Blackbear & TMG - Short Kings Anthem (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Cody Ko
Prod. Diamond Pistols, Avedon
Directed & Edited by Noel Miller
1st Unit Director of Photography Thomas Sigurdsson
2nd Unit Director of Photography Neema Sadeghi
Colored by RKM Studios
Gaffer/Couch Model James
Noel Miller
Cody Ko
Special thanks to Cassius Pettit
Special thanks to Spock
#tmg #blackbear #shortkings

  • Kristina Litvinova
    Kristina Litvinova

    Singing “I can suck a titty while I’m standing up” isn’t that good of an idea next to my parents nor friends

  • The_real_ slim_shady
    The_real_ slim_shady

    I don't know about you, but 5"8' is not that short...

  • J Nicole
    J Nicole

    the autotune on cody's voice is obviously just for effect, can y'all stop ....

  • MeatStreet

    I’m 5’8 and 13 😎

  • so zen
    so zen

    Now we just need someone to make a song for the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. Where my A cup queens at?

  • DJ Febrezee
    DJ Febrezee

    Who needs other genres. This shit's fire.

  • c l a r i n e t t i
    c l a r i n e t t i

    Shout out my all my trans guys out there with height dysphoria

  • Landoswing XD
    Landoswing XD

    he flexed on me when he said he had leg room on a plane :(

  • Hingle McCringleberry
    Hingle McCringleberry

    why tf cody got so much autotune, yall did my boy dirty

  • Groovy Em
    Groovy Em

    remember when u had 500k❤️❤️

  • samcorno

    i fucking love this. blackbear has always been a fav of mine & you two are just perfect. i’m 5’8” & tend to date guys around the same! i would have KILLED to be at the show with blackbear, noel & kody. love you guys.

  • Caitlyn Atchley
    Caitlyn Atchley

    it sounds like cody is singing into a fan but this song is still amazing

  • xd kelly
    xd kelly

    idc what anyone says this song will always slap

  • Everything Enthusiast
    Everything Enthusiast

    I can’t believe blackbear did this with them. Tiny Meat Gang is becoming unironic.

  • Wibtard

    There was an add for a tall prince anthem at the beginning

  • cosmic zone
    cosmic zone

    fucking *BARS*

  • Monique Williams Santiago
    Monique Williams Santiago

    dream team

  • whatever Whatever
    whatever Whatever

    Tim: hysterically dancing while rapping this song in the shower

  • Ahmed Shah
    Ahmed Shah

    Blackbeard went from having a plat hit with Gucci Mane, to working with TMG

  • hentai soulja
    hentai soulja

    Cody with autotune is underrated

  • Claudia Shawn
    Claudia Shawn

    TIL: I'm an inch shorter than Blackbear.

  • jo


  • jo

    Lets make a fanclub just for noels voice

  • Emily Stevens
    Emily Stevens

    this had no right goin this hard fuck

  • Sydne F
    Sydne F

    I have gotten so many of my friends to listen to you guys your music is fucking good. Love you!

  • ramsay bolton
    ramsay bolton

    2:41 WillNE cameo made me scream

  • Timmy ;-;
    Timmy ;-;

    2:28 is what your most likely looking for

  • Yuliya Shalemava
    Yuliya Shalemava

  • Michelle Irigoyen
    Michelle Irigoyen

    blackbear is so fucking hot holy shit

    • Michelle Irigoyen
      Michelle Irigoyen

      heather marie rightt 😩

    • heather marie
      heather marie

      Michelle Irigoyen 1:15 😩

  • R U M H A M
    R U M H A M

    Y’all midgets

  • James Ward
    James Ward

    I don’t think Cody is using auto tune cause he’s worried he can’t spit BARS I think it’s supposed to be satire.

  • Logan Criss
    Logan Criss

    HMMM i was expecting a 1440p video...wanna see my short Kings in QHD baby. Love the song boys, keep it up!

  • thalia x
    thalia x

    caller five? kuRTIS?1!¡?!

  • KmanTheCube

    Cody actually sounds like he’s been vocoded to a dial up modem.

  • Sarah Thompson
    Sarah Thompson

    One of my ads for your videos was a kid doing a parody called “tall king anthem.” Please react to it haha

  • caleyamil

    new friend: "so what kind of music do you like?" me: "uhhhhhhhhhh" my brain: *_i can suck a titty while i'm standing up_*

  • I am sad
    I am sad

    As a short king myself I can say this is a bop

  • Hypertense 13
    Hypertense 13


  • Hypertense 13
    Hypertense 13


  • Lucky Games
    Lucky Games

    lol i played this over my 10" mtx audio 600 on 300 watts rms 10" rca aduio sub on 300 watts rms 15"jl 15w0v2 subwoofer at 500 watts rms and 4" subs at 125 watts rms each 10" sony surround sub with 10 w tweeter. it started to hurt anywhere past %30 volume lol. i played it all the way up to %70 for you danny. never again though lol and for the people wondering. all my 10" are at 4 Ohms my 8"s are at 8 Ohm and my 15" is at 2 Ohms

  • Boom Get Roasted
    Boom Get Roasted

    me:👩🏼 after this video:🤰

  • Nila A
    Nila A

    why did I get a Short Kings Anthem Parody ad on this? lol

  • aubrey whitworth
    aubrey whitworth

    dear cody pls no more auto tune ur voice is just as 🤰🏼🤰🏼🤰🏼 as noel’s without it

    • The Meme Inspector
      The Meme Inspector

      Listen to Club Poor, he sounds good in it.

  • Max V.A.K
    Max V.A.K

    bless this song

  • ajjier llama
    ajjier llama

    Tim is quaking

  • glavvy

    If guys don’t use “I’m a fun sized, super nice guy” as their tinder bios, they’re doing themselves an injustice

  • Kevin |
    Kevin |

    A song me and my height can be behind

  • Kylie Mccoy
    Kylie Mccoy

    Blackbears part was cool as hell 🤤❤️

  • Amy Lor
    Amy Lor

    but have you heard about the tall prince

  • _ d4n!3l1a
    _ d4n!3l1a

    ppl rlly only talk about Noel’s voice I bet that’s why cody has so much autotune😔✋

  • Harry sign of the crimes Styles
    Harry sign of the crimes Styles

    Louis tomlinson is the reason I'm here this is his song👍😂😂

  • Lmfao Sharon
    Lmfao Sharon

    The funniest shit is that i still need my heels to reach there hight sooo

  • Ye Ye
    Ye Ye

    “In economy still got leg room” That’s the biggest flex of the century ngl

  • Mrs. Infamous
    Mrs. Infamous

    This is the song i never thought i needed

  • Sophia Navia Munoz
    Sophia Navia Munoz

    Cody on helium

  • Ids DDD
    Ids DDD

    Let's go!

  • MindOfMeraki

    Being 6'1 and liking this song is tough

  • Super Girl
    Super Girl

    Cody smiling at 0.43 is everything

  • K_ole_58 Manandic
    K_ole_58 Manandic

    This is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • K_ole_58 Manandic
    K_ole_58 Manandic

    Hell yeah bro

  • Gorillas&Me 4 life
    Gorillas&Me 4 life


  • Papery Fox
    Papery Fox

    I get chills throughout the whole song

  • Shacondra Frazier-Dobbs
    Shacondra Frazier-Dobbs

    My son just showed me this video. I died. Y'all are to cute. Love this video guys, keep up the great work

  • Skyler S
    Skyler S

    I literally listen to this song every day it’s great. Good job fellas 😎

  • Khb 888
    Khb 888

    Finally, a lit song without the overused beat.

  • Wania Tahir - Lisgar MS (1569)
    Wania Tahir - Lisgar MS (1569)

    yall aint hyping up cody like u are noel 🤡

  • Wajiha-

    I feel like Cody never gets enough attention, but his voice is amazing and doesn't need auto tune

  • Yuri Stolk
    Yuri Stolk

    What the fuck is blackbear doing here

  • Zach Abraham
    Zach Abraham

    I pledge allegiance to this BANGER

  • Nat Yung
    Nat Yung

    Kody sound like a robot

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