Body Language Analyst REACTS to Ellen Degeneres' INSINCERE Apology Faces Episode 17
Ellen claimed the video at 12:45-13:35, so I had to cut it out. Sorry about the incomplete video.
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Ellen Degeneres was accused of some pretty nasty things. She issued an apology in the form of a monologue on her show. During the apology, I was able to pick up on some fairly strong indicators of her lack of sincerity. I hope you enjoy this nonverbal/body language analysis!

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  • nvsbl2

    Wonder if she misses Epstein. Investigate the design of her studio backdrop. She has that "hang dog/like me" face. She wasn't funny at all.

  • Esther Glynn
    Esther Glynn

    I'd love to see a video analysis of true emotion vs A-list vs B-list actor.

  • Brenda Jayden
    Brenda Jayden

    I never liked Ellen. And I will never watch her show.

  • Cayleigh Green
    Cayleigh Green

    One other thing to look at it the amount she is moving her hands up and down as she talks, which has been said in other videos that that means they have true feeling about what they are saying/doing.

  • Tammy Crytser
    Tammy Crytser

    It's not Ellen it's Allen we will all be told the truth soon

  • Animesh Kumar
    Animesh Kumar

    I was waiting for this freak's truth to be known. A black mark on LGBTQ community

  • AG A
    AG A

    I might be wrong but I feel the speech is already passive aggressive even before analyzing the non verbal communication. It didn’t convince me and I feel some arrogance too.

  • C C
    C C

    Lol!!! I don't even know how can she talk so much while always shaking her head in negative. It feels so awkward!!! I could not do it. I would start saying "no" and tripping on my words, for sure. The whole thing is weird and not natural.

  • Delsi Ayala
    Delsi Ayala

    From a political point of view I started to feel different with her being kind and wanted to help people, when she didn't endorsed Bernie Sanders and instead endorsed Hillary. In my mind I said well I guess the thing that she wanted to help people was just an act for economic gain and I felt really disappointed. But when I really started to dislike her was when she gloated about being friends with Bush and even started to defend him. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Now I'm glad that everyone can see what an elitist, fake and disgusting human being that she really is.

  • Concepcion Tirado
    Concepcion Tirado

    Who is this guy???? I love you Allen.

  • Hakton Jajo
    Hakton Jajo

    What did she do people? She might be mean to some degree but that’s her, you and me. Looks like some people are disliking her just ‘cause of her sexual orientation. She is entertaining, dynamic, helpful and kind. I am still a genuine fan.

  • Manalapan Murkowski
    Manalapan Murkowski

    I just never "could" with her. I thought she was coming off as very pushy lots of times and that stroke me as creepy and weird. Her making jokes in a so called apology clip is just showing that she's not serious and it's inappropriate. I wish she gets cancelled already.

  • Lydia Taylor
    Lydia Taylor

    Please do Benji Krol’s video

  • D W
    D W

    Oh my god, I've seen the screenshot of her audience before, but I thought it just a fake or a meme, but it actually looked like that???

  • Michelle V
    Michelle V

    2:00 that sneer I noticed that before the white. She wears a lot of white. I noticed the sneer first. Her jarring and hard body stance. Another thing I can see is that she trying to make herself larger. She's striking a childish like stance. It's like she's holding a adolescent like stance. Something she used to have to do before she got famous.

  • Agatha Agathe
    Agatha Agathe

    i think the host of this channel is very handsome and i like the round shape of his forehead

  • Starlight

    You look like a bot..or ciber bot

  • Michelle Widjaja
    Michelle Widjaja

    She never fooled me. I always knew she's a terrible person. I just didn't know she's that terrible after the Twitter story.

  • Moon Child
    Moon Child

    Just bc shes scared doesnt mean she isnt sincere. I cant stand ellen but damn. I just dont think this is accurate.

  • Marie Scott
    Marie Scott

    Loved it

  • Dorothy Stevens
    Dorothy Stevens

    She's mean.

  • mary Rinke
    mary Rinke

    Human trafficking elitist!!! She’s not sorry!!!

  • ben mostefa
    ben mostefa

    At the end you are trying to manipulate us, by keeping saying like, and to be honest, I dont LIKE that

  • Seeker Of truth
    Seeker Of truth

    Ellen is a Total disgrace to all her X fans

  • Jeannette Rodriguez
    Jeannette Rodriguez

    From day one I always said she seemed fake in her kindness. All my friends and family said I wrong and just cynical. Hmmm

  • Tonya Marie
    Tonya Marie

    Is it possible she's shaking her head because she just doesn't understand why people think she's a bad person so as she's saying she's real and herself, she's shaking her head because she's conscious of the fact that people don't believe it and she doesn't understand, like a shrug and outstretched arms? Like when you shake your head and ask how can you think that? You know me? Does that make sense? That doesn't mean she's lying necessarily. The head shaking is confusing as far as reading people because I think I shake my head no without realizing not because I'm lying but because I know the person I'm speaking to is choosing not to believe or listened and I wonder if it's a feeling defeated response, the head shaking. I can't lie to save my life but I'm self conscious of people still not believing what I'm say because of dealing having grown up with a narcissistic abusive parent and that can cause a person to respond differently than someone who didn't grow up that way. I'm not tge expert, I'm just wondering and asking. I think there's a lot that goes into reading people and most of the time, it's pretty easy to read but then people get lumped in and not believed because we assume people generally use the same tells. I'm sorry, I'm rambling thoughts and questions now, so I apologize. I'm pretty good at reading people but I always have these sort of questions in my mind and wanting to give the benefit of the doubt and that usually winds up backfiring. I'd like to learn to trust first impressions and intuition and these videos are a big help. Thx.

  • Emaruld Blicharski
    Emaruld Blicharski

    I like Ellen 🤷‍♀️ I believe she has things to work on but I don’t think she’s some monster

  • dirtymoonchild

    It could also be (shaking of head) that you agree with something; say or confirm it, and then kind of shake yoy head because it's so outrageous (you know, the original "smh"). Right?!

  • snatchadams69

    She literally didn't address any of the allegations and pretty much said hey I have my good days and bad days. Sure Ellen we all do but during my bad days I don't tell people to not look me in the eyes or to go pound mints whether their allergic or not because their breath smells weird..

  • Idonae White
    Idonae White

    Plugging Dr. Grande. I am subbed to both of you lovely gentlemen!

  • GTX Foxworth
    GTX Foxworth

    She needs to go to the next ''awards'' show and pass out more pizza.

  • Gaming Hero
    Gaming Hero

    She’s a narc ! Very manipulative.

  • Ashley

    Textbook narcissist

  • k rajic
    k rajic

    I've been into body language since I was very young. You're so impressive to me. Could go on....

  • Utoober729

    She's crazy on her crappy game show where people fall down and she laughs. Now with her new hair, her ears stick out. It makes her look evil.

  • Servant Status Ministries
    Servant Status Ministries

    You focus on the body language while I focus on her admission of guilt by just her running her mouth about herself, her show, her past, the world crisis...literally everything to get the attention off of the toxic work environment. Liars will run and run and talk and talk to divert your attention from the matters at hand. This was no apology but a verbal acknowledgment that she acknowledges that there is a toxic environment on her set but there is no empathy but rather corny and passive-aggressive jokes to those affected from her show and there is no remorse either. And whether that was random that she wore white or not I will have to say that I doubt it. If she was not worth a net worth and had high-end lawyers I would believe it could have been random but I doubt it was. So her possibly deceiving the lookers by trying to appear righteous and white and clean while keeping your attention off of an actual apology seems very manipulative.

  • canuck

    Gee, she is a human being. I think she is truthful and the head shaking is for the subcontext. I really don't like approaching internal discontent through shaming public figures.

  • Fraser Pickle Pie
    Fraser Pickle Pie

    She seems really narcissistic in terms of verbal analysis. A lot of "me" and "my achievements", the most blaring being the whole "Kind Lady" spiel, using the tragic loss of life to forward her own image in the eyes of the public. While the odd joke here and there is understandable in terms of comfort, the excessive joking and forced laughter is unusual and rather questionable. When referring to the incidents, she words the allegations in a very vague manner that doesn't explain what happened, who was involved and doesn't show that she takes responsibility for what she did, especially since SHE was the one under scrutiny, no one else. I don't know, but her whole "apology" seems to be a narcissistic "let's get it over and done with and build the spotlight again" affair.

  • Super Vegito
    Super Vegito

    Swear I’ve heard this mans voice in an audio reading in a class

  • DLTR ,
    DLTR ,

    Why doen't she move her shoulders? Nor her hips? it feels wrong that someone that is supoused to have intense feelings doesn't move much, but she seems to be in the medium stage of "I don't give a fuck" and "They are holding me at gun point"

  • Tc725

    Do Kathy Griffin apology video when she was busted by Trump!

  • Me Meep
    Me Meep

    If the person smelled bad I totally get it I've worked with smelly people it's disgusting. Just because you cant smell yourself doesnt mean I cant 🙄 I'm talking about bo not perfume

  • mysterium c.
    mysterium c.

    The jokes in between the apology accentuate her insincerity even more so.

  • Stella Francy
    Stella Francy

    If she was a man her rudeness would not be news...

  • Dev Rav
    Dev Rav


  • Jacob Shinn
    Jacob Shinn

    It is really that surprising? I mean, Ellen was a terrible person from the start, so it’s no surprise she would give a fake apology.

  • Navid Kazemi nasaban
    Navid Kazemi nasaban

    Era of ellen is over; She got exposed finally. The hypocrisy of a fake angel.

  • Jude Jude
    Jude Jude

    Ellen, you’ve had 4 yrs to use your voice and your “power” to unite us. You were once a Hollywood piranha has-been, ostracized for being gay! Remember? You could have “been kind” to Melania Trump but you chose to follow the sheep and treat Melania the way Hollywood once treated you. Shame on you! Fake “apology” not accepted, YOU GOT CAUGHT!

  • Jude Jude
    Jude Jude

    Why is her set very similar to the blue and white “temple” on Epstein Island?

  • Tonya Owen
    Tonya Owen

    Could she be shaking her head no because she can't believe this happened or because she is so upset this happened?

    • Tonya Owen
      Tonya Owen

      Is this just for people who don't like Ellen Degeneres? I really like her, always have. That's not going to change with public opinion.

  • digihore

    I think the head shaking is part of a separate nonverbal conversation she's having and it's a way to distance from the accusation. Verbal - I am so much more than that. Nonverbal shaking head - I am not the negative person you're accusing me of being.

  • A Sneaky Lawn Gnome
    A Sneaky Lawn Gnome

    Everyone is a work in progress. Just another way to shift blame. That should be her new nickname. Shifty Degenerate.

  • MrJoedabaker

    I enjoyed this and subscribed.

  • Jessi Hansen
    Jessi Hansen

    As someone who worked in customer service, and became a boss I call BS on Ellen.

  • Whispering Woods
    Whispering Woods

    There where times she would breathe in and hear a phonetic nervousness in her breathing while nodding "no"... Thanks for your explanation on Body Observation, very Educational🙌

  • Aaron Bentley
    Aaron Bentley

    “I’m a working progress” - Ellen is 62 years old. She’ll be dead before she becomes a nice person.

  • M Thomas
    M Thomas

    It will all come out in the wash. If she truly is sincere about change, that will happen, but if not, it won't. I don't accept apology's so easy with anyone. It's what they do, not so much what they say. That's just me.

  • Cvlt of the Pop Culture
    Cvlt of the Pop Culture

    I truly hate this woman and I actually never even watched anything with her. She’s just one of those types I can’t help but hate just because of how she looks.

  • Pinto PP Lx
    Pinto PP Lx

    Let me just tell something that you've said in other videos, is that she doesn't mean that she is sorry or don't agree to somethings that she is being accused and for that reason she shakes her head. I'm saying this based in other videos that were made. It's important to know the difference.

  • Just watching
    Just watching

    While watching your video, I'm also analyzing you body language

  • CrystalBDawned

    She looks like she knew she was wrong when she was doing it, and embarrassed and scared because she got caught. Also knowing that the people who really know her, even close to her, KNOW she's full of shit. Screwed on both ends😒 Nice Job thou 👌 Cheers

  • Victor Martins
    Victor Martins

    I wonder where were you "body readers" before she was being cancelled...

  • Eleuthero5

    I can't stand any of these goddamned daytime shows like Ellen's. They're just personality cults.

  • Stroud Kelly 安乐
    Stroud Kelly 安乐

    I have never been comforable with her show and don't watch it because she enjoys putting people on the spot. Perhaps she doesn't legally have as much authority as she has stated. Is she not under contract ? She may have been told to say this.

  • Michelle Todd
    Michelle Todd

    Always disliked her. I am not trained in any body language. Just gut instinct from day one. She only enjoys herself during her silly "games" when humiliating a studio audience.

  • Justin Hughes
    Justin Hughes

    No mention of the child victims that she sells on Wayfair then?...

  • snowflake1471

    I get what you say about the head-shaking when people are saying something they want you to believe, but surely personal mannerisms come into play sometimes and if it is just a regular movement that she uses each day OR when she is stressed, which isn't a time that you would normally see her in order to find out what her mannerisms would be. Don't get me wrong, I am most interested in what you say, just a thought really. Thanks :)

  • HuJAN

    By my observation (ha), this guy looks like the DCEU Lex Luthor and CW Lex Luthor combined XD, on serious note, cool video and i like your suit. EDIT: Also, the 'no' head-shaking aligns with the aligations, because evertime she's talking about what she's doing because of them, or when she's saying they're lying, she is shaking no. So yes, it shows that she's lying.

  • E. B.
    E. B.

    The steeple hand gesture is actually a universal display of confidence and is often used by those in a leadership position!

  • Heather Teem
    Heather Teem

    Do reads on people who go on the Steve Wilkos show lmao

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