Binging with Babish: Fire Flakes from Avatar The Last Airbender
Babish Culinary Universe
Sokka's appetite betrays him during his visit to the fire nation when a tempting-looking snack, dubbed 'flaming fire flakes', turn out to be spicy. Whaddaya know. This week, we're manifesting the firebenders' chips of choice using an innovative recipe from ChefSteps, a little creativity, and some tingly-spicy Sichuan peppercorns!
ChefSteps recipe:
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  • Babish Culinary Universe
    Babish Culinary Universe

    Starting a Parks & Rec Trilogy next week, counting down to the new kitchen reveal! First up: The Paunch Burger

    • Wildestkey222

      Can you sell them plz I'd pay 5 for a median bag.

    • caleb rucka
      caleb rucka

      whats a silpat

    • loocas


    • City Lights
      City Lights

      Eat it or ur a nerd

    • Erick Monzon
      Erick Monzon

      You should do bacon wrapped shrimp

  • Reza putra
    Reza putra

    ie mah ngajien kripik beling

  • B R I C K.
    B R I C K.

    I'd add a ton of red food dye so that your brain knows that they're hot before you start eating them

  • the grim reaper
    the grim reaper

    Gordon Ramsay: olive oil Babish: kosher salt

  • noah stump
    noah stump

    The mad lad actually did it

  • Jerry


  • BigChunkyKitty

    No one: Babish: K O S H E R

  • Timothy Kiefer
    Timothy Kiefer

    Looks like he was making cbd oil


    "Bust out the buggest dehydrator you have in the house." Me: "a what?"

  • Kazawza

    Y’know, I was thinking around the second to last time he said flaming hot fire flakes “if I hear him say it again, I’ll love this channel dearly” and I guess I have to uphold that now

  • Danny Loftus
    Danny Loftus

    wait, you did an episode on avatar and you didn't do cactus juice?!?! I'm unsubing

  • DeusExTurranos

    My man's made mexican duros

  • Sidra Febrian Hardiyanto
    Sidra Febrian Hardiyanto

    Kerupuk api?

  • Kata Orosz
    Kata Orosz

    this may be an unpopular request but... i’ve wanted to eat the avatar unfried dough since i was a kid please make a recipe i can’t find one lmao

  • Miguk Moonpark
    Miguk Moonpark


  • Sydni Lynn
    Sydni Lynn

    You HAVE to do more avatar food there is too much good content not to ! You would kill it

  • Little Pepega
    Little Pepega

    Craving new ranch recipes? I’m Andrew Rea from Binging with Babish and we are bringing bold flavors, to your kitchen.

  • Elvin Opare Henaku
    Elvin Opare Henaku

    it actually and probably tastes good.

  • The Next Douglass Bubbletrousers
    The Next Douglass Bubbletrousers

    I love fried puffed rice cracker things

  • MrMani

    how could u make it more red

  • rafifah oktarinda
    rafifah oktarinda

    He really just made kerupuk from scratch

  • Simp Police
    Simp Police

    Me: trying to watch BWB. BWB ads: “THE BOTANIST, IS DISTILLED”

  • Anonymous Junk Mail
    Anonymous Junk Mail

    Just had to watch a vanish ad before a banish video, nice

  • Anakuya1

    I would like to request the cabbage man's cabbages.... That is all.

  • Zachary Corby
    Zachary Corby

    An ad featuring yourself in your own video. Babception.

  • Christian Hernandez
    Christian Hernandez

    Takis are 🤢

  • George Stratton
    George Stratton

    For grinding spices liked this - Alton Brown actually recommends keeping a little coffee grinder on hand (that you never use for coffee unless you want everything you cook to taste like shi... Er, coffee) to grind your spices fast, easy, and with out having to deal with having to clean up your entire blender.

  • Elijah M
    Elijah M

    Anyone else notice he made Chinese 5 spice with 4 spices??

  • Hatem Dandis
    Hatem Dandis

    Avatar is the best show ever (like if u agree)

  • Hatem Dandis
    Hatem Dandis

    Avatar is literally the best show ever created by Nickelodeon ( like if you think so to )

  • IvyEmblem

    cactus juice recipe WHEN??

  • Left is right
    Left is right

    corn flakes but pepper flakes

  • Diego Salazar
    Diego Salazar

    dude, just crunch up some doritos and put them on a bowl.

  • BurningDaises

    I've been eating these since I was a kid lol

  • Angel Sobalvarro
    Angel Sobalvarro

    Guys how ironic I got an ad of banish doing I collaboration with rabch

  • Eric Ellis
    Eric Ellis

    Rice 'pork rinds', essentially

  • Matthew Kellermann
    Matthew Kellermann

    Make a crab-lobster from legend of kora

  • Chisel1210

    I got an ad with banish in it before this video lmao

  • Luka Carr
    Luka Carr

    BABBISH NOOOOOO, they did you wrong and played your own ad on your vid.

  • Bill Nye
    Bill Nye

    Now I'm mad I don't have a dehydrator and I didn't know that they even existed before watching this

  • sara Ann
    sara Ann

    Reminds me of pork rinds but for vegans.

  • AGW

    cool. vegan pork rinds

  • Laura Westenra
    Laura Westenra

    Andrew has such a hot, manly voice. Meeeow.

  • soa j
    soa j

    Much bowls at least i dont have to a dammit hahaha

  • Random Weeb
    Random Weeb

    " *Frankly* charming French doors" was actually really good word play

  • jerry whoomst
    jerry whoomst

    Dried skin flakes

  • EandP

    I got an ad about Binging with Babish right before this video.

  • Shadowfox young
    Shadowfox young

    So the Fire nation has pork grinds.... Okay

  • Funtime_nuggets08yt

    why do you look like that guy from farcry 5?

  • Stan Henderson
    Stan Henderson

    This man literally made corn flakes, that's amazing

  • Spikey100000

    This is creepy what the hell youtube I literally watched this episode today 😶

  • Max Star
    Max Star

    King of trusting the process

  • Dylan Ogden
    Dylan Ogden

    I use a coffee grinder when I make my chili powder. It works considerably better than a food processor, and although I don't have a blender, it seems more effective than a blender would be.

  • The penguin _ queen
    The penguin _ queen

    I got a ranch add by you at the beginning of this video bruh moment

  • sam old pal
    sam old pal

    'Flying in the face of conventional wisdom' I'M ON THE FLOOR

  • Visceral3D

    Any way to make this without a dehydrator?

  • CookieLove

    Flamin hot Cheetos are not hot

  • No bodys egg
    No bodys egg

    Me: sees* the thumb nail My brain: avatar the shit movie??

  • KoFi


  • Jake Wilmot
    Jake Wilmot


  • Paul T Sjordal
    Paul T Sjordal

    Chinese five spice? Why not shichimi togarashi or something?

  • Novi Rianti
    Novi Rianti

    You just make Kerupuk.

  • Dusk Wolf
    Dusk Wolf

    I was about to watch one of your videos and I saw one of your ads

  • vengbanana

    Expanding by 50% isn’t doubling in size

  • Connor Chaffin
    Connor Chaffin

    Flameo Hotman!!!

  • pako 1
    pako 1

    these surely would be best in town.

  • Franky4Fingaz

    I haven’t seen that film

  • CōneHead527

    I got one of your ranch ads on this video.

  • Elijah King
    Elijah King

    Is there a way to do this without having a dehydrator? 😅

  • Arkan Haidar
    Arkan Haidar

    Can u make stewed sea prunes next?

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