Boosie on Gillie da Kid's 'All Lives Matter' Rant: He Needs to Shut the F*** Up! (Part 15)
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In this clip, Boosie revealed that he's looking into buying his own town in the state of Georgia. Boosie said it will be a black haven of sorts but said Vlad would be welcomed. He also weighed in on the shooting in Atlanta that saw 14 people wounded and two dead. Boosie said he wasn't necessarily moved by the figures because he's grown up in nothing but violence so hearing about that story didn't elicit much of a response from him.

Boosie also railed against those who say "All Lives Matter," even his friend Gillie Da Kid. Boosie said he told a woman he used to deal with that her life doesn't matter after she uttered the phrase to him. Boosie also gave his take on Terry Crews and the "black supremacy" tweet which prompted a spot-on character assessment from Boosie.

  • Rich Heart
    Rich Heart

    What about tupac life?... What about malcolm X life?..

  • Rich Heart
    Rich Heart

    When a white cop kill one a us now it matter? ....... Fuk outta here!

  • TheYoungGun

    "Your life don't matter right now" that shit right there is racist. Fuck blm

  • OverthereLook

    1:07 didn't age well

  • raymond3165

    Boosie Vladimir the pink Impaler is gonna be your downfall. "Believe that"

  • Malaysia Comic Review
    Malaysia Comic Review

    Freedom of speech man. If you want him to shut up, you might as well shut yourself up as well. Why not address black on black killings, or rap music and videos denigrating black women? Why not address absent of father figure in black communities? Why not address the problem of drugs that ruin black communities? You all just care about your narratives.

  • Jeff Rock
    Jeff Rock

    Grown man wearing chains like it's cool.. Bum. Blm the clan with the tan

  • Captain Hawk
    Captain Hawk

    I ain't gonna lie Boosie sounding dumber and dumber out here!

  • Andy Z
    Andy Z

    What a idiot! 🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP🇺🇸🇺🇸2020!!!

  • George Steffen
    George Steffen

    Boosie a savage lol 100%

  • Paul Cruz
    Paul Cruz

    That’s some racist’ ass shit about open an all brown town too shit

  • esperanza hernandez
    esperanza hernandez

    mac demarco

  • Mike jones
    Mike jones

    Boosie you saying my family lives don't matter if so it needs to be worded different

  • Jamie L White
    Jamie L White

    I ain't got no hood pass vlad u a hitch ass nigga!

  • FULLSEND 420
    FULLSEND 420

    I fw boosie but he racist af

    • Dave Mustard Stain
      Dave Mustard Stain

      FULLSEND 420 Just like blm

  • Since you're bringing up all those other examples Vlad, lots of cops are shooting white people too you idiot. Over 30 white people have been killed by cops this year. How come we don't hear about that stat?

  • ronsmac

    Props to Gillie

  • Stevie Wee
    Stevie Wee

    Hey boosie when ya get your little town you’re talking gonna have law and order or just chaos? If so, who ya gonna have investigate law enforcement.

  • Stevie Wee
    Stevie Wee

    5:37 seconds of a program devoid of logic, argumentation, facts, statistics, or anything of real content beyond: its okay that I’m a racist but you can’t be because only my life matters and people that look like me. Jesus Christ...laughable 😂🤣. But should we expect anything more from a fucking rapper.

  • Stevie Wee
    Stevie Wee

    Do you know how much cops hate internal affairs? My Dad was a cop and they’re terrified of those assholes

  • ArmeniaN897

    This is what is wrong with BLM, this man is claiming nobody else’s lives matter right now. There is a lot of arrogance behind this type of mindset. No sane person regardless of race should take this man seriously.

  • Wane Bros.
    Wane Bros.

    Cops shot my step brother 28 times. He was white! You shut the fuck up Chris Tucker! You know shit about history talking about ancestors! You think the fucking world is only 400 years old? If you don't like it here then leave!

  • Isaac Gonzales
    Isaac Gonzales

    Blm is a joke

  • Louis Barksdale
    Louis Barksdale

    Boosie Reminds me of my Oldest Brother Kool as hell but don't Cross Him.

  • David Werner
    David Werner

    This is a piece of fucking shit.

  • Tysen DaCosta
    Tysen DaCosta

    Boosie G to da Bone!!!!

  • Am Pollard
    Am Pollard

    Boosie: FUCK all lives right now! Ur shit don't matter right now" THANK YOU BOOSIE 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾✊🏿✊🏿

  • R88

    Boosies trash. Gillie understands the bullshit crybaby woe is me mentality. Figure your fuckin life out before you blame somebody else for it.

  • John smith
    John smith

    All lives do matter. Sorry Boosie, but you’re not exactly politically astute like most of the people in these comments. You don’t realise BLM is using blacks as political pawns. Just like the democrats have for decades. The left wing media are in on it too, focusing on police brutality to mainly black people, when it happens to every race. Then you have snakes like Vlad down playing the problem with black on black crime like other black peoples people with their heads in the sand. Vlad doesn’t care about nothing but views and playing to the BLM narrative, he’s not stupid probably laughs behind our backs counting money off of our ignorance

  • John smith
    John smith

    I can’t stand Vlad, he’s the type of white liberal Malcolm X warned us about!

  • Blastbeat Apologist
    Blastbeat Apologist

    Vlad is Jewish btw not white

  • Hampton Myles
    Hampton Myles

    Remember what happened to Atlanta when it was prosperous. They won't hesitate to burn his city down. This go round it would be with agents though. Vlad know.

  • Jack park
    Jack park

    Boosie such a fucking dumbass. He can;t refute anything he said.

  • Jaime Olivares
    Jaime Olivares

    In oakland we call it a sideshow. Lol comon VLAD you lived in the Suburbs all your life, What do you know about a sideshow

  • Sekhmet RA
    Sekhmet RA


    • Shane Daniel
      Shane Daniel

      Wow, never thought I'd see segregation come back. Do you though.

  • Ben

    Lol blacks fight through the 60s to end segregation then came Boosie

  • Jeremiah Welch
    Jeremiah Welch

    Nah this idiot needs to shut the fuck up it sounds like hes trying to start a race war with black people vs literally everybody sayin nobodys life matters until black lives matter what the fuck is that attitude gonna fix and how? I dont know people in the world who are gonna be like o yea your life matters to me even though my life doesnt matter to you. Like that makes sense. And it seems like with all these people they dont really research shit or think logically just overly emotional messes. Alot of these dumbass rappers are really exposing themselves now

  • Mr Dean
    Mr Dean


  • Lone Wulf
    Lone Wulf


  • Mobile Audio Pro
    Mobile Audio Pro

    so the civil rights movement was for putting an end to segregation and putting and end to black communities success being limited by the white majority and for there to be a day when being rich, being able to climb a corporate ladder , and/or be an entrepreneur that can reach anywhere in the Country and not told they're less because their skin. Now instead of saying the chances of being looked as an equal are better now than ever and only getting better you wanna go back to being segregated only now its about doing the segregating by making a town that's motto is we are gonna racially profile you. The fact the this dude says he gonna go talk to the bank about getting the loan needed to build it shows this dude high on clout. Just cause you can sell records doesnt mean you understand how to run a town and the money needed to get a town to say they will let go of the space needed to be able to claim because right now there is no land claimable and if there is its so far in the boondocks no bank would be stupid enough to hand over the money needed to build an infrastructure to support a community then figure how to get people to move to a town and either buy a house you had build inorder to have a community or get them to build there own house in a town that has very little jobs outside the few city jobs and pay the high ass taxes needed to support the town they cant work in. this dude dumb as fuck running away from problems that dont exsist. White cops and black cops are only as corrupt as the town there in and this proven. A cop high on power shoots a black man everybody say its a race issue when really its a corruption problem. its been proven cops killl more white people than black people and the death only gt talked about if you can paint the picyure of white cops all agreeing with eachother to pull the trigger only if he black and if hes white try to cuff him. There are cops who have killed and got away with it and most killing can be seen as a cop who went to deadly force as a first option knowing as long as they paint it to look like the cop felt his life was endanger he'll get cleared. Thats not a rcist cop that is a corrupt cop and using race as why your mad is only hiding what needs to be fixed.

  • Lucky Captain Rabbit King
    Lucky Captain Rabbit King

    That 180 is classic. Even Boosie understands nuance. Wtf the police gotta do with the enemies you made on the streets Gillie. That's another subject.

  • Spacemonkey

    Who the fuk is this guy? More white people are shot by cops. Facts.

  • LaFlaminBoomin

    YB’s father

  • Sergio Miller
    Sergio Miller

    This contradicts alot of things Boosie has said in the past. Fun fact Vlad ( you bitch made punk) more white people( unarmed) get killed by the police than black people( unarmed). Who the hell are you Vlad to say that black on black violence isn't a issue?

  • Jesus Huapilla
    Jesus Huapilla

    Boosie looks sick

  • BoostedMoose

    So my life dont mattuh? Thats some bull.

  • Dominique Davis
    Dominique Davis

    Oh Kanye?? Look at boosie face when he say that 😂😂😂😂 1:20

  • Callah Raji
    Callah Raji

    he said your life dont matter im sorry lol

  • J R
    J R

    All lives Matter BLM is a joke.

  • Gamrus Gamrus
    Gamrus Gamrus

    You really did the research proving white don't shot white?

  • Kill Bill
    Kill Bill

    He lost me with the town where the come from 😂😂😂🤨

  • Dj Wesley
    Dj Wesley

    This why we need boosie

  • Jarrod Lewis
    Jarrod Lewis

    😂😂😂😂😂 Boosie needs his own show on Netflix....

  • Vinny Trash At Games
    Vinny Trash At Games

    Vlad from Oakland? 💀

  • Calione Capone
    Calione Capone

    Boosie whole energy and mood changed when he heard " all lives matter" 🤣🤣 He went in🤣

  • Will

    I a 4 seconds into the video and I fuckin still love this dude. Fucking awsome

  • Slim Jim
    Slim Jim

    Bo you don't think a sad you're afraid to go places in your own city Afraid your own people will kill you...

  • Slim Jim
    Slim Jim

    Dont boosie being having black people kill black people...

  • Grant Long
    Grant Long

    Boosie act like Chris Tucker

  • R U N N I N - G U N N I N
    R U N N I N - G U N N I N

    I Like How Vlad Discuss Other Races Kill Each Other Like If People See What Brazilians Do On Camera They Would Think We Child’s Play.

  • R U N N I N - G U N N I N
    R U N N I N - G U N N I N

    I Can Hear Boosie Sayin It B4 I Even Watch The Vid😂😂😂

  • Thomas TheGreat
    Thomas TheGreat

    "White lives have always mattered" vlad your white guilt is showing But boosie real on that, no lives matter. Black, white, blue. Everybody at the bottom of the pyramid is mad at everybody else on the bottom of the pyramid and I bet nothing changes because of it.

  • Kito Shani
    Kito Shani

    Dang dude, ur life gotta mean something to you, otherwise what's the point of building a city of inhumanity... That's a disturbing thought potna.

  • Omoney66

    All lives DONT matter right now!

  • Low Level Representation Chapter 1100
    Low Level Representation Chapter 1100

    One of the best segs ive watched in a minute. This nigga funny as fuck!

  • Facenation Ceo
    Facenation Ceo

    Vlad a bitch omm

  • Eric Montes
    Eric Montes

    Ain’t wit u on this one boosie . All lives matter fuck w/ it !

  • Two-G'z Up
    Two-G'z Up

    Nah I can see it in his eyes homie on beef mode right now he got a whole different demeanor going right now he might be in to it on some real street shit cause he seem like a nigga who on that tip calling some shots giving out bags

  • bandman lee
    bandman lee

    Internal affairs really isnt apart of the police force theyre investigating

  • John Pitt
    John Pitt

    "That's my boy but he needs to stfu"-bossmane 😂😂😂😂

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