • natalie burt
    natalie burt

    I got the comfy last Christmas as a gift and ITS THE BEST GIFT IVE EVER received. Better than waking up to an iPod shuffle on Christmas morning

  • Brittany Dorian
    Brittany Dorian

    I have the same book!! It was my bible! Oh, and btw: I saw Tori Amos live TWICE! 1st time I was 16 and she came to the Ryman. Next was age 23 at TPAC!!! She's just gorgeous and amazing.

  • Reba Hensley
    Reba Hensley

    Your hair!!💕

  • Denise Bauer Design
    Denise Bauer Design


  • Hannah

    okay but this makeup look is gorgeous. need a tutorial 😍😍😍😍

  • Dolsie Mercado
    Dolsie Mercado

    This was such a beautiful video. I love your tutorial on anything.

  • Squirrel Bae
    Squirrel Bae

    Tati . Which is your workout routine ?.. you look so young and fresh ..queen

  • Alice Righi
    Alice Righi

    Tati, I've been following you for a very long time, and I just wanted to thank you for staying humble and relatable on this channel. I feel like lots of youtubers lose their minds when they start having success. You clearly did not, you are a freaking boss, a business woman, and that is SO inspiring. much love all the way from Italy!

    • Dvorah Mariscal
      Dvorah Mariscal

      Alice Righi I totally agree.

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