Billie Eilish - NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY - a short film
Billie Eilish
a short film originally produced for and seen on tour
made by billie eilish
do you know me?
really know me?
you have opinions
about my opinions
about my music
about my clothes
about my body
some people hate what I wear
some people praise it
some people use it to shame others
some people use it to shame me
but I feel you watching
and nothing I do goes unseen
so while I feel your stares
your disapproval
or your sigh of relief
if I lived by them
I’d never be able to move
would you like me to be smaller?
would you like me to be quiet?
do my shoulders provoke you?
does my chest?
am I my stomach?
my hips?
the body I was born with
is it not what you wanted?
if I wear what is comfortable
I am not a woman
if I shed the layers
I’m a slut
though you’ve never seen my body
you still judge it
and judge me for it
we make assumptions about people
based on their size
we decide who they are
we decide what they’re worth
if I wear more
if I wear less
who decides what that makes me?
what that means?
is my value based only on your perception?
or is your opinion of me
not my responsibility

  • Popcorn Doggies
    Popcorn Doggies

    Pretty sure this is gonna have an opposite effect on the people she made this for

  • Alex Red
    Alex Red

    It's like Hideo Kodjima - genius! Sarcasm

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf

    I love you


    He does not judge people for their body, but for what it is, besides, their body does not matter, what matter is what Billi has achieved, we love billi not for his body but for the great person he is

  • Fadhel Denil
    Fadhel Denil

    off baperan

  • bluebird friend
    bluebird friend

    This is just the truth of how people are....of how things work in this f*uckin world....making assumptions and judging things you've never seen...

  • tainara Quaresma
    tainara Quaresma


  • Rzk Zkr
    Rzk Zkr

    I hope she doesn't go Miley

  • Delta Dik
    Delta Dik

    *Oh my!*

  • Pedro Planas
    Pedro Planas

  • Ana Santana
    Ana Santana

    Alguém brasileiros

  • BNC_Panda 07
    BNC_Panda 07

    All Billie Eillish spng is so deep and im pretty sure many girls out there are taking every word she said so seriously and meaningful

  • Camila eillsh
    Camila eillsh

    I Love Billie ❤

  • Eda Arslan
    Eda Arslan

    Very nice💘💘

  • Lu Tieng
    Lu Tieng

    Best mind therapy i've ever got in my lyf...thnx billie...💮

  • sadida keni
    sadida keni

    Tendi porra nenhuma

  • Chrisa Marakaki
    Chrisa Marakaki

    Everyones comments(including mine):why would anyone judge Billie she is so pretty,good, genuine etc. Me: yeah she is all of that but that necklace is bomb i havent got it yet

  • 《Øťåķïňhā Fěłįż》
    《Øťåķïňhā Fěłįż》

    _you are beatiful_ 🤧👏

  • Cas Can
    Cas Can

    Some people create some fake reality shiz like that 👆👆👆👆 to have other weak people attention like those who in comments. 👌


    I hope that one day you will answer my comment because I love you so much I am Brazilian but my dream is to know you You are perfect You deserve the world no matter the way you are I love you and I will always love you My name is Valentina and I love you I have been following you for a long time and I hate your haters because I am your number 1 fan I love you very much and my dream is to meet you !!!

  • Karl Maestrati
    Karl Maestrati

    Billie eilish likes to play with black liquid in her clip, it gives a dark touches to it, unsusual yet great ! :D

  • ed abelyan
    ed abelyan

    Billie Eilish !!!!!!!!!

  • Hans Adler
    Hans Adler

    I can understand you

  • Manavi Kaushik
    Manavi Kaushik

    She was born with this body, she didn't have the choice to chose one before her birth, if she were given a choice, then would she choose a body, people say this shit about ?? stop judging her body or what she wears. She's herself, that's it...

  • Manavi Kaushik
    Manavi Kaushik

    No one is born ugly, u r born in a judgemental society.... ~kim namjoon

  • MKF Child of God
    MKF Child of God

    Repent of your sins. Jesus is coming back. Believers and followers will start disappearing (rapture) and many are going to be left behind to experience the great tribulation. Billie's soul is in great danger, demons could probably kill her right now if they want but they won't because they are using her to get you too. Wake up people, we are going to see our Lord coming back real soon. Everything in the bible will be fulfilled. Ask for forgiveness and seek the Lord while you still can before its too late. Jesus already paid the price, you do your part by repenting of your sins (great & small) and follow him by what he'd said to do (in the bible). Don't be ignorant of Satan's devices he will be cast in the lake of fire for eternity, he will drag as many as he can with him (Wake Up!). If you see this, tell your families and friends, if you don't you're responsible for where they will go (Heaven or Hell). All things of the earth and the earth itself will pass away. God who created this universe will take it away and everyone will face judgement by what they did on earth, and followers of Jesus aren't out of their mind to tell you this, it is our responsibility to. Read the word of God before you judge, and abide by it. May God Bless You all in Jesus name.

    • MKF Child of God
      MKF Child of God

      @Steve Alexander I'm a daughter in Christ and brother I don't have social media platforms. However, I promise I will contact you at the end of the year or sooner. You are being prayed for. God Bless You in Jesus name.

    • Steve Alexander
      Steve Alexander

      Brother how can I contact you. I REALLY need to gather people like you. Pls respond. U may give me your Instagram id. Thank you so much ❤️🙏🏻

  • نۣۗہسۣۗہتۣۗہلَآيۣۗہهۣۗہ

    اكو عرب بالتعليقات؟؟

  • Zarin Yasar
    Zarin Yasar

    You made me feel what reality is, salute!

  • K 25
    K 25

    You my hero

  • Kenkobra63

    Imagine getting popular by mumbling lyrics

  • 招き猫

    ここで非難の声があったのだろうか? 私は、とてもきれいな身体と思った。 堂々と、自分の姿を披露?で出る女性に対して、批判的な感情を持つ事はない。

  • Ingrid Ioana
    Ingrid Ioana

    I love Billie Eilish soo much i am her biggest fan i love her songs💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • Era Ymeri
    Era Ymeri

    Why is everyone so quick to judge everything she does and shame her body,it isn't fair.

  • Terka Vašíčková
    Terka Vašíčková

    Billie you is Perfect!!! Your haters is ugly and He doesn't know who's the best! You is best on the fuck world 💚🖤💚💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚💚🖤

  • KittyBear

    Billie: I feel your stares Subtitles: I feel your stairs

  • cory wuttunee loves anime
    cory wuttunee loves anime

    this a nice short film

  • Dajana Vujovic
    Dajana Vujovic

    Song is great

  • TheFunnyGurll

    The thing is that nobody is ugly some people's minds are ugly that they judge someone which they have no idea that how it hurts to someone. I-i have no words. I'm just very disgusted by them. Idk why do they even do this 🙂♥

  • Oilid

    "Dat's hot! Dat's hot!" Will Smith.

  • Eleonora Pace
    Eleonora Pace

    You are beautiful 🤤🤤😍😍🥰🥰

  • Shannon Hernandez
    Shannon Hernandez

    Billie dont listen to them critics your beautiful and an amazing person if anything we dont deserve you.

  • Ivy Deoquino
    Ivy Deoquino

    Billie Eilish you're unique and do get affected by their harsh words. It's really exhausting being ourself and had gone judged badly but it is what will makes us different from others. Stay who you are. Remain who you started to be. Never change for those who envy you rather change to become the better you. I love your styles and everything in you.

  • falloutrider

    U are beautiful no matter what they say! U shouldn't care what others say about u because your and opinion matter more then others. So love yourself no matter what people say. Think positive not negative. AND THAT IS ON PERIOD 💕

  • Luiza Julianne
    Luiza Julianne

    Cadê os br da qui ?

  • Iso Terminal
    Iso Terminal

    I love her Style, it reminds me of The Talking Heads during the 80's ,Thank You!!

  • Beau Gavigan
    Beau Gavigan

    I've no idea who she is, other than a singer, and I think she's pretty hot. 😉

  • Миша Немчинов
    Миша Немчинов

    It's lovely!! Especially the music, how do you do it?? It's not my responsibility to do it! Like!


    Y love Billie 😙😙😙😙


    Hasta que porfis muestra sus super poderes Que buenas tetas

  • Lydina Matene
    Lydina Matene

    i really am so into billie music she is really gogrgous

  • LAtOyA

    am i the only one that acc rlly likes her body😅

  • Sam Jaramillo
    Sam Jaramillo

    An excellent display that powers Billie Eilish’s way of demonstrating theatre into a realm of her own enticing figurative yet on point sense of illusion to what beauty truly is. Billie knows that she is beautiful, does anyone else argue that fact.


    Quem é Brasileiro curte🇧🇷

  • Riley's Amazing universe!
    Riley's Amazing universe!

    No one should change bc of people's opinion... Not saying she is tho- :>

  • Ricardo Glaser
    Ricardo Glaser

    Billie i dont think u ever read this! Sry for my bad english but best wishes from me out of Germany youre a Great Person i enjoy youre Musik, Style and Personality. I hope u ever be ureself youre a Great Woman. Stay positive and F..... the Hater let me Smile with every thing you do pls. Youre Awsome

  • Daniel Matonhodza
    Daniel Matonhodza

    Every one:it’s A CrImE ME:boiii leave her alone

  • Charles :
    Charles :

    Hearing this on headphones is so cool

  • hellosamplayz

    is billie eilish religion's christian? just wondering...

  • Vinod kumar
    Vinod kumar

    I don't know what is worng If u are thick or good looking or healthy or fat or sexy that what u are But y are u giving so much important to the people who don't know who are in real life Just ingnore them and come out form that ur egg shell comfortable zone U

  • Gatsug 13
    Gatsug 13

    Sou br

  • Kaila

    I’m tired of the sly hate comments doing anything to get likes, honestly get a life.

  • The Raptor
    The Raptor

    look at those melons

  • Minecraft_User- 4
    Minecraft_User- 4

    How everyone at the concert ignored her message and was doing all of what she was talking about she was against and how people shouldn't act this way hurts me. If your a fan of hers you should at least listen to her opinion on this subject instead of screaming about her body of witch she is being all against right now. Even the person who posted this video didn't put the title as Billie Eilish and her message about body shaming, It was titled about her showing her body. So if you truly love Billie and who she is you would act like it instead of screaming against it or posting a video with the wrong title witch is also against the message that she has put together to prove a point that needed to be heard and spread throughout this world, so just spread the right message that she made against body shaming and this video is proving that something needs done about this problem because even most of her fans were proving the point she was trying to make. I Love you and your opinion Billie and I agree with you and the message you made witch needs to be shared and seen the right way😭 🖤Spread The Right Messessage🖤

  • 㮃•Leonel_Figueroa•

    Cual flayaaaa

  • R4LPHツ

    Você e a menina da novela das 7 ?

  • Billie Eillsh Fan
    Billie Eillsh Fan

    I would never body shame billie or anyone That is just the way they are born And their style And how therefore sing Its to anyone Just I just want know one to body shame anyone

  • Stacey Del Bucchia
    Stacey Del Bucchia


  • Somerandomkpopgirl

    Why did I think she was talking about pregnancy from the thumbnail and title?

  • Valentina Meliamne
    Valentina Meliamne


  • Taqwa Landli
    Taqwa Landli

    You never see my body Damm she's fucking right There's nothing sexual in Billie's Song, it's a clean art I like that, big slap to haters

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