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  • Error

    It’s *5̵̡̮̀̆̈́͆̊̇́̚̕̕͠* AM

  • Gwendelits

    When i get bored i eat..

  • plasmawielder_YT

    So uhh Silksong still ain’t out

  • Reece Crook
    Reece Crook

    dom: if i move my pc over there ill need extension cables me with 3 monitors: are you a true pc gamer masterace/ console using slag if your set up can run off a wall socket alone with no extensions or private power plants

  • Danny T.
    Danny T.

    1:45 is it me or that guy look like Chris Hadfield from Nasa ( that cool astronaut)

  • Emily Fogerty
    Emily Fogerty


  • SpinyDragoon

    4:53 I can relate to that

  • Taio Tube
    Taio Tube

    I started playing acnh for the day at the same time a started watching this video. I had no idea the start of the video was like this.

  • ZanyWorth

    I was bored and watched this video *I am not bored anymore*

  • Dasha Young
    Dasha Young

    My lips aren't crusty, thank you very much

  • Brendan Ong
    Brendan Ong

    If time is the most valuable currency, then doesn't that make life itself the most expensive and valuable thing at the same time?

  • MrAcer

    Fuck I cant even play those games

  • Sans -19
    Sans -19

    Me: 4:09 Mom: 4:13 Me:I'm not sleepy doe Mom: 4:14 or 4:15

  • Leyton West
    Leyton West

    Your bored: kalm You told your parents: kalm You remembered you’re a southern family: Panik

  • Davin Salim
    Davin Salim

    Mr mics I apologize if I am being rude but Alex Clark nominated you for the 7 day vegan challenge, could you kindly participate in said challenge. Thank you for your time.

  • Fuji the Rainwing
    Fuji the Rainwing

    Gotta say thx to you for introducing me to hollow knight

  • Glitchimations

    come to bed I'm too BORED TO SLEEP It's *5AM*

  • filthy cosmos
    filthy cosmos


  • JackJack

    That "come to bed" sounded so cute

  • Lazar God
    Lazar God

    Sick I just wasted time

  • Splat Astrek
    Splat Astrek

    We all DED

  • Brian Mrozek
    Brian Mrozek

    I can't get games

  • Bob ross
    Bob ross

    Your a legend for playing hollow knight.

  • Minecaff

    Dio tho....

  • Rowan Vezeau
    Rowan Vezeau

    A few months ago I got bored and now I have a full marble run looping the walls of my room

  • Fuzzy Fuzzy
    Fuzzy Fuzzy

    What animation company app do you use ?

    • Fuzzy Fuzzy
      Fuzzy Fuzzy

      You are the smartest puny human I have ever known

  • Potat

    in a house yeah bored in a house and im in a house bored

  • Yellow Diamond
    Yellow Diamond

    Just playing Minecraft all day :/

  • Trovoid

    Me: I'm bored mom My mom: HMMMMMM Me: WAIT NEVER MIND

  • T14_ BB1
    T14_ BB1

    Me: I’m bor- My Mum: CLEAN TH- Me: NO

  • Kendal Cornett
    Kendal Cornett

    you should host a animal crossing party or gathering sometime and post the dodo code on insta or something

  • CaptBackwards

    Play MAGIC THE GATHERING Commander Format

  • Buttercup Gacha
    Buttercup Gacha

    When I’m bored I watch domics

  • Eyelovelove

    *Boring.* (just kidding)

  • Nabil Ahammar
    Nabil Ahammar

    make a second channel with game content ;D

  • DarthVaderReviews

    *Domics' rotorscoped Isabelle can't hurt you, she's not real...* 0:09

  • LuckNotFound

    jokes on you I don’t have lips idiot

  • Nosidda

    Kinda needed this video to be honest, cause I think my worst fear is not being productive in some way with my time, so when I get bored it makes me feel like I'm failing at life. It also doesn't help that I'm 30, still live at home, and still trying to figure out my career, so there's a certain pressure that I feel that makes me think "You should be a successful person who makes 6 digits and is too busy to have free time by now!!!" Even though I already don't feel like I get much free time, because I'm constantly working on videos to pay bills. Needless to say, anxiety hits me like a ton of bricks.

  • HumanNo Lastname
    HumanNo Lastname

    I watch as I listen to my morning announcements from Isabelle instead of doing school work

  • jacob vizard
    jacob vizard

    When your'e literally watching this video at night because you are too bored to sleep... (O-O) he knows...

  • Pixina :3
    Pixina :3

    You know it’s a good video when the title is in lower case

  • Anya Tseytlin
    Anya Tseytlin

    Yay! A fellow beat saber player!

  • KonnorAnimations

    how ironic this was posted on canada day and they mention canada coincedence i tink nout

  • eboy-predator Markiplier
    eboy-predator Markiplier

    Im a gamer...a low spec gamer....

  • Pihrahni


  • Savannah Alexis
    Savannah Alexis

    My new hobby is creating hexaflexagons, not even kidding I now have 27 hexaflexagons.

  • Phyes


  • Overdrive Beast
    Overdrive Beast

    Not tryna hate but you make me sleep

  • iDaleVlogs

    *when ppl die their bodies just get bored of life and says "fuck it"*

  • Scrambled Eggs
    Scrambled Eggs

    Whats in the "secret things" folder.

  • Entrozix

    Go to sister's room , "hey, wanna fight."

  • Marlon Xtian
    Marlon Xtian

    League of pain

  • Connor Carnes
    Connor Carnes

    IT-my recommended this to me cause they know im bored as crap.

  • Cracker Snip
    Cracker Snip

    Yesss final space is the best

  • Popsimates

    "Im too bored to sleep" damn bro i felt that

  • Sage C
    Sage C

    once my mom came into my room when i was seeing how long I could lye on the floor without moving (I was just past the 25 minute mark) took one look at me, and said “you need a hobby”

  • L9D

    the league of legends one was comedy xD hmu lets ranked and b bored together bro

  • Elizabeth Bennett
    Elizabeth Bennett

    school is so boring because I wanna do something different Monday thru friday but I have to go to school and take care of my education even tho we're learning a different way to multiply decimals and write an essay about a moment with a flashback even tho you just wrote about go-carting with your friends and since you SHOULD be in advanced math you have to listen to dumb comments your other classmates have and help them because YOU have time for that and even tho you finished the worksheet you don't have time to do long term work because half the time your friend asks you for help then doesn't understand that SIMPLE concept and goes to the teacher effectively wasting your time. On top of that you do band and orcestra and take private violin lessons so you sound better than anyone in your violin group so you have to sit through a new teacher teaching you stuff you already knew before and your friends ask you for help with that to because YOUR ASIAN AND AMAZING AT EVERYTHING AND DON'T HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO THAN TEACH YOU STUFF THAT YOU WON'T GET AND DESPITE YOU HELPING THEM THEY DROP OUT OF VIOLIN PUTTING EVERYTHING YOU DO TO HELP THEM PLAY BETTER IN THE TRASH Thank you

  • sᴛᴜᴘɪᴅ Bᴜᴛʟᴇʀ ɢᴀᴄʜᴀ
    sᴛᴜᴘɪᴅ Bᴜᴛʟᴇʀ ɢᴀᴄʜᴀ

    *when your bored so you watch a video about being bored because your really bored*

  • Dominic Nevarez
    Dominic Nevarez

    was that... a jojo's reference?

  • Serena Susskind
    Serena Susskind

    Me: I’m bored -.- ... Google classroom: *get into my life* Me: dang it! Me know I got some thing to do..!

  • Kenneth Cedric Alcazar
    Kenneth Cedric Alcazar

    There should be a support grp for bored people


    If you think about it.... A random person could one day be richer than Bill Gates.

  • Truthgangx YT1
    Truthgangx YT1

    Kid domics: hey you wanna fight John cena: are you sure about that?

  • SiimpIieM

    4:11 That women is my mom but except at 3 AM lol

  • Raj Chauhan
    Raj Chauhan

    I Loved His Videos Before😊 Then He Started Taking Other People In His Videos And Fu**ed It All Up Looks Like He's Back In Form😀

  • Jonas Skirius
    Jonas Skirius

    League of pain that should be the name

  • Princess Loeo
    Princess Loeo

    I felt the “im to bored to go to sleep!” Haha

  • Knightmare_ Nitro
    Knightmare_ Nitro

    Me watching at 5AM

    • Knightmare_ Nitro
      Knightmare_ Nitro

      ITS FIVE AM!!!

  • someone mega awesome
    someone mega awesome

    Wow that’s deep

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